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01.21.2021 – One Person with the Covenant

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 07/18/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (27)- One Person with the Covenant
Scripture: Acts 9:15

>> This week’s meeting for the Business Message is for the professors.
It’s really connected with today’s conference (Busan).
The important Word of God for the professors today is that this one person with the covenant is very important.
Paul was like that in Acts 9:15. Paul, originally, was a very well-learned scholar. In today’s terms, he was a very skilled professor. He was an outstanding scholar of law and languages. This person received the Gospel. When he received the Gospel, the entire world was revived. He also laid down the foundations for world evangelization.
>> If our professors our mistaken, they may think that they have to do great things, but that’s not the case. It’s also easy for you to think, “I’m already busy enough as it is, but I’ve got to go to church and do something great”. But that’s not it.
>> Many other professors, even some pastors and believers, are in the midst of many scars.
2)Spiritual Problem
>> And there are spiritual problems, that they’re not even aware of, are arising. But they don’t even know that such words exist. People who are skilled artists, in the entertainment industry, or scholars, may have more of this.
3)Fourth Industrial Revolution (Great Change)
>> And as you well know, as the 4th industrial revolution comes, things will become more severe. This fourth industrial revolution is approaching us soon and there will be great change. But there’s one thing that does not change. Right now, people are continuously facing these spiritual problems, but these spiritual problems won’t change. Because humankind are spiritual beings, this part will never change.
>> That’s why great hardship may come in the future. It’s at this time that God has called all of you. What are the professors doing right now currently inside of our organization? Even with that, they’re doing so much. The Paul Education Team. And we also have our Professor Team that’s connected to each nation. Some of our professors are even taking part in the Regional Church Ministry. And they’re also participating in giving internships to our next generation. And also, our scholarship organization. Our OMC activities are another huge thing. And now, we have foreign professors from other nations who came to Korea and began to participate in this evangelism movement. All kinds of retreats as well as the specialized, professional meetings. This is what our professors are doing right now. Even with just this alone, it’s tremendous.

>> Main– So this is the covenant that all of our professors must hold to.

1.One Person with the Covenant and the Future
>> You, the one person with the covenant, absolutely have God’s future awaiting.
1)Genesis 37:11
>> When it says that Jacob kept Joseph’s words in mind, it means that the 2 people really connected. No one ever thought that that would change the world. If you, one person with the covenant, are able to spiritually connect with a remnant who has the covenant, important results will ensue. This is just my thought. But when Jacob had heard that his son became the governor, what do you think he thought? He probably, first off, was shocked. Because this one covenant that you’re embracing is connected to the future, it’s more important than “now”/today.
2)Exodus 2:1-10
>> One woman named Jochebed, who had the covenant, explained this in a short amount of time to Moses. From there came Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. During the time you are a professor, there is a set time for you to meet with your students. In that brief time, if you can place the covenant of God in them, the unimaginable works of Exodus will arise. When I was reading through Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers, I really thought, “This truly is amazing”. One by one, I’m explaining it right now. But everything that we need in this age is written there. That’s how important this is. Professors, it would be great if you can do many things, but you don’t have to.
3)1 Samuel 1:9-11
>> As long as you just properly relay the covenant to the disciples in the field. You’re familiar with 1 Samuel 1:9-11. A woman named Hannah just relayed the covenant of the Nazirite and as you well know, people like Samuel and David arose.
>> So professors need to think about this every day. “Ah, in the ministry that we do, the future is absolutely contained.” Especially these great spiritual things. The average person doesn’t know that. To say that you’ve received salvation means that you know these tremendous spiritual things. And through those who know that, it gets transmitted. There are things that are contagious and things that are transmitted. These spiritual things are transmitted.
>> The Gospel and World Evangelization
So if the professors accurately hold to the covenant, it will absolutely be transmitted. There are some common factors here. What are they? It’s the Gospel and world evangelization. We see that there. Simply put, what is the Gospel? On this earth, regardless of science, spiritual problems continue to crash in and disasters are falling. Unseen to the eyes, the force of darkness, the force of Satan has actually/realistically seized people.
>> I’m sure they’re listening to this message in America as well. The Freemasons as well as the New Age organizations in America are actually making people become demon-possessed. It’s really alarming, isn’t it? The New Age movement that is the most influential in America. What are they saying? They formally said, “We serve Satan”. I’ve never been there myself, but they even built the church of Satan. They’ve publicly come out with this. But it’s just Christians who consider the Word of God as some story from a neighboring town. That’s the one thing that the professors must understand.
>> God’s Word and the Gospel are not some stories from a neighboring town. They contain the covenant that we absolutely need right now. So you have to clearly explain this Gospel, which is Christ. The king who overcame Satan. Disasters continue to befall us. He is the priest who blocked disasters. We cannot believe in God or see God. But he is the prophet that told us the way to meet God. This is what you need to explain. These 3 titles put together means, “The Anointed One”. That is, “Christ”. Those who knew this relayed it to one disciple and these are the things that took place.
4)1 Samuel 17:18
>> Those who don’t know this don’t know what’s important and what’s unimportant. Goliath invaded. Generally, people understand it this way. There was a war and Goliath of Philistia invaded. This Goliath, in one way, was a powerful missionary who served Dagon. So the important part is not that he invaded Israel. What he said was, “Let’s fight, one on one.” And there’s something that he said. “Anyone who believes in the Lord God. Come and fight me.” That means, “I believe in Dagon”. So it’s an invisible spiritual battle that’s taking place. Of course, none of the Israelites were able to fight against him.
>> Do you think Jesse didn’t know this when he sent David on that errand? Was he not aware of this dangerous situation? He knew. Yet still, this is what he said to David. As he gave him some food and sent him out to the battlefield, he said, “You must give them this and bring back a token”. He didn’t say, “Along the way, if it seems too dangerous, come back”. He said, “You must bring back a token”. Then what must he do? That means that he’s got to go all the way to the camp/barracks. He could have gone to the person at the gate and said, “Please pass this on to my brothers”. Think about it. It was a situation in which a war was going on. That place was a camp for the army. In that case, one would say, “Please pass this on to the centurion”. Because the person at the entrance of the gate would ask who it’s for. But his father said, “Absolutely give this to your brothers and the centurion. Absolutely bring back a token/pledge that you gave it to them.”
>> This is the education that you must hold to. In order to bring back a pledge, he had to go all the way to the camp and relay it. That’s where he saw Goliath. That’s why he gave up everything and said that he will fight against Goliath. That’s how he won. The knowledge and covenant that you relay will absolutely bear fruit. People didn’t really believe me at first. When I first came to this neighborhood, I said that I’m absolutely going to do world evangelization from that small basement. They all just thought I was saying words. The coming together of your knowledge and the covenant will absolutely bring about world evangelization. Hold to this as your covenant today.
5)1 Kings 18:1-15
>> Obadiah, who knew this, hid 100 prophets. Even if I don’t explain the background, I’m sure you know. This went as far as overcoming Aram. Your ministry is not a small thing at all.
6)Isaiah 6:1-13
>> Isaiah 6:1-13, God said. “Even though everything perishes, the stump will remain. There will be those of the covenant who remained. From there will come a tree and from the tree, a forest.” And that’s what really happened. Professors throughout the nation and the world, you know these words. You’re familiar with these Bible verses. So I’m not saying that you should listen once and just let it slide. Hold to it as your own today. Those of you with the covenant. You don’t have to go out to the streets to evangelize. Just pass on the covenant well to the disciples and these things will happen.
7)Acts 9:15
>> Look at this, you just need to make one person like this. A person like Paul. That’s what happens. The places where you can do this is the colleges.

2.Professor Team’s Mission (Summit)
>> So we see here today. May you become the summit who does 3 things in the colleges. Professors, because you have the covenant, you have received the blessing of the summit. Having received the answer of the summit, do 3 things. What are those 3 things?
1)Mission Team
>> To the person or disciple you meet, they don’t have to be many, just give them the mission. We came to the answer regarding this mission earlier. But for those who are just listening through the video don’t know, so what does this mission mean?
>> It’s turning nothing, that has completely perished, into everything. So this becomes very important. So from this mission, the heavenly mandate, calling, and mission follow. Along with the mission, give the important disciple you’re meeting the important way/path. That’s internship. Professors with the Gospel just need to relay the accurate covenant to one disciple. That’s what it means to bring life into “nothing” and turn that into “everything”.
2)Internship Team
(1)Heavenly Mandate, Calling, Mission
(2)1, 3, 8
(3)Only, Uniqueness, Re-Creation
>> What is internship? Really make only, uniqueness, and re-creation. It’s that internship.
3)Forum Team
(1)Romans 16:1-23
(2)Romans 16:20
(3)Romans 16:25-27
>> And give them the answer of life forum. That’s Romans 16. If you connect that with the Busan Conference, you’ll find many answers.

3.Your Existence Itself in the Field is a Blessing
>> Professors who have God’s future. Those who have the blessing of the summit, who are able to reveal the mission, path, and the path of one’s entire life. Then your existence itself is a blessing. Think about it. How is it that God made you a professor? That itself has tremendous significance. And on top of that, in the age when all the doors are opening to globalization, you are a professor.
1)Matthew 5:13-16
>>So if you look in Matthew 5:13-16, he explains that you are the light of the world.
2)1 Peter 2:9
>> In 1 Peter 2:9, it says that you’ve been called to declare this marvelous light. In order to declare this marvelous light, you’ve been called as a royal priesthood. As a holy nation. This is the most important central Word of God in the Bible.
>> Then what kind of blessings have the professors received? To say that you know “Christ” means the same thing as “believer”. If you just know the word “Christ, you’ll be able to enjoy the blessing of the king, who defeats Satan, wherever you go. You’ve received the exact same blessing, as it says in 1 Peter 2:9. The blessing of a priest. In the places you go, the force of darkness is bound to flee because you shine the light of the Gospel. Wherever you go, the doors to the throne of heaven open and the paths/ways open. That’s why that’s the blessing of a prophet.
>> Because of COVID-19, the professors in our nation are not able to gather in one place. That’s why we’re filming this video and you’ll watch it on Saturday. But you must not lose hold of the covenant. Professors, you don’t have to worry about anything else. What is the covenant that God has really given to you? Just hold on to that. That’s not a difficult thing. You’re relaying the accurate Gospel and the knowledge that you have to the disciple. Then those kinds of disciples are bound to arise. Once you find them, you can carry out the role of the summit of relaying 3 things. The reason why the Word is working upon the disciple you give the Word to is because you’ve relayed these 3 things.
>> Identity
You must tell them the final thing. Identity. What is your identity? You’re a professor. But just not any professor. You are professors who were made to shine the light. You yourself are the professor who brings down disasters. You are the prophets who make the works of the Holy Spirit arise, through Christ. There’s only one difference. Those who know and those who don’t. Those who believe and those who don’t believe. I’m sure you believe. Those who have experienced this and those who haven’t.
>> I’ve seen this so much. If I had not gone out to the evangelism field, I would have been in great trouble. Because that answer is still coming back to me now. Why am I saying this? You are the witnesses of that. So discard everything else today and only hold to the covenant. “Ah, I am the covenant transmitter who is holding the important future.” Absolutely, when a disciple arises, show them these 3 ways. From here comes internship, forum, and everything else.

>> Then you have to come to this one conclusion for them. “Do the professors have to do a lot of work and evangelize?” No. This is something you must do for them.
1)Spiritual Problem
>> As you give our lectures in your school, if you have the answer, you’ll be able to see the people who are in need of the Gospel. Those with spiritual problems. Whether they ask a lot of weird questions or they’re not able to adapt. And there are some who do other things that catch your eyes. These people are the opportunities. Have a conference (student-teacher) with them and share the Gospel. Because this isn’t being done, there are so many suicides in the military. It’s quite unfortunate. They don’t know in the military. As a student, they might have been outstanding. But they go to join the military with depression and it’s hard for them to adapt. Then that spiritual problem can be quickly noticed. If another Christian or a chaplain there don’t address that, they’re really doing wrong.
>> I said this last time when the professors gathered. But when you share the Gospel to these students, another disciple arises from among them. There’s no reason to rush. “Professors are raising up the evangelism movement like the wind on the college campuses.” We don’t need that. You shouldn’t be doing that in the colleges. It’s a pale where you need to speak of academic things. There, you’re carrying out this role in subtlety. You’re finding those who have spiritual problems and disciples.
>> There’s one last thing you need to do for them. One day, that disciple must leave your bounds of academia. Isn’t that so? Even if this student enrolled in Seoul National University, one day, this student has to leave. You can do it to this extent, but you need to help them so that they can go out to the world and triumph. Just relay the answer. What do you think? Does it seem simple? God is bound to give you all the answers.
>> In doing this work, to what extent did I see these fields? I didn’t even have any sicknesses. If I did, I wasn’t even aware. When this church was having great revival and growth, the neighboring churches really gave us a hard time, persecuting us, but I didn’t even really know that. It just seems like a few years passed in a single breath. It’s already been 20-30 years since I met all of you but it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. It’s to this point that I’ve really sprinted. So if you’re holding on to this covenant today, even though it’s the same university and the same people, you’ll see them differently. You’ll be able to see what others cannot see.

(The end)