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01.20.2021 – Empty Places (Joseph and the 3 Teams_Conclusion)

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Message: 2020 Regional Intensive Evangelism Training (Busan), Lecture 2 (Conclusion)- 07/14/2020
Title: Conclusion of Lecture 2- “3 Reasons” (Empty Places)
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Matthew 28:18-20)

♠ Conclusion of Lecture 2- 3 Reasons (Empty Places) ♠

>> Why is that? Why? Is it, “Because we believe in Jesus, we’re bound to be blessed”? Does it mean, “After I believed in Jesus, I was able to make a living”? If you described the church in that way, who would come to church? If it’s that kind of church, you need to get rid of it. There are people who live better than that. The church shouldn’t be emphasizing that. There are 3 reasons.
1)Empty Places of the 237 Nations- Local Natives/Indigenous People
>> The first reason. The 237 nations are dying amidst disaster. This is what Joseph did. Going beyond the 237 nations, there are 4,000-5,000 people groups. The local natives. Those places are left empty.
>> The reason why I’m giving you the New Year’s message beforehand is because the actual new year is the time for resolution. Sometimes I give the New Year’s message and I explain for months because people don’t understand and somehow it ends up being July already. So I received the answer in advance. “I’m going to talk about this in advance. By New Year’s it’s going to be time to make a resolution.” Because of Joseph, all the world came to him to buy grain. Then they’re bound to ask who this Joseph is. They’re going to find out why he was sold as a slave and why he became the governor. They’re bound to find out what kind of dream he interpreted and how he did so. The empty places. You have to understand this well. We’ve got our missionaries here. Let me talk about this in a negative sense. These people are from the major cities. There are often times when they reach out to the indigenous people but even then, they only provide charity and relieve. Putting aside the language barrier, they’re not able to connect with them from even the heart. There are many who live without any clothes on. The Gospel hasn’t entered into any of those places. I’m saying, let’s do this next year.
2)Empty Places of 90% of the Churches
>> And the second. 90% of the Korean churches and the people there are dependent. These are the empty places.
3)Empty Places of the 10%, the Elite
>> Then who are the 10%? They’re the elites. But these places are even emptier. Professor Park said earlier. It’s even harder for the elite. In worldly terms, all those people there are elites, aren’t they? They’re people who see the field of elites.
>> We have Professor Hwang from Seoul National University here as well. But all these people are SNU (Seoul National University) graduates and they’re people who studied well since they were young. This is the field they have seen after receiving the Gospel. So there’s a reason why I’m telling you this in advance. Together with Professor Ham, we have to take water to these people (indigenous people). I’m so glad you’re here today. Professor Ham, it’s just that he doesn’t believe in Jesus. But in some ways, he’s better than some people who do believe in Jesus. The only flaw he has is that he doesn’t believe in Jesus. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t believe in Jesus. Our professor’s life is also in God’s hands. God sent Christ to get rid of all of our curses. We have to make these water systems in all these places. It’s such clean and pure water that needs to be stored. There’s a system that I’m planning for next year and the goal is to have about 100 of these. But we’re going to make a system that aids/helps dependent churches and I’m going to place the pastors of those dependent churches in those 100 systems to serve. That’s why I told our social welfare teams and Rev. Ryu Chi-yeong to come today. And the other thing we’re trying to have is the Dream Camp next year, centered on the elite.
>> That’s why I’m telling you these things. Quickly renew. When we have our conferences, there are expenses that you spend regarding the usage of the building, electricity, or things like that. But don’t do that anymore. Then when are we going to do this (conclusion)? We have to save at least one cent to do this (conclusion). Starting next year. I’m praying for this, but this isn’t something we’re just praying for. Don’t put people, who aren’t necessarily needed, and pay them for that. That’s not right before God. If we continue that way, this is going to end with our generation. If you’re thinking, “Let’s just end this with our generation. Whether Darakbang fails or not, let’s just collect our gains each moment”, then just act as you are now. “We can do things against the law. If we get caught, we can just end things here.” If you do that and you get caught, they’re going to start dragging my name across media and it’ll just be over for us. That’s why we decided to record all our spending and have an external audit. I’m not just saying this. You need to hear God’s voice well.
>> You have to look at the age. You have to quickly catch on to how much you’re lagging behind in this age. The one thing that President Moon’s administration is doing well is being accurate about the taxes. All the developed nations do that and he’s doing that quite well. It’s just Korea is a bit slow. Ask our elder here. He’s someone who has lived in America in a long time. All developed nations are like this. If you take money to banks here in Korea, they’ll say, “Welcome”. But you can’t do that in developed countries. When you take that money to them, they’ll ask, “Where did you get this money?”. That needs to be verified in order for you to be able to keep that money. Our nation is still an underdeveloped nation. Regardless of whether you stole or got it some other way, if you bring them money, they’ll be okay with it. You can’t even do that in Japan. You can’t make a deposit freely. You have to write where you got this money from. And if you used it, you’ve got to verify where you’ve used it. That’s what a developed nation is like. And President Moon is saying that he wants to do that and that’s what we do need to do. The time has come now. He wants to go and look deeply into all the churches. But it’s not just the churches. All the Buddhist temples and other temples as well. Right now, they’ve got so much hidden money stored up. But I believe that the Moon administration must do this.
>> If you’ve opened up your eyes and prayed, you’ll know, right? How the age is moving. God has given us this opportunity at this perfect time. If you come to our church to have conference, how glorious is that? Isn’t that so?
If you’ve been accepting pay for that until now, don’t receive it anymore. At Yewon Church, I talked to Rev. Chung about it and he’s someone who is very clean in terms of material wealth. He said, “Were they accepting money? I didn’t even know”. So this is the offering that the church members are giving. Perhaps I’m nagging you too much today, but even when you’re coming in, don’t just try to sneak in. Last week, my son was trying to get in and he got caught. So the people who are doing administration work right now are doing well. My son had been misunderstanding in his own way. He was thinking, “I’m Rev. Ryu’s son, right? So I’m just going in, okay?”. That’s why Esther Choi, who you all dislike, grabbed him and told him to come out. Who’s right?
>> We need to do things properly now. You need to teach your children. Hold their hands, take them, and register. “This is a place where we do world missions.” They’re intentionally making the prayer journals, but in a sense, they’re a minus in our budget. But they make them anyways so that they can give it to the children (means that people aren’t paying for them and just handing them out). Take them by the hand and go buy them. In the past, I didn’t know all these things that were going on. But now that we’re doing this audit, I need to take responsibility so I’m looking deeper into things. They people working for the Prayer Journal were just giving them out to the children so I asked, “Why are you letting them just take it for free?”. There are lots of kids who just take them and leave them on the floor without actually even using it. We should not educate our children like this. They need to know who precious this is. So now we need to change all this. Keep these things in mind. If there are things that are a bit inconvenient for you, just know and think, “Our organization is heading towards being a global organization”. There’s nothing to even feel uncomfortable about. This is simpler.
>> So as you pray, please open your eyes. I’m always praying about this, but Professor Ham has been doing so much work and I haven’t even been able to help him make one of those water tanks. Let’s save a bit on what we spend to eat among other things and help with that. And look at those kids. The kids who came up from the provincial areas are wandering around because they’ve got nowhere to sleep. Even if we don’t buy a house for them, we can at least rent out a room for them and tell them to stay there. And our older women. What else are you going to do with your time? You can make them some kimchi and go and encourage them. What we have left ahead of us is how we’re going to raise up our children well for the future. The 90% of people who are suffering from spiritual problems, including the indigenous people, are unable to receive any benefits of any kind. These places are the empty places. In a way, these people have probably never gained any benefits until now. You must stand as the main figures (to help them).
>> Why am I giving this message here in Busan? This is where you began. Now, we have to start anew and head out to the world. Wherever Joseph went, God brought everything to him. Politics, finances, culture, and all things were taken to him. It was bound to be that way. The church must do what God wants/desires. Only then will you not be ridiculed by unbelievers. Only then could God answer us. Only then will the force of darkness be bound. “Satan will be trampled underneath your feet.” Let us pray.

God, we thank You. Help us to see what You desire. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)