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01.15.2021 – Summit Answer (4)

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Regional Intensive Evangelism Training (Busan), Lecture 1 (4)- 07/14/2020
Title: Summit Answer
Scripture: Genesis 37:1-11

♠ Lecture 4: Culture Summit (Genesis 39:3) ♠

>> Lecture 4. If you are in the place of the summit, that answer will come to you. Now, going beyond the skill summit, what comes? Finally, the answer of “culture summit” to save the world comes to you. What is that? Genesis 39:3. What does it say? “The Lord is with you. The Lord is with you in all that you do.” That’s the culture summit.
>> What can we do with our own strength? You must quickly get out of your level. Why are you remaining there? I’m not here to boast about myself. I’m earnestly trying to help you. When I was young, I didn’t go wherever they would give handouts. Why would I go there? I didn’t even go out to the neighbor to borrow a hammer. My mother would send my younger sibling. Knowing that I wouldn’t do it. If my mom had made some bread and she was going to send some to someone, then I would go. Because that’s giving. It’s quite strange. I think God did that and touched that side of me from when I was young in order for me to do world evangelization with you. Strangely enough, my actions were summit actions from when I was young. If God works upon you, you become the culture summit.

1.Introduction→ 24, 25, Eternity
>> What is this? This is the culture summit. As you enjoy 24, the works that man can’t block occur. That’s 25. And eternity.

2.Main→ Then do you know what happens next?
1)Satan’s Kingdom (Genesis 3:4-5, Genesis 6:4-5, Genesis 11:1-8)
>> First. Satan’s kingdom is broken. That’s the cultural summit. And what else? Genesis 3:4-5. That’s what Satan does. Genesis 6:4-5. The Nephilim. Genesis 11:1-8. The Tower of Babel. Joseph knew all this.
2)Worldly Kingdom
>> And what else? The kingdom of this world. When you become the cultural, you know the things of the world, right? Egypt was enslaved to Satan. That’s why they continued to do things that killed. The weaker nations were enslaved to Egypt. The Israelites who couldn’t realize the Gospel, simply speaking, the believers, became the slaves that made idols. That doesn’t make sense. There are some people who have money but they can’t ever give offering. They’ve become slaves who make idols. They run errands of the world every day and they end up being enslaved. This is what Joseph overturned.
3)God’s Kingdom- Only, Uniqueness, Re-Creation
>> God’s kingdom. What answer comes at this time? It’s only, uniqueness, and re-creation. It comes to you one day. There’s nothing else to hold on to. It’s only, uniqueness, and re-creation.

3.Conclusion→ Now
>> Then and important conclusion comes. What is it? The answers that you have don’t come from many, great things. You must not misunderstand. All the answers come your past scars, current conflicts, and all problems. What is that? The weaknesses, pain, and scars are the springboards for the cultural summit.
>> Because I wasn’t some great individual, I was able to do this easily. How did I start? I started with the small, little things. I wouldn’t have been able to do the great things, so I started with the small things. With the little things, I went to the place of the summit. No one can steal that away. Because it’s something small and worthless, no one’s going to steal that away. I was able to go to the summit. Then from the moment you begin to have the spiritual DNA, you begin to go towards the summit. You’re able to see God’s absolute plan. And what else? You see 24, 25, and eternity. Undoubtedly. It won’t even take a lot of time today. Simply make a resolution. Isn’t that so?
>> I got a phone call from home. The entire nation is facing hardships because of COVID-19. My wife called me saying that we can get relief aid from the government if we sign up for it. I thought, “Oh, Lord”. We should be the ones giving. Why should we receive? Isn’t that so? Our church, our Darakbang organization, we’ve been so blessed. We should be the ones providing help and aid during these disasters. What’s even more ridiculous? If I want to receive that money, I need to go and fill out paperwork. Think about my position. Even though I am no great individual, do I really have to go around to receive that paperwork? It’s a pure and good heart, but at least starting now, you must not go to the places that aren’t the summit place. Do you understand? That stuff is bound to come to you. I guess I have that stubborn characteristic, but I don’t think it’s the bad kind. While doing church work, I’ve never asked for more budget from the church. Why? If the elder in charge doesn’t have that much sense to know what we need, they won’t be able to do much great work. They should be reporting about that themselves. It’s not something for me to ask about. Why? From the beginning, you need to go to the summit place.
>> I’m sure there are many people who know me well. I passed through 6 different churches while doing the evangelism movement in Busan. Everywhere I went, that’s what I taught the kids. “Don’t have that beggar mentality.” Kids cheat their parents and others and they have and spend a lot of allowance. From a young age, they act like beggars. They don’t give offering. But when they go out to the marketplaces and the back alleys, they eat so much. So I called them and I said to them. There were lots of places where the kids could play around the Busan Joongang Church and it was also a wealthy neighborhood. The students and officers for the groups in the church were children of judges, prosecutors, and lawyers. Regardless, they had a lot of money. Back then, they were making newsletters for the church and they got together and gave me how much they need for their budget. The president (of the youth group?) was the son of Busan’s presiding judge at the time and this is what I told him. “Look here. You guys use your money in this way and that way, don’t you? Let’s try to pay for this ourselves.” I intentionally said that because I saw this from when I was young. People with a beggar mentality in the church. I suggested that and he also realized that I was right so he said, “Let’s do it”. Do you know how funny it was? I said, “I don’t know how much money you have in your pocket and mine, but even if we just put that together, it’ll be enough.” So we really collected money. The funds were a bit insufficient. I carried around such little money at the time, so we didn’t have enough. We collected what we had, put together a budget report with that, and submitted it to the church. Are the elders really trying to be thrifty and not use the church budget? That’s not it. The things that we do really don’t befit a summit. The elders were so moved when they saw that that they were all saying that they would be the one to pay for it. Because their children were doing this, the elders were so moved.
>> Starting now, dependent churches, don’t worry no matter how hard things may be. Resolve, “Starting now, we’re going to hold to the covenant of the summit”. And revive the empty places. By what method? In the afternoon, we’ll talk about the roles of the 3 teams through Joseph. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that this may be an important start for you today. Let us pray.

God, we give You thanks. May today be an important start in our lives. May this be the important start for our future. Let it be an important start for Busan to begin world evangelization. Let it be the start of the changing of our lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)