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01.23.2021 – The Law of Giving the Guilt Offering

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 07/19/2020
Title: The Law of Giving the Guilt Offering
Scripture: Leviticus 7:1-10

>> We have everyone sitting here as well as the people who are listening throughout the world. I can’t say for sure, but I think I can say that I’ve lived longer than most of you.
The reason I say this is because I’m trying to say that I’ve met many people. There aren’t many people I’ve looked at and thought, “That person seems to be quite joyful” or “That person seems to be quite at peace”. And it’s a rightful thing.
This is what it says in the Bible. “In the last days, there will be times of pain.” Other books can never state such things. That’s what it says in God’s Word. Among many things, there are 2 things that will come. As it was prophesied, there will be problems that continue to come with the climate. There are also some people who are predicting that there will be another problem that arises as soon as COVID-19 is over. And there are also people who are worried that perhaps, we might have to live the rest of our lives with masks. There’s another thing that will happen. Mental problems will continue to come. Because people don’t know God, these problems are bound to come. That’s why Jesus said, “This Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all nations.” He said that this Gospel must be preached. “Then, the end will come.”
>> Today’s “guilt offering” is about the problems that came because of our wrongdoings. He’s telling us to give the worship that will resolve that. It’s possible for you to just give worship today and go home. And I’m sure there are those who are listening online at home because we’re not able to gather together. And I’m sure there are also some people who are thinking, “This is good. I might as well just sleep in”.
During this one hour of worship, you can gain very important things in your life. And in the Bible, conversely, He tells us not to worry. That’s why He’s saying, “give the guilt offering”. Give the worship, before God, that can solve these problems. I’m sure there are many cases of this.
Right now, more and more mental patients are on the rise. In the Bible, it says, “Do not worry”. Why? Because there is a method. There are many people suffering everywhere, but the Bible states that solving those problems are possible. That’s what we need to find today. What kind of problems do you have? God is saying that there is an answer for those things. Finding that is what we see here, the laws/regulations. This guilt offering is given in order to receive forgiveness of sins. But what kind of “sins” is this referring to? There may be things that you do without even realizing. This is normally referring to the that kind of sin. Even you’re not aware of the many spiritual problems that arise in on this earth. People who don’t believe in God, because they don’t believe, do not believe in the Bible. So they continue to look for other things elsewhere. And things won’t be resolved. If you look at the people with mental problems, they’re not in their right minds.
When I went to the mental hospital to evangelize, there were some people who kept talking about spies. Some people are constantly brushing their teeth. They do that all day long. And when I asked why, they said it’s because their teeth need to be healthy. And that’s right. Another woman kept washing her hair over and over again. They’re doing that because they’re out of their minds. It doesn’t matter even if you tell them that doing those things aren’t that good. God is saying, “Don’t worry about those illnesses and come”. Today’s message about the law is about how we need to do go. That’s important. There’s a need for you to really believe in God’s Word and challenge. What is your illness? What is your problem? There’s a need for you to challenge. There was a pastor who gave this testimony last week. There was a person who was not in his right mind and all he did was constantly curse and criticize the elders and the pastors. But this person’s characteristic was that he would come to worship and attend. He never missed out on worship but every time he went, he would curse and criticize everyone. And one day, works arose upon him. A change occurred. He was healed and he was giving this testimony and I heard it. There are more and more people like that on this earth. So people are depressed. Some people are in a manic state and then all of a sudden fall into a depressive state. Manic depression (bipolar disorder). And finally, people reach a point where they hallucinate, see demons, and it’s difficult for them to live. They also call that schizophrenia. There are also people who are in much fear even when nothing has really happened. They have panic disorders. These kinds of illnesses continue to increase. Because they get worse, some people commit suicide and cause other types of trouble.
>> The Bible reveals the cause of this. So we must hold on to God’s Word well. The Bible is revealing the cause of these things. The invisible Satan is tempting mankind with the “good” things. He’s telling them not to believe in God. “No matter how much you believe, it’s useless. The crazy people are the ones who go to church and believe in God. Why are you needlessly going to church and sitting there?” This is the devil’s strategy. “Try this fruit. You’ll become powerful like God. You should acquire power and become like God. Why are you trying to believe in Him?”. Those words sound so right, right? “Do your own job and work correctly. Why go to church?” Seems about right, right? In another way, those words seem so cool. In another way, they seem even more correct. That sounds like the better thing to do, rather than going to church and praying. In this way, mankind not only doesn’t know God, they also don’t know that they are spiritual beings. Of course, as days go by, they’ll suffer and be in pain. That’s why God gave us this great grace and is telling us to give the blood sacrifice by giving the guilt offering. Satan is saying that you don’t even need to believe in God.
People out of their mind, like Nietzsche, said, “God is dead”. There are some people who also say that there is no God. But the common factor among those people who said that was that they died of mental illnesses. The representative case of that is Nietzsche, is he not? He even studied theology. He was also a pastor’s son. He said, “God is dead. There is no God”. That’s what he taught. So many people agreed with that and supported it. Naturally, Nietzsche died a pitiful death in a mental institution, screaming away. That great education he received became nothing. He left behind some good writing/words, but you need to be careful as you read them. This is how Satan tempts people. That was the first temptation. Renown people say and ask that. “Why do you believe in God?” People are deceived by that and later on, it turns out that they’ve been seized by Satan. That’s the incident of Genesis chapter 6, the Nephilim. The same thing is happening today. There’s nothing else that’s important. Mankind must quickly get out of this. After this people acquire this other, wrong strength/power. Do shamans not have any power? They do. This is how people acquire some different strength/power. Do you think demon-possessed people are powerless? They do have power. People have the wrong power like that. That’s why so many people chase after them. Even politicians go to get their fortunes told. They have these tremendous problems, but they go to them anyways. So with that power, they’re saying that they’ll build the Tower of Babel. But the Babel Tower of their lives will one day crumble. This is why people commit suicide. Why they die of some disease/illness. Why these problems come. God is saying, “Don’t be deceived and don’t worry”. He was explaining the law of that guilt offering they were to give. If you really know, enjoy and apply the Gospel, the works are bound to arise. Take a look at the Bible as well as history. A few, powerless people completely changed the world, but they were the ones who held on to this covenant. Whether you believe it or not, it’s the truth. Luther, who had no power, held on to this covenant and changed the world.

>> Main– What are the laws/regulations of the guilt offering through which we receive these answers? That’s what you must hold on to today.

There are 3 of those laws that we saw today. It’s said 3 times here. There’s something that was said 3 times as they were told to give this burnt offering, the guilt offering. Those words are, “It is most holy”. This is the law/regulation and this is the answer. What does “holy” mean? It means, “set apart”. What does “set apart” mean? It means, “different”. These are very important words. This is a cup that is like any other cup, but if it’s used for worship, it’s called a holy article. It’s that word. It’s holy. It’s set apart. It’s a house, like any other. But if people have gathered there for worship, it becomes a holy home (temple/church). It means that house is different. What’s different about it? If you don’t understand this, then it doesn’t matter whether you give worship or not. And people also don’t know why the church even exists. So even when many spiritual problems come, they’re unaware. Mental patients are all over the place, yet they don’t know. Even though there is a solution, those things aren’t resolved because they don’t believe in God’s Word. It’s been longstanding. It’s very serious right? You must precisely hold on to the covenant today. They may be a person, same as any other person, but if they’ve received salvation, they’re called “saint” (or believer). It’s that word. What does that mean? There is a different power that overcomes that force of darkness. There is a different power/strength that is most holy, that has been set apart. This is what you must experience. This is what you need to hold on to as the covenant. There are many things that new believers aren’t able to see. That’s what you must see. If you see this in the Word of God and in the field, that’s when the change occurs. When I went around a bit to evangelize, I was able to confirm things in the Bible that I was both unaware of and didn’t believe.
>> Didn’t I say before? I had seen a demon-possessed child for the first time. Have you ever seen a demon-possessed child? I couldn’t even imagine. This child was demon-possessed. I was responsible (of doing ministry with) for this girl, but I didn’t have any methods. That’s when I experienced something amazing. When I saw in the Bible, I saw that there were multiple accounts of children who were demon-possessed. That’s when I knew. I had even studied theology, but I had no knowledge of things like that. If a demon-possessed child came to you and asked for help, what would you do or say? So I told this child about a story in the Bible where Jesus healed a demon-possessed child. Honestly speaking, I didn’t say those things while really understanding/knowing. When I was an assistant pastor, I didn’t know much of anything. I didn’t say those things with assurance and faith. Because it was so urgent, I thought that the only thing I can do is tell this child of God’s Word. This child accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. To be very honest, I was shocked. Have you ever seen something like that? This child completely changed. Even I thought, “How can this be possible?”. I spoke of Christ and this child kept listening, but this dying child was completely healed through Christ. I didn’t say anything else. All I did was relay the Gospel. This is why the entire family received salvation. And all their homes were right down the street from the church. The entire family came to church to worship. Whenever they came to worship, they gave offering. Giving a lot of offering is good, but I thought someone needed to teach them about offering. They were even giving offering during early morning prayer. These people had gotten into the habit of pouring all their money to the Buddhist, so when all 4 of them came, they had 4 envelopes. That probably means that they’ve understood something a bit wrong right? How difficult do you think things were for them? So I explained to them. “You just need to give offering on the Lord’s Day, or sometimes maybe on Wednesday. But you just give offering during the time of official worship.” That’s what I explained. “Perhaps, you’re thinking that you receive salvation by doing this, but you have already received salvation. Because it’s an offering that you’re giving to God, just give it during official service”. It was because I could see that they were having a hard time while preparing that.
>> And news of this also spreads. I didn’t go to evangelize, but people were contacting me. Because we’re so unaware and because we don’t go, people contacted us. I saw that kind of thing for the first time. Both the grandmothers were shamans and the mother was also a shaman. This child became ill and it was a complicated disease. The hospital was saying that they couldn’t do anything. They asked for someone to come to their home and give worship for them. So I went. What was I supposed to do then? I had never healed or fixed an illness. And I didn’t have some kind of power either. All I did was relay the Gospel. That was my second shock. All I did was really just preach the Gospel. I didn’t even really look at the child’s face that well because their face was just so strange. I just relayed the Gospel. That night, this child got up in the name of Christ. Think about it. Wouldn’t you be shocked? Why? This child was just lying down because the hospital had said they could do nothing. But this child just got up. I didn’t lay my hand on her or pray some special prayer. All I did was preach the Gospel. So I, who was so ignorant of the Gospel, began to realize little by little. “How ignorant was I that God is showing this to me to this extent?” From that moment on, my eyes began to open. “There are many people like this”. I had never even thought of this before because I had not seen it. When people came to church, they were talking about this and that regarding worship, their work, and their positions. That’s all they talked about. I had never seen things like that before. And when I began to look, there were shamans in each alley and all over the place. I found out that there were so many of them. They were dying. I realized that I needed to go to share the Gospel and God’s Word. Knowing that, God worked, regardless of my power. I didn’t even have power. I am originally someone who is too shy to even start a conversation with someone. Many people listen to my messages and think, “Ah, he must be a very strong person”. But I’m actually a very soft person. But without myself even realizing, I was doing that. Situations arose where I went and shared the Gospel with them. All the answers are in the Bible, but I didn’t know that or believe it. So I was doing other things. So from that moment on, so much evidence arose.
>> I did that and planted a church in Yeongdo. I told you this before as well. Even there, I experienced something. There was a deaconess who called me and said that her daughter was being strange. Try experiencing this. What would you do? I was a pastor and they asked me to come so I went. This deaconess was mistaken and had been thinking, “Pastor Ryu is an amazing pastor. I’ve listened to his messages and it’s so good”. I went and shared the Gospel. This person accepted, but worship wasn’t even really taking place because she was just talking and talking. She had accepted Christ and I was praying for her, but there was no change that was arising. Rather, she was acting even more crazy. The deaconess was looking at me and she looked very uncomfortable and told me to go home. So I did. On the way home, I thought, “Why was she still like that even though I prayed in the name of Jesus? I clearly prayed in the name of Jesus. This girl also prayed in the name of Jesus Christ and followed after me in prayer. There’s nothing more for me to do.” This is what I thought. I don’t even know what this was. Was it my pride or something else? But those were the thoughts that came to mind. But I had this assurance. “Absolutely, God will work.” I went home and I called the deaconess. When I asked how her daughter was, she said, “Yeah, she’s worse”. Not long after, she called me again. She said that her daughter’s convulsions were getting too severe and that they need to go to the hospital. This was when I said something that I myself didn’t even realize. I didn’t have some kind of plan. But without myself realizing, I told her to wait a bit longer. Why? Because there was something that I had realized on the way home. That night, works arose. This demon-possessed girl started speaking. “I can’t stand living in this home anymore.” And she said something surprising. “Why are you talking to me about Christ?” When you tell unbelievers about Christ, they don’t like it. Some even get angry. Try talking about Christ to someone who is possessed by evil spirits. Their eyes change. Isn’t that so? It’s something so astonishing. And then the demon inside her left. She was completely healed. That’s when I realized that such things can happen.
>> Is Jesus the Christ simply because a demon-possessed person got well? I learned that that’s not the case.

1.It is Most Holy (3 Times)→ Set Apart (Different Status/Identity)
>> Look in today’s passage. God is trying to give you a completely different status/identity. “It is most holy.” God is trying to give all of you, who are here to worship, something different. God is not trying to give you the same things that the world is trying to gain, but something different. But He didn’t say that it’s just holy. He said that it is most holy. What is? “The offspring of the woman will crush the head of the serpent.” It’s a tremendous thing. I became sure of this. “You’ll live if you just enter in to the ark.” “Moses, take the Israelites and go and give the blood sacrifice.” Are these your average words? These are words that unbelievers can never understand. Isn’t that so? They’re saying that they don’t believe in God. They’re saying that they don’t care if they die of disasters. They won’t believe in God. They have 3-4 members in their family with mental problems and they still don’t believe in God. They’re not in their right minds. So Moses said that to Pharaoh and of course, Pharaoh couldn’t understand. He asked, “What are you saying?”. Moses said, “Our God told us to go and give a blood sacrifice.” “Blood sacrifice? Go give it and come back.” The day they painted the blood of the lamb, they were liberated. You have to understand what these words mean. The force of darkness was destroyed by the power of the cross. That’s why it’s different. God is telling you to hold to a different covenant. You have to hold on to the true covenant. Then what is your problem? You need to be able to see different things. It’s today. Today, in this place, you need to be able to grab hold of a different answer. “It’s not that I have a disease. It’s the time schedule to experience the power of God.” It’s true, isn’t it? “Until now, I’ve lived my life with my own power/strength. Now, I want to know what God’s power is.” God is telling us to give that guilt offering and He’s explaining the laws/regulations regarding that.

2.The Priest (6 Times)→ Gain Spiritual Power/Strength! (Different Power)
>> Do you know what the second thing is? What did He emphasize? He mentioned the priest 6 times. What does this mean? Why was this mentioned 6 times? There are tremendous things that remain through worship. “Gain spiritual power/strength. Not only has your status/identity changed, you must now gain spiritual strength.” It exists. Don’t worry about your depression. Gain spiritual strength. Don’t worry about the worries and concerns that you have. Gain the spiritual strength that God gives. It’s that. People continue to try to fix the problems. If you gain spiritual strength, they’ll disappear on their own. Is that right, or not? If a student is unable to study, they need to gain strength and study. If they’re just sitting there worrying, are they going to be able to study well? No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to. That’s why we must build a temple, hold to the ark of the covenant (covenant) for 24 hours, gather there, and gain strength. If you know this, this is a tremendous thing. I can surely tell you this. The church that has the Gospel is the true temple. The church that does not have the Gospel is an idolatrous shrine. I can tell you this with assurance. The church that does the Gospel movement is the true temple of God. All of you, who are saved, are the temples of God. This is a tremendous thing. Don’t worry. Gain strength. Go and do what? “Eat the bread of life.” This is talking about Christ, spiritual strength. “Don’t wander in the midst of darkness, but shine the light of life. Don’t be discouraged. Send up that incense of 24-hour prayer. Wash away all curses with water.” What did He say? “Pour oil on all things in the temple. With the power of the Holy Spirit. And make a courtyard for the next generation. Don’t let the lights go out there.” This is a tremendous message. Isn’t that so? That’s the law. “It is most holy” was mentioned 3 times and the priests were mentioned 6 times.

3.So Give the Burnt Offering→ Restore the Strength (Power) of the Throne!
>> What’s the third? So what is He telling us to do? “Give the burnt offering. Not just a simple guilt offering, but a burnt offering.” What does that mean? “Gain the power of the throne that is conveyed from God.” As you know, what kind of answers did God give to the Israelites? It looks as if you’re facing hardships. It looked like being in Egypt was great suffering for them, right? “By giving the burnt offering to God in the land of Egypt, explain the power of God to Egypt.” When they were about to die in the wilderness, God provided them with manna and quail. At night it was cold and how hot was it in the day? So God guided them with the pillar smoke (cloud) and fire. “Worship that God. Give that burnt offering.” That’s it. Try it. When you properly restore worship, God’s amazing works begin. Everyone, you know King David, right? David was the king of all kings. Do you know what he had? He possessed a mystery that other people didn’t know. What did he do? During the time he praised, evil spirits fled. He was different from the average person. This is the blessing you’ve received and the blessing that you will receive in the future. Without knowing this mystery, people don’t even know why people go to church.
>> I have a special hobby. There are politicians who criticize and curse the church. Isn’t that so? I carefully take a look at their children/descendants. Really. There’s a woman who curses and criticizes the church. Her son is completely suffering from mental problems. I feel so bad for them. What good is it to study so much? They have no spiritual knowledge at all. What’s the use of being successful when you’re going to die? You need to be alive to live in that house you build. Why even build it wen you won’t be able to live there? Isn’t that so? Let’s say I called Deborah over and said, “Here, you can have my bank account”. That would make her happy, right? “Take my car key.” She’d take it and say, “Thank you”. “You can take all my nice things. But there’s one condition. Give me your life.” Do you think she’d take it then? Satan uses this kind of strategy. This is how he deceives mankind. The church doesn’t know this so they do useless things and curse other churches. A large number of people gathering isn’t what’s important. If you and the church understand and know this, when you pray, you’ll be able to block the force of darkness, with spiritual power. I believe that the hardships of the nation are the responsibilities of the church. I believe it’s the spiritual responsibility of the church. In the many nations and countries that are having problems, the church needs to be held accountable. It’s not the time for the church to be protesting, properly praying. They need to be fighting the spiritual battle. But they’re not fighting the spiritual battle. Instead, they’re fighting about the physical things. It’s pathetic. That’s why spiritual problems will seep in and people will die. It’s pitiful.
>> So look in the Bible. When David praised, the evil spirits fled. When the ark of the covenant was entering his kingdom, David danced with joy. He was a different king. And what else? He gave a prayer that was completely different from yours. “I lay and sleep in an ivory bed, but the Lord’s ark of the covenant is in a place where the wind blows.” He prayed a prayer that really came from his conscience. “I’m here sleeping on an ivory bed, but the ark of the covenant of the Lord is in a place where the wind blows. I must build a temple that can house the Lord’s ark of the covenant. A temple where I can praise God with all the people.” How do you think God felt when He saw David? This is how it’s recorded in the Bible. When Solomon did wrong, God said, “For the sake of your father, David”. That means God gave him another chance. He said that He was doing so because of his father David. How important is this part of God’s covenant, that we’re holding on to?

>> There’s sure, historic evidence. May you hold on to this covenant today and pray. What is it that bleeding woman held to when she went? It’s the same thing. She believed that she could be a witness if God, Christ solved this problem that she had. Bartimaeus screamed out loud, but this doesn’t mean that he received answers because he did. He had no choice but to yell out. He was blind and he didn’t know where Jesus was. He had to just yell out first. What does that mean? It’s because he believed that his spiritual problems will be healed if he met Christ. “Jesus, son of David! Have mercy on me!” Jesus stopped walking and he said, “Let it be done just as you believed”. If Jesus stops in his tracks in your business and says, “Let it be done just as you believed”, that’s it.
>> Those who are ill, don’t worry. Enter into this covenant, this law. Enter into the different status/identity that God has prepared. Enter into the different power that God has prepared. Enter into the power of the throne of heaven that God eternally guarantees. There can be many conflicts inside the church. You can make all those things into blessings. Today, you need to take this covenant with you. As I saw the church and people, I was able to see many hardships. For me, those weren’t trials. They were blessings of God. Isn’t that so? We can see many people. But they’re not the subjects of our faith. They’re the subjects of God’s love that we must share. If you hold on to this covenant, you can see many things. All the believers and remnants throughout the nation and the world, hold on to the covenant. Even if you pray for just 5 minutes within the 24 hours, works will arise one day. In that long day of 24 hours, even if you just hold on to the Gospel, covenant for 5 minutes, works will arise one day. I’m sure of this. The answers that I’m receiving even now are the things I prayed about for 5 minutes in the evangelism field a long time ago.
>> I’m foreseeing the remnants and the future that will arise down the line in our Immanuel Church. I’m foreseeing the future of all our assistant pastors who are quietly serving the church. God will bring about works that will completely save the metropolitan area. Hold on to the covenant today. “When will answers come?” Don’t think about that. God will do all that work in the accurate time. That’s what it says in the Bible and it’s also what I’ve experienced. “God, who is with me, grant me evidence.” When did answers come to Joseph? That was in God’s hands. In the most accurate time, it will come. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus that today could be the time for you to hold on to the covenant and receive healing. Let us pray.

God, help us to not be deceived. Help us to lay down all of our problems before You. Allow us to put down all our wrongdoings and trespasses at the bottom of the cross. Help us to lay down our weaknesses before you. Allow us to restore our different status/identity. Allow us to gain the different strength. Allow us to enjoy this different background that You give to us. Let this church be the church that saves the people of the world. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)

Prayer for Offering and Benediction
God, we give You our offering. Rightfully, grant us the economy of light that defeats the economy of darkness. While we exist on this earth, help us to build a temple that saves posterity. May our offering itself be used for the important work of binding the force of darkness.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all problems, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon God’s people who have held on to the important covenant of healing today, both now and always, forever. Amen.