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01.13.2021 – Summit Answer (2)

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Regional Intensive Evangelism Training (Busan), Lecture 1 (2)- 07/14/2020
Title: Summit Answer
Scripture: Genesis 37:1-11

♠ Lecture 2: Spiritual Summit (Genesis 37:11) ♠

>> From this point on, what comes? Finally, the blessing of the spiritual summit comes. Genesis 37:11. Already, he had become the spiritual summit. Jacob kept what Joseph said in mind. Look carefully. The answers are not what’s important. You’re suffering right now? That’s not what’s important.

1.Introduction→ Spiritual DNA
>> Because you’re praying in the place of the summit, what forms? The spiritual DNA.

2.Main→ Genesis 35:20
>> Take a look at this. Genesis 35:20. What is this? It was Joseph’s mother’s tomb. Take a look at what Joseph did.
1)Time of Imprint (Springboard)- Covenant
>> He made that his imprint for heading towards the spiritual summit. He imprinted this covenant. This scar became his springboard. They thought that all these were scars, but they become Joseph’s springboard. What happened to Joseph was not a small thing. It was one incident, but his mother passed away and he raised a pillar on her tomb. That was the time of imprint.
2)Time of Roots (Loneliness)- Prayer
>> That was the time of being rooted. When? When he was lonely. He began to put down the roots of the covenant. In the first one, the scars became a way for the covenant to be imprinted in him. Here, we see that he began to put down the roots of prayer.
3)Time of Nature- Summit
>> What kind of time is that time? It’s the time for this to be completely set as your nature. What kind of nature? The summit nature. Whenever hardships come, it doesn’t matter. That’s how you have this nature of the spiritual summit.

3.Conclusion→ To Have First (Genesis 41:38)
>> Then what happens? You must receive this blessing. God enabled him to have this first. So that he can have this first. He was hold to that to the very end. What was that? There was something that Joseph had the very first time. What was it? This is what’s important. Genesis 41:38. “Can we find a man like this, in whom is the Spirit of God?” That’s what Joseph had. From the beginning. You need to have this. Don’t be shaken by anything and don’t worry.