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01.25.2021 – Teach the Lesson of the Unleavened and Leavened Bread

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 07/19/2020
Title: Teach the Lesson of the Unleavened and Leavened Bread
Scripture: Leviticus 7:11-14

>> Today is about the law of the peace offering. But this Word is begin given at the same time as the Teachers’ Dedication Service. You can see that’s it’s the tremendous guidance of the Holy Spirit. “What must we teach the children?” If they were told to teach the most important thing to the children who took part in the Exodus, what must they teach? That’s the answer that was revealed. The unleavened and leavened bread. This is a very important Word.
>> Our children are being trained as remnants from their prenatal/infant years to their college years. I’m sure there are people who are with child. What you must keep in mind is, there are many changes that come to the heart/mind as well as the body when you are with child. But in actuality, it’s not that you’re changing. At this time, your state is changing so your true colors are revealed. That’s what you must keep in mind. Many people say, “prenatal education”. These words are right, but once you have a child, amidst many changes, your true character is revealed. The first things that are revealed are the true colors of your family line. That gets directly transmitted to the fetus. Is that important, or not important? It’s very important. So the child of a person who was very stressed when pregnant is different. Isn’t that so? If the mom faced severe spiritual problems while pregnant, that child will clearly be different. That may be the same with other health issues as well, but it’s especially so with the spiritual things. To say it in a good way, it’s the best time for the mother who has that child, but it’s also the most difficult time. So if you have scheduled prayer and have deep consideration when you’re pregnant, a tremendous individual will be born. When a child is first born, we look at the child and think that he/she is not capable of understanding anything, right? But it’s the time when their spiritual senses are the quickest. We continue to think from our perspective. “Does this child just not understand my words?” How can they understand when they’ve never learned words? But spiritually, it’s the time when their communication is the quickest.
>> And then these children enter into preschool and kindergarten. In other words, they have their first experience of society. So how important are these points? How we’re going to teach our preschool and kindergarten children, who have come out for their first social experience, is very important. The people who need to do that work are sitting here right now and are listening to the message right now. That covenant of Christ that enters into them when they’re in preschool/kindergarten is truly eternal. That’s why you are very precious. So we should not be placing the incorrect gospel or spiritual problems inside them. And the majority of churches don’t accurately, deeply place the Gospel inside them. That’s why there are many people who fall apart when they become adults, even though they were born Christian. The way you think, that illness may have appeared out of nowhere, but in actuality, it was there from the prenatal years. So preschool/kindergarten education is just as important as prenatal education. In a sense, that’s when you have the opportunity to do anything and everything. That’s why you are precious people who are able to think about how you can shape a life.
>> The easiest and most closest example (to him) would be my daughter. Her first child was a son and then she gave birth to her daughter after. So she thought of the best strategies she could. When the firstborn child sees the newborn baby in the arms of his/her parents, they’re in the state of a mental breakdown. Because all the attention that the firstborn used to get is shifted to the newborn baby. Even you, as adults, would become very strange if no one even looks at you wherever you go. So you need to know that that’s when their second spiritual problem and scar is formed. So even though my daughter did things by really using her head, her son still caught on. When she asked her son, “Do you like your younger sister?”, he said that he does. But he said he’s a bit said. And I’m sure he was. Even when reading a book, when they’d read a book for him, he’d glance sideways and shoot his sister this look because she was in between them. These kinds of children come to the church and other places to receive the preschool/kindergarten training. We think that we need to be good to each one and every one of these children when they’ve gathered together. But that’s not the case. Finally, for the first time, these children are seeing society, reading other people, and beginning to find their ways of survival. It’s a very good field.
>> Then, they get connected to the elementary department and depending on how they saw things in preschool/kindergarten, they’ll be connected. So you can consider this time to be the last and very important time to finish putting down the foundation. In the past, they called it a national school, but it’s good that they named it “elementary school”. It’s when their foundation and groundworks are laid out. So in our terms, that’s when the foundation laying is over. Now, you’ll have to use other strategies through God’s Word. Once they’ve gone to middle school, that part’s actually over. Once they pass through their 3rd year of middle school, you can tell if they’ll be good or bad at studying. That’s when it becomes very clear, “This kid is gifted in the arts. This kid is gifted elsewhere”.
>> There are so many conflicts between this time. Those who are in charge of youth will be connected to junior high and high school students. But the best teacher is one who prays, “What is this child’s accurate and true talent?”. In college, they’ve already decided. When they go into college, they’re already past the age of 20. At that time, these college students are on yet, another level. From that point on, these college students begin to really package themselves. Because they have separate lives in their school, church, and home, they have to package themselves. That time of packaging carries on over till marriage and when they get married, they package themselves even more. It’s this kind of situation. “What kind of truth and covenant must we share, and how?” Then when they really go out to society, it goes beyond the level of packaging. Now, they need to disguise themselves. They live this pitiful life and when they’ve aged, they retire.

>> Introduction- What do you think? If you teachers really think about this well, just a little bit, you can receive the most grace.

1)Spiritual Problem
>> “Why have spiritual problems come to many people in this world?” The answer really is simple.
(1)Imprint- It’s been imprinted in them when they were young. There’s no need to even ask. “How could that person do such a gruesome thing?”

(2)Root- It was imprinted inside of them when they were young and as they found their place, those things began to be rooted. There are situations when people find their own places, right? The things that were incorrectly imprinted are rooted at this time.

(3)Nature- As they live on like that, one day, when they’re successful or things work out just once, that completely becomes their nature.

>> I’m sorry to say this because it may sound discriminative. Our teams here are fine, right? Because our teams need to set an example. There was a time when kids would deliver black bean noodles to the military. They’re not all like that and it’s wrong to say it this way, but among those children there were kids who were from really bad family situations. This is what was imprinted in them. As they did this, when was this rooted? How difficult must it have been for them when they were doing that delivery work? Being insulted and facing cruel treatment. This is what was rooted in them. One day, these children find their place. That’s when all this (imprint and roots) is revealed. What the adults were worried about was this. When these kids join the military there would be times when some of them become the superior officer. At this time, they’d force their subordinates halfway to death. So if you see a delivery kid like that, don’t misunderstand them. You must become a leader to them. There was a time when the army didn’t choose/pick people who used to be part of that delivery service. I just gave you one example. Take a look at that person who picked out and murdered about a dozen women. This person was imprinted with tremendous sadness and oppression when they were young. I’m not sure if he’s been to church, but they’re not relaying the Gospel at church anymore. They don’t talk about the spiritual problems. And moment by moment, this guy would have experienced things. All these things began to put their roots down in him. He said, “I became most brave when I was in the military.” What that means is that his existence had never really been brought out for the 20-some years he had lived but that’s when it was. He didn’t care if his subordinates would die or fall ill. He’d just beat them. I just told you about one side. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m sure that’s the case for most people.

2)Remnant- Hardship (Adult Generation)
>> In the midst of all this, why did God raise up the remnants? But what the teachers need to keep in mind is that God placed all the remnants in hardships. Why was that? That’s how things would work. This is where our ears need to face. It’s because of the adult generation. Because the adult generation did not relay and convey the Gospel at all, our remnants need to enter into hardships and do the Gospel Movement. In order to never face this tragedy again, we are doing the Remnant Movement right now.

3)World Disasters (Church)
>> Then why do the world disasters continue? This is because of the church. “Does that mean that the world’s disasters came from the church?” That’s not what I’m saying. The church is the only thing that can block disasters and the force of darkness. But it’s because the church didn’t. That’s why we’re training the remnants right now.

>> Main- Thanksgiving
Then what did we say was the peace offering last week? It’s thanksgiving regarding salvation. Isn’t that so? Then what is the law of the peace offering? The question is, what is it that we must relay to the remnants?

1.Spread Oil When Giving the Peace Offering (Verse 2)→ You must raise up the power in the remnants.
>> Something very important comes out in verse 2. “Spread oil when giving the peace offering.” What does this mean? We must raise up the power in the remnants. This is the first thing. This is more important than studying. They need to acquire power and then study. If we can’t do this for this, they’ll be quite troubled. If a remnant study with the power of the Holy Spirit, they’ll go to the top. That’s why we continue to see words about the oil in the tabernacle in the Bible. Why did He tell them to mix oil with the unleavened loaves? To what extent must we receive power? They must not forget the past. That’s why they need to keep this feast and give worship. Not forgetting the past means making the past your springboard. This is the power. These are the works of the Holy Spirit. Oil. This is what we need to tell the remnants. “Make everything in your environment your springboard. Even when you study, study with the power of the Holy Spirit. Really try doing it while praying. Your grades are important, but try studying as you pray.” There’s no one else who can say this to them, besides you. What kind of unbelieving schoolteacher will tell them to pray as they study? The teacher is also seized by their past. How would they be able to tell the children to turn their past into their springboard?

1)Remnant’s Journey (Hardship)
>> If that is so, there was journey of the 7 remnants. This is what you need to explain to them. The journeys of the 7 remnants seemed almost like hardships.

2)Remnant’s Thanksgiving
>> The remnants of the Bible were thankful for almost everything. What was the characteristic of the 7 remnants who was faced suffering? They gave the most thanksgiving.

3)Remnant’s Fulfillment
>> And God allows for fulfillment to absolutely arises through remnants.
This is what you must not forget for eternity.
>> More than you think, people, as well as believers, have a lot of scars. There are people who can’t stand it when someone says something that’s the slightest bit derogatory. Isn’t that so? Why is that? It’s because they’re in a situation where they could be looked down on. When someone looks down on me, I don’t get scarred by that at all. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I’m not in a situation worth being looked down on. Isn’t that so? That other person is the one with a mental illness. There’s no reason for me to be scarred. But when you’re in a really weak state and someone tells you that you’re weak, those words are bound to scar you. Isn’t that so? No matter how much you say you’re not, if you’re in a weak position and someone talks about it, those words will scar you. But if you’re not weak in that area, not matter how much someone says you are, you’ll find it funny. Because the 7 remnants had this power, they weren’t shaken and made this (past) their springboard. This is very important.

2.Eat the Unleavened Bread that Has Been Mixed With Oil (Verse 12)→ Gladly Receive/Experience Suffering.
>> Then the second. “What exactly is the law of the peace offering?” It’s the unleavened bread that has been mixed with oil. What is this? This was seen in verse 12. Then what is this now referring to? You must tell the remnants. “Gladly receive/experience suffering.” This is the second message to give to the remnants. Why were they able to give thanksgiving? All their past was their springboard. The Israelites had left with this unleavened bread. “Don’t be afraid of suffering.”

>> Simply put, “Don’t be afraid of Egypt”. God promised.

>> Not only that. How many difficult things did they face in the wilderness after leaving Egypt? He was telling them to not be shaken. He was telling them to eat the unleavened bread here and take in the law of the leavened bread.

>> And how many crises did they face in the wilderness, that came from their surroundings? They had enemies as well. This was their life. “Do not be afraid. God is with you.” He was telling them to keep this law in the tabernacle. He was telling them to give this peace offering. This is the law. So the peace offering is the thanksgiving offering. The first key of that law is, “With oil”.
>> This what you must tell the remnants right now. When a bit of hardship comes, they’re not able to bear it. When our remnants go outside, hardships will come. They must not think that those things are hard. If they think that’s hard, they’ll misunderstand. For example, there are times when the higher-ups make fun of you or test you. If you think, “Oh, it’s hard”, at that time, you’ll be in trouble. You have to understand it this way. “Ah, these people are trying to handle me right now.” It’ll be accurate if you see it this way. “I am a Christian and I am a remnant, but these people are testing me.” If talk about how things are hard and difficult because of that, it’s troublesome. “The exam questions this time are so hard.” When that happens, things seem bleak, right? Don’t worry. Just think, “If it’s hard for me, it’s hard for others as well.” That’s how you can see things with the right sense of mind. Most times, everyone is weak in this. But you need to be strong in this. You need to find your springboard here (1st main point) and your answer here (2nd main point). That’s what God is telling them to do in the wilderness right now.

3.Eat the Leavened Bread (Verse 13)→ Future
>> Third. He was telling them to eat the leavened bread as well. What does this mean? The leavened bread is what you eat during suffering. You would have to explain this a bit to the children, right? Unleavened bread is the bread that doesn’t contain the yeast that makes it expand. Why is there no yeast? Because it needs to harden. Why does it need to be hardened? Because they have to travel far. As travel far, they need to be able to store the bread for a long time. Because they need to eat it on the way. These aren’t just your simple, average words. As your children walk the wilderness alone, they need to eat something when they’re hungry. That’s why the mother made them bread. That’s how you can interpret this. But on their journey, this bread will go bad. If they eat that, they’ll die. So they made unleavened bread that had no yeast. They allowed it to harden without yeast. In actuality, this bread doesn’t taste good. But still, they need to eat it if they want to live. This is a very important education for the remnants. Do not be afraid of suffering. What is this leavened bread? It means that they also eat the tasty bread. Our remnants are not seized by the past and suffering. It’s the future. Our remnants need to eat the unleavened bread, but they eat the leavened bread as well. And then do what?

>> Teach our remnants the important worship, through which they can prevail in any place.

>> And help our remnants be equipped with strength so that they are able to, not only give worship, but completely do world evangelization. That’s what’s called, “globalization”. This is what’s important. What’s the reason why the remnants give worship and gather strength? Globalization must take place. When there’s someone who’s not very good at their work, we call them a “country bumpkin”. That’s not about criticizing the countryside. If that person is doing unsatisfying work, they can’t carry out globalization.

>> Globalization needs to happen in order for gospelization to take place. People use the words “world evangelization” a lot, but the reason why it’s not taking place is because globalization has not taken place. This is what we must teach the remnants. In our churches, who doesn’t use the words, “world evangelization”? But the churches aren’t able to carry out globalization. Think about it. If globalization isn’t taking place in your heads, you’re not able to enjoy the blessing of globalization. If globalization isn’t taking place for the remnant, how can they do world evangelization? Teaching children as many languages as they can learn when they’re young? That’s also globalization. So, “Feed the remnants both the unleavened bread and the leavened bread. And make it by spreading oil on it.” This is a very important Word of God.

>> If that is so, we need to also give the important conclusion to the remnants. We see this here.

1)Leviticus 7:14- Pastor/Minister
>> In Leviticus 7:14, it says, “The remaining of the offering shall be taken to the priest”. If you don’t understand this correctly, you may think, “Oh, they’re just treating the priest because there’s food left over.” This means that the pastors/ministers, teachers, and parents who teach the children are very important. The words, “Take them to the priest”, point to the pastor/minister. They’re important to the point where it’s mentioned in the Bible.
>> Teachers and ministers/pastors, as much as you know the importance of this, it isn’t about receiving or not receiving answers. If you know this, you’re able to see what other people cannot. How important is this? So church members, you need to consider the teachers and pastors/ministers who teach your children, to be very important. It’s easy for us to just take them for granted, but they’re very important. When my kids were younger, I checked to see who their teacher was in the church. Why are these teachers important? Their (his kids’) teacher was inconsistent with the Sunday School. It was when my son was in elementary school and I went to check to see who his teacher was. So this isn’t me being discriminative to any church or person, but at that time, there was a kid/student who was a bit mentally off in our church. He was mentally odd and he also did some pretty strange things. He was a church member and I wasn’t in a position to say anything, but he turned out to be my son’s teacher. And I couldn’t bring that up to the assistant pastor who was below me. The teacher was going in and out and there was a way to check the offering. When I saw the offering breakdown, as expected, he had been taking off with the money. Teachers are very important. Isn’t that so? That’s why God told them to give to the priest, what remained of the offering.

2)Summit’s Place
>> Another covenant you must hold on to today. The 7 remnants became the summits, but they were also in the place of a summit. This is what’s important. You’re not explaining what the summit is to the remnants. You’re taking them and putting them in that place of the summit.

(1)Time- They need to be in the summit’s place in order to have the summit time. No matter how much you have this time, if you’re not in the summit place, it’s futile.


>> That way, the attitude/posture is set and the vessel is prepared. What does this mean? You are able to change the lives of these children with just one word when you educate them.
>> Joseph’s brothers were not in the place of a summit. So they wouldn’t be able to receive answers to the end. They won’t be able to become summits. Their eyes were sharp only in the things regarding food, clothing, and shelter. Amidst that company of multiple prophets, no one was in the summit place except for Elisha. There are things that children can realize and learn from watching just one drama. A long time ago this is the kind of drama I watched. Because it was when we were young, it was a drama that we’d listen to on the radio. It was a story of a teacher who was being slandered, but prevailed in the end after bearing through it. That wasn’t much, but it entered into my heart. That’s what’s important. That’s what entered. So I’m worried nowadays. I don’t really much dramas these days, but when I catch glimpses of them, I see that there are many strange things that are shown. You just constantly see slander and defamation here and there. Men fighting against women. Things like that all the time. I really want to ask this of directors and writers. Please make masterpieces. There are stimulating and exciting things that people believe they have to watch, but if they continue like that, there’s going to be great trouble. There needs to be masterpieces that awaken and give strength to people and children. They portray doctors, judges, and prosecutors to be thieves. There may be people like that, but that’s the content you see every day. They make conglomerates evil and wicked people. They shouldn’t be doing that. The people need to see these (dramas) and love the nation. The people need to see these and develop a patriotic spirit. Children need to see them and develop a sense of justice. This is the kind of stuff they should be showing. At least you, do this. If you’re not in the place of a summit, you cannot be come the summit. Anyone who is in the summit place can do this.

>> This is the 3rd conclusion here. Where is all of God’s interest and where is He gazing? Towards the remnants will save the age. Where will God be gazing and driving all things to? That’s it.
>> We’re all doing church construction at Immanuel Seoul, Busan, and Ulsan. Take a look to see what kind of results ensue. There won’t be just answers that come. God knows. There are people who are in prayer, even though they’re in the midst of hardships. There are people who are outside of prayer, even though they’re in good circumstances. The spiritual state is completely clear. That’s not what’s more fearsome. God is a good God, but this Satan knows you very well. He’s targeting and waiting for the time to destroy you. He knows you well. Because you’ve received salvation, you win by grace, but Satan knows you well and provokes you. “Awaiting this Remnant Conference and standing before this tremendous thing called, ‘church construction’, with what kind of heart must we pray?” May you hold on to the covenant. The Lord did such and such for Joseph. These are tremendous words, right? “Because of Joseph.” The Lord did such and such because of David. That’s how it’s recorded in the Bible. “God sent an angel and said, ‘Paul, do not be afraid’.” He didn’t say, “I’ll watch you”. He said, “You must stand before Caesar”. It’s a sure thing.
>> You must plant the sure covenant in the remnants. There’s no need to say things like, “Answers are coming” or “Answers are not coming”. For the remnant who will really move the age, there is no, “it will” or “it won’t”. Isn’t that so? For a remnant who will really move the age, there’s nothing like, “What have I gain or lose from this?”. “Even if we go into the fire and die, we cannot bow down.” That’s right. This is the kind of remnant we need to raise. This means that they were already inside of the covenant for a while. If not, they’d become afraid. They had prayed much to the point where they were not afraid. It’s important.
>> Remnants throughout the nation and the world, may you hold to the covenant today. “We will not live abjectly.” Isn’t that so? “We are models who have the covenant, who stand before many people.” The reason why God called the remnants and the many accounts of that are seen as a stream in the Bible. Teachers, even your small thoughts are tremendous things today. One word that you speak to the remnants can determine their lives, so your small (work of) education is a grand education. The church officers in our church are important, but each and every teacher who teaches remnants is very important. Let us pray.

God, may today be the time for us to hold on to the covenant. Help us to be in the place where You desire. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)