02.01.2021 – Stream of Life Forum

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Message: The 24th World Missions Convention, Missionary Camp Training, Lecture 2 (3)- 07/22/2020
Title: 3 Streams of Missions / “Stream of Life Forum”
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Romans 16:20)

>> Ultimately, what is it? Where our life is headed in front of God is what’s important.

1.Introduction→ What’s Worth Staking Your Life
>> What’s very important here? Those who have life see what’s worth staking their lives on. It’s this work that we’re doing. Doing a lot of work is important, but it’s doing the work that’s worth staking your life for.
Those who are doing church construction right now need to pray that way too. “This will be the first and last time in my life. Where must I find something that’s worth staking my life for?” Then tremendous answers will follow. Believers need to experience this. You’ve realized that the church, evangelism, and missions are worth staking your life for. Then from that point on, answers will come. Think about it. People in your missions field must come to life. Then as they really begin to come to life, world evangelization arises.
May missionaries be commissioned worldwide, through you. Pray from the beginning. “We’re going to commission missionaries.”
>> I’ll speak more about this tomorrow, but there are more than 5,000 people groups where the Gospel has never gone. The places where you go, where the Korean people go? It’s really obvious and predictable. They get on a plan, sleep in a hotel where a lot of people are gathered, eat, and then come back. How is that missions? It’s fortunate and it’s a blessing that we’re able to pray for the missionaries who have the Gospel. Isn’t that so? Whether it’s forced or voluntary, the church officers and churches need to know that being able to even pray for the missionaries, who relay the Gospel, is a blessing. We’re talking about this (something worth staking your life for). If you haven’t found this, how can you support missions? There aren’t any. There are only missionaries/ministers who consider it to be just a job. I’ve got the nerve to say that. Most of the people who are working are not actually doing internship. They’re just trying to patch things up with their work. That’s a big problem. That’s why the world churches are closing their doors. And people are always fighting over their positions. There isn’t anything else. Think about the church officers in the Korean churches. I think almost 100% wouldn’t work if you don’t give them an important position. We need church officers like the ones from the early church. Look at Priscilla and Aquila. They staked their lives to support one missionary. The point here isn’t that they staked their lives. They saw what was worth staking their lives for. When I look at you, I see that worth. Right now, currently, how many denominations, churches, and nations are really proclaiming the Gospel? Many people will listen and criticize me. “What is he saying? Is he crazy?” But the Pharisees could not proclaim the Gospel. Because they were such renown people. Because they were the orthodox church. They were the traditional church. Mark’s upper room? They considered them to be a church of heresy. But God and that age knew that was worth staking lives for. We’re talking about that forum.
>> You need to let them know about this. Not for your own sake, but really for the future. Remnants say, “Let’s share the Gospel. We are remnants.” They all know. Like the 7 remnants, they have to discover, “Oh, this is where it is”.
Then that becomes life forum. No matter how good of a thing you may bring them, if they’re unable to uncover what’s worth staking their lives for, they’ll just quit in between. It’s everything. When we say that we’re going to form these 3 things, we’re not saying that we’re just trying to make a new team. “What kind of mission are we going to possess in this age that is stricken with disaster? In this world, that seems so full of good things, what kind of internship do we need to have?” How can we overcome this world? We have no strength whatsoever. It’s simple. Only, uniqueness, and re-creation. Make them see that. It’s that kind of internship. Ultimately, people don’t have this. You must discover what is worth staking your life for. Perhaps, pastors from other denominations, who are listening to my message, may be offended. There’s no need to be offended. As evidence of that, the world churches are closing their doors and there is great trouble. Those who discovered what was worth staking their lives for in the Bible. That was the stream. There are 3 things.
>> Every time there was a crisis, the 7 remnants and their leaders arose and discovered what’s worth staking their lives for.
>> It went beyond that. Whenever a powerful nation was on the brink of destruction, God always raised up the missions movement.
3)Spiritual Illness
>> A disease came upon them and it wasn’t any type of disease, but a spiritual illness. When that happened, God raised up the next generation to save the world. We’re talking about staking your life for this.

2.Main→ Then this answer comes. There are 3 answers that appear.
1)Secret Covenant- All in (Romans 16:1-23)
>> What’s the first? In our life forum, we’ve got many answers, but what is the first? There was a secret covenant that God had given only to Esther. That’s what comes out. This is God’s will. Missionaries, what do you have to discover? “What is the secret covenant that God has given to me inside the special Gospel?” This is what’s called, “all in”. We’re talking about this life forum. If you can’t go “all in”, it’s not your life forum. The church officers and the disciples inside your missions field must be able to go “all in” to you, the missionary, for them to have grasped the correct direction. We’re talking about this blessing.
2)Crisis- All out (Romans 16:20)
>> Second. Everyone else doesn’t want to, but you choose crises and hardships. We call this “all out”. Let me give you one example. Obadiah. We need church officers like him. Can you understand what he did? He chose the greatest crisis. So beginning with the minority of the church officers in your missions field, make them receive all the answers. Choose crises.
3)Persecution- All change (Romans 16:25-27)
>> It was during the time of persecution. Each time this happened, God raised up His works through the people who served. We call this, “all change”. Changing everything. This is forum. Finding what’s worth staking your life and going “all in” for. When they chose those crises, what happened? Romans chapter 16, Satan was trampled underneath their feet. Wherever you go, these kinds of works took place and they will take place. There’s something important that comes here (persecution). Romans 16:25-27. This on top (secret covenant), is Romans 16:1-23. Those who were used in the missions fields. Who were the people of Romans chapter 16? They had this secret covenant. These people received all their answers during the times of crises. Persecution was just their course. The course to changing the world.
>> There are 3 things here. “What was hidden for long ages past? Now. What was hidden in the future and eternity? Happening now.” What is the missions field? What’s currently hidden now. This is the overall content of Romans chapter 16. For me, it was a complete answer.
The moment they receive this answer, the people in your field will begin to come to life. Just as it is in the Bible, you’ll receive answers and later, even support Korea. You need to raise up disciples and even send them to America to receive training. That’s how the early church was. Later on, the church in Antioch helped the church of Mark’s upper room. This is what happens. Undoubtedly.
>> The words that I’m telling you right now are not made up. I’m speaking exactly the way it is in the Bible. This “only” is what Jesus directly said in the end. The disciples who received this Word, especially Paul’s team, were the people who enjoyed this answer. They were all like that, but especially these people.
What’s important is, I’ve summarized what’s in the Bible, but if there’s something I’ve added, it’s my testimony of the things I’ve seen. I started from nothing, but I was able to meet you and I am able to do world evangelization. When I just say this, you may not understand the depth of my words, but I’ve met with the 500 pastors as well as the pastors of our senior board. Laypeople don’t really understand these words. Even now, there are so many people who tell me, “I’ll help. Darakbang has done nothing wrong (not a heresy).” But if you look closer, it’s not like that at all. I’ve been deceived by them for so long, now I just say, “okay”. Inside of all that, these exist. “WITH, Immanuel, and Oneness.” So interpreting it that way, I move on. So when God called you, He called you to really do evangelism and missions. Discard your misconceptions before we start the Missions Convention, starting tomorrow. If you’re thinking, “I’m so weak”, you’re power is not needed. “I’ve got to have something great.” No, God does not need that for world evangelization. God wants you to start like this. Beginning/starting with only the Gospel. If God works, He can solve all of our powerlessness, all illnesses, and everything.

3.Conclusion→ Throne
>> Then, like before, there is an important conclusion. The answer that pours down from the throne of heaven continues to come upon you and it’s something that the people of the world are unable to know.
>> This year, because of the pandemic, not a lot of people are gathering for the Missions Convention and rather, we’re quietly gathering to share the message. I think this is better.
You are able to leave here with the greatest things. But I’m sure there are other things occupying your mind. You don’t need that. Intentionally, I do things in reverse. Why did I do that when I first began? I had nothing then.
I didn’t have some kind of special background. But that was what helped me. Because I had nothing to begin with, when I went out to evangelize, I didn’t spend any money. When you set up an evangelism plan, you usually propose that plan along with the budget to the church, but I didn’t set a budget. The elders really liked that. Then does that mean the elders think spending money for the church and missions is a waste? No they don’t think that way at all. They’re just worried because we spend the money unwisely. But they don’t think that at all. When I first began in Yeongdo, I began with nothing and that was God’s will. Wherever I could go on foot and come back, I just spread the word movement. All I did was spread this word movement in the Bible, but the evangelism movement arose. You really need to begin this.
>> This time, you really need to organize your life.
What must you do? The things you’re thinking right now. A lot of your thoughts are, “I’m weak. It’s not working for me. I don’t have anything. I can’t do it.” And I’m sure you have a lot of thoughts like, “I have nothing. I don’t have a background.” But what I’m saying is that you don’t need all that. You have to let the believers you meet know that as well. You need to let the church officers of your church know that as well. “You can do world evangelization from our church. That’s God’s will.” So they need to begin prayer differently. Why is that? The world is filled with nations that have never received the Gospel. We can’t do it. You must move.
I’ll talk about what we need to do in full-scale, regarding missions, tomorrow in advance. We need to put together our power of prayer.
>> I’ve said this before. I think our Missionary Park was able to go to the field that we’re not able to go to in Panama. I haven’t heard anything else besides that.
I said earlier, but people just go to the cities and come back. We have no choice but to that. That’s our limit. As people from Korea no matter how much we go, we can only just see them, greet them, give them the message, pray for them, and come back. But we need to take the Gospel to these places where people really have no hope for living. When we go to the major cities, we meet many people. I’m not saying that’s wrong. But I’m saying that there’s no one going to those fields that have never received the Gospel. You’re the only ones who can do this and that’s what you must hold on to. Tomorrow, we’re going to receive important answers in the time that we have left. If you just grab hold of the important stream in the Bible, the rest will follow. Let us pray.

God, we thank You. May this be the time schedule of new grace. May this be Your time schedule in which our missionaries can challenge anew. Starting tomorrow, help us to be the witnesses who are able to completely find the empty places. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)