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02.12.2021 – The Church Officer’s Mission and the Spiritual Summit

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Tuesday Conference, Regional Evangelism Disciple Training Message, (2)- 07/28/2020
Title: Absolute Covenant (Mission)→ “Spiritual Summit”- The Church Officer’s Mission and the Spiritual Summit
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Exodus 3:18)


♠ Lecture 2: The Church Officer’s Mission and the Spiritual Summit ♠

>> Lecture 2. But God did not end it there.
God gave the mission to the church officers and made them the spiritual summit.

1.Introduction→ Preparation
>> How important is this? If the pastor becomes the spiritual summit, God makes preparations. Pastors who are here right now. You don’t need to worry because the moment you hold on to God’s absolute covenant, God prepares people. He doesn’t make them. He prepares them. We can’t make them. Yes, we can train them, but we can’t make people like this.

2.Main→ Church Officer’s Spiritual Summit
>> Take a look at these church officers that God raised. Look at the spiritual summit of these church officers. We don’t even have to look at many. Look at this age.
1)Jochebed (Glory of the Lord) (Exodus 2:1-10)
>> God prepared this woman, Jochebed. Already, her name means, “Glory of the Lord”. Why am I talking about the meaning of her name? That means that God had already prepared her. For the sake of Moses’ age, God prepared her. So if you look in Exodus 2:1-10, it says that a man from the house of Levi married a Levite woman.
>> To what extent was Jochebed made into a spiritual summit? She received the blessing of being able to keep Aaron and Moses alive. Church officers, pray about this. Jochebed cast Moses into the water on the same day when the princess was out to bathe. I don’t think that to be a coincidence at all. She sent her daughter to suggest to the princess that she needs a nursemaid. And as you well know, while she was nursing him, until he was sent back to the palace, she gave him the message. This is the spiritual summit of the church officers. How great of a blessing have you received? You don’t need to worry about anything whatsoever. You don’t have to worry even if problems come. You don’t even have to worry, even if you become ill. Isn’t that so? If you’re really holding on to the covenant, you need to be healed through the works of God. Nothing else is going to work.
2)Jethro (Famous, Excellence)
>> Jethro. How much was he a spiritual summit? His name means, “Excellence” or “Famous”. For that age, God prepared the church officer, Jethro. Of course, he was a priest, but he also carried out the work of a church officer. He did something tremendous.
(1)If you look in Exodus 3:1, it’s about when Moses was shepherding and he was Moses’ father-in-law. Just the fact that he took this kind of person as a son-in-law… We look back and think he did a good thing, but in that time period, this was a tremendous thing. He had killed an Egyptian and he was on the run. The palace was in a frenzy. “He was not originally an Egyptian. He was originally a Hebrew. He was adopted into the palace, but this is what he ultimately commits.” So he had no choice but to run away. Being on the run, he needed to go someplace where he could hide. That place was the Midian. That’s how he was able to meet Elder Jethro. But the fact that Jethro took him as a son-in-law was an amazing thing. It was not a coincidence.
(2)It goes beyond that. Look at Exodus 4:18. What do we see here? We something important in Exodus 4:18. Moses held his mission and realized that he needed to go to Egypt. If he goes, he’d be put to death. You probably would have forbidden that. “You can’t go right now. Then what’s going to happen to my daughter?” You’d probably think about your daughter first. “Then what about my grandchildren?” That’s probably what you would have said. But Jethro told him to go. This Jethro wasn’t just any person. He completely received the blessing of a spiritual summit.
(3)Exodus 18:1-21, It went beyond that. Look at Exodus 18:1-21. To what extent did he enjoy the blessings of a spiritual summit? He was the one who formed the system of the centurion, the chief over the tens, fifties, hundreds, and thousands. That became a tradition throughout all of Israel and the world. The word, “centurion”, became a tradition. To that extent, Jethro received the blessing of a spiritual summit. You being able to help the Lord’s servants do the Lord’s work is the greatest blessing. This is what the evangelism disciples must realize. It’s only once in your lifetime, so think about this well. You only have one life to live, but you’re giving it for the most important thing.
3)Rahab- Joshua 2:1, Joshua 2:1-16
>> There’s one more person here. Rahab. She’s someone you all know very well. If you look in Joshua 2:1, it says that she was a prostitute. You can pretty much guess what she did for a living. This word was used to describe people who would provide meals and housing back then. But look at what she did. She did was no one else could do. She enjoyed the greatest blessing of the spiritual summit, that God gave. What is the first blessing you must receive? It’s the spiritual summit. Something important happened. What happened? If you look closely in the Bible, everyone else died while Rahab received the blessing of being able to live. Later on, we’ll see what happened to Rahab.

3.Conclusion→ Absolute Time Schedule
>> But what kind of results came from the church officer’s mission. The absolute time schedule. This is the blessing of the spiritual summit that the church officers need to enjoy. Yes, doing a lot of work is good and important, but the absolute time schedule…
Right now, in Darakbang, we’re heading towards many things such as the 237 Movement and reformation. The people who are inside of this absolute time schedule. Your churches are on their way towards saving the 237 age.
You are the church officers within that absolute time schedule. This is the spiritual summit. Then God is bound to give you the blessing of the spiritual summit. Not just any kind of summit, the spiritual summit. This is the first thing.
If you receive the blessing of the spiritual summit, you come to know the things that others don’t know. Isn’t that so? This is to the extent we must be like. Our pastors and evangelists need to know the things that people of the world don’t know in order to be considered spiritual summits, right? Church officers, in order to prevail against the world, you need to know the blessing that people of the world don’t know. That’s the spiritual summit.