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01.30.2021 – Stream of the Mission

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: The 24th World Missions Convention, Missionary Camp Training, Lecture 2 (1)- 07/22/2020
Title: 3 Streams of Missions / “Stream of the Mission”
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Acts 9:15)

>> If you look in the Bible, there are 3 streams for missions.
This is what you must rightfully see.
You must always guide your church members while keeping in mind lecture 1. You’ve received the blessing of a summit. But because we’re not in the place of the summit, we lose hold of this. And we must also find God’s absolute plan. That’s how we apply the “skill summit”. If that takes place for 24 hours, 25 hours, and all eternity, you become the “cultural summit”.
① Existence +Work +Money
>> I’m sure it’s the same for every nation. Believers are hiding about 3 things and that’s how they’ll approach you. It’s not that they’re intentionally concealing it. But because we’re all human, people try to hide ①their existence/themselves. According to that, they’ll either move churches or go someplace else. And the ②work that they do. They keep that hidden as they live their lives. I’m not saying that it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but that’s how things are right now. And although they may not say it, their direction is towards ③money and finances. Now, these 3 things aren’t wrong, so we can’t easily address this. What’s very important is how the missionaries are going to lead these people towards the right/correct path.
② Mission +Internship +Forum
>> So it’s very difficult for us to explain their “being” to these people. There’s no way to change this. That’s why we have to give them the accurate ①mission that God wants us to give them. There’s no other way so this is the only way. With this mission, it’s not about what work they need to do, but there’s this journey. According to that, we have the ②internship.
>> Paul did this well. If you’re able to do this, you can actually bring about world change. Because most people are interested in these 3 things. Then just as there absolutely is a journey for this mission and just as there is a goal, the proper ③forum comes out here.
>> If we come to our conclusion here quickly, these are the 3 streams of missions (mission +internship +forum). So what kind of mission you’re going to give to them is important. The more accurate it is, the better. When you look at these kinds of things, you’re already enjoying many answers inside of the field.
1)7 Remnants
>> There’s a need for us to confirm the 7 remnants in the Bible.
>> Spiritual Summit- Death (Crisis)
Because these 7 remnants, as I mentioned before, were in the place of the spiritual summit, they were able to very easily find and enjoy these 3 things. There was a key through which these 7 remnants were able to see these 3 things while in the place of a spiritual summit. What kind of key did they see? These people were actually inside of death. They weren’t afraid at all. They needed to go out and save others. Tomorrow, at the actual conference, we’re going to go into the actual message, but if you’re not able to do these 3 things for the people in the missions field, you won’t really be able to enjoy any of the answers in the Bible. This is the very first thing as well as the very last thing that Jesus did. How important was this? He spoke about it for 40 days. It wasn’t 3 days or 3 hours. For 40 days. So they saw the accurate mission. Simply put, they saw the crisis of death and the brink of destruction and the early church saw these same things.
>> This is something that you’re already familiar with, but look at the people who were in the greatest crisis in Babylon.
3)People of Romans Chapter 16
>> The people of Romans 16, who survived to the very end. These kinds of people saw the 3 things that could really save the age.
>> Now, if that is so, this is the stream of the mission that you must give, in our first lecture. You need to be able to relay this well. And the 2nd lecture, it’s the “journey” and we’re expressing that as our internship.
You’re able to have this stream.
And the 3rd lecture is really about the stream of our life forum.
How you’re going to relay this simply and easily is everything.

♠ Lecture 1: Stream of the Mission ♠

1.Introduction→ One Who Possesses Everything in Advance
>> If you become the spiritual summit and come to enjoy this blessing, there’s a special factor that you see. What kind of mission? If you become a spiritual summit, you become someone who knows everything in advance. To be more accurate, you become the “one who possesses everything in advance”.
>> WITH, Immanuel, Oneness
So the very first thing you need to do is what I mentioned earlier (during lecture 1). Of course, you don’t have another choice, you need to do this moment by moment. But you must not place your heart/center there. The message and blessing you need to give in the missions field or church, is “WITH, Immanuel, and Oneness”. If you can just do this well, this will continue to appear in the future. It’s quite easy to be deceived. When you’re trying to run these missions, you continue to get lost in these 3 things. You’re looking for your position. Your work. And money/finances. It’s easy to get lost in these things. So if you’re just cautious of those 3 points, the doors of these answers will open. No matter what kind of situation arises, you find the answer from this (WITH, Immanuel, Oneness). Only then can you give the mission. Missionaries, I’m sure you know this, but if you grab hold of this covenant, you’re riding the same stream as headquarters and the messages come to you. So instead of you following along, we’re going together. Accurately speaking, it’s not that the church members are following after you, but they’re going together with you. So when you’re trying to save the field, it may seem as if they need to just follow you, but they need to be moving with you in order for them to be able to correctly understand the message and enjoy answers.

>> Then in order for them to go together with you, there are a few simple things you must address for them.
1)The Word Comes Upon You (Heavenly Mandate)
>> The first. When this covenant is given, what is the very first thing that happens? The greatest answer in the Bible? “The Word of the Lord came upon so-and-so”. What the 7 remnants saw was different. Joseph and Moses didn’t look at, “What kind of work do I need to do now?”. They saw missions, Egypt Evangelization. So if you’re not able to see evangelism and missions, you’ll come to realize later on that everything you have is not an answer. How was it that David and Samuel were able to receive such answers? They had the evangelization of Philistia, which was the greatest problem of that age. This is what they saw. That’s why David went out and said, “I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, Whose name you have defied.” We see that a lot, “For the sake of the name of the Lord”. “For Your name’s sake, You lead me through the paths of righteousness.” The most important point of this mission is for God’s Word to come upon you. “The Word of the Lord came upon Jeremiah a second time.” That’s it. This is what we call, “heavenly mandate”. Your disciples, whom you have met in the missions field, need to receive the blessing of being able to hear God’s heavenly mandate. This is the mission.
>> It’s a tremendous covenant. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have strength/power. If you do it like this, you become one who has possessed all things. But if your eyes to see this don’t open and you’re stuck on this, it’ll be difficult. If they’re not careful, not only missionaries, but pastors also easily fall into this (introduction). Then I’m sure it’s even harder for the missionaries. If you’re not careful, you fall into these things. You get lost in those worries. However, the blessing that has been given to you is different. The reason why I intentionally drew this out was because with the blessing of the spiritual summit, it’s very easy to reach that. If you become that way, the rest of the 3 follow. You see the mission, the journey of the internship, and the forum, which is the goal. This is how far you need to do things for them. More than talking about you doing this well, it’s rightful for you to be doing this. “I realized what path I need to take in my life after meeting this missionary. And I received this kind of answer.” This is how it needs to be. As you well know, Elijah and Elisha saw this regarding Aram, the nation that continued to torment them. They met their golden opportunity. Babylon. What was all this? Missions. “Will you send your future generations as slaves, captives, and colonies? Or will you send them out to do world evangelization?” All the answers lie here.
2)Nothing (Calling)
>> Then number 2. Many people think that they lack things. Isn’t that so? They say that they lack workers and many other things. Let me write this in English. It’s “Nothing”. That’s your path. This is what we call, “calling”. Give them this mission. Many people try to compete with the things that already exist. Of course, that too is needed. However, look carefully in the Bible. Wherever God sent the missionaries, the 7 remnants, or the church officers, it was in the place where God’s heavenly mandate came upon them through the Word. They were sent with nothing in the places where there was nothing.
3)Everything (Mission)
>> With this, He gave them answers and made the “Nothing” into “Everything”. This is what we call, “mission”. This is the mission. You need to properly give them this mission.

3.Conclusion→ Position
>> Then what kind of conclusion do we come to? Because this is God’s greatest will, the evidence that you have everything is that God drives all things to you. Simply put, depending on where you are, God works. That’s a sure thing. Depending on where you, the people with the Gospel, are, God brings everything. This is the mission.
>> To give you an easy example, even now, I always receive my answers inside of this. There are so many things that cause problems. Honestly, looking at those things, I receive tremendous answers. “Ah, the answers are all hidden within that.” That’s what it means to have “WITH, Immanuel, and Oneness”. If you don’t teach this to the believers that, they won’t be able to stand in the place of a summit. This is important because things crumble in all missions fields because of people, work, and conflicts in the field. Finding the answer there and moving accordingly? That’s what we call, “mission”. It would be strange to call this “fun”, but you’re able to find tremendous things. This is absolutely essential for the missionaries right now. Because more than doing work, missionaries need to save lives. Missionaries do need to serve a lot, but more than that, they need to raise many disciples. In raising proper disciples, God brings everything to you. “Why did God send the 7 remnants into the midst of loneliness and hardship?” It was to send them to the place with nothing. Accurately speaking, it was because they didn’t need anything. The things that the people of the world possess are tools of destruction. That’s why they don’t have anything. Many heroes feared Babylon. They saw incorrectly.
Daniel and the 3 friends were not afraid of Babylon. Why? The opportunity had come. The opportunity for them to carry out their mission. Isn’t that so?
>> Once you uncover that, when hardships comes, it’s already an opportunity. We’re not just half-heartedly forcing ourselves to say and believe that God is blessing us. We’re able to accurately discover this.
You need to apply this and now train many disciples and church officers. Receiving outside help is important, but the way I see it, they just need to give correct financial support from Korea. You need to go in there and raise up workers. Isn’t that so? What we can do is briefly go there to help and give the message, but in actuality, things must arise in the field.
So when the missionaries come out for the conferences in the future, we don’t need a lot of programs. You need to find the 3 accurate things as you take a bit of a rest.