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02.01.2021 – Stream of Internship

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Message: The 24th World Missions Convention, Missionary Camp Training, Lecture 2 (2)- 07/22/2020
Title: 3 Streams of Missions / “Stream of Internship”
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Genesis 3:15)

>> Once you have this mission, you’ll absolutely find the journey. Then what happens?

1.Introduction→ One Who Knows in Advance
>> Those who know the stream of internship aren’t just people who possess everything in advance. They are the ones who know in advance.
The 7 remnants knew everything in advance. This is internship.

>> What happened everywhere they went? In terms of this internship, there are a few things that you need to see.
1)Start- Only
>> What is the most important start in the Bible? We’re heading towards the internship now.
(1)Verses (Genesis 3:15, Exodus 3:18, Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 16:16)- There are some very important Bible verses. Even with just this, it’s more than enough. In the Bible, there are some very important verses. Even if you memorize the whole book of Genesis, if you leave out Genesis 3:15, you don’t know Genesis. That’s what God wants to explain. Even if you completely memorize the Pentateuch (First 5 books of the O.T. that Moses wrote), if you leave out Genesis 3:15, you missed everything. No matter how much you talk about all the displays of power in Babylon, if you leave out Isaiah 7:14, you’ve left out everything. That’s why Jesus asked. “Who do people say that I am and who do you say I am?” The answer that was given at that time was, “Jesus, you are the Christ, the Son of the living God”. Peter was bound to be used by God. He could never be discarded.
(2)Mt. Calvary, Mt. of Olives, Mark’s Upper Room- We see important thing from these 3 important Bible verses. Calvary, Mt. of Olives, and Mark’s upper room. We see these 3 things. That’s the start. No matter how much you teach in the missions field, if you don’t teach them this, it’ll all be in vain.
(3)Strength/Power- It’s from here that you gain the power that God gives. What do we call this? “Only”. The internship of “only” begins. Then undoubtedly, this comes.
>> Occupation- How far must you teach them? The answer of “only” is absolutely bound to come your studies, job/occupation, and business. I’m sorry to say, but people aren’t able to copy the evangelism that you, we do. They might try to imitate it a bit, but they won’t be able to do it. That means that even from among you, it won’t work for those who try to copy this. They really knew. It’s the start. This is the start of internship.
2)Journey- Uniqueness
>> Then absolutely, the internship I mentioned earlier would need to follow this journey. If you follow this journey, the answer of “uniqueness” absolutely comes. “Only” and “uniqueness” actually mean the same thing, but this answer of “uniqueness” comes.
(2)Lecture Hall
>> That’s why Paul went into the synagogues, lecture halls, and marketplaces. Through the missionaries, the important mission is relayed. But it’s not just any mission. It’s the “heavenly mandate, calling, and mission”. The reason why He’s saying, “Don’t use those other kinds of things” is because there is a committed worker with the heavenly mandate, calling, and mission that God really desires in America. Hold to that and make that into “only, uniqueness, and re-creation”. Jesus said. Only. Then the same answers are bound to follow.
3)Goal- Re-Creation
>> What comes at this time? You’re not just someone who knows in advance. You’re someone who knows the goal in advance. We call this “re-creation”.
(1)Acts 19:21, If you look in Acts 19:21, he knew in advance. “I must see Rome as well.” No one was able to say those words. Paul said them. “I must also see Rome.” All answers followed after this. All gifted individuals were attached here.
(2)Acts 23:11, Even God quoted him. “Be bold. You must testify of me in Rome.” God quoted him. Does God quote man? No. But it was because this Paul held on to God’s important covenant. Then God will acknowledge and quote all your life.
(3)Acts 27:24, “Paul, do not be afraid. You must stand before Caesar.” This is internship.

3.Conclusion→ Work That Cannot Be Blocked
>> Then what kind of conclusion do we come to? The work that no one can block takes place. Who will block this?
This actually happened for the early church. Now, the time has come for you to do this. So as soon as this Missions Convention is over, don’t just go out and rush into this, but continue to do the Word Movement until this Mission Team is formed.
You need to continue to do the Word Movement until the Internship Team is formed, because this is the message that will continue to be given in the future as well.