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01.27.2021 – Skill Summit

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Message: The 24th World Missions Convention, Missionary Camp Training, Lecture 1 (2)- 07/22/2020
Title: Spirit (Holy Spirit) of Evangelism, Missions (Power) (Summit)
–> RT7 + Babylon + Early Church (Word) / Lecture 2- “Skill Summit”
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Philippians 3:1-8)

>> If this happens, we’ll understand the obvious things again. What comes from these people inside this is the “skill summit”, but this isn’t referring to just simple skill.
It’s not just about skills. He saw something tremendous. If you look in Philippians 3:1-8, Paul introduces himself. This is overturned. “You’ll now be used by God.” This is what we call the skill summit. David was tending his flock. All shepherds can do this. But that’s what he used to take down Goliath.

1.Introduction→ Absolute Plan (Pitiful Field, Acts 18:1-4)
>> If you’re enjoying this blessing here, what comes from here? You see God’s absolute plan. This is the path that we must now take in the future.
What happens if you can’t see this? Then don’t do anything. How are people able to rashly begin a church, rashly begin missions, and very easily quit? It’s quite astonishing to see. You need to ask what the absolute plan is. Why? Because God’s absolute plan is inside all this. You are not unnecessary people. You are absolutely essential. In actuality, all people are. But if you’re inside this spiritual summit, you’ll be able to see it (God’s absolute plan).
>> When you see this, what else can you see? The pitiful field.
Is Egypt a powerful nation? No, they were a crazed nation. Was Rome a powerful nation? No, they were a crazed nation. Because of God’s plan, He made them great nations, but they used that to take over other nations. “Ah, it’s because of this that God has raised us as missionaries.”
Paul knew this from the start, always knew this, and knew it to the very end.
Here, the answer of Acts 18:1-4 comes. Being a tentmaker. Who isn’t able to do that? But it matched with Priscilla and Aquila. But there are many clubs like that. That was used by God. Tremendous things took place.
>> This is how you need to teach the new believers and you need to have conversations like this as well. When something happens, you need to question what God’s absolute plan is and always answer from there. What happens when the answer hasn’t come? It doesn’t matter. In God’s eyes, the person who asks this question is important. There are some people who do terrible things and then they say, “God has a plan for this”. That’s a different story. If you’re inside of this, the spiritual summit, then something else happens.
>> I’m sure they’re listening to this message, but last week, a remnant asked me a question. “I’m really living according to God’s Word but the person I might marry is an unbeliever.” They asked me what they should do. I vaguely responded by text, but I know this person is listening to the message as well. “You’re always running around in the world. You always have nothing to do with God’s Word. You are a believer but you’re always shaking. In the midst of that, you met an unbeliever. Then that’s rightful/natural, isn’t it? Then you don’t eve need to ask. If you’re really enjoying the blessing of the spiritual blessing inside God’s covenant and following it, and that’s when you meet this person, it’s possible to ask this question. ‘What is God’s absolute plan?’”. But if they’re doing whatever they want, meeting anyone they want, and then asking this question, it’s a bit troublesome.

1)Absolute Covenant- Tabernacle, Tent, Church
>> What comes from here is the absolute covenant that we spoke about before. Because God’s Word comes from within His plan.
From here, you have to remember 3 things. The tabernacle. The tent where the believers prayed towards the tabernacle. The church. The absolute covenant lies inside of this. Isn’t that so? The ark of the covenant. That’s being covenant-centered. Not the ark itself. The bread. It’s about being life-centered. The lampstands. Why did He tell them to keep them lit? It’s the opposite of darkness, isn’t it? Where should you look to, to pray? The incense. What’s that blessing you receive, 24 hours a day? The basin. Why did He tell them to wash their hands? These kinds of tremendous answers are here. Then what is the courtyard of the gentiles? Why did they pour oil/anoint all the holy articles? All the answers are here.

2)Absolute Journey- 237, Healing, Summit
>> When you can see this, within the absolute covenant comes the absolute journey. In actuality, you don’t even need to know this because if you’re here in the place of the spiritual summit, these things follow. What comes from here is “237” (nations), isn’t it?
We need to heal these people and make them into the true summit. This is the journey.

3)Absolute Goal- Throne (Work of the Kingdom, Philippians 3:20)
>> Then what do we have? The journey absolutely has a goal. What is that? The work/things pertaining to the kingdom of God. God’s heavenly throne. That is the goal.
As you bring about the things of the kingdom of God, you go next to the kingdom of God. We’ve just been temporarily commissioned here. And we’ve especially been commissioned to a certain nation. So to bring about the things pertaining to the kingdom of God? That’s a tremendous answer. In Philippians 3:20, Paul said that our citizenship is in heaven and these are not your average words.

3.Conclusion→ Small Skill
>> Then what kind of conclusion do we reach? When the small skill of the believer, who is serving and helping you, is taken by the hands of God. No matter how skilled our believers may be, how great would it really be? If that small skill is taken by the hands of God. When that stone was placed in the hands of God. It seemed as if it was in David’s hand, but it was actually used by the hands of God.
1)7 Remnants
>> Those were the 7 remnants.

2)Hebrews 11:1-38
>> It’s possible for suffering to come at times. But that’s momentary. The people of Hebrews chapter 11.

3)Early Church- Paul
>> Look at the early church. Especially Paul who realized this will. That’s what happened.
>> You need to know these 3 things first so that in our 2nd lecture, you know the 3 things that the missionaries must do.
First of all, if you receive the Spirit of evangelism and missions, the rest will follow. In a sense, if you were to compare your character to the character of other pastors in different regions, they might be much better. Isn’t that so? When I look at the people in the Hapdong and Tonghab denominations, I see that they’re much more renown than we are. But only God knows to what extent those people will be used for evangelism and missions. How great or bad you are is important as well, but if you really have God’s Spirit of evangelism and missions, it’s a different story.