08.10.2021 – Hannah’s 237 Movement

08.10.2021 – Hannah’s 237 Movement

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 02/06/2021
Title: Field of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC Answer (5)- Hannah’s 237 Movement
Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:9-11

♠Introduction→ Time Schedule of Absolute Need
▶Who were the ones who played a vital role when we first began our early ministry in Yeongdo? Of course, elders and many of the important ministers played a very important role. We were actually going to the field and I opened up 30 locations to carry on the Word movement. And 100% of the people who participated in that Word movement were women. It may appear as though the elderly women don’t have much to do and not really busy, but they gathered in the church every single day and prayed.
So even in the requests made, there were questions about how you can bring this in connection with the social welfare groups and what kind of role we must play for the 237 movement. Today, we’ll be speaking about Hannah’s 237 movement.

▶Introduction- Devotion in the Time Schedule of absolute Need (Greatest Prayer)
You must know something prior to this. You may think to yourselves that you need to do a lot of work, but there was an important role that the women played in the Bible. They devoted their services in the time schedule of the absolute need of God.
That’s what you need to seek out.
A mistake that we easily make here is carrying this out by our own thoughts. But it’s not just by our own thinking. We must find that time schedule of that absolute need for the church and for those around us. That is the greatest prayer. That’s what God absolutely requires and needs. I’ll give an example of this.
▶Look at the work that Jochebed carried out. The Israelites were on the brink of death. She carried out a tremendous work. But if you look carefully, then you realize that this is what everyone needs. A mistake many people, especially people doing special ministry in the church, make is that they continue to make a lot of different work and do things that aren’t appropriate. About 90% or more are like that. What does God require? What is it that your church needs right now? You must begin from there in order for things to take place accurately. We see that Jochebed sent Moses into the royal palace of Egypt. This was not just at a personal level, that she carried this out. It was something that was needed from everyone’s perspective and we see that the works of that still remain today.
▶And Hannah, who we need to look into today. She gave birth to a child and sent him to the temple. This ministry, if you look carefully, is not a very difficult ministry. She was able to detect what God absolutely needed. This applies to everybody, especially businesswomen. When you go into the church, there are so many vital roles you can play, that are unseen to the eyes.
3)Zarephath Widow, Shunamite Woman
▶It’s not something special that the Zarephath widow did. Or even the Shunamite woman. But in the direst of circumstances, they came to the aid and support of Elijah and Elisha.
▶And Esther also played a very big role. But look at the circumstances and situations. They were all the same. The Israelites were facing the threat of death and there was only one person who could go and speak of this to the king and that, was Esther. That’s important. That’s why Mordecai says, “It may just be for this moment that God has appointed you as queen”. Esther, who understood those words, realized that she could potentially face death but she still said, “If I perish, I perish”.
5)Early Church (Persecution)- Family Church
▶In the face of severe persecution, the main figures of the early church were women. Especially the main figures of evangelism. So look carefully at this. We can understand it this way, saying that the women played a very important role and saved the early church. But look at it carefully. How can you have the most accurate understanding of this? Does this mean that all the men are excluded and exempt because of the women who carry this out? You must keep in mind that they’re being persecuted. There’s only one method in the face of grave persecution. No matter how much the authorities persecuted them, they could not get rid of the family unit. Even if the greatest tyrant were to rise up in power, they cannot get rid of the family. So simply speaking, the early church began as a family church. You cannot block that. The female committed workers were used for this purpose. And this led even to the ultimate conquest of Rome.
▶And if you look at this, it’s astounding because this early church was the darakbang (upper room) movement. There’s actually a religious organization that uses this word. What group is it? And I thought, “How did they come to use this terminology?”. I don’t know for what purpose they’re using that word, but they’re using this word (family church). It’s the Unification Church. They rigorously use this term, family church. I didn’t delve too deeply into the purpose for which they’re using this term, but I thought to myself, “They’ve got the eyes/grounds to see something”. Regardless of how the Unification Church is using this terminology, in the age of persecution- even in the Muslim territories, this is the only way we can carry out ministry in the face of persecution. If you look at all this comprehensively, you realize that these women played the role that only women themselves could play.
▶Genealogy of Jesus- Not only that, if you look in Matthew 1, you see the genealogy of Jesus. You see the record of 5 important women’s names there. You have the genealogy of Jesus. You understand how vitally important that is. In every single turning point within this genealogy, you see the names of women recorded. To this extent, you are so very important.

▶Main- One Person
Then if that is the case, we must take a look at Hannah’s journey today.
How important was that one journey that this one woman, Hannah, took? The journey that you’re taking now can play a very important role in your church. The distinctive trait is this. They had no power to post about, yet they carried it out. So for the work of God, it’s not that you’re carrying it out because you’re capable. And you cannot carry out the work of God simply because you have the financial means to do so. But if you’re able to see the time schedule that God absolutely needs, then no matter who you are, you can prevail.
In our Darakbang movement, all of our pastors, as well as myself, are looking at this. This time schedule. So you must also keep this in mind. We’re following in this journey, looking at this time schedule of absolute need. We’re not trying to do something. What is prayer? It’s asking God what it is that He absolutely needs. You must keep that in mind. The best prayer of all is being able to see what it is that God absolutely requires. And not just simply His needs, but His absolute need. And after we go to heaven, we can’t go do this work so we must see this time schedule now.

1.Hannah’s Prayer
▶First, we must look at Hannah’s prayer. Before this moment, Hannah continued to engage in prayer that could not be answered. Because she constantly prayed a physical prayer. She kept grumbling with resentment saying, “Why me? Why only me? Why is it that everyone else has a son but me?”. Not only that, her heart was filled with envy regarding Peninnah and she continued to pray that prayer. Answers didn’t come. They were bound not to come.
1)1 Samuel 1:9-11
▶But one day, in the midst of prayer, she realized. That became a tremendous start. “It is not a son that I need.” Because there are so many sons everywhere. The son living in my house isn’t the only son. There are many sons out there. No matter how many sons there are in the world, there is no Nazirite who will take hold of the power of God to save the world. From the moment she realized this fact, the works began. So you must keep this in mind. Why do you pray scheduled prayer? And why do we enter into 24-hr prayer as we hold on to His Word? Tomorrow, as we go to church, why do we listen to God’s Word? It’s to see this, the time schedule. From the moment she began to see God’s absolute time schedule, astounding works began to arise.
2)1 Samuel 2:1-10
▶And as a result of that, she gave birth to a son, Samuel. What’s even more important is this. People usually change after receiving answers. But Hannah was the same, constant, even after receiving answers.
3)1 Samuel 3:1-3
▶She exalted God, gave tremendous praise before Him, and actually kept to her promise and sent him to the temple. So he was at the age where he should be in the nursery, in kindergarten, or elementary school, but she sent him to the temple. She prayed a realistic prayer and received that answer.