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02.08.2021 – (The Start of the Past 30 Years) “The Age of Aram”

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Message: Core Training Message- 07/25/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (28) – (Remnant Day-School Evangelization)
-The Start of the Past 30 Years – “The Age of Aram”
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- 2 Kings 2:9)


>> Now we’ve ended our World Missions Convention, we’re about to head out. We must restore this last thing that has been taken from us. We also have our WRC ahead of us. The remnants must become the main figures to restore this last thing that has taken from us.
What is that? Many things were taken, but what was the last? I’m sure the remnants have worries in their hearts. What is that? Their studies. No matter how hard they try not to worry about it, they do. And also because their parents are worried too. And when they go to school, their studies can really become a great burden. That’s why some of you come to church to pray. We need to change that. You need to study with the power given from above. I’m not saying, “It doesn’t matter whether you get good grades or not”. What’s the standard of our studies? The more underdeveloped the nation, the more limited you are. The more you live in a developed nation, you just have to do one thing well. The more you are in an underdeveloped nation, you have to do various things well. It’s hard then. That is why you first, must begin studying with the power that comes from above.
>> That’s what we call the spiritual summit. Do you understand what I’m saying? Even the majority of the church officers have lost hold of this. They think that they need to diligently run their businesses and then make some time to go to church to pray. Then they’ve already lost what’s important. As you are enjoying this blessing, your business must take place. Even our many pastors and missionaries. They set up many plans and work hard. They think, “Oh, this is going to work”. And they even pray to God for it. That’s what you need to change. If you become a spiritual summit first, there’s a pastoral ministry that stems from that.
>> Our remnants, especially, must remember.
1)Slave→ Governor
>> The person who received that blessing went a slave, but became the governor. This is a historical event.
2)Adopted Child→ Ruler
>> This person just went as an adopted child to one nation, but he became a powerful ruler who moved the world.
3)Orphan→ Mizpah
>> As you well know, someone who lived almost like an orphan became the main figure who did the Mizpah Movement.
4)Shepherd→ King
>> A person who was a shepherd became a king and prepared the temple. The characteristic of these people is that they enjoyed this blessing (of the spiritual summit). Because you lost hold of this, the age of the Nephilim has come. You must keep this in mind. Because the age of the Nephilim appeared, these people have seized America. Unseen to the eyes, they’ve overrun America. And they’ve begun to move the 3 organizations. Because you lost this blessing, these people have risen and they’ve seized the 3rd Industrial Revolution. And they’ll also seize the 4th Industrial Revolution.
5)Farmer→ Dothan
>> Knowing this blessing, someone who was a farmer, became the main figure of the Dothan Movement. You know this very well.
6)Fishermen, Persecutor→ Evangelist
>> As you well know, these fishermen and someone who was a persecutor became the greatest evangelists. In actuality, the early church received this blessing first before they started. When Jesus told them to wait, he wanted them to receive this blessing first. Isn’t that so?
>> Remnants need to become witnesses of this and at least once experience it. So you’ve got to start now. In the beginning, just put it into action a little bit. Little by little, as you repeat this, something will come of it. Then you might be a remnant, but you will stand as the spiritual summit. Even though you might be in this state, you are actually the spiritual summit. This is very important. Then the first and second might be distant from one another, but the second blessing comes from the spiritual summit. Be a witness of this. Receive this power in order to be a witness of Christ. What’s a good way to do that? You don’t even need the method. If you think it’s right, begin that way. When you believe, that’s when it believes. Who is the one who makes money? Money goes to the person who believes that they must make money. Who becomes the renown musician? The one who believes that they must become a renown musician.
>> Main– Why is that?

♠ Lesson 1: Age of Idolatry (1 Kings 18:1-15) ♠
>> Satan’s Strategy– Undoubtedly, Satan, who is unseen to our eyes, uses strategies. What he made through that was the age of idolatry. Right now, we’re looking at Elijah and Elisha. So Elisha too may have been a farmer, but considered the “spiritual summit” to be most important. So before you even change the order, you have to believe in this fact. Like Elisha. Elisha said that he didn’t need Gilgal, Jericho, or Bethel. He asked for this, the spiritual summit. Simply put, when he asked, “Teacher, give me the double portion of Spirit”, he was asking him to make him the spiritual summit. Only then, could he overcome Satan’s strategy. Wherever the remnants go, Satan uses his strategies to open the age of idolatry, unseen to our eyes. Do forum over this.

1.Obadiah Was a Church Officer Who Saved 100 Prophets (Disciples). (1 Kings 18:1-15)
>> At this time, Obadiah hid 100 disciples. Do forum on this. This is the answer that you must receive. So think about this a bit. Who is this Obadiah? He was King Ahab’s official. He was also the disciple of Elijah, who Ahab despised the most. But he was the one who hid the 100 disciples. How is that possible? Obadiah was the one who already enjoyed this blessing of the spiritual summit. You need to become the witness who changes this order. Remnants, what you study is important, but receiving your lifelong answers is even more important.

2.Behind Elijah, 7,000 Disciples Were Prepared.
(1 Kings 19:1-21)
>> Through him, the 7,000 disciple movement arose. I can’t explain everything here today. Remnants, those of you who will really receive answers, receive grace first and then go have forum at church.

3.Elisha Was a Disciple Who Would Open the Dothan Movement.
>> That changed to the Dothan Movement. That’s why we’re telling you to receive this blessing. And it doesn’t just end with that.

♠ Lesson 2: Age of Elijah (1 Kings 17:1) ♠
>> False, Successful People– What will we see in the next week? Especially false successful people who think that success is everything. Remnants, along your life path, there will be many successful people. Accurately speaking, there will be many people who will do anything to succeed. That’s where you must go into. You can’t look down on that. But you can’t just sit still and watch it happen. But if you really look carefully, these people are facing great spiritual hardships. But still, they call themselves the “successful”. I think of that as false success. These people who are falsely successful are seizing the world. People like King Ahab. At this time, God opened the age of Elijah.

1.There Was a Prophet, Elijah.
>> You need to study this. What kind of person was Elijah? Begin by talking about this first. Have forum about this. Elijah was someone who was born in the countryside. But there was something that was different about him, from the onset. From the beginning, he lived like a Nazirite. Being a Nazirite was not what was important. There was one thing that Elijah had. He was a spiritual summit. Do you understand? Remnants, you need to hold on to this word. You don’t need any other answer. The issue is being the spiritual summit. Try studying with that. Being a spiritual summit, try going out and doing world missions. Try running your business with the Gospel, inside the spiritual summit. If you omit this, you’re losing hold of the most important thing. Simply put, even though you possess everything, you’re losing hold of your power. This Elijah was a spiritual summit. So when Jesus was speaking, he even appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration. The Israelites saw him as their representative prophet. So when Jesus asked, “Who do people say that I am?”, they said, “You’re like Elijah”.

2.Elijah Spiritual Fought with King Ahab.
>> What did this Elijah do? He fought the spiritual battle against King Ahab and won. He didn’t fight a political battle. He fought a spiritual battle. Remnants need to become the spiritual summit and fight the spiritual battle. There’s no need for you to overcome the people with false success. They’ve already lost. You need to save them. There’s no need for you fight them or defeat them. These people have already lost. Don’t become discouraged. These are the kinds of people who have seized the world. It looks like they seized the world, but they’ve not. It’s simple if you become the spiritual summit. What did he do in this spiritual battle? The representative case of that would be the conflict on Mt. Carmel.

3.There Were Signs that Appeared Before Elijah.
>> This time, God gave great evidence. This blessing is the blessing that you will enjoy. Is there anyone who is facing much hardship? Hold on to the covenant. You just need to really hold on it. You don’t even have to worry. When I had no strength whatsoever, I held on to the covenant. What covenant? “God, You are all-powerful, but why am I powerless? God, You are the Creator, but why is the church poor? God, You are the God of salvation, but why is the church not growing?” I asked those questions. When I asked them, the answer was simple. I was thinking about and doing other things. I looked back and I was doing something else. It may have looked like the Lord’s work, but it wasn’t. So I held on to this covenant and began to pray. Our remnants must hold on to this. Especially, what kind of evidence came? God gave signs that man could not perform on his own. Isn’t that so? Raising the dead…

♠ Lesson 3: Age of Elisha (1 Kings 19:16) ♠
>> Weak (Broken-Down) Church– Undoubtedly, along the lifepath of the remnants, they’ll be able to see this. The weak church. In our remnants’ lifepath, Satan’s strategy will be waiting. Along the lifepath of the remnants, there will be people with false success who have seized everything. It’s bound to be that way. But they’re not the people we need to fight against. Don’t be mistaken. They are not the people we need to fight against. So we need to fight the spiritual battle and save them. In order save King Ahab, you shouldn’t fight physically with him. You have to fight spiritually and save him. Don’t worry about your studies. Try studying, really having become the spiritual summit. Everywhere our remnants go, they’ll see the weak churches. The broken-down churches. Don’t become discouraged and don’t be shaken. Don’t even try to evade it.
>> What must you open at this time? The Age of Elisha. This is what you must open. As you well know, what was most important for Elisha? There are a few characteristics.

1.Elisha Was a Disciple Who Was Called in the Most Difficult Time.
>> He received his calling in the most difficult times. Look at his calling. Remnants must always make this choice. You must hold to what the people of the world find most difficult as your mission. When you do this, you see the words: heavenly mandate, calling, and mission. Do you understand?

2.Elisha Was a Disciple Who Did the Most Important Work.
>> See what he did there. Look at what is most important. What was it? What was the most important thing for Elisha? “Give me a double portion of Spirit.” Later on, what did he do? He raised the Dothan Movement. 2 Kings 2:9-11 and 2 Kings 6:8-24. Was all that a coincidence? Right now, at this time, when you really come to your senses and hold on to the covenant, healing takes place. I couldn’t speak in detail during the Missions Convention, but the “healing” that people talk about are incorrect healing. The healing that arises as you continue to listen to the Word. That’s true healing. Look at this. This was Elisha’s start. And then he raised up the Dothan Movement. He was able to heal as well as win without fighting.

3.God Gave His Word to Elisha
>> The same evidence came to Elisha. There was something about him that was a bit different. For Elijah, the signs and evidence that came to him was how we won in the spiritual battle. But Elisha won without fighting. That’s a greater blessing. Remnants will win without fighting. He received the double portion of Elijah’s spiritual power and was able to win without fighting.

♠ Lesson 4: Age of Obadiah (1 Kings 18:1-15) ♠
>> Choose Crises– The 4th week. Wherever you go, this will exist as well. Crises will come. Remnants, choose this. Remnants, don’t avoid the crises. Choose it. We call this the “Obadiah Age”. He really was something. As you remnants do forum about this Obadiah, you need to place him in your hearts.

1.God Raised Up Remnants in Every Age
>> The reason is, in every age of crises, God used the remnants. So should we be avoiding this? Now, we see teams rising from the remnants in America, saying, “Let’s save the churches”. That really is a miracle and it’s such a relief. There isn’t any church or denomination in America or Europe where the next generation are rising to save the church. Now, these remnants are growing up and becoming church officers. Even in Japan, the remnants are arising and saying, “Let’s save the churches of Japan”. Remnants, choose crises. That’s the age of Obadiah. How difficult was this? If you did this, this wasn’t even a matter of success or failure. It was a matter of life or death.

2.There Was a Role that God Gave to Church Officer Obadiah.
>> But look at his role. Obadiah’s role was tremendous. This is the role of the remnant. What role did Obadiah carry out? Amidst the many people who had the Gospel and the wicked king, he played the role of a bridge.

3.Obadiah’s Devotion Appeared as 3 Movements.
>> Because of Obadiah, 3 movements arose. The great revival movement arose, but it arose because of Obadiah. The movement of Mt. Carmel, Mt. Horeb, and Dothan. He really was something. I’m just briefly giving you these points as we gather for Remnant Day. But you can have forum on this on the Lord’s Day and share this. Then healing will follow. Don’t worry about healing. Answers will follow. In the past, I thought that I didn’t have any answers. That really was foolish. But looking back, I realize that it was the time in which God was preparing everything. In the past, I thought I was poor. That wasn’t it. I was holding on to useless things. God made me discard all that. I thought that everyone around me was powerless. But that wasn’t it at all. God was laying down the springboard. Do you understand? Because of one person, Obadiah, the movement on Mt. Carmel, Mt. Horeb, and Dothan arose. This is the blessing that the remnants will receive.

♠ Lesson 5: Hidden Disciples (1 Kings 19:18) ♠
>> Spiritual Confusion– Remnants, wherever you go, this will also absolutely happen. There will be great, spiritual confusion. It’s bound to be that way.

1.God Importantly Used the Hidden Disciples.
>> That’s why God raised you up as hidden disciples. In 1 Kings 19:18, it’s explained that there were hidden disciples who had not knelt before Baal. So the names of important disciples are in the Bible. What is that? Those who were abandoned. Those were the ones who remained. At first glance, they may look like the ones who are hidden. But they are the prepared ones. In a sense, they look like scattered people. But they’re people who have been commissioned. Putting all those words together, we say, “remnant”. “Remnant” might be those who are left behind, they’re also those who remained. It’s truly an astounding thing.

2.There Were Hidden Disciples in the Age of Elijah and Elisha.
>> During the age of Elijah and Elisha, God had kept hidden, many hidden disciples. What did He do through these hidden disciples? The hidden work that no one else can do.

3.There Were People Who Gave Important Devotion, Though It Was Small.
>> The devotees who devoted themselves for this. What they did may have been small, but it changed the age. Look at this. The widow of Zarephath? The help she gave to Elijah wasn’t much. The Shunamite woman? When she helped Elisha, it wasn’t much. But what happened? It was the most important work in that age. Isn’t that so?
>> Look right now. Your churches are doing construction, Yewon Church is doing construction, and so are the Immanuel Churches. We’re also constructing the 237 Center as well as RU. What is all this? It’s the most important work in this age. They are the churches of witnesses in this age. It’s very important. The widow of Zarephath helped Elijah and what she did wasn’t much. But that’s not it. Your small devotion is greater than any political thing. It’s with that you sit here today and with that, that you go to worship tomorrow. Right now, you’re sitting in the place where the evangelists of the age have gathered and you gave praise. That’s what you must seek out and enjoy.

>> Then I want to request of our remnants, in particular.
1)Leadership Studies
>> I’ve said before. Study about leaders little by little. Why? Because you will become leaders.
2)Summit Preparation
>> And because you’ll become summits, prepare for this continuously.
3)Vessel Preparation
>> And realistically prepare your vessels.
>> That’s what the remnants will do. If you look at the 7 remnants carefully, you’ll see it. I didn’t grow up in a very good environment, so I didn’t have the opportunities like this. So what did I mainly do? I read books. I didn’t speak to anyone about my reading methods because I didn’t think they were very good. There are times when I can go through 10 books in one day. But I couldn’t tell others about it because my reading method is not very good. I only selected things that were of help to me and I discarded the rest. So there are many books I just throw out. There are some I just look at and just take as reference. But most of them are just about New Age messages. So I just take what I need and discard it. If there’s one excerpt that’s really good, I just rip it out and keep it. There are times when I write it down. But there are books that I read cover to cover. If it’s a book about a specialized field, I read through the whole book. If not, I just skim through the rest. It’s kind of a bad habit. But while I read through, I look for these points. But one time, I was really surprised. I read this one book entitled, <Harvard Students Don’t Read Books>. I was really surprised as I read through it. It was exactly the same method of reading that I used. Even the order was the same. That’s when I felt at the time, that I was also pretty high-class. That’s when I spoke about this. “Harvard students read like I do.” They don’t read the things that are unnecessary. Why would they read something they don’t need? They only read tings that are worth taking something from. I read what strengthens me. Remnants, you don’t have much time.
>> You need to prepare for this. Prepare to be leaders. But most people are not prepared to be leaders. There are many people who grow up to be so petty. Following after material wealth and deceiving others. There are too many people like that. They are not trained as leaders. So remnants, you need to be these kinds of remnants. Already, when you make a decision, you need to prepare to be a summit. Prepare to be the summit. I’m not saying that you need to calculate about your profits and loss. You need to prepare as summits. Do you understand? Remnants all over the nation are listening right now. If you’re upset about your parents or church for whatever reason, you cannot become the summit. Just completely discard all that. Let’s say you have a dispute with someone. Or you’re misunderstood. That’s the time to prepare your vessel. If you hear something but you didn’t actually do it, that means that you need to prepare your vessel.
>> Remnants, you must remember. Your studies are important, but what’s more important is your overall, entire life. Prepare the spiritual summit. Prepare to be leaders. Actually prepare your vessels. Then you will save the world. Remnants throughout the nation and the world, I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you’re able receive great grace before God. Let us pray.

God, we give You thanks. Would you bless the remnants throughout the nation and the world. Would You anoint them with Your Holy Spirit. May they become the spiritual summits like Elijah, Elisha, and Obadiah. May they be prepared to be leaders. Let this be the time for them to prepare their vessels. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)