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01.22.2021 – The Prayer Movement that Blocks Disaster

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Message: Core Training Message- 07/18/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (27)- The Prayer Movement that Blocks Disaster
Scripture: 1 Kings 18:41-46

>> I had this strange thought last week.
This COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for a while now, but I don’t find myself praying. I sensed that last week. I should be praying about the pandemic, but I didn’t find myself praying about. I was praying about other things. I think I wasn’t praying too much about the pandemic because there are problems that come because of it, but I saw that there were good opportunities as well. So starting last week, I thought, “I need to pray”. So I’m also giving a prayer request to our evangelists in the nation and the world.
>> If you look in the Bible, there were prayer movements that blocked disasters. There were many during the important times. So there are few things that you need to think about first.
1)What Kind of Prayer?- Repentance
>> What kind of prayer must you pray? When calamities came and they were trying to resolve it, they prayed a repentance prayer. There are people from other denominations listening to my messages and there are also theologians who are listening and researching. What do you think you need to repent about? The nation of Israel faced disasters more than 7 times. Each time, what did God tell them to repent about? There’s a common factor.
(1)Gospel and Covenant- They’ve completely lost hold of the Gospel and the covenant. This is what we need to repent of.
(2)Idolatrous Age (False Prophet)- Because they lost of the Gospel and the covenant, the age of idolatry absolutely came. As the idolatrous age arose, age by age, many false prophets arose as well.
(3)Disaster (Natural World)- Because of that, disasters befall them. Mainly when disasters befell them, they were sold as slaves. Wars broke out. Captivity and colonization. One of the characteristics here is that they also faced natural disasters.
2)Joint Prayer
>> In the scripture that we must read today, there was a drought and they were all about to die because there was no rain. This is when they prayed. If that is so, it’s not just any kind of prayer. It’s the prayer where we put our hearts together. Those who know about the spiritual world know what it means to pray in unison. Most people don’t know prayer. But of you really know prayer, you can know everything. So to say that you know prayer means that you can have the restoration of your body, health, and all things.
>> So this time, what must you come together in unison to pray about? “With what prayer topic must you pray?” Really pray about this.
(1)WRC- We must pray that God’s great blessings will come upon the WRC with no problems/accidents. Because WRC is a world conference where many of our remnants gather together, we really need your joint prayers.
(2)Missions Convention- And we also have our Missions Conference. For the Missions Convention, you really need to set aside a time of prayer or pray continuously, for 24 hours.
(3)Deserted Places (Professor Han’s Team)- The theme for this Missions Convention is not just about the 237 nations. We’re really looking at the completely deserted, empty places. This is what we’re praying for. Of course, the other people here are important as well, but you really must pray for our Professor Han’s team from Seoul National University and their rainwater project. Of course, we have our other conferences and conventions as well and they’re all important. Some are small and some are big, but some of them can be skipped once this year. But these conferences (WRC and WMC) are important. Those who are listening to this message today, try praying about this every day.
2)Joint Prayer
>> What happens when there is joint prayer?
(1)Exodus- The works of the Exodus arose. All the people had put the lamb’s blood on their doors and they prayed in unison. At this time, disaster rained down and made Egypt completely surrender.
(2)Age of Esther- And there was another time. There were many other times, of course. But the time of Esther in Babylon. All the Jews were about to die.
>> At this time, Esther was there as a queen so it became a very important opportunity. What kind of opportunity? The words of Mordecai are very important. He spoke of the covenant that we need to hold on to. This is what he said to Esther. “Perhaps, you were chosen as queen for such a time as this. Now, go and speak. The fact that all the Jews are being falsely accused and they’re about to die. If you don’t speak up, God will save us by another way. But if you don’t speak up, you and your father’s household will perish.” It’s not that he was threatening Esther. He was speaking of the covenant. Esther rightfully spoke. “If I perish, I perish.” And then, there was something else that she said. “However, have all the people pray for me.” Mordecai said okay and all the people prayed for her. It wasn’t just 1 or 2 miracles that arose at that time. Those who don’t know about the spiritual world have no choice but to live on the same level as animals.
(3)Early Church (Acts 12:1-25)- And again, take a look. It was when the early church was facing a crisis. If you look in Acts chapter 12, at this time, they prayed together in unison. That night, God took Herod’s life. In the time when you are praying in unison, God raises amazing works. Truly. If you don’t know about the spiritual world, you don’t need to pray. You don’t need to go to church. Even if disasters befall the world and your family/home, you can’t know of it and you won’t be aware of it.

>> Main– Now, how should you pray? We see that today. What’s the most important part?

1.First Start (Spiritual Fight)→ Elijah’s Resolution (1 Kings 18:16-40)
>> The very first battle you must fight. It was Elijah’s resolution. This is what’s important. The resolution that you make is the first start of the spiritual fight (battle).
1)Elijah’s Resolution (1 Kings 18:1-15)
>> But what kind of resolution did he make? A very important resolution. Live your walk of faith this way. He made an absolutely necessary resolution. Whether he lived or died didn’t matter. That’s the real resolution. “If I do this, will I gain something or will I lose something?” This isn’t it. In the real answers that God gives, the resolution is different. Whether you live or die, it doesn’t matter. Isn’t that so? “If we go into the furnace, the Lord will rescue us. But even if He does not, we cannot bow down to the idol.” This is the kind of resolution that you must make.
2)Spiritual Fight of Mt. Carmel (1 Kings 18:16-39)
>> What kind of resolution was it? “I will fight against the 850 false prophets.” He resolved to fight against the 850 false prophets. In your eyes, it may not seem like much. But what kind of resolution was this? He needed to speak with the King Ahab. These prophets were the prophets that King Ahab had placed. This King Ahab was looking around to kill Elijah. But through someone named Obadiah, this spiritual battle was suggested. That’s the very famous confrontation on Mt. Carmel. And there, he was complete spiritual victory. It was done simply, with evidence.
3)Extinction of the False Prophets (1 Kings 18:40)
>> And after that, you see the complete extinction of the false prophets. This is the start. This is the first fight that you must fight. By your prayers, break down all the forces of darkness. You must pray so that the forces of darkness blocking the Gospel all throughout the world can be bound. Even if you don’t go to every place in the world and you’re scattered throughout the world, pray in unison about these things that we’re praying for. You must pray for the upcoming World Missions Convention. You must pray for WRC. You must pray so that all the forces of darkness, disasters, and curses that are blocking the Gospel can be bound. This is what he (Elijah) did first.

2.Elijah’s Prayer (1 Kings 18:41-46)
>> And then, what did he do? You see Elijah’s very important personal prayer.
1)Elijah’s Earnest Prayer (1 Kings 18:41)
>> Not only did he come together with others to pray in unison, but he had his personal prayer as well. 1 Kings 18:41. I don’t know if Elijah set aside the time and prayed all day, but he prayed earnestly.
>> I can make you this promise. Even if you pray just one time a day earnestly, your illnesses and everything else will be healed. But people aren’t doing that very easy thing. Try it. Take a look at how earnestly he prayed. It was a very earnest prayer. If you look here, this is how it’s recorded. He bowed down to the point where his head reached in between is knees. To say that his head was between his knees means that he was really bowing down. What does that mean? I thought about this a lot. His head went between his knees. First off, most of you can’t really bend/bow down because of your belly. Go back home and try to place your head between your knees. What does this mean? In the lives of the Israelites, when they were really earnestly praying, they did so while bowing down and bending over like that. Because he was so deeply in prayer and he didn’t have much fat on his body, he bent over and his head reached between his knees. I’m not telling you to intentionally pray with your head between your knees. But it’s to that extent that we should pray. Look at the prayers of Livingston who changed Africa. He was praying so earnestly that he died in the midst of praying. What does that indicate? That he saw the earnestness of prayer. The average person would fall over to the side if they’re dying even if they were sitting up when they were alive. Most, normal people would be fine when they’re alive but when they’re dying, they’d fall over. But this person (Livingston) was praying so earnestly that he died in the exact state where he was sitting and praying. The works that arose because of him were also amazing. That’s how this Elijah prayed.
2)God’s Power (1 Kings 18:44)
>> What are the important parts of that time? If you look in 1 Kings 18:44, it says that there was a small cloud. What is that? This is the sign of God answering the prayer with His power. This is what we call “faith”. Even though it was just a small part of a cloud, he knew that it would rain.
3)Disasters Went Away (1 Kings 18:46)
>> And as the rain poured down, many disasters began to crumble. God will work in power in response to your prayer and will give you the answer that solves all problems. So starting last week and today, I’m praying about the pandemic in my 24-hour prayer. And the reason why I’m giving you these prayer topics is so that you can continue to pray about WRC, the World Missions Convention, and the rainwater project in your 24-hour prayer.

3.Elijah’s New Strength (1 Kings 19:1-21)
>> Prayer is not a difficult thing. You need to pray properly.
1)New Strength (1 Kings 19:8)
>> God gives new strength/power. May you gain new power/strength. Our workers. Don’t just try to work, but this needs to be the time when you gain new strength. The most important thing is for you to gain new strength. What kind of new strength is this? 1 Kings 19:1-8. Elijah had fallen over and something had come and touched him. But after gaining that strength/power, he walked for 40 days and 40 nights. Walking for 40 days and 40 nights isn’t just your everyday thing, right? He went all the way to Mt. Horeb. Elijah, who had fainted because he had no power and strength left, was strengthened and walked all the way to Mt. Horeb. If you look in the scripture, it says that the angel of the Lord came and touched him. You need to have the opportunity go gain the spiritual strength that the people of this world are not aware of.
2)New Covenant (1 Kings 19:9-18)
>> And what else? Not just anything. After he gained that power, God gave him a new covenant. In the midst of a low whisper, God gives him a new covenant.
3)New Worker (1 Kings 19:19-21)
>> And He promised new workers. This is the strength and answer God will give to you.

♠Conclusion- Dothan Movement
>>Ultimately, what happened? It didn’t end with just this. It changed into the Dothan Movement. Because the Dothan Movement arose, many disciples throughout the nation and the world began to arise.
1)100 People
2)7,000 Disciples
>> Not only did the 100 hidden prophets arise, the 7,000 hidden disciples arose as well.
>> What happens through your prayers? Now, the remnants begin to arise, nationwide. This is the Dothan Movement.
4)Aram Army
>> This didn’t just end there. God enabled them to completely overcome the army of Aram.
>> How? He made them win without fighting. They did world missions without even going. Ultimately, God will do these works through you. May you hold on to the covenant.
>> Now, what do you think? There’s something that I’m really curious. I want to ask if you pray. And if you do pray, I want to ask you how you do. That’s what I’m most curious about. Of course, if you don’t pray, you can meditate on the Word. However, in fighting the spiritual battle/fight, prayer is essential. I said before. In the past, I did scheduled prayer. But now, I don’t do scheduled prayer. When I open my eyes, I concentrate and pray for about 3 hours. Of course, it’s brief when I don’t move around much. But when I do move around, I do concentrate for about 3 hours. The reason why I say “3 hours” is because whenever I have a conference or other work, I wake up 3 hours earlier. If I have a time I need to depart, I wake up 3 hours prior. Now that it’s become such a habit, I don’t have an alarm. I wake up before the alarm. And from that point on, I begin to pray. And at that time, as I pray, I do so while deeply praying. That takes about 2-3 hours. The reason I say this is because we’re always low on oxygen. You don’t even have to hold your breath. Just breathe in and out very slowly and do that for about 2-3 hours. Then your body will be revived. It will also be spiritually revived. And you can enter very deeply into prayer. That’s my scheduled prayer. I don’t have a separate time.
>> And at night, I do deep prayer. What I mean by that is that I breathe in and hold my breath. And also praying deeply as well. That’s the time when I pray deeply with your names as well. Then I fall asleep. And when I get up in the morning, again, I pray deeply. And throughout the day, I pray about the things that I’ve been thinking about and other prayer topics as well. There are many answers and strength that I gain from that. The things I’ve told you aren’t difficult. You don’t have to go up to some mountain. You don’t have to go to some special place. You don’t need those things. Just continue to do them throughout your every day life. You’ve been just sitting there, but I’ve been giving lectures all day. Even while giving the messages, I deeply and slowly breathe in a pattern in the midst of prayer. There are no abnormalities in my body. And rather, I feel as if I’m gaining strength as time passes.
>> It’s not a difficult thing, but many people can’t really understand. If you’re just sitting there, there’s damage being done to your body. You’re sitting there on your computers and just breathing the way you normally do, but that’s actually damaging a lot of your body. So when you’re breathing in very deeply and holding your breath, there won’t be damage done to your body. Your entire body will be relaxed. There’s a difference between relaxation and no relaxation in your body. You’ll store energy in your body and you’ll even be able to pray well. If you can pray like this for the whole day, you experience tremendous happiness and you gain strength. So starting today, start 24-hour prayer praying for this disaster of COVID-19 to be cast away and for it to end. I bless you in the name of the Lord that you’re able to enjoy this year and the big conferences as you anticipate the kind of answers that will come. Let us pray.

God, we thank You. May today be an important start. May prayer be restored today as well. May spiritual strength be restored. May this be the time when healing takes place. May this be the time when the gates of heaven, that the world does not know, open. God, may Your works arise so that the world’s doors may open through this year’s Missions Convention. Hear the prayers of all the believers who are praying about COVID-19 and would You allow for this disaster to be bound. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)