08.03.2021 – True Vows Made Inside the Covenant

08.03.2021 – True Vows Made Inside the Covenant

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 01/31/2021
Title: True Vows Made Inside the Covenant
Scripture: Numbers 30:1-5

▶Thank you. A long time ago, something like this happened. There was an elderly woman living in her home and someone came in, telling her to get out. She was so taken aback and asked, “Why are you telling me to leave?” and they said, “This is my house”. So this grandmother took legal action, but she lost the trial. Perhaps, she was not too smart, but she didn’t know that it wasn’t her home. From the beginning, that house was under the ownership of someone else’s name. She bought the house with her money and she had been living in that house for a long time, but she had no proof. There was no evidence that that house was hers. So it was a situation in which she was kicked out.
▶This is what Jesus said.
“Even if you gain everything in the world, if you lose your life, what benefit does that bring you?” You hear and know everything, but if you lose your life, it would all be useless. Today, in the wilderness, God gave very important words.
Even if you do everything, if you don’t do this, it’ll all be in vain. What is it?
In today’s scripture, we read about pledges and vows and they’re all similar. “All we need is God’s Word, why do we need some kind of pledge or vow?” This is what’s important. It’s God’s Word, but this is about holding on to the accurate Word that God has given to you. At this time, the answer of the throne arises. You must remember. People think that it’s very hard, but that’s not it.
If you go a few towns down, there’s a neighborhood in which I used to live and there, my mother church stands. That church is a church that has many fights. There, when I was young, I held to the covenant. I think it was an accurate covenant in God’s eyes.
This is what I thought. “God is Almighty, but why do we need to be poor? God is the Creator, but why must we be so incapable? God is the God of salvation, but why do people say that evangelism is hard?” It’s wrong. So that’s what I held to as the covenant. “Ah, I need to become a witness.” From that point on, God began to pour down the blessing of the throne. Isn’t that so?
▶There were many seminary students around me, who were much more commendable than me.
Most of these people favored positions/titles, money, and their future benefits. That’s the incorrect covenant. I was in charge of the elementary department in the Sunday School and this is what I thought. “When these kids graduate, they’ll be going to middle school. I can’t send them off in this way.” This is what I thought. It was right. They were in 6th grade so the next year, they’d be going off to middle school. I won’t tell you the results. But answers came to me as the greatest answers of my life. Why? Because I had the accurate covenant. You need to hold to the accurate covenant. I was put in charge of the youth (middle school and high school) department. I realized that youth kids had no choice but to live triple lives. Their life at school, life at home, and life at church are completely different. They didn’t have a choice. I thought that I needed to help these students. But back then, there were no cell phones and I didn’t have a car. So I just walked there to meet them. Even if I couldn’t meet other people, I had to at least meet my children. There were several schools, but they were all within my scope. So I just went to them. In God’s eyes, that was the right thing to do. It wasn’t even a big deal. It’s not like I did something grand. What’s so grand and big about me, an assistant pastor, going to meet the children I’m in charge of? Then, I was in charge in the college and young adult group. Without a choice, these college students and young adults need to go out with this mask on. They need to pretend like things aren’t the way they are and do things. They have to pretend to like something even if they don’t. Isn’t that so? I thought that it must be very difficult for them. I came to know that the only way to help them is through the fulfillment of God’s Word and the Gospel. When I was an associate pastor, God gave me the greatest answer of my life.
Then, I came to Yeongdo. Right now, there are so many good people like you. But in the beginning, when I came to Yeongdo, there was no one when I planted the church. At that time, I held on to a very important covenant. “The early church began in Mark’s upper room, in that house. They didn’t even have a church. But 3,000 disciples arose, didn’t they?” What does that mean? It means that they did the Word movement in each and every house. What I realized there was “Darakbang” (or Upper Room). The works of God, that overturned my life and many other things, arose. Isn’t that so? Think about it. The fact that I’m running the errands for world evangelization? Someone like me? That’s the blessing of the throne of heaven, is it not? There are so many more people who are far more outstanding than us, than me. Yet, they’re unable to do this. World evangelization is the blessing of the throne.
▶From the day the forefather, Abraham, held to the accurate covenant, the answer of the throne began. Isn’t that so?
Before that, nothing worked for him. But one day, Abraham resolved. Simply speaking, he held to the accurate covenant.
What did God say? “Lift up your eyes and see to your north, south, east, and west. Walk the breadth and width of the lands. I will give the land that you see and tread on to you and your offspring, forever.” That’s it. Why? He held to the accurate covenant.
You must hold to the accurate covenant. Construction for our church? This is God’s will, even when a beggar sees it. In the picture, it looks like the house of a beggar. Isn’t that so? We’re giving our life to God and talking right now.
So from that point on, God said to Abraham, “I am your shield.”
▶There was a person who held to this covenant accurately since a young age and that person was Isaac. Isn’t that so? God gave Isaac the hundred-year answer in one year. That’s the blessing of the throne. His father became wealthy by digging many springs/wells. Isaac acquired the very source of that spring. The kings of neighboring countries were struggling and wrestling for their livelihood, but Isaac received the blessing of Rehoboth. What is that? The moment you hold to the accurate covenant, the blessing of the throne begins. In a sense, it won’t be difficult.
The fact that a problem came means that the possibility of you holding to the accurate covenant has gone up. If you don’t know where you’re hurting, nobody would know. But if you say your nose hurts, you have the chance to go to the hospital and fix your nose. Isn’t that so?
▶The person who held on to this covenant in gaps, instead of continuously, was Jacob. He lied and deceived people. Why? Because he hadn’t grabbed hold of the covenant properly. He held to the covenant by the banks of the Jabbok River. “From now on, your name will not be Jacob, but ‘Israel’.” It was from that point on…
▶But after that, he lost hold of it again. But there was someone who accurately held to the covenant from the beginning. It was Joseph. Isn’t that so? These were the things that happened in one family line.
▶Who would have known that the Israelites would become slaves and die one day? At this time, a woman named Jochebed held to the covenant accurately. She didn’t need strength or power. She held accurately to the covenant.
The figure she saved was her son, Moses. She had to send Moses to the palace. She relayed the accurate covenant. Moses overturned the world. Isn’t that so?
You need to look at this covenant well. It didn’t seem like they did much, but what did Elder Jethro and the prostitute, Rahab, do? They accurately held to the covenant. What would happen if we really toiled and it was all in vain? What’s more aggrieving than that? What would happen if you get scammed out of your life’s savings/earnings? In that situation, you can newly start again, but if you lost hold of all of the covenant, it brings such difficult results. That’s something you can even start again with.

▶Main- How do you accurately hold to the covenant?

1. Numbers 30:1-2. One Who Knows the Reason Behind the Disaster of the Age→ 237 Answer
▶First. In Numbers 30:1-2 that we read today, it mentions the vow and pledge that we give to God. We need to hold to this accurately, isn’t that so? What’s the first thing? You need to know the reason why the disaster of the age has come. They need to know why they came to Egypt. They need to know why they became slaves. It’s not something to resent and be scarred about. They need to know why they’re suffering in the wilderness. That way, they can hold to the accurate covenant. They resented and blamed their parents. They resented and blamed their children. They resented and blamed their brothers. It seems right, but they held to the incorrect covenant. It seems right, but they held to the covenant of Satan. It seemed right, but they held to the covenant of scars. The results? They’ll perish in the wilderness. Isn’t that so? There are many words of God, but when it says “pledge” or “vow” to God, it’s pointing to, “What is the Word that I must hold on to in this age?”.
▶For the people who realized this, the answer of 237 came.
At the very least, your business needs to be enough to do 237. Isn’t that so? Your studies/academics need to be enough to do 237. Or else, you can’t do world evangelization. Do you know what the content of our Darakbang Evangelism Movement is? It’s content that can do 237. Isn’t that so? It’s not something we brought in or made up ourselves. We discovered what’s in the Bible. So you need to know the reason behind the destruction of this age in order to hold to the accurate covenant. So look in the Bible. Each person who realized the disaster of the age (what it was) received answers. Only those people held to the accurate covenant. So look at these representative figures you know. Figures like David. For decades, he was roaming around death, but he said, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”. This is David’s confession. “As we walk into the fire, the furnace, we’ll be fine even if the Lord does not deliver us.” Isn’t that so? They held to the accurate covenant. “If I perish, I perish.” What do these words mean? It means that she (Esther) held to the accurate covenant. God used these kinds of people. My (your) oath needs to come from here. All things of your past become your springboard, stepping stones, and starting point. Can you build or construct a building without a firm foundation on the ground? You can’t. If you accurately grab hold of this important God-given covenant, what happens? Everything in your past becomes a springboard. If not, your past becomes your fate/destiny. Isn’t that so? All the things of your past need to become springboards and stepping stones, but if those become your scars, that’ll become your fate/destiny. That’s uncontrollable though. That’s why they built the tabernacle in the wilderness. God was telling them to hold to His covenant there.
▶Let me tell you again. It doesn’t matter. If you’ve accurately held to the covenant, regardless of everything else, answers will come. “I accurately held to the covenant, but I continue to collapse and stumble.” It doesn’t matter at all. Isn’t that so? You must accurately hold to the covenant. If someone hasn’t accurately held to the covenant, but they don’t stumble? They’ve failed. Isn’t that so? “I’m healthy, I’m happy, and things are good.” But if you’ve held to the incorrect covenant, you’ve failed. No matter how much suffering comes to you, if you’ve held to the accurate covenant, answers will come. What kind of answers? The answer of 237. So you need to know the method by which you can hold to the covenant. Look at the disaster of the age. “Why is my family like this?” That’s the disaster of this age. “Why do we have disabled people in our family?” That’s the disaster of the age. Isn’t that so? He’s telling you to look at the age. “Why is there a mental patient in our home?” He’s telling you to look at the age. “Why did my parents get divorced?” Look at the age. This is how you hold to the accurate covenant.

2. Numbers 30:3-16, One Who Knows the Reason Behind Destruction of Family→ Work of Healing
▶Second. We didn’t read all the way to verse 16, but it mentions the vows of man. There are 3 mentioned. One regarding the family line. Between parents and their children. Between spouses. It just says to keep the pledge and vow they’re bound to. What does that mean? Number 2. One who knows the reason why families are destroyed. You must hold on to this.
▶The first is about the person who knows the reason behind the disaster of the age. Right? Someone who knows the reason for the disaster of the age is unable to resent and blame in the path of the wilderness. People who know the disaster of the age are cognizant of the fact that they’ll be entering the land of Canaan. They know why Egypt, a powerful nation, perished. So they don’t envy unbelievers or waver because of them. Why? Because they know. When people don’t know, they get tempted by the things of the world.
I talked about this yesterday as I was sharing a meal with my secretaries. I’ve received many designer bags. I don’t carry them around. I want to make this request to people who make these luxury, designer bags. They’re uncomfortable. Almost all designer bags are uncomfortable. If you really travel around a lot, you’ll know. It’s fine for those who just carry them around for show because they can just use it like that. But for those who really use those bags, it’s not comfortable. First off, when you’re traveling, you need to be able to easily take out your passport. Isn’t that so? Almost all designer bags don’t have that. For me, the $60 bags you can buy on the streets are convenient. They have several pockets and they’re very convenient. I said this yesterday as well. I have a lot of nice watches, but I don’t wear them. Because they’re uncomfortable on my arm. You’re always checking your phone to check the time. I barely look at my phone. Because it makes it hard for me to concentrate on the messages. So I always look at my watch. Even last night, I was preparing until 2-3 AM so I always need to wear a watch. Most watches get caught on my wrist and hurt. So the watch I’m always wearing is the one that doesn’t hurt.
▶Why am I talking about this right now? Many people are unable to hold on to God’s things within the important covenant. Do you know what this second covenant is? It means, “Block the destruction of families”. He’s telling you to hold to that covenant. There is destruction that has come into the family line. From that point on (when you block it), healing arises. He’s telling you to hold to that covenant. In order for that to happen, I’m sure there are vows and pledges between spouses and parents and their children. This doesn’t mean, “Oh, I just need to keep that promise”. Isn’t that so? Why is that? The destruction of the family/family line must be blocked. This is a very important message. You must hold on to this today. The blessing of having to block the disaster(s) of the age is in your possession. You, who have received salvation, possess the blessing to block the destruction of families and family lines today. Do you understand? You need to change your family and family line. This is the work of healing. This is the theme for this year. 237 and healing begins from the throne. Don’t lose hold of it. God has given you the blessing to block the disaster(s) of the age and your family line. Are you insulted? Those who feel insulted by these words are fit to go to hell. They’re people of hell. Isn’t that so? They’re people of Satan.
The reason God saved you is to block the disaster(s) of the age and family line. At that moment, going beyond 237, the work of healing arises. “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household” (Acts 16:31).

3. One Who Knows the Reason Behind the Destruction of Posterity→ Mission of Saving Posterity (Summit’s Blessing)
▶Third. What is the pledge of 40 years in the wilderness? He’s saying, “Know the reason why posterity is being destroyed and save them”. If you hold to the covenant this way, it’s accurate.
What do we call that? Mission. It’s not just simply a pledge or oath/vow. It’s the pledge that blocks the disaster of the age. The covenant and pledge that you’ve been given are not just simple things. It’s the pledge that blocks the disaster of the family and family line. What is the final pledge and vow/oath that He has given to you? It’s the mission. The mission to save posterity, the next generation.
That’s why God raised up elders, heads/chiefs, and tribes in the path through the wilderness. That’s what that means. For the sake of the next generation, posterity. They send out spies. Why? For posterity. They’re not doing it for the people who will perish in the wilderness, but for the next generation that will go in (to Canaan).
Things were so hard, but God said, “Build the tabernacle”. Things were hard, but He said, “Build the temple”. Does that make any sense? “Bring all the gold and silver you have and build the tabernacle.” What is that? For posterity, the next generation…
▶At this time, the blessing of the summit comes. Isn’t that so? That’s when the summit blessing comes.
There were 3 important things in that tabernacle. The courtyard for the gentiles. That’s 237. The courtyard for prater. That’s healing. The courtyard for the children. That’s summit. This is what was inside. It’s tremendous. Today, you must hold to this covenant.
God called you for this. The way to accurately hold to the covenant- look at and see the age. “Why is the world like this nowadays?” God’s telling you to see the age. You have no faults or wrongdoings, but a great hardship has come to you. God’s telling you to look at the age.
And what else? You will absolutely save your family line. God is telling you not to relay and pass down this curse of your family line to the next generation. That’s why they build the tabernacle and gather to pray in the tent of meeting- for posterity.

▶This is the conclusion. If you hold to the covenant with these 3 things, the answers come after that. Answers come after you’ve grabbed hold of the accurate covenant. It’s just that you’re unaware of it. All the thoughts that come to your mind come as answers exactly that way. That’s why you must not speak rashly. All those words form together and the answers get contained there. When you look at Korean people, there are so many people who speak so rashly. Even if they’re happy, they say, “I’m so happy I could die”. Then they’ll only have things to die about every day. Even if it’s just a joke, those words are frightening. When they meet their close friend, they should be saying, “Hey, Pretty” (or ‘Precious’) but instead, they say, “Hey, mundeung” (derogatory Korean word that means ‘leper’). Isn’t that so? When they meet a close friend, they call them “leper”. That’s a slang/term used by people in the Jeolla and Gyeongsang provinces. Astonishingly enough, those regions had the largest number of people with leprosy. For us, the things that come later get formed and then come after. That’s what you must know.
▶When the accurate covenant is formed, from that point on, what kind of answers come? The throne, 237, healing, and summit combine together and come.
It’s the eternal theme that was relayed to you this year. The answers of the throne, 237, healing, and summit come together.
Let me give you an example. They crossed the Jordan. They had gone all the way. In the path of someone who has held to this covenant… In the path you’re taking, you’ve crossed the Jordan. This is the answer that remains, the answer that will come. In your path, Jericho crumbled. If you see the age, your family line, posterity, and grab hold of the accurate covenant, the answers of the throne, 237, healing, and summit will come. They prevailed against the strong united forces of the Amorites. Isn’t that so? They prevailed against the fortress, the Anak hill country. On top of that, an old man went and prevailed. They conquered Canaan, where the 7 tribes and 31 kings were waiting. This is how world evangelization was prepared.
▶It’s not difficult. Today, you must hold to the accurate. The accurate covenant.
When did I hold to my accurate covenant? There were several hardships and many other things, but I held on to one important thing. “God, I pray that I won’t become someone whose occupation is a pastor. How pitiful would it be if I become a pastor to put food on the table? I pray that I won’t become a pastor like that.” I held on to one thing. “Guide me so that I hold to only the Gospel and do only evangelism.” So I was able to meet all of you, so that I can just do this. God has allowed for us to meet.
What else is so important for a pastor? I prayed that I can become a pastor who speaks of only Gospel and does only evangelism. And I said that I would preach the Gospel my entire life. Of course, there may be other things, but I said that I would speak of only this. This is the covenant and pledge that I held on to.
▶Let me come to the close of my words. The Word itself is the covenant, is it not?
But it becomes a pledge and a vow/oath when it personally relates to me.
Isn’t that so? All words are words. But there are words that have to do with me. That’s what we call a promise, is it not? A promise is a promise only if it has to do with me. Not all words are promises.
You’re holding on to this and praying about it today.
Starting today, pray and try this this week. It’s okay even if answers don’t come quickly.
▶Already, the moment you hold to that covenant and think about it, 4 things come.
The doors of the throne open. Isn’t that so? Even if you haven’t grabbed hold of it yet, if you head towards that direction, the doors of the throne will open and the 237, healing, and summit movement will arise.
Why is that? There are many outstanding people. They can’t solve the spiritual problems. There are many scientists. They’re unable to fix the spiritual problems. They can be fixed and resolved only through and by the Gospel. They get resolved as a result of the Gospel being imprinted. That’s why God bound them in the wilderness for 40 years. Why? Because only then will world evangelization take place.
▶I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that you’re able to receive this answer this week. All those in the nation and the world, who are receiving the message in a contactless way, I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that you’re able to grab hold of the great covenant. Let us pray.

God, we give you thanks. Help us so that today’s important covenant can come upon us as our own. Help us to hold to your accurate covenant. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)