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02.05.2021 – Find the Secret Covenant

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Message: 2020, The 24th World Missions Convention, Lecture 3- 07/24/2020
Title: “Secret Covenant” -> True Answer
Scripture: Romans 16:25-27


>> I’m sure everyone is listening to the message together right now.
Not too long ago, a music professional sent me a very lengthy message. They were saying that the members of our choir are very good so don’t let anyone steal them away.
I’m not so sure about the deeper meaning behind their words, but I received that kind of request not too long ago. God will accept your praise and shine His light all over the world.
>> Right now, people from all over the world are actually listening to the message. Beginning with our remnants to the adults, many people are listening.
We actually should be laying down all our work and going to the fields to do missions. But because we’re not able to do that, we’re supporting the missionaries who are already there, through prayer. So the missionaries who send and the missionaries who are sent are worshipping together.
One renown individual said this to me. They said that we need many gifted people in our Darakbang organization as well as our churches.
However, that’s not what the Bible says. Our meeting must bring about God’s important plan.
There will be many believers that you meet in the field. It will be the first and last time in their lives. Then what must we possess and what must we relay? We have to uncover God’s absolute covenant, have forum about that, and relay/transmit that. Give that to them as a mission and do internship over that. With your whole life, you are doing forum over that.
>> What’s the second thing that we must remember? True missions. What’s truly been lost. That’s what we need to discover together. That was our second lecture today.
Now, as we come to the close of this convention, what must we leave here with and keep for the rest of our lives? It’s our secret covenant.

>> Introduction- My Gospel
Here, Paul said something important. What did he say? “My Gospel.” As I was praying over these verses, I was truly blessed. Of course, it’s Christ’s Gospel. What does he mean, “My Gospel”? There are tremendous mysteries contained inside of this. When you look at Paul, you can very easily understand. When you want to interpret these words, “My Gospel”, you’re not really blessed by that. But if you look at Paul’s situation in which he was writing the letter in a regrettable way, you can understand quickly.
1)Incorrect Things (Things that Will Bring Destruction)
>> What does that mean? The first thing you have to remember. It meant that what he had until that point did not belong to him. They were incorrect things. This is what Paul strongly confessed. That’s why he was saying he had this separate, personal Gospel. That’s what he meant. He wasn’t disregarding Christ and saying that he was making his own Gospel. But he was saying that what he had until now was wrong. “Now, I have my own Gospel”. How important are those words?
(1)12 Things of Satan- We were always deceived by the 12 things of Satan.
(2)Israel’s Disaster (Ideology)- Paul was well aware of this. He knew about Israel’s disasters during the Old Testament times.
>> But not that. We need to quickly confirm this first and escape from it. If there’s any message that our missionaries must give, it’s that they need to help the believers quickly depart from the incorrect things. There are some people who are in the same place for 10-20 years and after 30 years, some just disappear. You have to help them quickly come out from the incorrect things. The concepts and ideologies that the Israelites had were completely wrong. That’s what Paul is addressing. So he’s talking about, “My Gospel that I received now”. There’s a tremendous covenant inside of that. It was his spiritual, consuming passion.
We should not have any deep regrets, but we can have this Gospel-oriented passion. This is what we must do and this is what you, missionaries, must do.
(3)Jesus Christ’s Ministry (Reproach)- As evidence of that, there’s a ministry that Jesus did as soon as he arrived. It is in line with what Jesus did in his ministry.
>> In Matthew chapter 5, Jesus spoke about 8 blessings. If you look at those blessings, they seem completely backwards. “Blessed are the poor. Blessed are those who mourn. Blessed are those who are persecuted.” What do you think? I was shocked as I listened to those words. Right now, what the religious people and the Pharisees are doing are not blessings. How can they be blessings? Right now, their nation is on the brink of colonization and their children are all dying, but they’re saying, “I’ve secured my own position. This is a blessing”. That’s wrong. Jesus spoke of this. From the beginning. So if you look throughout the 3 years of Jesus’ earthly ministry, he only spoke of the important things after Peter’s confession. Prior to that, he continued to give the message so that people could come out of the incorrect things.
>> Look carefully in the Bible. That’s Matthew chapter 5. He even spoke about it in Matthew chapter 6 when he was talking about prayer. In a sense, the Lord’s Prayer is actually not really significant. They were asking him to teach them how to pray so Jesus was saying, “What more is there for you to pray about? Do it this way”. Isn’t that so? They were saying, “John the Baptist is teaching prayer. Teach us prayer as well.” So Jesus asked, “What else do you need? Just pray about His hallowed name. That God’s will be done on earth. Pray for your daily bread. Just as you had been forgiven, forgive others. For His is the kingdom, the power, and glory.” And the conclusion he gave them was, “Don’t be like the pagans who stand on the streets, praying and chanting to the heavens.” “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.”
>> You must remember. They’re going to hide everything and appear before you, the missionaries. Not because they want to lie, but because they’re ashamed. As we saw before in the video of the Karen people. They’re refugees. They’re going to keep things hidden as they appear before you. You must quickly uproot the things inside them that have been imprinted, that are bound to destroy them later. Isn’t that so? In one sense, we shouldn’t even have prayer topics. That itself is wrong too.
WITH, Immanuel, and Oneness is all we need. What other prayer topics do we need? Jesus was saying that we don’t need to ask for this and that. “Your Father already knows.” That doesn’t mean, “Don’t pray and don’t have any prayer topics.” It means, “Uproot the incorrect things and things of the past that are in your head right now.”
>> And moving up to Matthew chapter 7, it was about the sermon on the mount. “Don’t criticize others. You’ve got greater wrongdoings.” So if you continue to criticize others, that’s all you’re going to be able to see. And ultimately, that’s how you die. “So don’t see the speck in other people’s eyes. Take out the log in your eye first.” That was a tremendous message. People who are lost in scars will always talk about that and then they’ll die within that. So you must tell them. Tell the North Korean defectors. “As you crossed over, how difficult was it for you? You faced all kinds of hardships there. But all that is wrong. Even when you’ve come down to South Korea… What the people in South Korea have are wrong as well. You need to hold on to the covenant that God gives.” Isn’t that so? Only then will they be able to live. Or else that person will die. So I was so moved in my heart by those words, “My Gospel”.
>> It goes beyond that. You can see in Luke chapter 10 where Jesus taught this. They said, “We prayed in the name of Christ and demons departed.” And Jesus said that that’s not all that important. Even after the miracle of the 5 loaves and 2 fish, the people were in a frenzy. Everyone was in an uproar. Even the Pharisees. “Maybe he’s a swindler. How can this be?” The disciples were so shocked they were trying to make him king. And they kept on saying crazy things that were imprinted inside them. So Jesus dragged them up to the mountains. “Didn’t they have manna in the wilderness? What’s more important is life. All this is useless. What gives life is the Spirit. The flesh amounts to nothing.”
>> You must do this. Starting with yourselves. Starting with yourself, if you keep on holding on to the things of the past, the incorrect things, you won’t be able to do your ministry even though you’ve been tremendously blessed. Not only will things not happen for you, problems will come later on. We don’t want that. Until now, we’ve been holding on to this, but this does not belong to us. Simply put, during the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, he was chastising/reproaching people. Hearing this, the Pharisees were saying that he was arrogant, proud and fit to die. Because the things that the Pharisees had were incorrect. Because it would destroy them in the future, Jesus spoke strongly against it. The person who was completely seized by this was Paul.
2)My Gospel
>> Then what truly is “My Gospel”? You need to let them know what that is.
(1)Acts (Things Pertaining to God’s Kingdom)- We see a lot of “My Gospel”, but it’s expressed very well in the Book of Acts.
It began in full-scale from this point on. The start of giving the covenant of Calvary, Mt. of Olives, and Mark’s upper room was the tremendous Gospel. When Jesus was reproaching them, it was all about the physical things. In the words, he was addressing the things pertaining to the kingdom of God. That’s what belongs to us. That’s why he promised to give them power. On the day of the Pentecost, the real answers came. This belongs to you. This is what you must let the many people in the field know. If you truly know this and pray about it, it’s bound to be relayed through you. So where did this covenant cross over to? Amidst that kind of persecution, it got carried over to the Antioch Church. And Paul received all the messages from Barnabas, who was inside the Antioch Church.
>> Acts 9:1-15, In the midst of all that, the incident that arose was the one that took place on the road to Damascus. Paul spoke about this everywhere he went. Finally, he was commissioned as a missionary. Look at the Book of Romans that he wrote after being commissioned as a missionary. “There’s no one righteous.” That was a tremendous message. The Jews had to keep every letter of the law, but Paul was saying that no one was righteous. In Romans 3:23, he said, “For all have sinned”. That’s why the Pharisees thought he was crazy. They were saying, “He must have gone crazy. He’s calling us sinners”. But that was right. So the Israelites could not receive salvation at all, with the ideologies they held to. That’s why he said, “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” That was in Romans 5:8. And he said this. “For the law of the Spirit of life has set us free from the law of sin and death in which we had no choice but to perish.” “No one can cut us off from the power and love of Christ.” “That’s why this Gospel was given to us from long ages past, is now disclosed, and we give glory to God forevermore.” That’s what he means. So Paul is throwing out this tremendous message. And look at the confessions that he gave.
(2)Philippians 3:1-21, Of the tremendous confessions he gave, there are a few that remain in our hearts, right? Philippians 3:1-21. He spoke about the things that he had. He said, “That’s all rubbish. None of that belongs to me.” He was really something else, wasn’t he? If you don’t teach the believers this way, they cannot spiritually overcome. The many things of the world are the basic things, but they’re all rubbish. While holding on to that, they lose faith and fall apart. Paul spoke about the things that he had. The Gospel that he received. He said that he hadn’t obtained or achieved anything. That was around when he was 75 years old, but he said that that was just the beginning. He said he was running towards the upward call. He was a Roman citizen, yet he said, “Our citizenship lies in heaven.”
(3)Romans 16:25-27, And it’s what he said while saying that. Tremendous, isn’t it? You have rightfully received this blessing.
>> True Answer→ Trinity +Status +Authority +Breaking Down Force of Darkness
Everywhere you go, it’s not just the force of darkness that crumbles. In the places you go, true answers will begin to come.
Every time you hold on to the covenant, every time you give worship, the Triune God and your status, background, come upon you. You must never lose hold of this. The moment you hold on to God’s Word and correctly hold on to the covenant, even if you haven’t gone there, the force of darkness begins to crumble. Right now, at this time, true answers are being fulfilled. Isn’t that so? When you go, you’re not going to receive answers, but to confirm the answers. We’re going to the places to plant the victorious banner of Christ. Your eyes to see this must open.
That way, you can give the message and go together with our message. Not just follow.
>> There is something that arises at this time. What happens at this time? It’s God’s Word.
(1)Came Upon- God’s Word came upon them. The Word is God. For God’s Word to come upon you means that in actuality, everything has been resolved. One day, the Word came upon Joseph. It came upon 80-year old Moses. Because God is doing this, the age doesn’t matter. It came upon young Samuel. One day, it came upon the shepherd, David. Isn’t that so? One day, it came upon Elijah. One day, it came upon Elisha. And to Jeremiah. “The Word of the Lord came upon Jeremiah a second time.” We see that the most in the Bible. “The words of the Lord God Almighty.” That’s what happens.
(2)Guidance- Then this Word is absolutely bound to guide/lead us. Then all we have to do is follow it. As we enjoy these tremendous answers. We hear many words. Don’t place people’s words in your hearts. That’s guidance.
①Philippians 1:9-10, That’s Philippians 1:9-10이다. You have to place God’s Word in your hearts. “What is excellent.” We need to be able to discern that. Paul said this during great difficulties. While he was in prison. “Discern what is most excellent.” In this way, continue to be led by the Word.
②Philippians 2:6-11, There are times when things are so hard. At that time, he confessed this. “Didn’t Christ suffer as well? That Christ became the Lord of lords and the king of kings.”
③Philippians 3:8-21, People of the world, even believers, love the things of the world that will destroy them. At that time, Paul confessed this. Philippians chapter 3. It was a tremendous confession.
④Philippians 4:13, 19, There are some people who are so afraid that they fall into trials. Because he was in prison, he was facing financial problems as well. At that time he confessed, “I can do all things in him who strengthens me. He will supply all my needs.”
(3)Fulfillment- This Word is bound to be absolutely fulfilled. That is this scripture (Romans 16:25-27). He will give you what was kept hidden. And He gives to you, what will be in the future. That’s these verses. Remember that. Don’t make it complicated. Always remember these 3 things. When you really hold to the covenant, the doors of heaven will open and heavenly angels are mobilized. The moment you’re holding on to the covenant, the force of darkness is bound to crumble. And the real answers are bound to come. We call this our “secret covenant”.

>> Main- Romans 16:20

1.Romans 16:25→ Stream of the Secret Covenant
>> First of all. Along the way, he told us the important goal of our secret covenant. It may seem like it just popped up out of the blue, but that’s what’s important. As he was introducing these many people, it may seem random, but that’s what’s important. “Satan will be trampled underneath your feet.” Because you are going to give glory to God, hold on to the secret covenant. The first is Romans 16:25. What is this referring to? What was hidden from long ages.
1)Genesis 1:2
>> If you look in Genesis 1:2, there was already darkness, chaos, and void.
2)Genesis 3:15
>> There, He shone the light, but they crumbled again so the “offspring of woman” of Genesis 3:15 broke Satan’s authority. He spoke about that. “What was hidden for long ages and has now been disclosed.” He’s talking about the previous things.
3)Exodus, Exodus from Philistia, Assyria, Aram, Babylon, and Rome
>> And it wasn’t just there, but He kept it hidden. The very works that appeared during the time of the Exodus. And the works that took place when they had exodus from Philistia. Looking at all these works in succession. They were always being attacked. When they really had exodus from Assyria and Aram. Exodus from Babylon. Exodus from Rome. This is what hey held on to in one hand. “What was hidden for long ages and now disclosed.”

2.Romans 16:26→ Time Schedule of the Secret Covenant
>> And then, what is the secret covenant? Romans 16:26. “But has now been disclosed.” What do these words mean?
2)Fellow Worker
>> “What has now been disclosed…” The ones who staked their lives on this were the patrons. The people who staked their lives on this were the fellow workers. The one who staked their lives on this are the hosts. That’s what happens today. You are the patrons, fellow workers, and hosts on this day in which what was hidden for long ages has now been disclosed. Let’s go back to the heart of Paul as he was organizing and relaying this message. It was a letter that he was sending to Rome. Phoebe, who was to take this letter to Rome. Priscilla and Aquila, who would become the main figures of Rome evangelization. The host, Gaius. The names of these kinds of people were recorded. Simply put, they were holding on to the stream of the secret covenant (main point 1). But if you lose hold of the stream, you lose hold of everything. There’s a stream even in water. Even when it comes to finances/economy, there is a stream. Let’s look at this stream. That’s why we need to look in the past. There was this stream and this is what he held on to. What is the second point? It’s not just the stream of this secret covenant. This once-in-a-lifetime time schedule has come. That’s what he’s talking about.

3.Romans 16:27→ Our Ministry that Will Remain For Eternity
>> What is this? The ministry that you do will last forever. Why? Because salvation is everlasting. Because God is everlasting. Because the throne is everlasting. So it will last forever. This is the message that was given.
1)Future Within Eternity
>> We’re talking about the future within eternity. He held on to this as his secret covenant.
2)Today Within Eternity
>> It goes beyond that. It’s the “today” within eternity.
3)Posterity Within Eternity (Remnant)
>> It doesn’t just end there. Within this eternity is our children/posterity. It’s the secret covenant that must be relayed to them, forevermore.
>> Even if you raise just one person, it will become that way. Honestly speaking, I don’t think anyone would have expected the things that happened to Joseph. It’s to the point where I want to ask Joseph if he himself knew. Moses received the covenant and went forth. Take a look at his records in the Pentateuch (first 5 books of O.T.). It truly is a living Word. At the very beginning of this ministry, I studied Genesis and the works had already taken place. Right now, many churches are preparing for church construction. So I was taking about the Word regarding the temple in Exodus and Leviticus, but God has already begun to work. This will last forever and it’s our “today” as well as our posterity within that time schedule.

♠Conclusion- Healing
>> We see something very important here. When you become this way, all these things get connected to prayer.
1)Prayer Topic
>> How does this need to connect to prayer? You’re not forming or coming up with prayer topics. But it’s the prayer you give to the point where the prayer topics are formed. This is something that really becomes peaceful.
2)Prayer Topic You Enjoy
>> And what else? Because it’s the prayer topic given by God, this becomes a prayer topic you enjoy. Even if your church members don’t immediately become this way, guide them so that they will become that way. Starting with yourselves. It goes beyond that.
3)Prayer Topic that Continues
>> There are answers and prayer topics that continue. This is what happens. You’re able to hold on to the prayer topic that God gives you. And as you comfortably pray about that, you’re able to enjoy it. Then in succession, you see the next answer and the fulfillment of the Word. Even if you can make just one disciple like this in your missions field, you’ve achieved great success.
>> Power- What comes at this time? Great power is given to you. From this point on, it’s a different story. Once you gain this power, what can you ultimately do? The greatest work. It’s healing the world. You must remember that.
1)Spiritual Healing- What is Romans 16:25? It’s really talking about spiritual healing.
2)Healing the Age- What is Romans 16:26? It’s really about healing the age. Because that’s what’s appearing now.
3)Healing the Future- What is Romans 16:27? It’s really healing the future.
>> There’s something that our missionaries must remember. You lack the assurance that through prayer and the Word, people who are sick can be healed. But I have assurance. For healing, you don’t need any program. Because incorrect healing is overtaking the world right now, if the missionaries don’t come to their senses, we’ll be in serious trouble. There are so many pseudo-religions out there claiming that you can immediately get well if you go to them. That’s all a scam. But people are all shaken by that. Missionaries, if you don’t catch on to this, people’s lives will be ruined. These swindlers are saying that people can get well from their diseases through transcendental meditation. That’s a serious problem that will occur in the future.
① Medical (Scientific)
>> Your healing/treatment must be this way. You don’t have to use any other program. It’s possible through only the Word and prayer. It has to be medical and scientific. Isn’t that so? That’s why we respect what doctors say. Because it’s medically-based. The kind of people I don’t like are the ones who say, “If you eat this, it’s going to heal every disease in your body.” That’s a scam. If those irresponsible words are right, all the hospitals need to be closed. There’s no need to go to hospitals then. “Because this is a cure-all, you’ll get better if you eat this.” Then the Seoul National University Hospital needs to be closed down. There are many people who are scamming people with ridiculous things. It’s because they want to sell these things. But the problem is that these pseudo-religious organizations are rising and doing that. But even though you’ve got something tremendous, because you’re not doing it, people flock to that. Do you know why people go crazy for these heresies like Shincheonji? Because crazy people are saying crazy things, people are flocking to that. Try being crazy too. If you someone crazy calls you, you’re going to go and listen. And you can escape from that. Because they continue to lie. They say that you’re going to have “eternal life”. How can you live forever on this earth? So they’re mixing up the physical and spiritual things and deceiving people. Someone did something and they all of a sudden got well? There is no such thing.
② Spiritual Healing
>> Because there are things that the doctors can’t do, you are needed. Spiritual healing.
③ Concentrative Healing
>> You concentrated on the Word and prayer, and absolutely, the works arise. If a person with spiritual problems just concentrates for 5-10 minutes a day, works will arise. Isn’t that so?
>> When you begin to be spiritually healed, your body is actually influenced as well. It’s a sure thing. This is what the missionaries need to have assurance about. If you gain spiritual power/strength while holding on to the Word and concentrating on prayer and not stray from the doctor’s words, works will absolutely arise. What the doctor says and diagnoses comes from medicine and science. But if you disregard that and just pray, it’s not right. I have assurance. So when we build the church in Busan and Seoul, we’re trying to have a healing center. The fact that God gave spiritual strength when we concentrated only on the Word and prayer. Missionaries, when you go back, you don’t even have to build some kind of building. We’re doing this just because we’re trying to make a model of that ministry, you don’t need to do this. Once you begin to receive spiritual healing while concentrating on the Word and prayer, everything else begins to be healed. Gain this power.
>> This time, you need to leave with 3 important things. Because you have to give them the mission. Isn’t that so?
You need to help people to walk the covenant journey. And you need to do forum so that they can live their lives correctly. They must become the summit to do that.
In order to do that, you need to take the 3 lectures with you.
You must always enjoy this. To what extent? You yourself will know. To the point where it takes place as prayer. At first, if it’s not working so much, you need to make a system for that.
Let’s say that Esther all of a sudden says that she’s going to become a professional golf player. Of course, if the Holy Spirit works upon her, it’s not impossible, but is that how she should be? If one day, Esther says that she’s going to be the next Park Seri (professional Korean golf player), we’ve got to stop her. If one day, Missionary Kim Dong-gil from Africa says, “Forget about Kenya. I’m going to become the next Son Heung-min (soccer player)”, you’ve got to stop him.
>> So there absolutely is an order to the works of God. To the point where prayer takes place. To the point where you can see the answers. To the point where you can save others. Even though there are many churches and pastors, because they’re unable to do this, the people of the world think they’re not needed. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that this may be an important start. Let us pray.

There are many diseased people in the world. All over the world, the number of people committing suicide because of depression are rising. Would You bless them as missionaries who can relay this Gospel of healing to those people. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)