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01.26.2021 – Spiritual Summit

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Message: The 24th World Missions Convention, Missionary Camp Training, Lecture 1 (1)- 07/22/2020
Title: Spirit (Holy Spirit) of Evangelism, Missions (Power) (Summit)
–> RT7 + Babylon + Early Church (Word) / Lecture 1- “Spiritual Summit”
Scripture: Acts 9:15

>> Because of COVID-19, we aren’t able to really freely meet.
But personally speaking, I’ve been able to find many answers.
Because of this pandemic, I came to realize that there’s much for us to organize, examine/inspect, and prepare. No matter what the nation says about doing this or that, if you yourself won’t do it, it’ll all be useless. So in terms of social distancing, putting the mask, and many other guidelines, you’ve got to be thorough.
So the people working at headquarters are worried because there are inspectors who show up to check in the middle of the conference. They come in and take pictures of you. Even if there’s just one person who doesn’t have a mask on, they’ll know and they’ll prevent us from meeting in the future. So the people who are in charge of these conferences are worried. There are some churches that even had to pay a fine.
But I don’t personally think it’s important; whether or not we can have our next conference or if we have to pay a fine. Because you yourselves need to guard your health and overcome this. There are some people who feel suffocated so they put their mask below their nose, but that’s where the virus gets in. If you breathe it in through your mouth, the virus will go directly in your lungs. If you breathe it in through your nose, more bacteria and germs will be created there in between. You could say that both are quite dangerous.
>> Amidst all that, we’ve begun our important Missionary Camp Training.
Camp training was something made by Jesus. When Jesus first called, he said that he did so to be with them. That was the first word that Jesus used. It can be seen in Mark 3:13-15. “I have called you to be with you.” That is why, the camp training that never existed before began. And even at the very end, he said, that he will send the Counselor, the Holy Spirit to be with them, all of the them. That’s a tremendous message.
>> If that is so, as missionaries, when you go to the field, you need to converse with believers.
You are the important people who must run that camp training with them.
>> Then what is the first and foremost promise that God gave to those who are saved? The first promise that He gave to those who are saved is this (summit). But there aren’t actually many summits inside of the church. And the missionaries themselves must also become the summits. These are the kinds of impossible tasks that you are faced with.
If that is so, I personally believe that this year’s camp training is very important. Having an atmosphere where many people have gathered is important, but this kind of atmosphere is even more important.
If that is so, then there’s this tremendous prior condition to this “summit”. If you do not receive the “Spirit of Evangelism, Missions,” you cannot become the summit.
The “summit” that the people of the world talk about are different from the “summit” that we talk about. The president is considered the summit, isn’t that so? But is that the “summit” that we’re referring to? That’s not it. The kings and the prime ministers of each nation are the “summit”.
Is that what we’re saying we want to do? We’re talking about the “summit” that saves those summits, above them. So the Spirit of evangelism and missions must come upon you for you to become the summit.
Jesus said that. That Spirit is the “Holy Spirit”. Isn’t that so? It says that you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. That’s the power that God pours down upon us.
>> Many people misunderstand, but there are many believers who don’t have the Spirit of evangelism. Then can that person evangelize? Can that person carry out missions? And if you tell them to do it, they’ll be doing it forcibly. But the works won’t take place with that.
Those who have received the spirit of the devil always says devilish things. Isn’t that so? Shamans are always talking about evil spirits. The reason is because they’ve received a demonic spirit.
Because we have not received the Spirit of evangelism and missions that God gives, things are not taking place. But already, you and I are here.
Age by age, those who were falsely accused really did evangelism received Spirit of evangelism. And when they tried to communicate with others, they couldn’t. When they tried to communicate, people asked were, “Are you the only ones doing evangelism? Are you the only ones who receive salvation?”. These were the kinds of things that people said. Pastors were saying that. When you meet with pastors outside, that’s what they say to you.
Unfortunately, they have not received the Spirit of evangelism. Isn’t that so? Then how can they do missions? They’ve got to go all the way to the missions field like that. Because they haven’t received the Spirit of evangelism and missions, they do other things in the missions field. They have no choice but to be that way.
Accurately speaking, more than doing “other things”, they were struggling. In the end, it won’t work. And what can do they do about the things that aren’t working?
Then would it work for the laypeople who are learning under that missionary? In the end, things won’t work out so they’ll either die of old age there or return home. That’s rightful, isn’t it? It’s not even strange. It’s rightful.
>> But is that what Jesus was talking about? No. This is what he said first. “Just as John baptized with water, you’ll be baptized with the Holy Spirit.” What does that mean? When John was baptizing, it was an actual baptism (immersion) where he dunked them in the water. We don’t have to take that and turn it into some doctrine or religion. But technically speaking, it was an immersion/baptism. Baptism is also correct. Because, how could they immerse 3,000 people? They needed to be baptized. Cornelius didn’t even have a pond in his home. How could he be immersed? He was given a baptism. So nitpicking over those words isn’t the issue.
“Just as you were immersed in the water, when you are submerged in the Holy Spirit, you will receive power.” Accurately speaking, “But when the filling of the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will receive power.” That “power” is the summit. Isn’t that so? He said, “Then, you’ll be my witnesses to the end of the earth.”
>> The first thing that the missionaries and pastors need to be cautious of is this. Take a look at the ①7 remnants. From the very beginning, this came upon Joseph. Isn’t that so? His brothers couldn’t even understand this. They asked if he was crazy. “Are you crazy? You think we’re going to bow down to you?” That’s what they said. Their words were right. But it was because they couldn’t understand these words. There was no way they could understand.
But from the onset, this (summit) came to Joseph. That’s why things were bound to work for him. God drove this blessing to him.
Take a look at all the 7 remnants. Even look at the remnants who were in ②Babylon. It says that they resolved in their hearts from the beginning. That means that they had gone to evangelize Babylon, that was moving the world. We continuously see evidence of that.
And then that carried over to the ③early church.
>> There’s something you need to be cautious of here. When most pastors or elders receive the message, they act on it first. Isn’t that so? That may seem right, but that’s what they learned from the world.
Make it so that absolutely, the ④Word may come upon you. Even Jesus spoke.
So the reason why I’m introducing these 3 teams is because as you continue to relay the Word, the works arise. That’s what you need to follow in order for it to be accurate. I’m not saying this about you. But all the pastors aren’t matching the timing of the Word. What am I doing right now?
In our first and second service? I continue to give the messages regarding construction of the temple/church and the temple. If you really believe in God, you need to relay God’s Word. Then the works are bound to follow. I am a witness of that and you must become witnesses of that.
People (some missionaries) go to the missions field and immediately put the people there to work. They call those people and make them work. But this must be placed inside of them first. And it ends with that.
It really has to “stick” in them, as we so commonly say (common Korean phrase). Why do strange men and strange women get married to each other? It’s because they really get stuck/fixated on each other. Those who get divorced got stuck on the wrong things while those who don’t get divorced are really stuck on each other. So the Word has to be stuck/fixed on us.

♠ Lecture 1: Spiritual Summit (Acts 9:15) ♠

>> The tremendous blessings that stem from these words are these 3 lectures. I’ll keep it simple today.
I’m sure you can predict what I’m going to say, but it’s not working out for you. To those who have received this Spirit, God drives everything to them, even though they may be still.
The “spiritual summit” That’s what He drives to them. Because it’s not going to work anything else. It’s impossible for us to be the president of our nation and it’s also not necessary. That’s why this (spiritual summit) is what He brings to them.
It’s a little different from saying, “This will come if you pray”. Who wouldn’t pray if they were in a difficult situation? “Oh, I prayed and I became the spiritual summit.” Those words aren’t wrong, but it’s different.
Joseph was fixated/stuck on this. That’s why he went to Egypt. God made him the spiritual summit.
God unconditionally blessed all those who met Joseph. Why? Because he needed to do this. God blesses the people you meet. And that person might become arrogant, thinking, “Ah, it’s working because of me”. But it was God who made that happen.
People who work with you and people who work with me cannot go running around saying that things are working out. Why? Because it was God who made it that way. Isn’t that so? No matter how outstanding a person may be, if they’re not going to do evangelism and missions, God has no reason to give them the “spiritual summit”.
Let’s talk about Paul. Acts 9:15, that’s how this was fixed on him. God told him, “You are my chosen instrument to stand before Israel, its nations, kings, and gentiles.

1.Introduction→ Start of the Spiritual Summit (Place)
>> There’s something that we must start well in the introduction. You must teach this to the believers. There’s a start to becoming the spiritual summit. This start is about the “place” or “seat” of the spiritual summit. Isn’t that so? But if you’re not in that place, you’re not going to receive that answer. You must remember this.

① Every Person +Everything +Every Field
>> 3 things come to us. Every person. Isn’t that so? We don’t know who we’re going to meet. We don’t know what’s going to happen. Everything. And we don’t know where we’re going to go. Every field. It’s from here that we find the important answer.
This doesn’t mean, “Understand the bad people”. You’re finding the answer here. This is the place of the spiritual summit. This is the start of the spiritual summit. Think about it.
We meet all kinds of people. Try going to your missions field and your church. There are strange church members. If you just say, “That person is strange”, you’re not a summit. “What kind of blessing is God trying to give through that person?” That’s what you’re looking for.
This is the start of the summit and the summit place. We’re going up to someone who did something wrong, that they did it right.
>> What kind of work do you have today? What kind of problem do you have? From there, you’re not looking for the answer to your problem. You’re looking, “God, what are you trying to give to me through this?”. I haven’t met anyone who is able to do this yet.
Last week, when I went to Jeju Island, I said I was lonely. I’m really lonely. Because there’s no one I can connect with regarding this. If a problem comes, God’s plan lies there. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, you’ve just got to close the entire Bible. You should delete Hebrews chapter 11. All of Joseph’s suffering? You’ve got to see them all as problems. You have to say that all the sufferings of David and Paul are wrong and incorrect. Isn’t that so?

② Answer- WITH, Immanuel, Oneness
>> What do we call this? “WITH, Immanuel, and Oneness.” “God is with me. Why do I need to face these kinds of things?” That’s where your answer comes from. “Why does Potiphar’s wife need to do this to me?” That’s “Immanuel”. Isn’t that so? “Why did You lead me this far, make me the governor, and allow me to meet my brothers?” That’s “Oneness” isn’t it?
>> Right now, if you don’t go back to your churches and teach this to the church officers, they won’t be able to receive answers. Why not? Because they’re not in that place. Even though they’re all spiritual summits, they’re not in the summit’s place. Think about it. No matter how renown you are and no matter how much you have, if you’re not in that right place, you won’t be able to enjoy any of those things.
Remember the fact that the 7 remnants were in the summit’s place. And it ends with that. Our missionaries must remember this. People make mistakes from the beginning. You just need to go where the Word tells you/moves. God is absolutely speaking. If you don’t believe this, don’t consider yourself a believer. If you don’t believe this, you need to discard your Bible. If you don’t believe this, you don’t have to worship. If you don’t believe this you shouldn’t be listening to the sermons. And you shouldn’t be giving the sermons. You also shouldn’t be doing missions. Why? Because you don’t believe the Word. These are the kinds of results that come. Fearsome results. People make mistakes from the start. Even though the blessing of the spiritual summit has come upon you, you’re not in that place.
>> If there’s someone who is really troubling or tormenting you, I’m not saying that’s right. God absolutely has a plan for that. You’re looking for that answer.
Finding that answer and speaking of it is the message. Isn’t that so? Finding that answer and enjoying it is prayer. Confirming that answer in the Word. That’s what we mean when we say that the Word of God is living and active. What else are we referring to when we say, “living and active”? It’s important.
When you’re doing your ministry in your church, you, important people, have to realize that you have already received the blessing of a spiritual summit. Keep this in mind.

2.Main→ Then we come to this simple answer.
>> The person who enjoys this blessing of the spiritual summit is able to know this. The reason. Let me shorten it to 3 words.

(1)Slavery- Why he went as a slave. He knew the reason. That’s it. This is the spiritual summit.
(2)Captivity- Putting everything aside, why they were taken as captives…
(3)Colonization- What Paul especially was grieved about. Why they were colonized. He knew that reason.

2)God’s Standards- Globalization
>> That’s why globalization took place quickly. Prior to doing world evangelization, they knew, “Ah, this is what happened”. Then all the answers come from here. Rightfully, this is how it should come. That way, they could do missions. Why did God do that? Because they didn’t go. They didn’t go to the nations that made them like this. Then God had to make them go. Who were the people they needed to go to? Egypt, Babylon and Rome. They had to proclaim the Gospel there. That’s missions. To say that they weren’t fixed with the Spirit of evangelism and missions means that they weren’t filled with the Holy Spirit either. Because they weren’t stuck or fixated on the Gospel, there was no way evangelism would be stuck to them. In that situation, would “missions” really be stuck on them? No, it would only be like a picnic. It would just be some kind of vacation. Who can’t do that?
>> So if you realize well, God will carry the blessings of the spiritual blessing to you. It’s a sure thing. The real answers are the answers that God carries to you. The cheap answers are what we pray about and get answers to. But the real answers, expensive answers? God brings to us. “I’m going someplace to day. Do this for me God.” That’s rightful. “I’m going to meet this person so give me this answer.” You actually don’t even need to pray about that. You have to really ask, “God, what is Your plan?”. Then the rest will follow. So those who know this reason cannot work according to their own self-centeredness. They’ve already forfeited that function of self-centeredness. You make God the standard. That’s the spiritual summit. Already, you’ve lost the function to do things according to your own thinking. You no longer have the system to be people-centered? Why? Because you no longer need that. If you don’t become like this, you become strapped. You first become strapped for cash. That’s why you end up following the money. But if you become like this, God gives you power so even your finances will come to life. This is what we call, “globalization”.

>> Once this happens like this, the important things aren’t the answers that you and people in your missions fields received. It’s your state. This is the spiritual summit.
Because you are missionaries, let’s focus more on Paul. This is what he said in prison. “Because of my imprisonment, there are those who have fallen into trials and those who are thankful.” You understand what these words mean, right?
Even though he was a new theologian, this is what William Barclay said. “Paul was enjoying the greatest privilege given to him by God.” That’s right. Already, that was different. This is the summit. It wasn’t some fantasy. It was a fact. He needed to go there in order meet the Roman emperor. He had to go there to escape the clutches of the Jews. He had to go there to prove that the Upper Room Movement was not a heresy. More importantly, he needed to go there to raise posterity. It was that place. It was tremendous.
Spurgeon (Charles Spurgeon) said that Paul wasn’t imprisoned, the prison was caught in Paul’s hands.
>> So think about this. Don’t try to work hard. I dislike people who “work/try hard” the most. What’s going to happen later on if you have nothing after all the running around you’ve done? You just leave behind a church that’s on the brink of bankruptcy. Make and leave behind these wavering church officers. Then you head off to heaven without even leaving a proper successor. That’s really not it.
>> Because you are people who relay the Gospel, who have received important blessings, God has already called you like this (spiritual summit). Even before he did anything, God said that He called Paul like this. God told Ananias that He had called Paul to stand before kings. He had already made him a summit. But Paul followed this. He followed it so well. When Paul was suffering, he said this.

(1)Philippians 1:12-14, “Didn’t Christ suffer as well?”. Isn’t that so? “Didn’t Christ suffer as well on the cross? But didn’t he become the king of kings and lord of lords?” This was Paul’s confession. Accurately speaking, this was his state. He felt it to be so unfortunate. He said, “The things I boasted about in the past? I truly consider them rubbish now.” Because of that, he had persecuted believers of Christ. Because he didn’t know…
>> Think about it. If an elementary school dropout goes in front of a Harvard graduate, who graduated at the top of their class, and blabbed on and on, they’re going to be offended. So in one sense, when Paul looked at Peter, it was a bit ridiculous. It was just those types of people who had gathered together.
But Paul was an intelligent man. He was well-versed in the Scriptures. But it seemed as if they were making sloppy claims about things that were prophesied of in the Old Testament and fulfilled. But he couldn’t accept that. He couldn’t acknowledge those people. They weren’t even professional fishermen. They were just people who caught fish. Real fishermen went out to catch fish as a hobby, but these people were actually doing so to put it on the table. But Paul was someone who knew the Scriptures very well. And then he met Christ. Paul didn’t change his life just because he saw some light. He didn’t change his life just because he was walking down the road and happened to fall over. In that moment, he found all of his answers. Isn’t that so? The more he thought about it, the more he considered his boasting as a Pharisee to be rubbish. That’s why he even went as far as saying, “If my nation can receive the Gospel through my death, I’ll choose death.”

(2)Philippians 2:6-11, And he said that he wanted take hold of the things that were taken hold of by Christ. “To the upward call.”

(3)Philippians 3:8-21, Philippians 4:13, Philippians 4:19, And he said, “my citizenship lies in heaven”. That’s what he said. “I can do all things in Him who gives me strength.” Simply put, he wasn’t saying he wanted to gain or obtain anything. He was saying that he was fine. Verse 19, he said he needed nothing. Why? “Because He will supply all my needs.” That’s what he said.

3.Conclusion→ Power
>> At this time, unstoppable power is revealed.
Who can block this? Who will block you? Isn’t that so? Who will block the disciples who help you?
It’s just that you’re not in the place. It’s the same thing as the president going around everything and not being in the Blue House. The president needs to carry out his duties, right? It’s the same phenomenon. The king needs to protect the palace. But what if the king goes around places, shooting guns to hunt every day? You need to make the believers know this. This is the spiritual summit.