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02.03.2021 – Be the Main Figure of the Covenant Journey

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Message: 2020, The 24th World Missions Convention, Lecture 1- 07/23/2020
Title: Be the Main Figure of the Covenant Journey
Scripture: Acts 1:1-8

♠Introduction→ Come to the Conclusion First!
>> Most of the believers in the world’s missions field are wandering and not receiving answers. There may be some who are not like that, but the majority are.
There are even church officers who want to fully serve the church but unable to because they’re not receiving answers.
>> This time, I’ll briefly give you 3 lectures.
During the camp training, I already spoke about the summit and the 3 things that the summit must do.
In order to do that, we must receive answers.
>> Assurance→ Trinity +Status +Authority
I’ve been evangelizing for the past 40 years and 30 with you.
There’s something that I always have assurance about. What’s the first thing I have assurance about? In the moment I really hold on to what God desires, He will work. When I’ve really grabbed hold of what God desires, the Triune God, unseen to my eyes, works. And I have assurance that according to my status, He will open doors and mobilize His angels to give His answers. In the very moment I hold on to the covenant, right now, according my authority, God gives me the power to break down the force of darkness. I have assurance of that.
Whenever you go to the field and look, they don’t think likewise. When I see the majority of people, I think, “Oh, they shouldn’t be doing things that way.” I see a lot of, “If they continue that way, they will fail”. The majority of the believers are like that. Even church officers. Even some pastors.
What must we do at this time? Those times, there are conflicts.
But each time that happens, truly, I gain tremendous answers. “Ah, this is how people are living. This is how the believers are living their lives.” Each time, I hold to the Word. Because their thinking is incorrect, it cannot overcome the Word. Many pastors have incorrect thoughts, but those incorrect thoughts cannot overcome the Word, so that’s okay.
I need to hold on to the answer. Even if you have one person like that in your church, that church will be revived. That’s the story of the Bible. Joseph understood the words that I’m talking about right now so wherever he went, works arose. It’s okay even if all your fields are crumbling. It’s okay if you’ve failed until now. Right now, if you simply hold on to this covenant (Trinity+Status+Authority), answers are bound to absolutely come. That’s phenomenal. The Triune God is working, unseen to our eyes. And our background is the background of the kingdom of heaven. So He sends His heralds as well.
We’re sitting here just holding on to the covenant, but the force of darkness crumbles. I have assurance of that.
>> Mainly, when? If this really is the right path, it’s the 237 Age. “If it’s just 237, it’s just 237 nations, but why is it the age of the 237 nations?” If it is right that I’m standing in the midst of this time schedule… Church members and pastors try to use their wiles among other things, but that’s foolish. Later on, no answers will come to them. You don’t even have to worry about that. The strange people around you? Don’t even worry about them. When you worry about them, that’s when you have conflicts with them. Rather, you should help them. So the conclusion that I always come to is, “How can I help that person?”. Many people think I’m foolish. Mostly, the people who are closest to me think that I’m foolish. Because it may look as if I’m listening to what their saying and agreeing with them. But I don’t really listen all that carefully. All I need to do is revive them. Isn’t that so? And all I do is hold on to God’s covenant. “But what if that person becomes strange later on?” No, that will not happen. If you really are, at this time, in the midst of the time schedule of world evangelization that God desires… If you are really standing before this time schedule, there’s actually really nothing for you to worry about. There are so many people who worry and those people won’t be able to receive answers, so you don’t need to concern yourselves with them.
>> Let me give you an example. King Saul had so many worries. He continued to think, “If that person does this, that’s going to happen. If politics become like this, that’s going to become like that. If the nation becomes like this, that’s going to happen. I won’t be able to even have food on the table and I’m going to be exiled…” There was no answer that Saul received. In the end, he was not able to hold a single thing in his hands. Ultimately, he committed suicide. It was simple for David. But was it really simple? He was actually of a very high class/level. “Because the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”
>> When we look at it in that way, this blessing is brought about through the covenant. Isn’t that so? If you are standing in the midst of that, there’s nothing for you to worry about. “I got sick while doing this.” If that’s what happened, then you just need to get sick. Because of that, you’ll receive answers. Paul also confessed. But he didn’t confess it this way. He didn’t ask, “Why is that person being healed while I’m not?”. “I give thanks because God has made me weak.” That’s what he said. “For when I am weak, I am strong. By God’s power. That’s why I boast in my weakness.” If it’s to that extent, rather than him having good faith, he had seen this accurately.
>> Then absolutely, there is a journey to this covenant. It’s this that we’re in. Then answers will come every day. Look at each letter. Answers every day. Everything is an answer. If you lose hold of this, that means you don’t have the Gospel and you’re worse off than Buddhists. What do they teach in the Buddhist temples? They teach tremendous things. They say, “There’s great significance in this rock”. That’s what they teach and it’s true. “Grass? There’s meaning there.” That’s what they teach. But for us, nothing has meaning. So if we’re not careful, we lose hold of the Gospel, and don’t realize it, we’ll be on the level of animals. Look at each word. They’re all answers. You are the main figures of this covenant journey.
Take a look in the Bible. When did the real answers arise in the Bible? In the missions fields. Why did God send the Israelites as slaves? He sent them to the missions fields. Ultimately, because they didn’t listen, He scattered them. Simply put, He was sending them to the missions fields. So be the main figures of this. For those who gained this answer, it was fulfilled exactly that way (Acts 1:1-8). Christ explained the things pertaining to the kingdom of God. It took place exactly that way. The Spirit of evangelism and missions came upon them.
>> We saw the confession of our 2 remnants on video.
And yesterday, I saw the video that they had sent to me beforehand. While watching that video, I shed a few tears. Not a lot, but I felt something momentarily. It made me think about myself. I thought, “I did not think very deeply about these MKs (missionary’s kids) who are in the midst of hardships and conflicts.” How hard must it have been for them? When they were young.
Because I had received so many answers, I had been saying, “You just need to do it this way. Follow me.” But I hadn’t really considered the hardships or trouble that the missionaries were facing.
While listening to their testimonies, I thought, “To raise children like that? That’s the greatest missions.” What I felt was, “It’s okay even if missionaries are not able to do missions at all. Those children are already the fruit of their missions.” You know the people who faced hardships and entered into the covenant journey, right? I saw that our missionaries are actually in the midst of the very same thing. They face unspeakable hardships. They’re not really able to talk about it. They can’t confess this to others anywhere else. They’re lonely. They’re afflicted because of poverty and education (or lack of) without being able to tell anyone about it. The only thing remaining for them are answers.

>> Introduction- Conclusion
Then we need to begin with the conclusion today.
There is a conclusion in the Bible. There is a conclusion to church history.
What kind of conclusion? The conclusion is given in the Bible.
1)Posterity- Perish
>> If you don’t know evangelism and missions, your next generation will perish. That’s the conclusion. If you look into the far future, our children must be taken as slaves. Because you don’t know this. But if you truly realize, missions is not an expense. It’s a tremendous thing. If you think about it in a worldly sense as well, the missionaries were the ones who opened the doors between nation and nation. It wasn’t done by the politicians. The second people were the merchants. The politicians are always lagging behind so they realize later on. But the first ones to open the doors were the missionaries. If you don’t have international communication, everyone would die in the midst of a pandemic like this one. Even just physically speaking, it’s like that. So it’s even more so, spiritually. We need to correctly know and do missions in order for the tremendous answers, I mentioned before, to arise. Truly, the mystery of the Triune God and the answers regarding our status and authority arise when we’re inside of this. If your church is truly holding on to the covenant and opening its eyes to missions, God will bless your church. It’s the conclusion of the Bible.
2)Disaster- Remnant
>> Whenever the disasters fell, the remnants, in particular, arose and did missions. That’s when disasters ceased. To give you an example, the day they spread the blood was the day of the Exodus. It may look as if the Egyptians died. It wasn’t like that. All the disasters of Egypt and the force of darkness had crumbled.
3)Repetition- Incorrect Covenant
>> The third conclusion. Age by age, there was a repetition of the incorrect covenant. Without an exception in the Bible and church history, this was repeated. Do you understand what I’m saying? If you don’t understand this, you’re going to have to receive answers on the same level as the unbelievers. If our remnants go out to the world and stay in the level of unbelievers, they’ll become slaves. Then our posterity… In actuality, they’re already spiritually enslaved.

>> Main– You must quickly hold to the covenant. These works arose once during the time of the early church and since then till now, it’s been continuously crumbling. In the 1500s, again they had the restoration of the Gospel and the Bible, but it collapsed again.
Starting today, what is the covenant that the missionaries must hold on to?

1.Place Where the Lord’s Eyes Rest→ The Missionary Who Has the “Absolute Covenant”
>> Where do the Lord’s eyes rest? It’s this. Where do the Lord’s eyes rest? It’s this. That’s what all our missionaries and pastors must hold on to. If you want to follow this journey, you must be the missionary who has the absolute covenant. You have to examine this starting now. If you’re asking why things aren’t working for you, you need to ask yourself and examine if you’ve gone there with the absolute covenant or not and quickly amend that. Then works will arise quickly. But there are people who aren’t able to do this from the onset.
>> There was this one missionary who was going out and I really chewed him out. This person was always going around doing strange things and losing all kinds of money. And one day he came to me asking for support because he wanted to go to the Philippines to do missions. If he was one of our members, I wouldn’t have been able to criticize him. Because he could lose strength. But we grew up together in the same neighborhood so I criticized him. I asked him, “Do you think the missions field is some kind of playground for bums?” He was completely, basically a bum. He had come to me to ask for support (financial). From the start, he had gone array from the absolute covenant. From the start. So there was no way it was going to work for him. And once he gets there, he would hold on to something that’s not the absolute covenant, again. Then God is going to attach other people to him, who don’t have the absolute covenant. That’s why it’s not working. But if you realize that, these kinds of works arise. It’s a sure thing. These kinds of works arise. Just hold to this covenant.
>> Limited/Restricted Concentration
This is a specialized term and it’s the method by which you can hold on to the absolute covenant. It’s “limited” or “restricted concentration”. This is a specialized term. Academically. But that’s not my point. My point is that you need to hold on to the absolute covenant. You need to always ask this question. “What is God’s absolute covenant?” Especially finding an answer through every person, every work, and every field. I spoke about this at yesterday’s first lecture. I’m half joking, but let me give you this example so that you understand. There are 3 things that I really like.
>> “Where and how am I going to evangelize?” Seeking that out really brings me much joy. The key to finding that is this (limited/restricted concentration). I don’t just rush out anywhere. I can’t because I’m too shy anyways. Knocking on other people’s doors and going in? I can’t do that. That’s not even in my nature. If that’s the only way, I’d do it, but there are other ways. I can’t sell products out of a bag on buses. If that was the only way, I’d do it, but I can’t. Character-wise, I can’t. But there are 3 things that I like. I have this joy of seeking out how I can evangelize in whatever I look at, even if it’s just a book. I look at other things and ask, “How can I evangelize in this area?”. That’s what I look for. For example, even if I go to Daema Island (Tsushima Island), I’d think about, “How does this place connect with world evangelization? Healing ministry?”.
>> And there are 2 things through which I enjoy this restricted concentration.
Perhaps, you may not take this seriously, but the great people like Shakespeare, Hemingway, and Edison enjoyed this. Fishing. Don’t laugh. This is what world-class figures enjoyed. These 2 things exist here. If you don’t match with these 2 things, you can’t fish. It’s really fun. I’m not sure if there are any people who fish here, but there are ways to fish. There’s a method where you actually know the depth of the water. So you have a fixed pole with a line and you put down that line according to the depth of the water. But there are also times when the water flows in and out and the depth varies. Then there’s a type of fishing that matches that kind of fishing. That’s called power fishing. But think about it. Underneath the water, it’s not a straight plain. There’s a method by which you can reach every crack and crevice. That’s called, “all-terrain tackling”. If you focus on those 3 things, that’s what I mean by restrictive concentration. You need to know how to focus on that in order to reel up a lot of fish. There are a lot of things to study (in fishing). I’m telling you this to explain this (restrictive concentration). Don’t you all go and buy fishing rods all of a sudden…
>> Another thing that I like are watches. I’m a watch-mania. I don’t want people to say things and I don’t want to get in trouble with my secretaries so I get them when they’re not really looking.
The reason why I say this is because one of the top-tier, luxurious watch brands is, <Patek Philippe>. That’s just one example. They don’t sell them. “Have they been discontinued?” No, but you can’t just buy them. Even if you go all around the major cities like Seoul and Busan, you can’t find them. Especially the “Nautilus” watch of that brand. Why not? It’s because it’s their strategy. They don’t make many. So they only export about 1 or 2 to Korea once a year. I’m sure there are many more that get sent to America. These people are really something else. They restrict that. There are meanings behind that. Prohibiting people from manufacturing fakes is one of them. And that they’re also not just salespeople. In one way, their distant future is also included in that strategy. I’m sure there are people who know when those watches are coming in to Korea. That’s the person who buys. Not to buy and keep it for themselves, but they can sell it to someone else and get a commission off of that. And there are people who would actually get in line to pay more for it than it’s worth. Why am I talking about this? This <Patek Philippe> family considers this very important. Even with just that, they’re conquering the world. But you are people who are more important than that.
>> See where God’s eyes rest.
1)Genesis 3:15→ Genesis 37:1-11
>> The answer is clear. Joseph. Joseph was holding on to the accurate covenant that came down through his ancestors and it even appeared in his dreams. Look at it this way. God’s gaze/sight was on Joseph. You have to receive and transmit this blessing. If you misunderstand this, you may be asking, “Does this mean that we just sit back and get everything for free?”. That’s not what it means. But this contains a greater mystery than 10,000 times our effort.
2)Exodus 3:18
>> So look at this. It ended here. The absolute covenant. The blood covenant is not the only absolute covenant. What is it? It included everything. The blood covenant isn’t the only, exclusive, absolute covenant. What is it? “Speak about the blood covenant in Egypt, to Pharaoh, to the elders of Israel, and the people of Israel.” It’s that. The day they held on to this, it was finished. Do you understand what I’m saying? “We realized the Gospel.” It goes beyond that extent. They saw the absolute covenant. If you seek this out, you never know what’s going to happen. The answers that followed Moses were tremendous.
3)1 Samuel 3:1-19
>> But because this doesn’t look like much, people lose hold it. When answers come, they lose hold of this again. Then problems come again. At this time, there was one woman who held on to this absolute covenant. Isn’t that so? The child that this woman gave birth to was Samuel. That’s what happens. She showed him the historic answer and not one word of Samuel fell to the ground. How amazing is that?
4)Mt. Carmel, Mt. Horeb, Dothan
>> The person who saw this covenant did the movement in Mt. Carmel, Mt. Horeb, and Dothan. Age by age, there was this absolute covenant.
5)Isaiah 6:1-13
>> Missionaries, during this conference, if you just ask, “What is the absolute covenant that I must hold on to?”, the works will begin to arise. It’s okay even if you don’t hold on to it so quickly. This will begin even if you just ask the question. Even he just asked, it began. In Isaiah chapter 6. He just asked. “When will this nation be restored?” “It will be destroyed even more. But the remnant/stump will remain.”
6)Haggai 2:1-9
>> Take a look in the Bible. In Haggai 2:1-9. “Just hold on to this covenant, the absolute covenant, go out, and rebuild the temple. Restore worship and restore all covenants. I will shake the seas, the earth, and all nations.”
7)Acts 1:1,3,8
>> Look at this. Christ, God’s kingdom, and only the Holy Spirit. This was imprinted. That was it. This is what you need to do. You have to imprint this into the souls of the believers.

2.The Place Where the Lord’s Hidden Answers are Gathered→ The Missionary and Helping Church Officer Who Goes on the “Absolute Journey”
>> Then the second thing follows. If there is a place where God focuses all of His attention, there is a place where God’s hidden answers are gathered. Where is that? If there is an absolute covenant, there is an absolute journey on which missionaries and the church officers, who help them, go. This is the most important promise in the Bible. Missionaries, you must hold on to this. If you travel this journey, holding on to the absolute covenant, God will raise up the church officers who have God’s hidden answers.
1)Egypt- Jethro, Rahab
>> Who were they? Jochebed, Jethro, and Rahab. This happened in Egypt. This what God does. The moment Moses held on to the absolute covenant, God attached Rahab.
2)Hannah, Jesse
>> To those who saw that they needed to block the culture of darkness of Philistia with the covenant, God gave all of His hidden answers. Hannah and Jesse. You already know the message so you can just apply the rest, but you need to see the stream. Those who have the absolute covenant. The church officer who goes on the absolute journey. The church officers don’t have to do anything else. All you have to do is help the Lord’s servant when they go on the absolute journey.
3)Obadiah, Widow of Zarephath, Shunamite Woman
>> It was Obadiah. That was it, wasn’t it? In this precious time. It was the same thing as him staking his life. The church officer held on to the covenant of going on this absolute journey. It’s okay even if you don’t have money. Like the widow of Zarephath. It’s okay even if you don’t have any power like the Shunamite woman. “When will the answers come?” You don’t even need to think about that. Isn’t that so? Really. I always tell the church officers of my church. “Correctly hold on to the covenant and wait. Those who don’t want to give offering, don’t. Only those who have been moved in their hearts, give it.” Then that’s it, isn’t it? We’re not so strapped that we’re going to force you to do this. These people were not like that. Recognizing the Lord’s servant, missionary, who has the absolute covenant, they followed that journey. Where can you find a greater blessing than this?
4)Daniel, 3 Friends, Esther
>> Look at this. As a representative case, look at Daniel and the 3 friends. They had the absolute covenant and followed that journey. Look especially at Esther. It really was amazing. You might think that Esther wasn’t even ready and those things happened all of a sudden, but no. That’s not it. Mordecai said. “You’re beautiful and you will be selected as queen. But when you go, don’t tell them that you are a Jew.” This contained the absolute covenant. The day when she was chosen as queen, he told her, “Don’t tell anyone that you are a Jew”. When all the Israelites were about to die, he said, “Now, go and tell them.” This is a tremendous journey. Esther too was amazing. She heard those words and prayed.
5)Acts 1:14
>> You don’t have to do something great. The church officers must realize. This is all they did. Mark’s upper room. They just permitted that meeting in the midst of that crisis and works arose.
(1)Acts 2:9-11, The church officers and businesspeople arose there. Look at Acts 2:9-11. The fact that Priscilla and Aquila were there. This isn’t just a simple answer. They participated on the path of the absolute journey that a person who was inside of the absolute covenant was traveling. It’s okay even if answers don’t come. But God will drive all the hidden answers to you.
>> Wait and see how your posterity, churches, our evangelism movement, and the Darakbang ministry will end. The Word never lies. The Gospel does not deceive us. The law and religion may deceive us, but the Gospel never deceives us. The law cannot save us, but the Gospel can. When you go to church, there are many people who have so many worries. You don’t need to worry about anything. There are people who say, “It’s because we were inattentive and careless”, but that’s not it. It was because it was like that from the beginning.
(2)Acts 11:19, Take a look at these people. Look at this. I was so surprised. These people were bound to receive answers. Look at this. They were all about to die because of the persecution of Stephen. They were about to lose everything. Church officers these days just go church-hopping when they get upset about one thing. But these people were about to die. Nowadays, if you don’t acknowledge or recognize church officers these days, they just move churches. Even if you don’t give them recognition or credit, they’ll just move churches. Even though they were facing death, they raised up the Antioch Church. They were something else, weren’t they? You have to see this journey.
(3)Acts 12:1-25, And then, what happened? That night, God took King Herod’s life. Look at all these people. We don’t even have to talk more about this.

3.The Place Where Miracles, God’s Power, Arise→ “Absolute Goal”
>> Third. You need to firmly hold on to this and relay it. Finally, what happened? There was a place where God’s power, His miracles arose. What was that? It wasn’t just any goal, but the fulfillment of God’s absolute goal. What is that? That’s the remnant. We need to stake our lives.
1)Deuteronomy 6:4-9
>> Deuteronomy 6:4-9. What happened afterwards? God even enabled them to cross the Jordan. God broke down Jericho. God even stopped the sun. Simply put, He stopped the earth. These kinds of tremendous things happened. Look at the Bible. If you properly hold on to God’s absolute covenant, that’s it.
2)Isaiah 60:1-22
>> Look in Babylon. “Arise, shine. Your children will come from afar.” What is this? The restoration of the remnants. Even if it’s just one remnant, it’s fine. If the covenant correctly goes inside of them, that’s it. And as they return, “The least of you will become a mighty nation, the smallest, a great clan. I, the Lord, will do it swiftly in its time.”
3)Acts 17:1, Acts 18:4, Acts 19:8
>> That’s why Paul went into the synagogues. Whenever he met a very important person, he took them with him to the synagogues. Isn’t that so? Even before he went to Rome, he went to the synagogue. It’s this. It’s the absolute covenant, journey, and goal. You don’t have to rush into this. You don’t even have to do this immediately. Moment by moment, if you enjoy and seek this out, all things will come together as an answer.

>> How are we going to enjoy this. Now, we come to this conclusion.
1)24-Hr Prayer
>> It’s enjoying it 24 hours a day. Always look to see what is God’s absolute covenant, journey, and goal. It just takes you, one person.
2)25-Hr Prayer
>> Then this answer comes. From this point on, it’s unstoppable.
>> In the life that you have left, what does God want? It’s this. Eternity. It’ll be left behind for eternity, for our next generation.
>> Even today, on my way here, I said this. I was thinking about how this missionary went to Vanuatu to do missions. Because things were so difficult there, his family members died and he got ill. Because they became sick, they returned to their homeland. That was Australia. But because this person had sense of mission, they wanted go out again. And once they got well, they had come to our nation, Korea, which was war-torn at that time. Look at these people and their sense of mission. I believe those are the people who knew the absolute covenant, journey, and goal. Do you know where they went? When all of Korea was crumbling, they went to the very end of Busan, where refugees and victims of fire had gathered. Others may not know, but the fruit that they left behind was that my family participated in that church. That’s where I received the Gospel and I went back to Vanuatu where their ancestors had gone to first preach the Gospel.
>> You need to know who you are. All of our churches, when you give missions offering, do it with a different mindset. Really come to your senses so that you can receive answers. And people also say, “That missionary is so strange.” That’s your thinking. Whether that person is strange or not, God will take responsibility for them. There are some people who talk about this and that regarding the church and the offering. But those words are wrong. More than that church being incorrect, the church member is the one in the wrong. It has nothing to do with you giving/offering to God. Isn’t that so? It’s what you’re giving before God.
What is missions? Where God’s greatest interest lies. The hidden answers that God has gathered. The field where God will raise miracles with His absolute power. That is missions.
>> So you need to hold on to the covenant. It’s important to do a lot, but more than that, think as you rest. I said this last time, but during this opportunity, really rest and think about this. Undoubtedly, this comes. This is the answer that you will receive.
>> We need to receive many of God’s grace and answers ahead of time with the 2 lectures ahead of us. Let us pray.

God, we thank You. Thank You for allowing us to confirm this very important and precious covenant in this age. Let this field be the time schedule of that place. Help us to restore the missions that took place in Egypt, Babylon, and Rome. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)