01.28.2021 – Cultural Summit

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: The 24th World Missions Convention, Missionary Camp Training, Lecture 1 (3)- 07/22/2020
Title: Spirit (Holy Spirit) of Evangelism, Missions (Power) (Summit)
–> RT7 + Babylon + Early Church (Word) / Lecture 3- “Cultural Summit”
Scripture: Acts 19:21, Acts 23:11, Acts 27:24

>> The thing that comes from this is what we call the “culture summit”.
It’s possible for people to misunderstand what the “culture summit” is constantly.

1.Introduction→ Acts 19:21, Acts 23:11, Acts 27:24 (Economy of Light)- 24, 25, Eternity
>> Acts 19:21, “I must see Rome as well!’”. It’s being used for this.
Because world evangelization at that time was through Rome. Acts 23:11, “Take courage. You must testify of me in Rome.” Acts 27:24, “Paul, do not be afraid. You must stand before Caesar.”
>> The church officers and people in the missions field, who understood these words, were used by God as cultural summits.
What comes at this time is what we call, “the economy of light”. We need to have the economy/finances of light in order to be cultural summits. Receiving a lot of great rewards and accomplishing a lot with culture is not bad, but we’re talking about the restoration of the economy of light.
>> This Spirit is the Holy Spirit. Not with some kind of motive. Most of us have motives of wanting to have growth and revival. But without all that, if the Spirit of evangelism and missions comes upon you, you become the summit. This is what’s called, “24, 25, and eternity”. This is the cultural summit. What you’re able to enjoy for 24 hours is the cultural summit as well. That becomes “25”.

2.Main→ There are 3 things that come at this time.
>> It’s the kingdom of Satan. The kingdom of the world. God’s kingdom. These 3 things.
1)Satan’s Kingdom (John 16:11)
>> As you know, of course, Satan doesn’t really have his own kingdom. But with the 12 strategies, as it says in John 16:11, he plays the role of ruler of the world.
2)Worldly Kingdom (Errands)
>> The world/worldly kingdom is running errands here for him.
3)God’s Kingdom (Acts 17:1, Acts 18:4, Acts 19:8)
>> Then we need to save these people, right? That’s God’s kingdom. That’s why Paul went into the synagogues. This is what we need to raise up. That’s why he went into the synagogues. He went to the synagogues and boldly explained about the work of God’s kingdom for 3 months. This is the summit’s blessing.
>> There’s no reason for the missionaries to be nitpicking about whether things have been working out or not until now. You should feel ashamed if that’s what you’ve been nitpicking about.
Where you are is what’s important. If there’s a possibility of you starving to death there because of that, it’s much better to starve to death. Isn’t that so?
If you really tried to do things with the mission of the Gospel and you became ill, that’s okay as well. Why? You are very important people. To do this… It was the final command as well as the promise of Jesus, wasn’t it? He even called them to the Mt. of Olives and spoke to them. There are things that people say when they’re bored and things that they must talk about. Think about it. There are things that people just mumble while eating and words that people leave behind in their will. Jesus, really putting his heart into it, explained the conclusion.
>> Thankfully, by the Lord’s grace, this was stuck in me when I was young. “Ah, I need to properly enjoy the Gospel and relay it.” Moment by moment, whenever I felt a motive, I would discard it. Motives continue to form. Then I’d discard them. Even if we go into concentrated prayer now, when things go well, it’s easy for people to form motives. You have to continue to really find the mystery, what God desires.

3.Conclusion→ Background
>> Then this is the kind of conclusion that comes. Where is your background? This is what happens. I find it understandable. “An angel of the Lord went before Moses. Went behind Moses.” I understand. This is about the background. Generally, the average person doesn’t know. Even theologians don’t know this. They don’t know, but they’re criticizing us. They ask what it is, but we have nothing to say to that. “Last night, an angel of the Lord stood before me and said.” How can people understand that kind of background? “Paul, do not be afraid. You must stand before Caesar!” This is a tremendous thing. You must remember this.