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01.14.2021 – Summit Answer (3)

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Regional Intensive Evangelism Training (Busan), Lecture 1 (3)- 07/14/2020
Title: Summit Answer
Scripture: Genesis 37:1-11

♠ Lecture 3: Skill Summit (Genesis 39:1-6) ♠

>> Lecture 3. From this point on, from here comes the “skill summit”. Genesis 39:1-6. We see something very important here. It’s not just the skill summit.

1.Introduction→ Absolute Plan
>> After becoming the spiritual summit and acquiring the spiritual DNA, you begin to see God’s absolute plan from that moment on. “Those who are in God’s absolute plan can never perish.” Do this today. Don’t even fear death. There are people who commit suicide. What’s there to be afraid of? I acknowledge one thing about those who commit suicide. They’re courageous. But they should rather live with that courage.

>> If you are inside God’s absolute covenant, there’s nothing to worry about. You need to hold on to that now. If you just grab hold of being inside God’s absolute covenant, it doesn’t matter what anyone says.
1)Absolute Covenant
>> Do you know what comes from this moment on? You can see the absolute covenant. Isn’t that so? Because you’re within the absolute plan. From this point on, you see the absolute covenant. What is that? We see some very important words. Family evangelization. Whether his brothers criticized him or not, those sheaves of grain needed to bow down to him. Family evangelization. World evangelization. The sun and the moon bowed down to him. This is the absolute covenant.
2)Absolute Journey (Egypt, 237, Healing)
>> For those who have the absolute covenant, the absolute journey will come. That’s why he was able to go to Egypt. Simply put, it was a journey. Not that he failed/perished. What is this journey? News of him spread in Egypt. That’s why it became the 237 journey. It’s not going to work by going anywhere else. Because it spread in Egypt, it spread to the entire world. As he made money and sold grain, he healed. You’re able to see this absolute journey.
3)Absolute Goal (God’s Kingdom)
>> What comes from this point on? You no longer need to be shaken because you see the goal. That’s the absolute goal. What is the absolute goal? There are 2 things. The work/things pertaining to the kingdom of God. Isn’t that so? The background of God’s kingdom to which we must go. And God’s kingdom that we will enjoy for eternity after going there. You can see this. Look at what Joseph prophesied about when he died. He already knew all this.

3.Conclusion: Slave→ Governor
>> From this moment on, important things come. What’s the conclusion? The person who went as a slave became the governor. So there’s nothing to worry about. He went as a slave, but because God’s power worked, he became the governor. It went beyond that. What did Potiphar say? “Now, I’ll entrust everything I have to you.” Then that’s honestly it, isn’t it? What did he say? “Because the Lord is with you, He is making you prosper in all things.”