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02.10.2021 – The Tabernacle and Aaron’s First Service

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 07/26/2020
Title: The Tabernacle and Aaron’s First Service
Scripture: Leviticus 9:1-14

>> There’s something special to keep in mind as we look at today’s passage.
Simply put, it was their first service. Until now, they’ve been building the tabernacle and they have now gathered for the first time. Rightfully, they had an appointment service for Aaron before that. That was the 1st service message today. In that message, we saw 3 important life journeys. And you too, should just walk that journey. All you have to do is just discover that journey all the time. In the passage, we see a lot about Aaron, but it also records about Aaron’s sons. Simply put, because they need to protect the tent of meeting, the sons of the Levite tribe are mentioned. The very important thing here is that we have to find the blessings regarding the associate/assistant pastors.
>> What our elders need to keep in mind is that, as you know, there was a person named Wanamaker. He was originally from a poor family. But he did business well to the point where he became the king of departments stores in America. He did many things and achieved many great things, but there are 2 important things. One thing was that he realized he needed to plow into the upper classes. So as a businessman should, he invested in things that would make money. That was the PGA movement. As you well know, the PGA is for golf. That’s what Wanamaker made. Because he offered a prize, people from many places gathered. Many people with the finances gathered. As expected, the elders need to arise for works to take place. Wanamaker used his brains and great sums of money came back and forth.
The next thing that this person did was something of the opposite. He did a lot of work, but I’m talking about the things that are still ongoing, that remain today. He plowed into downtown. He plowed into the neighborhoods that faced hardships and told the government. “I want to help the youth. Help me. I will gather all the youth in the nation. So help me.” So they asked, “How should we help you?” and Wanamaker said, “Let me build these”. So how pleased do you think the government was? So he built small buildings. The rest were rented out, but in one floor, he had the kids gather. Most of our pastors and ministers take part in the spending. But because the elders moved, they were able to make a profit. This person knew how to do those things. He was very smart about it. When he told the government that he wanted to do a youth movement, the government okayed it. They asked, “What are you going to do about money?” and he said, “I’m going to rent out the spaces on the other floors and with that money, I’m going to raise the youth”. This spread out all throughout the world. What was it? It was the YMCA movement. YMCA was created by Wanamaker. What did they mainly do when they gathered the children on that floor? They would have sing-alongs and sing songs together. Because the children were wavering, he gathered them to play music, sing praises, and form choirs. It didn’t seem like much, but it exerted great influence. That’s how important your work is.
>> The church building in Seoul is almost completed. What you need to think about here in Busan is, making a space in the sanctuary for you to be able to have musicals. Or maybe even operas. And then gather the musicians. And create a masterpiece that even complete unbelievers can see and watch. And invite people from different nations. And there are people who work for tourist agencies, right? If you work well with them, they’ll bring tourists as well. In our nation, there’s no suitable place for foreigners to come and see/watch works. Simply put, there’s no suitable place for people to go and properly listen to music. There’s a need for you to think about this at least once. At first, I was praying, “Do we need to build the 237 Center or go towards the colleges and do musicals?”. There are actors and actresses in that area and people who work in that field. So I asked them about the prices and whatnot, but I found out that a lot of those places are vacant. I realized that there would be no real need for us to purchase a building. I confirmed that we can even just rent or lease it. So we chose an area where it would be most convenient to get on and off planes and that’s our 237 Center in the Gangseo region. When it gets completed, a lot of different things are going to be happening. But we’re going to make a café on one of the floors so that the remnants can do whatever they’d like in that space. We need at least one floor where believers can come to rest and talk. Of course, we do have to go to the places where people can really do things with their specialty, read, and do healing, but we also need a system in which people can come to rest and lounge the whole day.
>> So here, the people who were as important as Aaron were his sons. We’re all of the Levite tribe now, right? Simply put, the many young adults and associate/assistant pastors are important. So there’s a need for you to think carefully about the things I just said and find the significance. Don’t just rush into it. In this way, we need to transcend the level of Busan and even Seoul. We need to reach the international level so that we can open the eyes of the people of the world. It’s not going to be too difficult to do that. For example, if we’re thinking, “We need to bring in some Chinese people”, we can cast Chinese actors and actresses. If you really open your eyes, you’ll see that there are a lot of people with connections to China. Isn’t that so? And if we need to have an exchange with Japanese people, we can cast Japanese people. We also have many connections with Japanese people. Isn’t that so? We can raise up the youth whenever and really do something. We need at least one church that is like that. And when we need to call in some people from America, we have even more connections to people in America. The majority of our remnants in Europe are musicians. So you have to understand how much influence music can exert. So don’t just stay at a level where you’re barely bringing out a few praises. You need to prepare so that these kinds of individuals can really gather. So you just need to know that the angel in charge of music, who fell, was Satan. So in actuality, if musicians, celebrities, and other people of the sort don’t realize the Gospel, they’ll be in great trouble. There are people who commit suicide, but even if they don’t, they’ll live a similar life and then die.
>> Introduction- WRC
Why do we have to do it like this? We need to prepare for WRC right now. The WRC is starting soon, but how do we need to begin praying, prepare the temple, and do these things?
1)Greatest Answer (RT)
>> The time when God gave the greatest answer was always when people did the Remnant Movement.
2)Work of Blocking Disasters
>> The more important thing is this work of blocking the disasters. Whenever God did this, He used the remnants.
3)Preparing for Future
>> And as you well know, it was especially in our scripture reading today. When preparing for this future, it must be through the remnants. Even when we have our Remnant Conference, it’s only once a year and only a few days. We need that as well, but it’s going to be difficult to find a variety of gifted individuals like that. So we have a lot of young and awakened elders in our church, right? You need to plan and make things so that gifted individuals can come and learn about the Gospel.
>> For example, Pastor Cho Heon-su created a musical that’s centered on the issue of drugs, right? He did that well. That’s something that God desires to the point where you don’t even have to put in a lot of money to make. Yes, there’s a need for those tremendous productions and great performances, but for me, the more important thing is the content of it. So for those who work in music, it’s good to have good skills and talent. But more than that, you need to have a theme that’s good enough to the point where only need one stage/performance. It would be great even if you make and build dozens and hundreds of these sets, but that’s just costly. If there’s no content, all that is meaningless. You need to make it so that people can feel a need to challenge a certain problem. So that you can open people’s eyes and give answers through it. So it’s good to gather children and use people who actually dealt with drugs as actors, but in America, as well as Korea, there are certain motives and reasons for people to start doing drugs. If you show them these productions, it can really become a good preventive measure for children. There are many things that you can actually show the children. You need to utilize these things.
>> Main– Then, why are the assistant pastors important? If you look in today’s passage, it shows what we must do first. It’s recorded, “Be together with all the elders”.

1.Do the Tent of Meeting Movement that Saves Posterity. (Verses 1-3)
>> Verses 1-3. What does this mean? Why must it be done this way? He’s saying, “Do the Tent of Meeting Movement that saves posterity”. The words, “tent of meeting”, are used here. That means, “Gather”. They made the tabernacle, but if there’s no gathering or meeting, it’s not needed. It says that Aaron, his sons, and the elders gathered together. These are very important words. As I said before in the introduction, if the elders’ eyes open, doors on both sides open. Even if the pastors and ministers open their eyes, they don’t really know much about the outside. But if the elders open their eyes, they’re able to communicate between the inside and the outside so that becomes a tremendous thing. So don’t lose the opportunity. Open your eyes wide and see. In our Darakbang, we have the individuals who are capable of producing and planning musicals and other such things. And we also have a lot of actors/actresses. Because they don’t have anywhere to perform, so they’re going out to the world and suffering. It doesn’t really matter if you’re very talented, but even with that, it’s hard to get noticed. Even with singing. There are so many people who are better at singing than some actual singers. But it’s not easy for these people to become singers. So in our church, we have to do the tent of meeting movement to save the next generation, posterity.
1)Burnt Offering- Exodus
>> The goal. The reason why they gathered today. We saw “burnt offering” being mentioned. Aaron alone was enough, but why were his sons mentioned and added? Because this needs to be relayed to the next generation.
2)Peace Offering- Thanksgiving
>> We see it here again. The peace offering. This is how it was mentioned.
3)Sin Offering- 3 Feasts
>> The sin offering. These are very important words.
>> What is the burnt offering? It’s talking about ①salvation and the Exodus. This peace offering is about ②thanksgiving. This all includes thanksgiving and the peace offering, but the ③3 Feasts especially play an important role. If you open your eyes and look closely, one good thing that the Israelites did was turn this tent of meeting into a complete masterpiece. The 3 festivals/feasts were family events for the Israelites. While doing this, they went to church together. This was an event. With Christ, everything has actually been finished. But let’s say that we had to actually bring and give an animal. What’s the clear thing? A huge culture would be formed. We’ve received such great grace and everything has been finished with Christ so we’ve lost hold of everything, including culture, entirely.

2.Do the Tent of Meeting Movement that Will Save the Field. (Verse 11)
>> If you read in verse 11, it says that the flesh and skin is to be burned outside the camp. This seems and looks like nothing, but this is the tent of meeting movement that will save the field. It looks simple, but you can see everything with this burning.
1)Red Sea- Rediscover
>> There’s a need for them to make the next generation rediscover the incident of the Red Sea.
>> In the future, this future generation, that has been strengthened, will cross the Jordan.
>> This tent of meeting movement will break down Jericho.
5)Anak Hill Country
>> They’ll overcome the joint forces of the Amorites and they’ll take down the Anak hill countries.
>> It’s this kind of tent of meeting movement. Elders, think about this well. If you really pray, you’ll come to the answer how important you, individually, are. “How can I receive answers to prayers?” If you really pray, you’ll receive answers. “What must I do to receive answers?” If you hold on to the accurate covenant that God desires… There are many answers that I received after coming to this neighborhood. But it’s not that I held on to many things. I don’t have the ability or power to grab hold of many things. But I held on to one thing. I knew that the Evangelism Movement is needed. Evangelism is done by anyone, but I knew that the Evangelism Movement was needed. I knew that I needed to properly enjoy the Gospel if I wanted to do the Evangelism Movement. That’s what I held on to. From this point, God has opened so many doors for us throughout the world.

3.Do the Tent of Meeting Movement that Will Remain for Eternity. (Verse 6)
>> What kind of temple must be built? This is what it says in verse 6. “That the glory of the Lord may appear to you.” These words mean, as you well know, the tent of meeting movement that will remain for eternity. Why build the temple? Because they need to gather. Who needs to gather? Because the future generation needs to gather. Why gather? Because the next generation needs to save the field in the future. Because our future generation needs to save the future. That’s why they built the tabernacle. So that’s why they gave their first service in today’s passage. When we finish the construction of the church, we also go in to give worship, right? It was that kind of field and what happened after that (in today’s passage). At that time, these things were emphasized. “Aaron’s sons.” In today’s terms, that’s referring to the assistant pastors and associate pastors. How important are they? This is the path we need to take in the future. That’s why we need to gather in the tent of meeting and gain strength.
1)Ark of the Covenant
>> What is it? The masterpiece that will remain for eternity. What is that? The promise will never change. God’s Word is bound to appear in that Word. And what else? When you face death and crises, you can live. The ark of the covenant is where this evidence is placed. This was inside of the tabernacle.
2)3 Feasts
>> And what else? It wasn’t just simply that. They didn’t just make the ark of the covenant. The reason why they needed the tabernacle was so that people can gather. The 3 feasts. It’s liberation/deliverance, power, and the throne. It’s the Passover, the Pentecost, and the Ingathering. Isn’t that so?
>> Right now, you’re here giving worship. There’s something that you need to remember every time you give worship. You need to know that answers arise in the very moment when you hold on to the Word and really pray and praise. Isn’t that so? The more important thing is that you need to know that you’re being healed as well. So if you’re not careful, you might just come to the sanctuary, give worship as a formality and leave. There’s nothing that’s more of a loss than that. So when you come to give worship, you need to come, holding on to the tremendous covenant. Isn’t that so?
>> Most of you may not know. But to which extent do I consider this important? Truly. When I prepare a message, I barely sleep. More than just not sleeping, I’m unable to. Why? Because that’s how important this is. As we follow and ride the stream of the Word, I can’t say my own words or the words of people. And it’s just I’m cooking with the Word in the Bible, as a chef would. I need to relay the Word for exactly what it is. Yesterday, for example, I fell asleep around 1 (AM) and woke up at 3 (AM). What am I always thinking about when I’m praying? “If I explain the scripture like this, the church members won’t understand.”
>> In God’s Word today, they had gathered together after finishing the tabernacle. In the tent of meeting. That’s where they did the appointment ceremony for Aaron. That was the 1st service today. If I’m not careful, it’s just something that flies past us. How can we understand this? If I’m not careful, the person giving the sermon may skip over what’s important. Would we even read Leviticus? When we read Leviticus, there are so many complicated things. These words are the same as those words. It seems to be extremely repetitive, but it’s actually progressing and developing forward. We’ve come to this point. At 3 in the morning, I thought, “Ah, this is what God wants for me to explain”. Is it just about Aaron being anointed? It’s not. God is explaining the life journey to us, isn’t He? That’s the answer that came to me at 3 in the morning. Is this simply just about Aaron’s sons? During that time, they were his heirs and in a secular sense, people don’t have a choice but to talk about that, but that’s not what the meaning was. This is the answer that the assistant pastors and ministers need to receive. We must do the tent of meeting movement that will remain for eternity.
3)Tabernacle- Worship
>> What comes from within that? There were 7 blessings regarding worship inside the of the tabernacle. You see 7 shapes/forms. That’s all pointing to Christ. That’s what remains forever.
4)Tent of Meeting- Church
>> Because these people gathered, it became the tent of meeting. Isn’t this the church and temple? This is the church.
>> This movement doesn’t just end here, but it arises and moves forward as the RUTC Movement. It’s a tremendous covenant. At this time, today, you must always remember. This moment, when you accurately hold on to the Word of the covenant, God fulfills His answers. You need to really pray. God will absolutely fulfill this in the businesses of our elders and the studies of our students. Most people don’t believe this. Of course, the things they do need to be done, but people say things that take out the importance of all this. No matter how hard you work and achieve success, if you remove all these things, it’ll be meaningless. So I’m not telling you to be lazy, but you must not lose hold of what’s important.

♠Conclusion- Blessing of a Double Portion
>> This is the conclusion. There are important words here in the conclusion as well. He told the sons of the priests to give a separate burnt offering once more. Verses 8-9. What does that mean? God is saying that He will give a double portion of His grace to the assistant/associate pastors who need to save the next generation. What does that mean? God gave a stronger message to Joshua than Moses. What did He say after? He said, “Just as I was with Moses, I will be with you.” And what did He say before? To Moses, He said that He will give him the land of Canaan. But God did not say it that way to Joshua. He said, “I have given it to you.” Because he was already going to take hold of the land, God said, “I have given it to you”. God, who gave power to Elijah, gave the double portion of that to Elisha. Knowing that, Elisha asked for the double portion of that power. God will give you the double portion of blessings that others would receive. Why is that? Because you need to save the world.
1)Blessing of the Firstborn
>> To speak with the terms of the Bible, “Enjoy the blessing of the firstborn”.
2)Blessing of the Summit
>> In English, it’s the blessing of the summit. You’ll come to hold to that.
3)Everything is an Answer
>> This year’s WRC Movement is different from the previous ones. Now, everything is an answer.
>> What is the covenant? Everything is the covenant. Everything is a vision. Everything fulfills the dream. Everything fulfills the image of God. Everything is a masterpiece of the 237 nations. These are the lyrics to this year’s theme song. Every year, it’s really hard for me to write the lyrics for the theme song. The words you write when you’ve been inspired, while walking down the street, can be written and used well. Isn’t that so? And there are times when we’re in a good mood. The lyrics you write during those types of times are good and can be used, but I need to force it out. Because it needs to follow the message. So this time, I was determined and I just put the message into the song. Who knows what will happen what next year though?
>> So all the things that you will grab hold of are answers.
>> Right now, at this time, God will send you the angel that went ahead of Moses. God will send His angel, that He sent to King Hezekiah, at this time and break down the force of darkness. Isn’t that so? Just as God took King Herod when the church officers of the early church gathered and prayed, He will send that angel and do the same to your enemies. When? During the time of prayer. Today is that time for you. Let us pray.

God, may today be a day of the covenant. May today be the day for us to enjoy the covenant that You are fulfilling. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)