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02.09.2021 – What Was Commanded to the Wilderness Tabernacle Church

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 07/26/2020
Title: What Was Commanded to the Wilderness Tabernacle Church
Scripture: Leviticus 8:1-13

>> In the past, we didn’t have our own building, so we had to rent a place. The place we rented was the Immanuel Retreat Center. That’s where we also had our seminary. So I asked the director there to sell the building to us. But she ended up selling it to another person. She apologized profusely for selling it to someone else and even gave me missions offering. But now, after 20 years, we bought the building. That’s going to be the new Immanuel Seoul Church. It’s interesting, isn’t it? She should have sold the building to us from the beginning, but it all went around and finally came to us.
>> On my way out after having a conference there, this young pastor wanted to meet with me. I said, “Let’s do it here”, but he said, “I’d like to talk to you somewhere where it’s quiet”. As I met with this person, they began to share their worries. The pastor said that he wanted to meet with me because he was worried about this wife. He said that he wanted to decide whether or not he’ll stop doing pastoral ministry after counseling with me. So I asked what all this was about. I think the pastor’s wife grew up in an unbelieving household and she had become a Christian much after. And she was constantly saying, “I’m miserable. Other people go to play, but I can’t even do that. Other people go on vacations, but I can’t. People go on trips all around the world, but I can’t do that. Why are you a pastor?”. “Because, you’re a pastor, I go through all this trouble.” The young pastor said that he couldn’t communicate with her. And his worries were understandable. He was asking, “Do I need to get a divorce or listen to my wife?”. I don’t really remember what I said to him at that time because I was also so dumbfounded. But I do remember one thing I said. I half-jokingly said, “You are going to be a great pastor”. He asked, “Why?”. And I said, “If you look all throughout history, all the great individuals had strange wives. Starting with Socrates, all of them were like that. This pastor chuckled a bit and left. I’m not sure what happened to him afterwards.
>> Of course, we all have our own values of happiness. But most pastors, including pastors’ wives, are unaware of what’s very important. Even right now, God is carrying out His ministry of salvation. Even though we are seated here, God is still carrying out His ministry of salvation. If our lives are used for that, then that’s a tremendous thing. That is why, today, you see the “burnt offering”. Even now, God is bestowing tremendous power of healing upon us. Again, you see water here. Even now, unseen to our eyes, God is working as the Triune God. Again, we see the anointing with oil. That’s a very important word. You’re holding on to the covenant here, right now, but all that will be fulfilled in the fields you will go to. But that pastor’s wife was completely unaware of this. She was only saying, “I can’t go on trips because I don’t have money”. It’s good to go on trips. But the problem was that she didn’t know anything about this.
>> If you really, accurately hold on to the covenant today, God’s ministry of salvation will absolutely be connected to you. All you did was hold on to the covenant, but the works of healing will absolutely take place. “When will I get better?” You don’t even need to worry about that. Because God’s work will arise according to God’s perfect time schedule. Unseen to our eyes, God is bound to work as the Triune God. If you don’t find this believable, you are not a believer. Even if you are a believer, but you don’t find any aspect of this believable, you will not receive any answers. You’re holding on to the covenant right now and according to your status and authority, all of the powers will be displayed. Isn’t that so?
>> This is what David said. David, who was known as the king of all kings, said this. “Praise the Lord, you, His angels. You mighty ones who do His bidding, who obey His Word.” He had tremendous perspective. Angels have power and they obey and fulfill God’s Word. Psalm 103:20. He also said this. In a much broader scale, he said, “All you heavenly hosts, all you servants who do His will”. Even man’s will. If you hold on to it correctly, works can arise. When you make important promises and engagements with people, amazing works can arise. When you hold on to God’s covenant, such amazing works will arise. But even though she had somehow become a pastor’s wife, she didn’t know anything about this. It’s quite unfortunate. But the bigger problem is the remainder of her life/time. He said, “All you, everywhere, in His dominion”. That’s what he says in Psalm 103:22. What does that mean? It means, “All you angels and hosts who are in the place where the Holy Spirit, God, works.” When he said, “You”, he was talking about all of them collectively.
>> I’m sure you read today’s passage reading.
If you build a tabernacle, you need to gather there. It was the first day of that gathering. Many theologians interpreted this as the ordination of Aaron. It was the day they were celebrating the ordination of Aaron. Because they built the tabernacle. But we shouldn’t just nod our heads and skim past this. From here, you really need to discover what’s worth staking your life. That’s what’s important. Why must it be to this extent? For what reason did they have to build a tabernacle in the wilderness and gather all their treasure? People are saying that we should just not move because of this pandemic, but why is it that we’ve put on our masks and gathered here to worship? For what reason do we need to set aside our time to do scheduled prayer? For those who know, this is a tremendous thing. For people who don’t know, this is meaningless. But for those who do know, this is amazing. You need always do this, but especially today. You must discover the reason why you must stake your life and what you must stake your life for. So this is the scene where they’ve gathered for worship and to appoint Aaron in the tabernacle. In our terms, this is an anointing ceremony of the pastor. But that ceremony is not what’s important. We have to understand the meaning behind it. If you know the meaning of the Gospel, evangelism, and missions, you’ll see what’s worth staking your life on.
>> This is what Paul said. In 2 Corinthians 4:4, he called Satan, “the god of this world”. Satan is shaking up the entire world. In Ephesians 6:12, he said that Satan controls the rulers, authorities, cosmic powers of this present darkness, and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. That’s why he said that our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against Satan. Because the force of darkness covers the whole world at the same time, the fact that you’ve held on to the Gospel is a tremendous thing. That’s why we do evangelism and missions. Because they don’t know this, the churches in America are closing down. This is my personal opinion, but it’s rightful that they close down. Isn’t that so? There’s no need for a church, that doesn’t know this, to stand. Isn’t that so? But because they don’t know the value of this, not only are the churches closing, but there’s a rapid growth of people with mental illnesses all over America and Europe. Whereas, the people who have understood and realized this covenant in Korea take out loans to give offering for the construction of the sanctuary. But ask the people in Europe about this. They’ll say they’re crazy. Ask those in Japan. They’ll say that you’re insane. That’s why, conversely, there are so many mentally insane people in Europe and Japan. It’s because people don’t know the worth and value of this.

>> Main– Today, you need to truly find what’s worth staking your life for, before God. Today, this seems like a simple ordination ceremony, but it encompasses everything. This does not simply mean that they gave what they had, built the tabernacle, and had a delegation ceremony. They’ve discovered what’s worth staking your life for.

1.Go on the Journey of Liberation. (Verse 2)
>> What’s first? You see it today’s passage reading. It says, “Give a burnt offering to the Lord with a bull, rams, and unleavened bread”. What kind of journey is God telling us to go on? What’s the first today? It’s the journey of liberation. This is a tremendous thing. It’s the journey by which you can be completely set free from all darkness, Satan, and curses. Until now, we’ve lived this false life. How was it false? We just thought that we needed to succeed. At a quick glance, that’s not wrong. We just thought that we need to make money. That we just need to build our Tower of Babel. That’s how people commonly teach others. “I’ll do my best”. They think that they just need to give their best efforts. That’s how they lived, but they were completely enslaved to Egypt. Not only that. Their children were massacred (infanticide). When the boys were born, they were strangled to death and they made the midwives also kill the children. That brought about horrendous problems. But God is saying, “Get out. Get out of that fate and destiny”. This is a tremendous thing. You may see the burnt offering as something that you just give as worship everything, but that’s not it. It’s coming out of the force of darkness.
>> As I saw the news about Mayor Park (of Seoul), I thought, “Had he correctly realized the Gospel, we would have been a tremendous individual.” He really was a person who was fit to be president, had he properly known the Gospel. But he was not able to come out of that darkness. So he was struggling on how own. And that’s what happened. I really found it unfortunate. But do you think it’s only him who is like that? Many people are unable to escape the bounds of Satan. In actuality, there’s no one who was truly successful. Even though it appears as though they’re successful, they’re not at all. Simply put, they were holding on to the false things. The Israelites fell into slavery because they held on to what was false. So God was saying, “Gather with the bull, rams, and unleavened bread” and that was a tremendous thing. This is a tremendous covenant. This is what you must hold on to today. He’s saying, “Build this tent of meeting today”. We need to make a museum, where people from all nations can come to see, “Ah, this is the Gospel”. A museum doesn’t have to be what we traditionally believe it is. It can be any way for us to show people, “This is the Gospel”. So that visitors can come and see, “Ah, this is how the Gospel movement was done. I want to do this too”.
>> I feel most apologetic when there are people who come to visit or have a meeting with me because our churches are small. This applies to Seoul as well. For those people, it might be their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with me, but they get so mistreated and standing in the corner somewhere. In a sense, it’s a very important time schedule for them, right? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that they’ve requested and signed up for so that they can talk to the senior pastor. I really believe that there should be a separate waiting room for them. I really think that elders, associate pastors, and others need to treat them with some tea and whatnot so that they can really feel comfortable. And what’s more important? There needs to be something for them to see while they wait. “Ah, these are the footsteps of this church. Oh, this is what the Gospel Movement is. There were so many elders and pastors who devoted themselves like this.” That’s what they need to see. Unless they make this tabernacle and tent of meeting, they wouldn’t be able to gather. This means that they were able to display all the works of God that took place during the Exodus. Being able to see this was a good thing. But what did the “bull, rams, and unleavened bread” mean? It meant, “Get out of the fate of darkness that you’re in”. This is very important. There’s something worth staking your life for, right? You’re a worshipper, church officer, minister, pastor? That means that you have something wort staking your life on. That very sincere scene is what’s explained in today’s scripture reading.

2.Go on the Journey of Healing. (Verse 6)
>> What’s the second? In verse 6, washing with water is mentioned. They called Aaron and washed him with water. What does this mean? This is the journey of healing. These are very important words. How have we been living till now? We’ve been going through all our problems with excuses. Isn’t that so? “It’s this. It’s that.” We lived according to our excuses. Even when we did something wrong, we had an excuse. Even when we do something incorrectly, we give an excuse. Even when we did our best but the results were bad, we have excuses. This isn’t just simple washing with water. He’s telling you to wash away all the scars that you’ve had. Wash away all your illnesses and spiritual problems. This “washing”, according to John chapter 3, is referring to the power of the Word. This is what we need to experience. How valuable is this? I don’t think there’s anything more valuable than this. When you’ve accurately held on to God’s Word and power, God will work upon you. Today is that time schedule.
>> If you perhaps have any problems or issues today, I hope this day becomes a precious day for you to find important answers. “What kind of sanctuary/church must we pray for?” It’s going to get worse in the coming age. It needs to be the church through which people can receive healing. Isn’t that so? People don’t like sick people. A church where people can receive healing. There were many ill people who gathered to a certain region because they had nowhere else to go, but they got kicked out. Because the people in the village protested. Wouldn’t they? But our church has not prepared in any way. There are separate tasks that doctors can do. But a hospitals and doctors who don’t have the Gospel are not able to solve the spiritual problems. Doctors may be able to treat cancer in the hospital, but they can’t heal the root cause. They can’t heal the side effects that come. Kids have fallen into addiction, unbeknownst to their parents, and they’re falling in deeper and deeper. People aren’t able to talk about it, but more and more depressed patients are rising. But in the coming age, it will be much more severe. So what kind of church must you pray for? Even if it isn’t some grand, healing center, there at least needs to system through which sick people can receive healing.
>> Even if you just prepare the correct materials well and children see that, they won’t do drugs. You need to show those materials to the children who are going to go overseas. In this way, the churches that must engage in the life movement are not preparing anything. When you go to America, people will give drugs to kids, saying that it’s just candy. Isn’t that so? Even some of the adults who live in America don’t know this. Almost all these kids are exposed to this dark atmosphere or something similar to that. You need to help them receive grace before they get sent off. Should we just be letting these remnants, who need to go out to the world now, go with nothing? They must have this power that they can receive through the church and then head out to the world. That’s what’s explained in today’s scripture reading. When you think “water”, you don’t think much of it. But at that time, this water was more valuable than gold. And with that water, Aaron was washed. This explains the life journey that you must take.

3.Go on the Journey of a Witness. (Verse 8)
>> And you can see what’s important in verses 7-8. What do you see here? You see the breastpiece. What else do you see? You see Urim and Thummim. And the anointing. These are important words. What is the final, third thing that God is giving to us? He’s telling us to walk on this journey of a witness with His power. Finding this blessing is worth staking our lives for. The people of the world are all holding on to the incorrect things, suffering, and perishing. That’s why people are rightfully, naturally falling ill. We need to pick them out and heal them.
>> And what else? We must head out with true power. We have found that this church and temple, that does this work, is worth staking our lives for. Your prayer must change first. Really, for the remainder of your time, you must hold on to the prayer topic through which you can receive answers. “God, may myself and my next generation be in in the place that’s worth staking our lives for.” What is that? We’ve been living our lives, centered on ourselves, without even knowing. But this is a different story here.
What is a breastpiece? Simply put, it’s almost like a necklace that you put around yourself. On that, is Urim and Thummim. Urim means “light”. Thummim means “complete” or “perfect”. This means that you need to head out to the world with this power of light and complete power of God. And you can easily overcome this world, but because you don’t have this power, you always have to be self-conscious and wary of your surroundings in the world. That must change. It’s okay until you. But your next/future generation must not be like that. God’s promise is different.
>> Because Joseph was receiving answers, Potiphar had nothing else to say. That’s what we must restore. Because God’s power was revealed through Joseph, even the king couldn’t do anything. Isn’t that so? When David defeated Goliath, the entire world had nothing more to say. Since people go out to the world having not enjoyed these kinds of blessings, things are complicated. The elders who must save this age. What must they do first, before they begin their business? They have to go out with this blessing of having been liberated, mystery of healing, and power of God. They were told to gather in the tent of meeting so that they can do this. Today was that day. “Gather and assemble all the people of Israel here. Give the burnt offering there. First, as the representative, wash Aaron.” They also anointed Aaron on his head. This was a tremendous thing.

>> This is the journey that all of you and posterity must go on. You don’t have to pray for a long time. You don’t have to fast for it either. Even if you pray for a brief time, if you really hold on to the covenant, the works will arise. I truly pray that today can be that day of blessings. So it (the church) needs to be a place where you can raise up the summits. You must hold on to the prayer topic today. This place must be a museum where people can see the Gospel. This must be a house where many people, who are sick, can come and be healed. You need to make them summits so that they can prevail when they go out to the world. That kind of temple/church. Let us restore that church/sanctuary, that worship! It’s not a difficult thing. It’s a sure thing.
>> How are your children suffering right now? Because they don’t know this power, they’re agonizing over their studies. And their studies are hard. The just need to study knowing this blessing of God’s power, but they’re just studying. And they go to colleges/universities according to their grades. That’s the only way they can go to college. And once they graduate, they need to go out to the world. That’s where they become confused. They can’t even talk about it. Where can they go to talk about it? Will they tell their parents or share it at church? There’s no place for them to share this. This is a serious matter. And they go around and meet someone who is just like them. Then, they get married. What else can they do? They suffer for their entire life before they die. On this earth. If you do not restore the meaning of the church, there will be great trouble. That’s why you must pray. “Help us restore the church that is worthy of being a church. Help us to restore worship that’s worthy of being called worship!” You see it throughout the scripture reading and it’s surely organized here. “Give the burnt offering with the bull, rams, and unleavened bread.” This is referring to the covenant through which you can be completely liberated. Healing is needed and power is needed. In today’s scripture, they clothed Aaron with the ephod. In actuality, your lives, as well as mine, are ones that have been clothed with this ephod. We have received God’s tremendous covenant.
>> What is your problem? The problem that you have? Is there something that you’re really worried about? That’s probably false. If you’re suffering, it should be while holding on to the real things. Not the false things… The other day, I saw a couple that was fighting on the street. How angry must they have been to do that? In their own way, they were trying to hide it while glancing at others, but others could see. It looked like they weren’t strangers, so they were either married or just lovers. But they were having this fake love. In the Bible (1 Corinthians 13), it says that love is patient. But you aren’t patient because you love. That’s fake. That’s fake love. It also says, “Love does not envy”. Women, why do you get jealous? You say you love them, yet you get jealous. So look closely in the Bible. “Love is not rude.” In the name of love, you do such rude things. You dig through their pockets, dig through their phone, make a mess. You do all that saying that it’s because you love them. I’m only giving you one example. So having a “lovers’ quarrel”? That’s all fake. “It is not irritable or resentful.” You get irritated and angry every day. Because you “love” them. “It does not rejoice in wrongdoing.” Do you not have those evil/bad thoughts? “Where is this he/she right now?” “Love bears all things.” This is love, isn’t it? Are you patient and do you bear with everything? You don’t bear anything. Look here. “Believes all things.” Do you really? You suspect and doubt everything. “Endures all things.”
>> Why am I saying this? The love that you’re doing right now are fake. So the problems that you have right now are fake. Why must we live fake lives? Being deceived by Satan? Isn’t that so? People are all living fake lives. Live the real life. What is this ephod, holding on to God’s power? It means that everyone is a priest (universal priesthood). The names of the 12 tribes are record on that. What does that mean? It means that the bearer (of the ephod) possesses the power of the mystery of 24-hour prayer for the people. That is the blessing that you have. You can pray for 24 hours and you can also bless others. Isn’t that so? Restore what is real. Because you’ve been clinging on to what’s fake, only fake things come.
>> This one highly educated person became a renown pastor. Another renown pastor was looking for a successor, so this pastor went there as the successor. But things weren’t working out in the church. Even though the successor was more well-learned than the previous pastor. The former pastor was rather someone who seemed more like someone from the countryside. But the former pastor did his pastoral ministry well and the new pastor wasn’t doing so well. Problems continued to arise. But because he was a sincere man, he thought, “Why am I like this?”. There was no one he asked. So he asked the caretaker of the church. You’ve heard this story, right? Because the caretaker would stay long hours, the pastor asked the caretaker. “What’s the difference between me and the former pastor?” The caretaker said something very important. That’s when the pastor realized. I’m sure you heard this before. Because this happened in Korean history. It was what this one well-known pastor said in his testimony. “The former pastor sat down for early morning prayer and he’d be here for hours, calling out and praying for each member of the church. He was someone who truly and genuinely prayed.” What does that mean? It means that the new pastor wasn’t praying at all. The caretaker didn’t say that straight up, but that’s what it means basically. This pastor realized. If you really know and understand the spiritual things, you’re bound to pray for your church members. Because your prayers are spiritual, they’re real.
>> May you restore this today. Because you’re entitled. You must restore this. You don’t need to worry about anything. What you worried about were probably false. “I lived and worked so hard, but things didn’t work out.” That’s not it. God is telling you to hold on to what’s real. Those of you who aren’t able to come to the sanctuary because of COVID-19. May you receive God’s great grace. Because we don’t have a choice, we’re not able to gather together and that’s why we’re divided by regions and towns. Especially our families and remnants overseas. May today be a day in which you receive grace. Let us pray.

God, we give You thanks. Though it is a short time, grant us the blessing through which our lives can be changed. May this time for us to gain true strength. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)

Prayer for Offering and Benediction
Lord, May the offering we have given today be the offering that built the tabernacle in the wilderness. May it be the offering of David that saved the world. May it be the offering of the early church that evangelized all of Rome. Rightfully so, would You restore the economy of light that can save all the people of the world. Would You allow us to begin this new, important life of discovering what is worth staking our lives for.
May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all of God’s people who will save this age, both now and always, forever. Amen