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02.03.2021 – Restore What the World Churches Lost

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Message: 2020, The 24th World Missions Convention, Lecture 2- 07/23/2020
Title: Restore What the World Churches Lost
Scripture: Acts 19:8-20

>> During the camp training messages, we spoke about the things that we must do.
In order to do that, we must receive answers and these lectures are confirming what those answers are. Starting now, there’s a need for you to try this. Because you are spiritually very important people, you must understand God’s Word well. It says, that if you are a missionary within God’s absolute covenant, God will bring the precious blessings to you.
① Trinity +Status +Authority
>> The Triune God, even now, is bringing about great works according to your status and authority. If you are within God’s absolute covenant, God will attach to you, church officers who are walking that absolute journey. And rightfully, God will attach to you the absolute goal, the remnants. That is everything. That was yesterday’s 1st lecture.
② Breaking Down the Force of Darkness (God’s Interest)
>> If that is so, the second thing we must hold on to today is, “Where is God’s greatest interest?”. If you realize that, right now, in this moment, the force of darkness will be broken down. You haven’t even gone yet, but depending upon where you are, things will be fulfilled according to your status and authority. I’m sure it’s not everyone, but the majority of people are worried about their finances. If God attaches even one couple like Priscilla and Aquila to you, that’s it. Even if He attaches one person like Gaius to you, that’s it. That’s not something we make. God attaches them to us. If you ask what God’s absolute covenant is, you’ll be able to see that journey and that goal. At that time, this answer follows.
③ Everlasting, Always= True Missions
>> Then where does God’s greatest interest lie? If you hold to this covenant, even though you haven’t even gone, the force of darkness is broken. Then this afternoon, we’ll come to a close with the most important thing, but these 3 are important. You must always enjoy them. This is what Jesus promised. “Everlasting. Always.” He absolutely said that. “I will be with you, always, to the very end of the age.” On top of that, “With all authority in heaven and on earth”. Now, what exactly is this?
>> The one who correctly held on to this covenant was Paul. Isn’t that so? He was actually the one who went out as the first missionary and he can be seen as the model of missionaries. The force of darkness was broken and God was with Paul, with that very blessing. So there’s a need for us to listen to what Paul said. If you understand true missions, then that’s it.
④ 2 Corinthians 4:4, Ephesians 6:12-20+Acts Chapter 13, Acts Chapter 16, Acts Chapter 19+Acts 17:1, Acts 18:4, Acts 19:8
>> In order to understand true missions, you must see a few Bible verses. It’s what Paul said in 2 Corinthians 4:4. It says, “god of this world”. It’s a battle against this. If you don’t what “missions” is, the force of darkness, the god of this world, who is Satan, will attempt globalization in a second. Why? Because he is a being that transcends time and space. Evil spirits can seize everything in just a minute. So in Ephesians 6:12, it tells us who are real opponent is. It also tells us how we need to arm ourselves against this opponent. That our fight isn’t against anything else. Our fight is this fight. So he gave the proper answers regarding true missions.
>> That is why the region in which he must enter for missions was designated, as well as the goal. He went here (Acts 13, 16, 19). Overall, he went to 3 places. Where were they? He went to the shaman village. This is a spiritual battle. The village where people were demon-possessed and fortune-telling. And the region that was diseased because of idol worship. That’s where he went. And his goal was here (Acts 17:1, Acts 18:4, Acts 19:8). What was that? This is important. That was his goal and during Paul’s time, evidence was seen. And after that, it hasn’t risen at all.
>> So if you remain inside of the absolute covenant, everything will be brough to you. Isn’t that so? Because it’s the absolute covenant. Because it’s the absolute covenant given to you by God, it’s bound to be given to you. Then you’re bound to go that journey. Then God will attach people to you. If I’m moving this way and you’re moving this way, God will match the timing and send people like Priscilla and Aquila to you. If you are worried about material wealth and the church officers are shaking their heads at you, God is not going to attach people like that (mentioned before) to you. This is the greatest blessing that a missionary must receive. Other people need to look at you and nod their heads. But if they’re shaking their heads behind your back, then that’s not it. Isn’t that so? As we do our pastoral ministry, many church officers and believers follow us, right? They shouldn’t even be tilting their heads at you either. The more the time passes, the more they should be nodding their heads at you. That’s where they’re going to stake their lives. That’s where they’re going to give their possessions. There, they’ll even hand over what they kept hidden. When they nod their heads at you. More importantly, God sends people to you. That’s what Paul’s life was like. God answered him to the point where he had more than enough to overturn the world.
>> Then what kind of conclusion do we come to? There is something that the world churches lost hold of after the time of the early church. We need to restore that. If I were to introduce one field that was like that, it would be Acts 19:8-20. So you have to remember well, the Bible verses and covenants that were given to us this time. Yesterday’s message was that Jesus himself gave the absolute covenant. Isn’t that so? For 40 days, he explained the absolute journey. And what else? He completely planted in the Spirit of evangelism and missions so that they could do world evangelization. In actuality, that was it.
Then what? He wants us to seek this out.
Who were the people who sought this out? Yes, it was given to the pastors as well, but God raised up the missionaries. If you don’t know true missions, you cannot do missions work.
From these Bible verses, you can seek out what true missions is.
⑤ Mathew 28:16-20, Mark 16:15-20, Acts 1:8
>> That way, you’re able to understand this (Matthew 28:16-20). “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Only then could they, “go to all nations”. Only then could they, “go to the end of the earth”. It’s all there. What true missions is. It’s all there. If you know this, then everywhere you go, the force of darkness will crumble. To be more accurate, you’re not chasing out the demons. They’re running away. Chasing out demons is low-class. You’re not fighting against Satan. That’s just generally speaking. But for real, Satan surrenders. That’s in Romans chapter 16. It’s very important. How precious are you? All you’re doing is holding on to the covenant and the Word, but this answer (Trinity +Status +Authority) arises for you. It’s a sure thing. Even before you go, even before Paul went, during prayer, the force of darkness was broken. Once he went in, they completely surrendered.
>> This is a tremendous thing. Isn’t that so? If we don’t relay this blessing to the believers, what would happen? We make them do all kinds of work, but we omit the most important thing. That’s why the world churches are beginning to crumble. We saw that chart earlier. It’s embarrassing. We don’t even have to go to those places, yet all the missionaries are gathered there. More than half of the earth are places that haven’t even been reached, but people don’t go there. If they do, they might just do some charitable work there. They might go and do some medical missions and come back. You must not misunderstand. I’m not saying that charitable work or medical missions is wrong. It’s all beneficial and they’re all, important tools. But ultimately, they don’t do this.

>> Introduction– Because they didn’t know what true missions was, 3 important things resulted.
What kind of results came because of the Jews and the orthodox church that didn’t know missions?
1)Result- Slavery, Captivity, Colonization
>> The future generations became enslaved. God does missions even if it means going to this extent. You have to look at it from both perspectives. Because they lost hold of what’s important, their future generations became slaves. And from among those who were enslaved, 0.1% of them did world missions. In the end, God sent them to the place where they could do world missions. Ultimately, Joseph was the one who was directly selling grain. That’s where He sent them. It had to be Egypt in order to influence the whole world. That’s why God sent him there. In the end, they reached the conclusion of being sent as captives and being colonized.
2)Failure of Temple (Church)
>> Because they didn’t know true missions, simply put, the church, the temple failed.
>> The first temple that, Solomon’s Temple, the one that David prepared, God was so pleased with. Because they didn’t know what true missions was at all, God broke it down. God did not lose to Babylon. God broke that down. Babylon came and pitifully burned and broke it do the ground. And they stole all the holy articles. They may have unknowingly done that, but they took the people who really had the Gospel as their captives. Among those who were captives, there were those who completely had the Gospel and stood before the king. That was Daniel. He stood before 4 kings. That’s it, isn’t it? We have to understand what true missions is. And then they returned. They rebuilt the temple. That was called Zerubbabel’s Temple. But even then, just as expected, they didn’t understand true missions. It wasn’t broken down, but Herod got rid of it and built a new temple. That was the third temple called, Herod’s Temple. That’s what God broke down. Jesus himself prophesied about it. “Not one stone will be left on top of the other.” That means that it will be completely destroyed. Why is that? They did not realize true missions. The “how” isn’t important. If you really realize it, then you know how to proceed. If you really know the way, how you get there isn’t the issue. You can take many different paths. Because I lived in Busan for a long time and I went to the evangelism fields a lot, if I see even the traces of an old neighborhood, I can find everything.
>> What’s the problem? Ultimately, their children died. Their future generations were completely massacred, killed. Think about that happening to your children. Realistically, they’re being tragically being taken over by Satan. That’s why the churches have begun to close their doors.

>> Main– What did they lose hold of? We need to first begin with the fundamentals.

1.God’s Greatest Interest→ One Who Knows the Key (Key=Christ) to True Missions
>> What is God’s greatest interest right now? It’s the key to true missions. It’s the key to true missions and the one who knows that. Paul knew this. Then all the forces of darkness will be broken. A problem arises in your church? It doesn’t matter whatsoever. The force of darkness is bound to crumble before you. Not crumbling is a problem. Isn’t that so? Do you know who you are? If you really have the Gospel, you don’t even have to say a word. Wherever you go, the force of darkness is bound to flee. When the light comes in, darkness silently flees. The darkness isn’t going to leave because you fan it out or jump up and down. But at the same time the light comes in, the darkness disappears. Paul knew this. This is what Israel lost hold of.
1)Ark of the Covenant
>> Let me write these down. What the church viewed as the most important was the ark of the covenant. It was inside of the tabernacle. David staked his life on this as well.
>> If you go in, there’s a table on which you can eat bread.
>> And there were also lampstands that God had commanded them to keep lit.
>> And there were also censers for incense, where they would always enjoy the blessing of prayer.
5)Water Basin
>> And what else? There also was a water basin through which they can wash to keep things like COVID away.
>> And what else? There was a courtyard outside where people can meet separately.
>> And He told them to put oil on all the holy articles.
>> All the answers were given, but what did Israel lose hold of?
The answer to all this is “Christ”. That’s what they lost hold of. The key, simply put, is Christ. This is what Israel lost hold of. This is what they lost hold of in missions. Having lost hold of that, what happens? You’re not able to overcome Satan. You can’t overcome the forces of darkness. This answer is Christ. Israel lost hold of this. We have this right now. So it’s simple today. If you really hold on to this covenant, the force of darkness is bound to crumble. Whenever we pray, it’s bound to crumble. Answers continue to come. But realistically, our interest only lies here (the actual articles). We’re interested in where the actually ark of the covenant is. Where the bread is. Isn’t that so? If you really grab hold of the covenant, the force of darkness will be broken. So even if you may not have many, if you have a few disciples, the works will arise in them.

2.God’s Greatest Interest→ Subject of True Missions
>> What’s more important is number 2. Then where does God’s greatest interest lie?
Where does God’s greatest interest lie? This is about the target/audience of true missions. This is what Israel lost hold of. Paul found this. So he was bound to be used. This is what the world churches have lost hold of. Look at what this is. After this tremendous temple was prepared through David and made, God commanded them.
1)Courtyard of the Gentiles +Courtyard of the Children +Courtyard of Prayer
>>The courtyard of the gentiles. That’s where they were selling things. In the courtyard of the gentiles, they were exchanging coins. Isn’t that so? There was also a courtyard for the children. Isn’t that so? There was also a courtyard of prayer where the lights were always supposed to be lit as God had commanded. Look carefully in the Bible. But they just omitted this. It’s not that they didn’t have them. God commanded it so they did have them, but they were using them for something else.
2)237 Nations (5000 People Groups)
>> Right now, the 237 nations. More than half of the 5,000 people groups among those 237 nations have never even heard of the Gospel before. “Does that mean that the people inside of our church are not important?” No, that’s not what I’m saying. But we have to overstep that level quickly. Overstep that and look to see where God’s greatest interest lies.
>> Look carefully at Paul. It’s not that the people he met weren’t important. After these incidents, God’s Word began to be testified throughout the whole region. After raising remnants, he plowed into all the regions and into Rome. So don’t end with just this. “How can we do such a difficult thing?” The moment you understand, God begins to work. Already, 20-some years ago, the moment we held on to the word, “remnant”, God began to work. The moment we held on to the covenant of world missions 24 years ago, God began to work. When he said, “I will be with you always to the end of the age”, he meant that he would take full responsibility for us. That’s what this means. Because you are inside God’s greatest interest, God will take responsibility for you. He absolutely said. “To the end of the age.” He said, “Always, I will be with you”. That’s what he said. And it wasn’t just some incompetent person who said that, but the one who has all authority in heaven and on earth.
(1)Used by Powerful Nations- What are these people doing? They’re all being used by the powerful nations. You need to think about that.
(2)Possession- What’s more ridiculous? You saw in the video earlier, right? They’re completely enslaved to superstitions, divination, charms/incantations, and possession. Simply put, they’re being possessed. By evil spirits. They’re enslaved to this. People ask, “Why do you keep talking about Satan?”. Those people can never do world missions. Half of the world’s population is completely lost in superstitions, divination, and possession. No matter how much you talk about etiquette there, it’s useless. No matter how much you talk about ideologies and philosophy, it’s all in vain. Because these people, in the immediate moment, are not in their right minds. The momentary help that you’re giving to them? If you do it incorrectly, you’ll be sending them to eternal death.
(3)Economically Powerful Nations- What’s going to happen in the future? They’ll be used and taken advantage of the economically powerful nations. That’s what’s empty. These are the empty places. This where God’s interest lies. The Gospel entered those places just once during Paul’s time, but after that, it has never happened again.
>> They say that just in Manila (Philippines) alone, there are a thousand Korean missionaries. How do you think God views that? How do you think Satan views that? They’re just toys to him. In Satan’s eyes, they’re just his playthings. You must quickly open your eyes and begin praying. Then God is compelled to work. What’s absolutely impossible will be absolutely possible for you. Why? Overcoming Pharaoh, overcoming Egypt is absolutely impossible. However, it was absolutely possible only for Moses, who had the covenant. You need to open your eyes to see this. It’s not possible for anyone else, but it’s absolutely possible for Moses. God has prepared what’s absolutely possible for those of you who have the Gospel, those who are holding on to the covenant. What we do is not what’s important. What we see is what’s important.
3)50 Million Regional Churches
>> So you have to look carefully at this. You need to pray, holding on to the covenant. There are about 5,000 people groups and if we just raise up 10,000 churches for each, we’ll have 50 million regional churches. Take a look to see why this is possible. This doesn’t require money. By that, I don’t mean that we don’t need to eat or go anywhere. But let me say it again. There are nations that are developed even among these nations. There are places where if you give $5,000 a month, all year long, you can manage their soccer team. You can ask the president of Gachon University, Lee Hun-gyu. This is something that he told me directly. He said, “Pastor, there are vast fields for world missions that people aren’t able to go to. Let me give you an example. He said that there’s a place where you can manage the entire soccer team if you give them $5,000 a month. But think about, in our nation, there are athletes who turn down the offer of $5,000 a month (because it’s too little). But with just $5,000 a month, you can manage an entire soccer team for a whole year. What does that mean? It means that it doesn’t take much money to raise up 50 million regional churches. They aren’t even worried about wearing clothes because they don’t need clothes. If you strengthen them just a little bit, they can gather things from around them. You don’t even need to build these big houses. But the problem is that they’re spiritually diseased and completely dying. I am assured that it must be you. If you graduated from prestigious university and studied much about theology, but don’t know anything about the spiritual things, none of it matters. So if America is overturned, everything else can be overturned. But the level of the churches and the seminaries in America right now? It doesn’t matter whether they go or not. That’s why God has great interest in RU. We’re going to do this. Why? Not that we’re going to do this. But if we hold on to the covenant, God will do it.
>> If you discover this second thing that the world churches have lost hold of, God is going to work. It doesn’t work with just Christ. Only Christ. It works only with that. It’s not going to work with anything else. It’s not going to work with just the Gospel. Every church has the Gospel. All denominations have the Gospel. Isn’t that so? There is no denomination that doesn’t have the Gospel. You receive salvation if you have the Gospel. But for saving lives, it has to be only the Gospel. That’s what the Bible says. Theology might not be that way, but that’s what it says in the Bible. In theology, you just have to explain the Gospel well. Isn’t that so? You just have to explain in a way where people would be able to correctly understand the Bible through doctrines. But that’s what the Bible says. Only Christ. That’s the only way to break down Satan. The force of darkness. As one example, I realize later on. “Oh, it was my birthday.” I’m not saying that we shouldn’t celebrate our birthdays. It’s not all that important though. Why is that so important? Meeting with your family and relatives? Yes, that’s all good, but why is that so important? We’ve thrown out all the important things. God needs you. God doesn’t need your power/strength. God needs the covenant that you possess and the faith that you have.
>> Professor Han Mu-young and Professor Park came and talked about the rainwater project, but no matter what they you won’t really be interested because you’ve got water in front of you. In all the missions fields we go to, they have water. But the problem is that these places don’t. So this truly is a method that God has given. So missionaries, really think about this and pray about it. Places where you can turn rainwater into drinking water. Then we need to spread this throughout the world. And they say that this doesn’t even take much money. Going back and forth, lobbying for it, constructing things, having to eat and sleep… This is where all the money is spent. It’s obvious, isn’t it? That’s why the missionaries need to open their eyes. You need to be the ones to directly reach out and say this is what we need in order for you to have continuation and for that nation to be revived. You might say, “Isn’t there drinkable water in the mountains?”. That’s not something we can know. And they don’t have water there. I went to the outskirts of the Philippines and they’re drinking dirty water. I was shocked.
>> Can you consider what we’re doing to be missions? All we’re doing is just helping them out a bit and getting on a plane to get to the airport. They come and pick you up and you get in a car to get to those places. Then you go from the airport to a restaurant. You eat something good and drink all the water. And then you go back home. Who is going to go to these places (5,000 people groups)? No one can go. When does God turn the finances towards you? When you hold to this covenant. Right now, they’re all dying. I said this before as well, but I think Missionary Park (from Panama) seems to be doing this a little bit. I remember him telling me what happened when he went to those unreachable places. It’s really in my heart. Right now, even if you go to America and other developed nations, there aren’t a lot of people gathered in the downtown area, but there are of course, even less in the outskirts. They’re all dying.
>> For the rainwater project, this is what I wrote for them (天生命水). I said that it’s not just water. It’s the living water given from heaven. Why? Because that’s what it’s like for those who are dying. Don’t misunderstand me thinking that you need to drop everything and just go to those places. If you really open your eyes to see this, you’ll see that they’re all around you. They’re all around America as well. At the very least, when these people come out of their towns and go downtown, they don’t make it noticeable that that’s where they’re from. And for example, the wealthy people from the Philippines don’t come to Korea. Why would they come? But where do they come from? They come from these places (5,000 people groups). The people from those people groups are the ones who come. But because we’re not really interested, we don’t even know where they’re actually from. We just lump it all together and say, “Ah, the Philippines”. Or lump it all together and say, “Panama”. It’s just a slight difference, but we lose hold of everything. Where does God’s greatest interest lie? This is where all the forces of darkness flee from.

3.God’s Ultimate Interest→ Goal of True Missions (Acts 2:10, 1 Peter 1:1)
Where does God’s ultimate interest lie? There are important terms in the Bible. It’s the goal of true missions. If you know true missions, then that’s it. But there is a goal. The Bible records of this in an important way. Acts 2:10, “Visitors from Rome”. 1 Peter 1:1, “Sojourners who were scattered.” So these words, “stranger” and “sojourner” are very important words in the Bible.
1)237→ 5000 People Groups→ Posterity
>> First of all. Among the many regions and multiethnic people in the 237 nations, there more than half of the 5,000 people groups have never heard of the Gospel. Now, we’re talking about the children/posterity of those very people. We’re talking about the next generation, the children. You’re not just going and being nice/good to them. We’re talking about those who respond and stand as disciples when you share the Gospel. It’s easy to misunderstand what I’m saying, but I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work hard. There are things that we do need to work hard for and people we need to shape well, but the person who has been prepared by God is different. We’re finding that. Finding them, who do we use?
2)PK, MK, EK
>> The PKs. Don’t just make PKs run errands, but properly use them. And the MKs. The children of elders as well. The EKs. You have to utilize them. That’s what God wants. When I look at the remnants, especially the MKs, they speak English well. You can’t compare yourselves to them. They’re good at it. They studied there as well. Look at these kids. They are the gems of gems. Don’t just make them do petty errands, but you need to raise them as leaders.
>> And who else? The TCKs. They’re neither this nor that. They are kids of a 3rd culture. But if you look closely in the Bible, all the individuals who were really used by God were the TCKs. It was especially the TCKs among the PKs and MKs. They were the ones who were used.
>> Moses was a TCK, was he not? Isn’t that so? He was a Hebrew, but living in Egypt. Then is he Hebrew or an Egyptian? That’s the TCK. God uses them. It may be difficult for TCKs when they’re growing up, but when they’ve grown up, it’s very advantageous. These people aren’t just limited to a 3rd culture, but now they’re cross-cultural. That’s what happened. It goes beyond that. There are some kids who have no culture, the NCKs. They have no culture. They are also part of the TCKs.
>> The people who have the greatest privilege of being able to enjoy this blessing are the missionaries. It’s such a slight difference. You don’t even have to do a lot. Just do a little bit and the works take place. Even if you just leave behind one person, if that person is a true disciple, it’s finished.
Even if you just leave behind one person and that person is a disciple who enters into the absolute covenant… If you left behind someone who knows what true missions is… That’s great success. No matter how much work you do and no matter how many buildings you leave behind, if you haven’t left behind a worker who knows true missions, it’s all futile. Later on, when you’ve grown old these proper disciples will begin to arise. After Paul ended his ministry, Rome evangelization took place. That’s what we’re talking about. While you were doing your ministry, it was hard and you suffered, but after you finished your ministry, the children who learned from you arise and they begin to do world evangelization. Because God is the One enabling them to do that, no one will be able to block them.
>> Today, many people are listening from different towns. If you are within God’s absolute plan and you are praying that prayer, the works will begin. If you, who are listening to the message, understand what true missions is, God will raise great works through you.
That’s how it’s been in my experience. That’s the Bible that I saw. That’s the Gospel movement that I’ve confirmed. There’s no reason for you to worry.
Many church officers and servants of the Lord are worried about useless things. You’ve got tremendous things left ahead of you. Do you know what happened at this time? You’re praying in your room, but the force of darkness working in the field is broken down. The force of darkness in everything that is connected to you will be broken. That’s what he means when he says, “All authority in heaven and on earth”.

>> What conclusion do we come to when you hold on to this covenant?
1)Disciple (Romans 16:1-27)
>> God attached the true disciples to one person, Paul. People like this (Romans 16). He didn’t meet Priscilla and Aquila by being pen pals with them. They didn’t meet because someone introduced them to each other. Paul slightly felt that he had failed in evangelism in the city of Athens. At that time, Paul gave a confession that had these 3 points in them. “I will speak of nothing else but Christ and the cross.” That’s what he said. After that, God allowed him to meet people. In our words, we say that it’s a coincidence, but for God, it was essential. That’s why he went to Corinth. And the people who came to that region were Priscilla and Aquila. These people were people who had already received the Gospel in the early church. When a problem arose in that nation, they were exiled. But there, they met Paul.
>> God had no choice but to bless the finances of Priscilla and Aquila. Why? Because of Paul. Why was that. Was it really because of Paul? Because of the Gospel. Because of true missions. You have to understand the words, “true missions.” Do Buddhists not do missions? But can that even really be called “missions”? Do the people in SGI really not do missions? They do. But how is that missions? God is bound to give this to the Lord’s servants who do true missions and to you, who are praying. That’s why David’s confession was that he was running the errands and giving back with what he already received.
3)Posterity Movement
>> I said this before. Even they themselves don’t know. That the movement will arise through posterity. They probably didn’t even imagine it. How will Rome be evangelized? How can the emperor accept and confess Christ? Up to that point, God raised up Rome and they paved all the military and trade routes. And through that, the Gospel went into every region. Just once. During the time of the early church. We need to seek this out. It’s not difficult at all.
>> Holding on to this covenant, I’m just praying 24 hours a day and the answers continue to come.
So request of this to the believers. “Just pray for 5 minutes a day.” The evidence will come. Pray for just 5 minutes a day for the missions fields. Then absolutely, evidence will come. Then with that, you become a witness. Missionaries, may you leave here with these precious things. And I’m sure those who couldn’t come are also listening to the message. Hold on to the precious, important covenant. Our churches in Korea and the rest of the world, don’t just do missions. Do true missions. Everything is inside that word. If we don’t do that, the force of darkness will overcome the world. Even if you just hold on to the name “Christ”, they will crumble. Let us pray.

God, we thank You. Help us to open our eyes to true missions. And thank we also thank You for allowing us to know. In the places where these servants go, may the force of darkness be broken down. Raise them up as witnesses so that they can testify of the evidence as it is in the Bible. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)