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02.13.2021 – The Remnant’s Mission and the Spiritual Summit

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Tuesday Conference, Regional Evangelism Disciple Training Message, (3)- 07/28/2020
Title: Absolute Covenant (Mission)→ “Spiritual Summit”- The Remnant’s Mission and the Spiritual Summit
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Joshua 1:1-9)


♠ Lecture 3: The Remnant’s Mission and the Spiritual Summit ♠

>> Then something important follows. What comes? Ultimately, you see the mission that’s supposed to be given to the remnants. This follows.

1.Introduction→ 2 People
>> What’s the very important thing here? There’s something that you must consider here in the introduction. All you need are 2 people who have the absolute covenant. This doesn’t mean that it absolutely has to be 2 people. I’m saying that 2 is all it takes. More accurately, just one person is enough. You must hold to this today. Behind you, all you need is 1-2 remnants who have held on to the covenant.

2.Main→ 2 Sentences (Joshua 1:1-9, Joshua 14:6-15)
>> Everything is within these 2 sentences. It’s more than enough. What is it?
1)Joshua 1:1-9
>> All we need is one person like this. Joshua 1:1-9.
(1)Moses- “I will be with you as I was with Moses.” What does that mean? They were the people who knew that had happened to Moses. “In that way, I will be with you.”
(2)Resolve- And there was something that God greatly emphasized. “Do not fear. Be bold.” He repeats that. “Don’t be afraid.” He continues to repeat that. What does this mean? It’s talking about his resolve. “Those things will happen so don’t be afraid of them. As you live your walk of faith, difficulties will come. But don’t think about them as difficulties.
(3)Promise- And then what do we see? It’s a promise that’s on a different level for Moses. To Moses, He said, “I will give you…” and to Joshua, He said, “I have given you…” This is the remnant.
2)Joshua 14:6-15
>> All it takes is 2 people. Joshua 14:6-15. It’s Caleb. The same thing was said. He too was someone who followed Moses and saw what happened. This is what he said. “45 years ago, we gave a report, did we not? Most of the scouts said that we couldn’t enter Canaan. But you and I gave this report in faith.” And this is what it says at the time. “At the time, Moses the Lord’s servant, said that we will enter Canaan. But now, we have. Then this Anak hill country is our last fortress. Give it to me. I will go and fight.” He said that even though he was very old. He was over 80 years old. “Even though I am old, I am the same as I was back then. If the Lord is with me, I will overcome them.” When you say “if”, it’s when you doubt. But here, he said, “I will overcome them”. “A person like myself isn’t much. But if God is with me, I will conquer this land.” All we need is just 1 or 2 remnants who are the spiritual summits. That’s why we do our ministry.

3.Conclusion→ When Things Are Difficult
>> As you well know, how important of an outcome came out?
I found this blessing when things were most difficult. Why? When I looked in the Bible, during the most difficult times, God prepared the absolute covenant, mission, and the blessing of the spiritual summit.
If an unbeliever listens to this, perhaps they’ll ridicule us. If Pharaoh heard these words, he might have laughed/scoffed. That’s why Egypt perished.
Unbelievers and other successful people of the world will listen to your message and ask, “What are they talking about?”. That’s why they’re not able to escape the disasters. These are not our words and it’s because they don’t listen to God’s Word. If the elite listen to our message, they might say, “There’s much to do and much to work for, but you keep talking about the Gospel this and the Gospel that. What are you doing?”. Perhaps that person’s words might be right. But that person will not be able to escape from spiritual problems.
>> So what’s the very first blessing that God has given to us? It’s the spiritual summit. You need to hold to this as your covenant. This part is the mission of all missions.

♠ Conclusion ♠
>> But 99% of the churchgoers don’t understand these words. It’s unfortunate.
1)The 1%
▶So you don’t need to be discouraged. It really is the 1%.
2)The 0.1%
>> More extremely speaking, the 0.1%. They were the ones who understood. Even if just 0.1% of the people understand, the world will be changed.
3)1 Person
>> So it’s not arrogance, that all it takes is one person. But it’s the fait that all it takes is you, one person.
>> There are pastors’ wives here as well. I’m sure there are some among you who are worried about your husband’s ministry. A long time ago, there was this saying. They used to say, “It is a sad house where the hen crows louder than the cock.” Those words have sense of truth, but people who use them don’t really know. Think about it. If the rooster/cock isn’t crowing, at least the hen needs to. So when the pastors aren’t really able to do their pastoral ministry well, the pastors’ wives get frustrated. Isn’t that so?
So don’t worry. Don’t try to run the pastoral ministry. But pastors’ wives, if you hold on to this covenant, then God will attach the disciples. Pastors’ wives, if you’re going around and doing things in the big churches, people won’t like it. There’s no need for you to do that. You have to grab hold of the real things. Every church has its absolute covenant. Everywhere you go, there is this absolute covenant. This is important.
>> What’s more important? You have to realize that each individual can know their absolute covenant. That’s your mission. Then God will give you the blessing of the spiritual summit. If you become the spiritual summit, you can provide strength to the pastor. Isn’t that so? You become source of strength to the believers. It’s the same thing for the church officers. Church officers, if you see this absolute time schedule and mission, the blessing of a spiritual summit comes. The very first thing that the church officers must receive, is the spiritual blessing that can overcome the world. That’s God’s promise.
>> Our meetings and worship are always important. But more than the past, right now is more important. Hold on to this covenant today and I bless you in the name of the Lord, that you’re able to uncover the blessing of the spiritual summit today. May you find your absolute mission today. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you’re able to be the evangelism disciples who enter into God’s absolute covenant. You can receive great answers even during the next, short break as well as during lunch. Let us pray.

God, we thank You. May today be the spiritual day for us to hear Your voice. Help us to find the absolute covenant within our streams. Help us to be the ones who find our mission in our fields and as we meet people. Help us to restore the blessing of the spiritual summit that saves the world. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

(The end)