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08.11.2021 – Result of the Spiritual Summit

08.11.2021 – Result of the Spiritual Summit

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Core Training Message- 02/06/2021
Title: Field of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC Answer (5)- Result of the Spiritual Summit
Scripture: Genesis 45:5

▶Throughout the year, in the Business and Industry Missions Message, we’ll speak about the 237.
In the lectures of the Study of Evangelism messages, we’ll speak about the 5,000 people groups and healing.
And we’ll speak about the summit throughout the year, during the Core Training messages.
As you know, in the Bible, there is a composition of the account of disasters, the wilderness, captivity, and so on. Through the 1st service, we’ll continue to hear about the 237, healing, and summit healing that sets you free from that. And during the 2nd service messages on the Lord’s Day, we’ll hear about the temple construction and the sanctuary. So I hope you can continue to confirm the Word well.
▶What are the tremendous results that come out through one spiritual summit? You must hold on to that as the covenant today. That is Genesis 45:5.

▶Introduction: Enslavement (Genesis 1:27)→ Spiritual Being
You must first come to realize why they were placed in enslavement. It may look as thought they’re not enslaved, but there are so many people who are enslaved by Satan. This is what the Bible tells us. It says in Genesis 1:27 that God created all mankind in His image, in His likeness. That’s why all people are spiritual beings.
1)Spiritual Summit- Throne, Transcend Time and Space
▶So the very first thing we need to be is the spiritual summit. If you are not aware of this blessing, then of course, rightfully, you’ll become a slave. Not just a simple slave, but a slave to Satan. At first glance, it may look as though you’ve become a slave of the world, but you become enslaved to Satan. This is the blessing that He has given to us from the beginning (spiritual summit). As you know, the blessing of the spiritual summit is the blessing of the throne. How amazing is that? And this blessing of the throne transcends time and space. And God is saying now, “Receive this first”.