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08.09.2021 – What World Colleges Have Lost→ Spiritual Summit

08.09.2021 – What World Colleges Have Lost→ Spiritual Summit

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: 2021 College Preparatory Retreat- 02/03/2021
Title: What World Colleges Have Lost→ Spiritual Summit
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Acts 18:4)

▶The incoming freshmen must remember 4 things.
① You need to get to know many people as you enjoy the blessing of the throne. Then you’d be able to uncover your accurate talent.
② You need to consider the people around you precious, but if you can enjoy the blessing of prayer that transcends time and space, you’d be able to see the 237 nations.
③ You need to accept and transcend everything, but you need to prepare in college as spiritual doctors to heal the things that have become the imprint, root, and nature.
④ Lastly, what you must remember, when you graduate college, you’ll either continue your education or get a job. But that’s what the average college student does. If you prepare that way, it will be hard. You must prepare to be a summit in college.
For example, Bill Gates completed all of his summit preparation during his sophomore year in college. It’s not that he didn’t want to graduate from college, but he didn’t have time so he stopped going to school his sophomore year and focused on his work. That doesn’t mean that Bill Gates didn’t have to graduate from college. He needed to catch the opportune time to do what he was trying to do. That’s the sure summit he became. If you’ve got some kind of system in place where you only need 1-2 years of college instead of 4, that’s not bad either. And in the future, that’ll change as well. There’s no need for us to fill all 4 years. But that’s not the issue. All those who succeeded didn’t just graduate from college. They all had the summit preparation. Then very easily, you can triumph. When I was in seminary, I wasn’t just studying theology. We naturally had to study theology. But I also discovered what I need to do in order to be an evangelist. That is the summit.

1)10 Mysteries/Secrets that Come to a Spiritual Summit
▶What did the world colleges lose hold of? They did create many summits. But they were not able to create the spiritual summit. There’s a reason why we create spiritual summits. We’re beginning with the conclusion first so that you can really apply this to your life. This little table I made under the title? You need to apply that to your life. There are a few mysteries that come to the spiritual summits. What are they? You know well, what it is, right?
① Independence- You need to be able to survive on your own (independence). This won’t work with just a summit. Even a summit can’t do this alone. A spiritual summit can do this alone.
② Spiritual Facts- And when you go into the field, you won’t be deceived by reality. Why? Because you’re the spiritual summit. Then you’re able to see the spiritual facts.
③ Unconventional Thinking- Many college students do what’s so common and obvious. Because you are the spiritual summits, you must see what God has prepared. It’s on the opposite side. This is what’s important.
▶You can’t become the president right now, immediately, but you can become the spiritual summit. You must not lose hold of that. You can’t become an adult all of a sudden because of your age. But you can become a spiritual adult. You can’t immediately become a leader. That’s not God’s will either. But you can become the spiritual leader. Those were the 7 remnants. So our incoming freshmen must remember. When you go to college, there’s an atmosphere there. I’m not telling you to refuse and reject all that. Enjoy it well as you look to the throne. Getting along well with unbelievers and saving them. Because this is a mystery. These are the 10 mysteries. These are the mysteries that the spiritual summits have.
④ Synergy- Strangely, in the places you go, people get revived. That’s synergy. This is the spiritual summit.
⑤ Crisis- And what else? While everyone else is avoiding things, you have an opportunity. When a crisis comes… Don’t just consider these to be words that you know. You’re able to enjoy this only as much as you are a spiritual summit.
▶Dragging down others and lying? You can’t become a summit with this level. If you trample on others to get up, you may be able to barely make a living. Isn’t that so? But you cannot be a great individual. You cannot become the summit. If you don’t organize this while you are college students, you won’t have time when you get out. It’s crazy out there. You won’t be able to discern. Things in the world are not that easy. There are many crazy people out there so if you’re not careful, you will be deceived. If you become the spiritual summit, this is what you choose. The crisis. You choose that. Rather, problems are good. Because you’ve got the answer.
▶I was able to see the timing for all of this: from Busan to Yeongdo to Busan, from Busan to Seoul, from Seoul to Korea, and from Korea to the world. Finally, to the 237 nations. Not just the 237 nations. There are places that have not been reached by the Gospel or missionaries at all. The 5,000 people groups. Missionaries, an opportunity has come. There are places you can’t go to live among the people. So find disciples from there. Be thankful that you’re sending those missions offerings. You can’t go to or live in those places where they’re living. We’re not able to go, but missionaries are there. And they go into those places. And going in there, finding disciples? That’s what Jesus was saying when he said, “Go and make disciples of all nations”. “Making disciples” means, going in and making it a state in which they don’t need help. Crisis. You don’t fear this at all. Why? Because you’re a spiritual summit. And we’re enjoying prayer. The words of someone who thinks a lot and the words of someone who prays a lot are different. The words of those who think a lot are complicated. The words of those who pray a lot are simple. Isn’t that so? It’s simple, yet contains life.
⑥ No Competition- What happens? If you become the spiritual summit, there’s no need for you to fight, no competition. Why would a spiritual summit fight? There’s no game when a college student fights with a preschool student. Go to the Olympics. They compete with people in the same weight class. Those who go over their weight aren’t able to compete. So who would the spiritual summits fight with? These are the answers that come. This is what you need to know and start with as incoming freshmen.
⑦ Re-Creation- And because you are the spiritual summit, all you did was study but even before your graduation, you have re-creation. You haven’t even graduated yet. Re-creation. There are many remnants like this. They’ve got “re-creation” even though they haven’t even graduated yet.
⑧ Summit- From this point on, wherever you go, you become the spiritual summit. It’s because there is no spiritual summit. If you become the spiritual summit, even if you’re taken as a slave, you become the summit. You go to prison and still become the summit. We see these important things. Don’t just consider these words you’re familiar with. This comes out as much as you enjoy the spiritual summit.
⑨ Barren Places, Wilderness- From this point on, God sends you to the barren places. He will send you to the wilderness. Isn’t that so? This is the spiritual summit.
⑩ Absolute- From there, you’re absolutely able to uncover what is absolute. You’re able to see the Absolute Sovereign. Then you’ll come to know the absolute plan. From that point on, you’ll see the absolute covenant. The person who has held to the absolute covenant can go on the absolute journey. Why? Because they know the absolute goal. It doesn’t matter where you are.
▶We’ve got many good workers in our office. The team members are working so well and doing so well. In the past, things would have just ended along with the conference, but during this past conference, they gathered by themselves and evaluated.
▶While you are here, prepare for the future. What kind of future? Summit. Prepare for that. You’ve already become the spiritual summit. So prepare to be the summit. In the future, in America and Europe, you’ll be able to take classes from prestigious universities online, even if you don’t go yourself. So this COVID pandemic is giving us a tremendous lesson. But those who are foolish? They’re just banging their heads against the wall. In a sense, it’s like a slap in the face for those who have not renewed. People really don’t know how to renew. It’s like a slap to the face. Those who aren’t prepared? God is preparing them. You need to equip yourself with power to the point where you don’t have to gather people. The ones who are moving the world? They don’t advertise.
▶Let me tell you once again. Every chance I get, I enjoy fishing. It’s not 24 though. I pray 24 hours. Watches make me feel joy whenever I think about them. But that’s not my 24. For me, it’s prayer 24 hours. I don’t really look at my cellphone. Because anything urgent will be told to my secretaries. So there’s no reason for me to carry my phone around. I can just check it at night. Because I don’t carry my cellphone around, I always need to have a watch on. So I’m wearing my watch 24 hours a day. But when I wear my watches 24 hours a day, my wrist hurts. But there is one brand of watches that doesn’t hurt my wrist. That’s Patek Philippe. That doesn’t hurt my arm. All the other watches hurt my wrist/arm. No matter how expensive the watch may be, it hurts my arm/wrist. But only Patek Philippe doesn’t hurt my arm. It’s not that they stopped making them, but they only bring in one to the country per year. But there are thousands on the waiting list for it. Since it’s difficult to get here, one of our members bought it from America and brought it to me. And I felt so bad because he wouldn’t even accept my money. It’s the most comfortable watch. Watch maniacs are standing in line to get this watch.
Why am I talking about this? The real things? You don’t have to advertise. If you’ve got to advertise, it’s not the summit.
▶Don’t worry. The blessings remnants will receive go beyond that. Do you understand? Even if you graduate from the worst college in the world, if you’ve discovered your talent of heaven, you’ll prevail. Even if your major is least useful, if it moves the 237 nations, you’ve succeeded. Isn’t that so?
So it doesn’t matter what kind of masterpiece your skill is. It needs to be able to heal people for it to be a business. Isn’t that so? If you’re just out there as a salesperson, there’s no future for you. These days, this is the case for even restaurants. People look for restaurants they can receive healing through. It’s that kind of age. Why else would women take their cars all the way to the mountainside for a café? It’s something that would have been completely absurd in the past. Women take their cars out and go to the cafés in the mountains. Why do they go there? People who’ve reached a certain level of success need a break/rest and healing. That’s why they go there. That was lecture 3.
2)Spiritual Summit→ Skill Summit, Cultural Summit
▶What is today’s 4th lecture? It’s being the true spiritual summit. If you become a true spiritual summit, these things (skill summit, cultural summit) follow. Isn’t that so? This follows. We’ve already come to all the answers here in the boxes.
3)Ambassador of 3 Offices→ Christ’s Ambassador
▶At this time, you become the ambassador for the 3 offices.
Simply put, you’re the ambassador of Christ. It’s amazing, isn’t it? You cannot become the ambassador of Christ. You’re the ambassador of Christ. Do you understand?