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02.11.2021 – Moses’ Mission and the Spiritual Summit (1)

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Message: Tuesday Conference, Regional Evangelism Disciple Training Message, Lecture 1- 07/28/2020
Title: Absolute Covenant (Mission)→ “Spiritual Summit”- Moses’ Mission and the Spiritual Summit
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Exodus 3:18)

>> There was a bit of a delay because the process of entering this hall is a bit complicated. But let’s keep in mind that we haven’t had one incident break out in any of our meetings. But if we’re not careful and we do have a case break out, we wouldn’t be able to have our conferences at all. So you must keep that in mind. There’s great possibility that this might last a while. So if you’re not thoroughly careful, we would have to close all of our conferences. And because they know the characteristic of our organization, they know that we are connected nationwide. Then other places won’t be able to meet either. So please, follow the guidelines strictly. So thoroughly keep with the temperature checks as well as the social distancing. “What about the people who have children at home?” The rules are set in place so that children are not able to come in. They’re not allowed to enter because children are more susceptible. So please those keep those things in mind so that we can continue with this evangelism movement.
>> As evangelism disciples gathered here today, what is the most important thing that you need to do? We are looking through the Bible from the beginning.
Have you ever considered what the situation would have been like, to be taken as an adopted child? Moses was adopted and that’s where he grew up. He grew up in the palace but he faced a lot of discrimination and hardships.
Ultimately, he leaves. Then he spent a very lengthy time, 40 years, in the Midian wilderness. In our terms, he basically wasted away there for that time. You can see that he faced a lot of hardships.
>> During these times, if we meet someone who encourages us and talk with them, it’s really helpful. During times of difficulties, you might even go to a counseling session. Everyone has scars of their past and for some people, it’s a bit more severe. And there are times when these people meet with others and when they meet with them, they sense empathy and much help. Some people spend all night talking. They really communicate well with that person. Especially woman. They can talk all night about the past.
But this is what we need to be cautious of. The spiritual things can never be solved that way. You might think, “I really get along with this friend. They really get me”, but later on, you’ll fall into even greater hardships. During the time of Egypt, they became slaves.
What do you think about that now? It’s the same today. Right now, many people are in a situation where they’ve become slaves to the world and the force of darkness.
>> If that is so, then what must you do?
You must realize God’s absolute covenant. You must not be deceived. We mostly comfort others and receive comfort as well. That’s good. But that’s of no spiritual help, whatsoever. Humanly speaking, that could be of tremendous help. That’s the problem. When you go to churches as well, there are so many churches that are facing difficulties. It’s not that we want to complain, but because we get so frustrated, we want to talk about it. No one ever thinks that they want to go to church to complain, but because they get so frustrated, they begin talking about it. And they find other people who relate to that. And when a problem arises somewhere else, they call each other and comfort one another.
But spiritually, it’s of no help whatsoever. That’s why the American churches are closing their doors. And they’ll continue to close in the future.
If you don’t understand these words, you’ll be in great trouble. Then take a look at all the people in the Bible who moved the world. They were all in bad circumstances. The only person that Joseph was able talk to, the only person who could help him, was the government official. But that was useless.
>> You must not be deceived. Grab hold of the absolute covenant.
What comes at this time is, “mission”. Isn’t that so? What comes when you hold on to the absolute covenant is the mission.
It’s at this time that God blesses you with something. He makes you into the spiritual summit. Why? Because you’ve held on to the mission that God gives…
The spiritual summit is not something that we ourselves create. The spiritual summit is the mission and when you grab hold of God’s mission, you become the spiritual summit. It’s always been that way. On the Mt. of Olives, he began by giving them the mission. Isn’t that so? On Calvary, he showed the absolute covenant. After they grabbed hold of the covenant, God gathered them in Mark’s upper room and called them as the spiritual summits. It’s always been that way.
>> But you keep on falling into misconceptions by listening to other people and receiving grace that way as well. It’s something you can’t really do much about, but it’s still a great loss.
You are evangelism disciples. Isn’t that so? You tend to misunderstand like this as well. “How can things work in the church with that kind of person?”. But that’s not the case. Those who are wrong in God’s Word? No matter how hard they try and work, works won’t arise. All we need to do is wait for those people. Isn’t that so? Those people need to live too. We just need to wait until that person receives grace. There’s no reason to fear or compete. As evangelism disciples, you need to save your churches and do the Lord’s work, but there are people around you who make things difficult. But if you’re influenced by that or try to resolve that, you’ll lose hold of the important things.
Even if incorrect people say incorrect things to you all day every day, works will not arise. Isn’t that so?
>> What do we call that? The absolute covenant. If Joseph was shaken, listening to these words and those words, would that have made sense? No matter what happens, it’s okay. That’s the absolute covenant. Find your mission there. Then God will make you into the spiritual summit. You must remember.
>> Then what conclusion do we come to? What is it that Moses realized? “Oh, I was holding on to incorrect things until now.”

♠ Lecture 1: Moses’ Mission and the Spiritual Summit ♠

>> Lecture 1. It’s Moses’ Mission and the Spiritual Summit.
Simply put, to be more accurate, it’s the mission that Moses received and the spiritual summit. This is the answer. There was an absolute covenant that Moses received from God. Then he needs to hold on to that mission.

1.Introduction→ 80 Years Old
>> What you need to remember is that, up to the age of 80, Moses didn’t receive any answers. The spiritual summit is given by God. If you don’t receive this, you can’t evangelize. But if you receive this blessing, no matter who you are, you can do this. This means that even a hopeless 80-year-old person can do this. But if you lose hold of this, no matter how hard you try when you’re young, it’s all in vain. We come to this kind of important conclusion.

2.Main→ Path
>> For Moses, there was this path to the spiritual summit and his mission. In the end, it was 3 things.
1)Exodus 2:1-10, Hebrews 11:23-27
>> It’s Exodus 2:1-10. It was the covenant he heard from his mother. You need experience this for works to arise. Ultimately, that’s what it is. She had given all the tremendous messages. Especially regarding the Gospel. That’s why this is what it says in Hebrews 11:23-27. That Moses discarded all the glory of Egypt and chose Christ. That’s true. In the end, no matter how much you listen to the comforting words of people, it’s useless. In the end, you must hold on to this covenant. “I get along so well with this person and they’re so good to me.” That’s not important. What are you going to do if people in your church don’t treat you well? That’s not what’s important. The church is the church of God and you are the people of God. Ultimately, this day came to Moses.
2)Midian- Restoration of the Word (Genesis)
>> So along the way, what kind of opportunity came to Moses? The opportunity to run away to Midian. At this time, during his 40 years in the Midian, he completely restored God’s Word. This is what the spiritual summit is. The Holy Spirit worked so he was able to organize all of the Word that God had allowed him to realize. That’s why many theologians commonly say that this was when Moses recorded Genesis. Most of the theologians explain it that way. Even if he didn’t actually use the word “Genesis” at that time… Wouldn’t we have also done the same? He fled to Midian and was living in exile, but he restored all of God’s Word. It’s one of two things. Will he live in exile in Midian and completely fall apart? Or will he completely restore the Word? It’s one of two things. This is needed. “When I have a hardship, will completely crumble because of that? Or will I completely restore the Word?”
3)Mt. Horeb- Mission, Summit (Exodus 3:10-20)
>> Finally, something took place on Mt. Horeb. That place became the place where God gave him the mission and raised him as the spiritual summit. What kind of mission? It’s what he heard 80 years ago, from his mother. And on top of that, God completely promised him the spiritual summit. To what extent? God said that He will raise His mighty arm and be with him. “That will be the sign.” This is Exodus 3:10-18 and verse 20. What did He say at this time? “I have seen the suffering of my people. Now, you must take my people and go to Canaan, but you must go to Pharaoh first. And go with your brother, Aaron. And tell the people.” And the important thing, “Tell the elders.” And what He said after was, “Tell them that you will go and offer a blood sacrifice.” And this is what He said as He said all this. “I will be with you with my mighty arm and that will be the sign.” What do you think? When a problem comes, or even today, the moment you hold on to the absolute covenant and mission in your life, God will make you the spiritual summit. You must remember that.

3.Conclusion→ 10 Miracles (Culture of Darkness)
>> Through this, what did God do? There were many things, but look carefully. He raised the 10 miracles. There’s a characteristic of these 10 miracles. He broke down all the cultures of darkness in Egypt. In the end, they were able to leave the day they painted the blood (on their doorposts). Ultimately, Satan’s power was broken down by Christ’s blood. Ultimately, they were set free from slavery by Christ’s blood. This is a tremendous thing. You may know the covenant, but you need to see the journey that God is actually carrying out. May the people who meet you receive this blessing. In order for that to happen, you need to receive this blessing first. Really.
>> I’ve never tried 40-day fasting prayer. First, I didn’t have the time of that. Second, I’d get too hungry. I tried fasting for 3 days and I couldn’t do it. I guess that’s my nature. But if needed, I’d do it.
But I didn’t need it.
I knew something that’s more important than that. God gave it to me. I held to God’s absolute covenant, which is the mission. “I will not be deceived by anything. I will relay only this Gospel. And I’ll do it the way it is in the Bible. History tells me that I’ll be falsely accused when the works arise, but I will do this.” Truly. I had no background, but I held on to this and God gave me this blessing. It’s the spiritual summit. If you have this, it’s the greatest answer. God has raised you as the spiritual summit. You must hold to this covenant today.