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01.16.2021 – Joseph and the 3 Teams (1)

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Regional Intensive Evangelism Training (Busan), Lecture 2 (1)- 07/14/2020
Title: “Summit’s Place” – Joseph and the 3 Teams
Scripture: Genesis 37:1-11

>> For the 2nd lecture, we must hold on to the covenant about that well known “Joseph and the 3 Teams”.
Among the believers, there are people who aren’t able to really live their walk of faith because things are so difficult. Pastors aren’t really able to do their pastoral ministry as well. There are too many people like this. If that is so, I’m sure those who were appointed today were able to confirm where their position is. There are even more people like that in the field. It’s just that people don’t talk about it, because they have a reputation to hold. But they’re really dying in the midst of hardships. What do you think? There were a few times when I thought my life was really pitiful. We inherited it from our parents and the adult generation, but I realized that having the basic necessities of life were so difficult. I always thought that it was because of a lack of education and the lack of a background. But I was able to see people who were highly educated and had much. And I realized that things were worse for them. When I went to visit Japan, I realized that Japan was more advanced than us. That’s something we need to acknowledge and learn from, but they’ve also got very serious spiritual problems. First off, there are many mental patients. And the most well-off nation in the world, America, has even more. This is a serious thing.
>> So this was the first resolution that I came to.
“I am a child of God who has received God’s blessings. I must go to the place of the summit.” If you’re not going to go to the place of the summit, it’s all in vain. Even if you do go there, you’ve got to remain there. So I decided to just overstep the things that many/most people were interested in. Things like success and money. So I walked into the fields every day. After going there for more than 10 years, I met all of you. God allowed me to confirm that the things that I was worried about in the past were things that I didn’t have to worry about. Rather, the opposite happened. Because there were so many works taking place, the people I met before you were making my life so difficult. Acting as if I didn’t see all that, I decided that I was going to go to the summit. I went in there, yielding everything. However, God enabled me to enter into even greater works of evangelism while their lives became more difficult. There’s one last resolution that I have. “I will go into the empty places that God desires.” I see that as the resolution that God has given. “Then if that is so, God will give me strength/power.” The answer to that are the 3 teams.

♠ Lecture 1: Joseph’s Mission (Genesis 37:1-11) ♠

>> Then kind of answer did He give? God gave a mission to Joseph. You must remember. “I don’t have anything. I can’t do it.” Just the fact you are using those words and seeing it that way means that you are not in this place. When Joseph was doing this, regardless of the answers that did or didn’t come, he was in this place. Even though he was young, he was in that summit place. So this mission becomes simple. No matter what you do, if you’re not in the summit place, you may use the word, “mission”, but it doesn’t belong to you. Even when you’re in your company, if you’re not in the place of a summit, they can’t give you a mission. Then they’re going to give you the pink slip. Asking you to leave. That’s all that’s going to be left. You weren’t able to carry out the role of a summit. It’s the same wherever you go. So if you are in this summit place, then this is the very first answer that is given to you. Genesis 37:1-11.

1.Introduction → One Who Has All Things in Advance
>> There’s an important introduction here. What is that introduction? It’s the person who has all the things of God, all things, ahead of time. “Joseph went as a slave. How could he have this in advance?” Joseph as a slave, but he had this in advance. Now that’s the issue. He had it. Other people didn’t think he had it, but Joseph knew that he had this. This is the difference. If you don’t know this, when a problem comes, you’re going to consider it to be a problem. But the majority of the believers are like that. God is driving this tremendous answer to them, but people think it’s a problem. That’s why they’re foolish. Then if we were to go with your terminology, it’s right that problems came to Joseph. David suffered his whole life long. But no. They had this in advance. That’s the important point in our introduction.

2.Main→ If that is so, how did they have this? I’ll try to keep this simple and brief.
1)Accurate Covenant- Heavenly Mandate
>> First. They held to the accurate covenant. This is what’s important. Even when you make a promise/appointment, you need to make it accurate. If you’re meeting in a very busy place in the city, the place where you decided to meet needs to be accurate. If not, it’ll be hard to meet. He held to the accurate covenant.
>> To what extent was it accurate? I won’t write it down because it’ll take too much time. But he said that the sheaves of grain/wheat bowed down to him. In verse 9, he said that the sun and the moon bowed down to him. And also, in verse 9, he said that 11 stars bowed down to him. The brothers who didn’t understand these words heard them and got so angry. And if you don’t know the covenant, it is something to get upset about. If you don’t know the summit, you’re going to be angry. “Does that even make sense? Are you saying that we’re going to bow down to you?” That doesn’t make sense to them. The brothers thought, “Is this kid out of his mind? He’s saying that we’re going to bow down to him?”. But in actuality, Joseph was talking about world evangelization. This is what we call, ‘heavenly mandate’. This heavenly mandate is something that God has given to you. Among those who don’t have faith and those who do, those who have received God’s heavenly mandate are those who succeed.
2)Nothing- Calling
>> The second thing is important. Why is it that God drove him to the crisis of death? Isn’t that so? “Why did God drive him into slavery and corner him into loneliness?” Joseph knew that. That person is the summit. Joseph’s brothers didn’t know what “summit was” because they were fine as long as they had their stomach’s fill. “How is it that God drove him towards such a dangerous path?” Look carefully. God took him into “nothing”. Isn’t that so? If He’s not going to take you into this, why else would He take you? This is what we call, “calling”. But what did he have first? He knew that God had had given him the mission and that He had given him everything.
3)Everything- Mission
>> He didn’t just see “nothing”. What else did he say? He received in advance, what life was, what the path was, and the answers of the future. That’s what we call, “everything”. This is our mission. So our senior deaconesses, elders, and important people here shouldn’t even bat an eye no matter what kind of hardship comes. We call this, “mission”. That’s how we have the heavenly mandate, calling, and mission.

3.Conclusion→ The Missionary Commissioned by God.
>> What kind of conclusion do we come to? You have to be accurate regarding the covenant. Joseph was sold as a slave to Egypt because his brothers conspired against him. Simply put, he went from Canaan to Egypt. Let me say more accurately. He was the missionary that God commissioned. Why? Because the Israelites would never be able to realize this. All they had left ahead of them was death. They’d go as slaves and suffer to death. That’s when they probably would realize. Then after they paint the blood, that they don’t even understand, they’d probably leave Egypt.
>> Do these kinds of problems not exist in the church today? What do you think? The way I see it, it’s very similar. That’s why people suffer so much. They continue to experience needless suffering. Like unbelievers, many of them aren’t even able to make a living. How regrettable and unfortunate is that? This is what our church members/believers are like. Right now, unbelievers are criticizing the believers, and rightfully so. What are they (believers) doing right/well? Are they studying well or do they have a lot of money? Some didn’t even do anything and they’re already in their thirties. Having a lot of money and living a posh life is the best thing for the unbelievers, but we’re not even able to live that way. On top of that, we’re in denial, while claiming to believe in God. That’s how the unbelievers see believers. That’s how they viewed the believers and they’ve seen them accurately. A lot of the civic organizations are saying, “Get rid of the churches!” and they’re not wrong, right? It’s the same situation. Because it wasn’t working with them (Israelites), God made him (Joseph) correctly have the covenant and sent him out as a missionary.