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02.06.2021 – Deserted Empty Places

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 07/25/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (28) – Deserted Empty Places
Scripture: Acts 1:8


>> The Missions Convention is over, but the answers are now beginning. The majority of the people ask what they need to do.
And many people who have problems try to solve those problems. Those facing difficulties are going to try to solve those difficulties. Especially those who are ill or have spiritual problems. They’re going to try to solve that. But if they do it that way, it’s not really going to work out for them.
>> There’s a need for us to look at the missionaries who changed the world. This is the work that you need to do starting now, so look carefully in the Bible.
1)World Change
(1)Genesis 37:1-11, Joseph was the missionary who changed the world. This was always in his heart. What you place in your heart will become your answer. What you receive isn’t the answer. There are times when we just say things in passing and we might think that we just said it, but that’s what’s in our heart. Joseph placed this in his heart to the point where it came out in his dreams. It’s just that he was not doing this.
(2)Exodus 2:1-10, But when God spoke, he understood immediately. God told him to go and give the blood sacrifice. He did not ask about the content. Why? Because he already knew. He heard it from his mother. It was imprinted in him. That’s why Moses immediately understood. He talked about his old age and his difficult circumstances, but he did not question this (Exodus 2:1-10) at all. In actuality, this was in him for 80 years. This is very important. Because what you place inside of you is everything. They were the people who changed the world.
(3)1 Samuel 3:1-18, 19 +1 Samuel 16:1-13, 23, Starting from when he was young, this was already placed inside Samuel. While lying next to the ark of the covenant, he heard God’s voice. Not one word Samuel said fell to the ground. The individual that Samuel met was David. David placed Samuel’s words in his heart. From that day forward, the Spirit of God moved upon David in power. Realistically, everywhere he went, evil spirits fled as it’s seen in verse 23. Look at all these people who really changed the world and did true missions. Right now, we’re talking about the remnants who blocked disasters. This was placed inside of him.
(4)1 Kings19:1-21, There were many things that took place in 1 Kings chapter 19, but what took place on Mt. Horeb is what’s important. This was not only placed in Elijah, but Elisha as well. That’s why they were different. The works that changed the world took place.
(5)Isaiah 6:1-13, This was placed in Isaiah. So the works arose upon all people.
(6)Mt. Calvary, Mt. of Olives, Mark’s Upper Room- This was what was placed in the hearts of many people of the early church. The incident of Calvary. The incident of the Mt. of Olives, which was the resurrected Lord’s final pulpit. Holding on to this covenant, they gathered in Mark’s upper room and the greatest answer came. This is what needs to be placed inside of you. You can tell whether it’s been placed or not.
>> This must get connected to prayer. Then that means it’s been placed inside of you. You don’t even need another prayer topic. If you place the things that God has given to you, enjoying that is prayer.
(1)Concentration- It’s concentrating with this. This is prayer. It just needs to become like this. “When will this happen?” There’s no need for you to concern yourselves with this either. That too, is unbelief. “When will it happen?” That isn’t up to you. The issue is whether this is placed in you or not. If you have an illness, that’s not what’s important. “When will I get better?” That’s not important either. That’s also in God’s hands. Isn’t that so? The question is, “Has this important covenant of God been placed in you and is prayer taking place?”.
(2)24 Hours- This covenant is always inside of us and appears as “concentration”, but also as “24”. I’m sure you have your experiences. Do you not have the experience of “24”? I’m sure you’ve got something. Regarding people or some work. I’m sure you have something. But you have to realize that that truly forms your important life. The reason why addicts fall apart is because they’re addicted for 24 hours a day. These people not only concentrated on the covenant, but they did it for 24 hours a day.
(3)Work, People, Field- So the 3rd prayer comes out. They weren’t just doing work, but within their work, they were connecting that to prayer. It doesn’t just take place. They met with people and through that, they were connected to prayer. And of the many things we have, we go to our fields. That’s what happens. Missionaries, you must remember this.
>> Then something important comes.
(1)Word Fulfillment- Answers come, but what kind of answers come? Without having to say anything else, the Word is fulfilled. That’s the real answer. The Word comes after being fulfilled so there’s no need for us to even ask what we need to do. The Word has been fulfilled and came. There’s actually no need for you to even ask, “What/how do I need to do?”. No matter what anyone says, we’re progressing with the evangelism movement as we follow the fulfillment of the Word.
(2)Prayer Answer- Then it’s not just simple answers that come. From the beginning until now, it’s what I’ve been praying and doing until now and the answers come. The characteristic of this answer is that it continues into the future. I went to one region and an answer came there. Yet, the answer continues on.
(3)Disciple- This is how you meet disciples. And you make disciples. Even if you don’t do great things, if you leave behind one proper disciple, that’s greater than anything. There’s a need for you missionaries to check this at least once.
>> Once that happens, you see something very important. You’re able to see this. You’re able to see the empty places. You see these empty places and from that point on, you’re able to understand this verse (Acts 1:8). He said, “You will be my witnesses to the very ends of the earth.” What does he mean by, “ends of the earth”? Depending on the individual, the interpretation may be little different. But what was the meaning when Jesus spoke those words? It means, “Go to the places that have never been reached with the Gospel.” The earth is round so there is no “end”, but there are places where the Gospel have never been preached, so go there. “Then I will give you power to the point where you don’t need any other answers.”
>> The most difficult thing is not having the capabilities or power. But he promised that he will give us power. As you do your work, if things are hard, it’s because you don’t have the ability/power. Isn’t that so? “Ah I keep falling into trials because this church work is so hard.” Simply put, it’s because you don’t have the power. “I don’t have any money.” No, that’s a lie. You don’t have the power. “The church is not growing and I don’t know what to do.” It’s because you lack power. If we continue to lie, it’s not going to bring answers. Jesus promised to give this to us. So you must confirm, if you are like this. There’s nothing else to worry about. Are you able to give 24-hour prayer of thanksgiving to God? If that’s taking place for you, you need to seek that out. If you keep on seeking out things you shouldn’t be receiving, that’s not it. Jesus gave us the accurate answer. “You will receive power.” Why? Because it’s not going to work with the power and capabilities you have right now. So, “You will receive power”. Then that’s it. “You’ll go to places where the Gospel has never once gone in.”

1.Empty Places of the World that Have Been Deserted
>> Then you’re able to see the deserted places in the world. This is the first strategy that we’ll carry out next year. It’s the message that I’ll begin to give during the New Year’s Message. The reason why I’m telling you ahead of time is because you need to prepare for it. You can receive the other things through the Word, but with this, you need to begin to pray in order to see the Word correctly.
1)Matthew 28:16-20
>> These are not my words. It’s what Jesus said. “Go to all people. Make disciples of all nations. Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And I will be with you always, to the end of the age.” Christ said that. If a thief says that he will be with you, always, you’ll be a thief. If someone who is powerless says that he’ll be with you always, it’ll be bothersome. Isn’t that so? The one who has all authority in heaven and on earth said that he will be with us.
2)Mark 16:15-20
>> “Go to all peoples.” Jesus said this.
3)Acts 1:8
>> And what else? “Go to the ends of the earth.” What are these empty places? Half of the world’s population have not heard the Gospel.
>> I really request to the secretary and the moderator of our General Assembly. You just need to carry out the role of opening the doors to those empty places. Isn’t that so? Last time, I talked about the Philippines and said it incorrectly, but it was Taiwan. There was someone who was criticizing us there and one of our moderators called them and said, “Come to our conference”. Immediately, he said “okay”. For example, no matter how much we come together to do something, if the missionaries gather and continue to lie, the person receiving the Gospel will be at a loss. Isn’t that so? Just as expected, when we first started the Gospel movement in Vanuatu, the missionaries who had never evangelized a day in their lives, gathered together and opposed us. But that didn’t work there. Why? Because all president as well as all the important people in politics were pastors. The president was a pastor. He was someone who studied theology. He looked at our materials and asked, “Why is this heretic?”. They themselves came and confirmed everything. They examined all the things that happened in Korea and they said that we’re not a heresy. Rather, because of that, doors opened to 14 nations.
>> The way I see it right now, you are very important people who can open doors to the deserted places of the world. More than half of the places we’re reaching out to right now are not deserted places. Then does that mean we need to stake our lives to go to these deserted places and sacrifice everything? That’s not it either. We can even just open the doors and call them out. That’s why we made RU. In the future, these things will take place through RU. We’re simply utilizing the people who are already there. They’re already here. They say that it’s 40 something percent, but it’s almost half. Almost half of them don’t have any cultural benefits and they’ve never heard of the Gospel. Rather than talking about the accurate Gospel to them, they’re just doing charitable work. These people are afflicted, but they just keep that hidden.
>> No matter how foolish a person may be, they have standards of whether they’re going to talk about their difficulties to someone or not. They have to think, “Wow, if I talk to this person, I think I can really communicate with them”, then they’ll talk. Right now, the people groups in these deserted places are facing spiritual problems and hardships, but if you go there and talk about doctrines, morals, and ethics, they’re going to think, “Ah, I don’t think I can tell these people anything.” The best thing they can do is go and give them some kind of aid or food. And that’s not a bad thing. And they take doctors and do medical missions so they’ll probably be thankful. But that’s not what they really need. These people have unspeakable hardships. You need to give them answers to that. If just 1-2 people realize, the characteristic of those areas is, people are connected to everyone so they’ll all get connected. And it doesn’t even take money. Think about it, for example, they even say that a $1 can save a life.
>> Elder Park Won-gyu, who we saw on the video, came and said this to me. “It only takes $300 a month.” With just $300 a month, you can raise 30 professors. I asked what that means. And he said that it only $10 a month to raise up a professor. And there are about 30 professors. And he said all we need is to provide them with $10 each. And I said okay. Think about trying to raise up a Korean person to send them there. It would take a lot of time. When will we go there, learn the language, and learn their lifestyle? It’s so much more simple to raise a person from there. The reason why I’m really working and praying together with the pastors of our reformed denomination is because when we go in to try to open doors, the missionaries there, who never evangelized a day in their lives, rise up in opposition. We have to realistically help these people who are suffering from spiritual problems, but the people who are opposing us make it so that we don’t have the time to do that. So from the moment we entered the reformed denomination, I began to pray and I realized, “This is the place where the evangelism doors are.” You must remember.

2.Deserted Empty Places in the Church
>> And where else are the empty places? The empty places are in the churches. We have to save them. What are the empty places in the church? You need to see here accurately in the Bible.
1)Acts 3:1-12
>> Acts chapter 3. This man was born crippled.
2)Acts 8:4-8
>> Even Acts chapter 8. It wasn’t something that had just happened. What’s the characteristic here? They weren’t just healing diseases. But they overturned the chronic things that no one could resolve. It was a disease that they already had.
3)Acts 13:5-12
4)Acts 16:16-18
5)Acts 19:8-20
>> So the key is Acts 13, 16, and 19. This is the key. The last 3 places were the places where Paul went. These 2 places were where Paul and his team went. In actuality, Paul targeted these places and God gave him everything. This is how the church is losing hold of those who are ill. What is true welfare? Reviving those with spiritual diseases.

3.Deserted Empty Places of the Field
>> And what else? The empty places of the field. The elites are facing even more spiritual hardships. The elites are even more important because they’ll play the role of changing the age in the future. So this is what Paul did. Where was it?
1)Acts 17:1
2)Acts 18:4
>> This is how he plowed into the empty places. These were the places where Paul focused on, 24 hours a day. It ends with that. So covenant that God has given to the missionaries? It’s not a matter of whether it’s big or small. These are the places where nobody can go. Only those with the Gospel can do this. The renown, outstanding people are not the ones who do this. People are completely dying in these deserted places. The politicians are not the ones who can go there and overturn these things.

♠Conclusion- Guidance of the Holy Spirit
>> If you really are people who are receiving the guidance of the Holy Spirit, 3 things will come.
1)One Portion
>> If you are people who receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you’ll be able to see one portion of world evangelization.
2)Other Churches
>> If you are people who receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you will be connected to other churches.
3)Headquarters, General Assembly
>> Harmoniously, you’ll be connected to the headquarters and the General Assembly to do world evangelization. That’s how it will be if you are someone who receives the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

>> You don’t have to worry about what you must do. That’s what unbelievers do. You don’t have to worry about the future. That’s what the fortune tellers do. “What method shall we use?” Don’t even worry about that. He perfectly gave us the answer. “But when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will receive power.” Holding on to the message that you’ve been holding on to now and the message you received just now, this needs to be your life prayer. If you enjoy this through prayer, the rest naturally come.
>> Then day after day, you’ll anticipate much. How God will bring fulfillment today. How God will bring fulfillment during this conference. A normal Christian will be like that. “Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day, what kind of Word will God give me?” That’s all you need. Then in each step the missionaries take, there is something that God has prepared. That’s what you’re finding. How great is this? What you do may seem so small, but it will last forever. People will be able to see it just as we see this. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that you may enjoy the answer given to you by the Lord who has all authority in heaven and on earth. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all problems, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all missionaries who will save the age, be upon all the servants who are praying for the missionaries, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)