08.02.2021 – Summit’s Start

08.02.2021 – Summit’s Start

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Message: Core Training Message- 01/30/2021
Title: Field of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC Answer (4) – Summit’s Start
Scripture: Genesis 12:1-5

♠Introduction- Blessing of Summit+237 Nations (5,000 People Groups)
▶This is the second lecture for the General Assembly of the BAWM officers. You need to know what is taking place right now. God has promised the blessing of the summit to the businesspeople who possess the Gospel. From the very beginning. To what extent must we receive this in order for it to be “normal”? The standard for that is to receive answers to the point where we can save the 237 nations and the 5,000 people groups.
▶The content of our current evangelism movement is what I started with by myself in the beginning. But now, there are disciples who are arising from all different places. More amazingly, it’s to the point where people of the 5,000 people groups are getting shocked after listening. So many works are taking place in places like China and South America, to the point where the ministers are under this misconception. Some are mistaken because people are completely going crazy after listening to this message. So the ministers are misunderstanding, thinking that it’s because they’re so great. That includes all of China and all of South America. The people of the 5,000 people groups are so shocked after listening to the messages regarding the 6 states of an unbeliever. They’re saying that they’re exactly in that state. They’re continuously asking for this “Way of Salvation” message. And they’re continuing to ask for the Gospel Letters messages as well. This is something you’ve been hearing all along, but for these people, it’s their first time hearing this and they’re so shocked. This is the Gospel message and you’re given this tremendous blessing. Knowing this is the start of the summit. The blessing of the summit and 237 are continuously coming your way. It’s not something we’re doing because we’re good at it or anything like this. This is just normal. If it’s the Gospel, that we have, then it’s normal for us to enjoy the blessing of the summit and get connected to the 237. Our remnants’ studies must be aligned with this, the 237 nations. You must be prepared to the point where the blessing of the summit can come upon your academia and to the point where you can enter into the 237 nations. That’s what needs to rightfully happen for all our businesspeople today.

▶Introduction- 237 Summit’s Journey
Then, the introduction is very important. You must reside and remain within the journey of the 237 summit. This is where you must remain.
1)Genesis 12:1-3
▶God said, “Leave Chaldea. Go to the land that I will show you. Through your seed, all peoples and nations will be blessed”. Abraham was within this. At first, he thought that no answers were coming because he didn’t know this. That’s why he wondered, “Why are there no answers coming to me?”. But the moment he entered into this journey, God said to him, “Abraham, look to the north, south, east, and west. Go to the breadth and width of the land. I am your shield and great reward.” This is how God made this promise.
2)Jethro, Moses (Joseph, Jochebed)
▶Take a look in the Bible. You must be inside of this. Why did God use Elder Jethro? Why did God use Moses, Joshua, and Caleb? Prior to that, why did God use Joseph? These people, like Joseph and Jochebed, remained within the journey of this covenant. These brought about the works of God.
3)1 Chronicles 29:10-14
▶Take a look at this. They uncovered something that was amazing. Every since he was young, David always prayed for the construction of the sanctuary and temple and God given tremendous revelations. Not only the sanctuary, but the courtyard of the gentiles. That’s 237. The courtyard of healing. That’s the courtyard of prayer. The courtyard for the remnants. That’s the summit. God had prepared everything. It goes beyond receiving answers. If the businesspeople and believers are holding on to this covenant and blessing, all the answers and blessings will follow. Why did God use Elisha? Look at the focal point well.
4)2 Kings 2:9-11, 2 Kings 6:8-24
▶Why did God use Elisha? Look at the focal point well. “Give me the double portion of Spirit.” Dothan Movement. Nation of Aram. The nation of Aram that moved all the languages at the time. They entered into this journey. All the other prophets favored Jericho and Bethel, but Elisha spoke of this (2 Kings 2:9-11). Look at these journeys in the Bible. There is that covenant journey of the 237 summit. Whether it’s taking place for you or not, it doesn’t matter. There is that set journey God has placed in the Bible. Then you’ll be able to see the Bible.
5)Assyria, Babylon
▶Why did God let His people be taken as captives to Assyria and Babylon? Because within those nations, there were disciples who will carry out the work of 237. Because the world disasters must be blocked. Those with dim spiritual eyes only know it this way, “Why did God send His people into captivity and suffering?”. But God had formed a program to save the entire world.
6)Romans 16:1-27
▶Why did God use Paul? Why did God use the individuals of Romans chapter 16? It’s the same thing. They all remained with the journey of the 237 summit. Because they needed to know Rome.
7)For 2,000 Years
▶Look at the history throughout the Bible. Why did God scatter the Israelites for 2,000 years? Even to this day, the Israelites don’t know. Only scars remain for them. They only harbor resentment. They don’t know the important things. They had to be scattered throughout the world. That way, the disasters of the 237 nations could be blocked. The 237 summits were inside of that. Do you understand?

▶Main- Start of the 237 Summit
This is the main part. If that is so, what is the start of the 237 nations? 3 Things.
Because these blessings continue to come… ①You are the people who have departed from Satan’s fate. You are the people who will liberate others from this fate of Satan. Do you understand? These people have been set free from Satan’s fate and not only that, they’re people who will liberate others from this. You’re pouring everything into this. Truly. What are you worried about? It’s wrong. No need to even ask about it. It’s wrong. What is your true problem? It’s wrong. What are you conflicted about? It’s wrong. If you’re holding on to wrong, incorrect things, you’ll never receive answers. Even if the answers come, you won’t know. They could give all kinds of excuses. “Why have we been sent into slavery and captivity?” They can say that. But those words are wrong. “We feel aggrieved.” I’m sure they do. But God said that they’ll shine the light all over the world. What about that is so unjust and aggrieving? They didn’t realize the Gospel. If you look at this from a human and narrow perspective, if you can’t realize/understand this, your posterity will have to go here again. However, those who are starting off on this journey of the 237 will liberated from Satan’s fate and will help others out as well. What’s the second? ②These people are the people who restore the things of God. This is the blessing of the 237 summit. What’s the 3rd? Finally, ③going beyond globalization, these people are people who are in the line of world evangelization. People who are within the blessing of world evangelization. Undoubtedly, God will pour down the blessings of the summit and the 23y nations here.

1. Must Depart from the Fate of Satan
1)Genesis 3:4-5, All religions are stuck here. We must help them be free.
▶Even the churches… If they don’t do “only Gospel”, they won’t be able to depart from this. The Bible isn’t just emphasizing the Gospel. It’s emphasizing only the Gospel. So in God’s view, it’s okay for the churches that don’t understand “only Gospel” to close their doors. God doesn’t really think much about them. “Why are all these churches closing down?” God is allowing for them to close. Those of you in hardships, you need to really re-examine to see if you’re inside of this. God will make it so that your churches, Yewon Church, and Immanuel Church won’t waver at all. Just wait and see. Don’t even fall into misconceptions. God Himself will pour down the blessing of the summit and 237. You shouldn’t think that these things are happening because we’re doing this well. We’re rightfully doing this within the grace of God. The blessings these people (introduction) received are continuing on even today. Everyone has fallen into this. “But I go to church diligently.” If you don’t get out of this, it’ll be the same as this.
2)Genesis 6:4-5, If you fervently live your walk of faith without the Gospel, this is what happens to you (Genesis 6). In other words, you’ll receive a different spirit. Whether you die like this or that, it’s the same. “I don’t need a walk of faith.” You die while doing and saying this. You die after living a religious life.
3)Genesis 11:1-8, You work so hard. And then perish like that. Why? Because your fate hasn’t been changed. So if your fate changes and you do the work of changing others’ fates, God will pour down blessings of the summit to the point where it reaches 237.

2. Must Restore the Things of God
1)Go from Your Country, Kindred, Father’s House (Genesis 12:1)
▶That’s why He said, “Go from your country, your kindred, and your father’s house.”
2)Go to the Land that God Will Show You (Genesis 12:1)
▶What is that? “Go to the land that I will show you.” That’s what He said.
3)Go to the Land of the Mission in which all the Families of the Earth Shall Be Blessed (Genesis 12:3)
▶And what else? “All families of the earth.” He said something important. “In you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” This is what He said.
▶This is what you must restore. God has no choice but to pour down the 237 summit blessing to the person who has restored this. This is the blessing that all you businesspeople need to receive.
▶When you give the construction offering, in the future, don’t just do it. You need to give the offering thinking, “I must enter into this line and save one of the 237 nations”. You can reveal and disclose that and give your offering as well. There’s a need for the church to record that because the church must not make idols. So that the next generation, posterity, can confirm that later on. So that they can confirm how accurately and greatly God worked. It’s important. Even now, select one out of the 237 nations and give the construction offering. The churches that haven’t church construction yet, analyze this (introduction) first. You need to think of it this way, “We’re calling the people of that nation to our church”. Then, we must depart from the curses and this fate and restore it with the things of God.

3. Must Enter into the Blessing of World Evangelization
▶And resolve that you will help them stand in the line of world evangelization. There, there are 5 things that you know very well.
1)Covenantal Blessing (Genesis 12:1)
▶Covenantal blessing. Why? Because God said, “Go to the land that I will show you”.
2)Principal Source of Blessings (Genesis 12:2)
▶“You will be the source of blessings.” The principal source of blessings. In some Bible translations, it just says, “You will be a blessing”. Perhaps, that may be more fitting and suitable. Because the blessing that God gives, that itself, is the source. “You will be the source of blessings.” This was a bit of an explanation of this. What is water? Water is water. Like what the monk, Seongcheol, said. What are mountains? Mountains are mountains. What is the Gospel? It’s that. What God gave.
3)Representative Blessing (Genesis 12:2)- “Through you…” Representative blessing.
4)Commemorative Blessing (Genesis 12:2)
▶“Through your seed.” That’s the commemorative blessing. These are given.
5)Irresistible Blessing (Genesis 12:3)
▶“I will curse whoever curses you. I will bless those who bless you.” That’s the irresistible blessing. These are the answers that the businesspeople will receive. Do you understand? You need to always pray about this. You need to think about whether or not you’re aligned with 237 and healing. Have I ever given my offering with this covenant of the 237 summit in mind? You have to confirm that. Then if you enter into this blessing, answers are bound to come.

♠Conclusion- Answer of the 237 Summit (Vessel Preparation)
▶In conclusion, take a look at what we must do. The answer of the 237 summit will begin starting here. What are the answers of the 237 summit. Do not misunderstand.
1)Genesis 13:14-18
▶Genesis 13:14-18, this itself is the answer. The things that come are finished. This (vessel preparation) is the answer. When will it come? God knows that more accurately. So that’s what it means when we say, “Believe that you’ve already received it”. If you can hold to the covenant and bow, that’s the greatest answer. Tomorrow, if you accurately grab hold of the Gospel while cherishing the Word during the time of worship, that itself is an answer.
2)Genesis 22:1-19
▶Genesis 22:1-19. You must surely imprint this upon the children. This entire thing. This is what he imprinted in Isaac. Don’t talk too much and try to nag, but really take the important covenant and imprint this.
3)Genesis 26:10-22
▶To what extent? To the point where you will do world evangelization. Isaac dug the well that Abraham dug. He obtained the source of the well. And when the enemies tried to take it, they were able to take over even greater land. Simply put, God restored the Rehoboth economy for him. What’s the reason? For what did God bless him a hundredfold for a year? When you harvest and farm, you just need to enough to eat for the year. But he reaped a hundred years’ worth. He had all these wells and that would have been enough, but he obtained the source of the spring/well. Because his enemies were jealous and envious of him, he yielded everything. But God gave him the blessing of Rehoboth. What’s the reason? For world evangelization. That needs to be that way. It’s not just talk. That’s what actually happens.
▶What needs to sincerely come from the bottom of your heart? Thanksgiving. Then that person is a person of God, who has received salvation. When you go to church, you should have and feel genuine thanksgiving. Isn’t that so? Restore this tomorrow. If you don’t have that genuine thanksgiving, you really need to think a lot about it. That means your spiritual state is already dead. If you’re spiritual state is dead, when you look at others, you’ll just find reasons to fight. Because you’re dead… Because you’re dead, everyone else looks like a corpse to you as well. Why? If I’m alive, I would see everyone as people to save. But instead, you see everyone as a corpse. Isn’t that so? If I’m dead, I see everyone as bad people who give me scars. They’re all bad people. But if I’m alive, even if there’s someone like that (trying to inflict scars), prayer topics would form. In this age, if you’re doing the remnant movement with the elders within the line of the pastors who are restoring the Gospel movement, it’s the greatest thanksgiving for us to give.
▶Otherwise, we’d be worse than Buddhists. Buddhists consider meetings to be very important. Isn’t that so? That’s not wrong. They consider meetings to be like miracles. If we don’t consider that, that makes us worse than Buddhists. There are many Christians like that. Christians who are worse than Buddhists. “If you receive a spirit, you will live.” This is the theory of the shamans. But if we’re not careful, we can become people who are worse than shamans. Right now, the Holy Spirit is working upon you. That is prayer. The background of heaven coming upon you and that power being revealed? That’s prayer, isn’t it? Then every day, you need to enter the accurate path and that’s the Word. That’s why we listen to 3 different messages. The headquarters messages that go around the entire world. The pulpit message of the church, that needs to play an important role in that. The prayer journal message, field message through which we need to communicate in the field day by day. These 3 things connect together. Then we have no choice but to be within this important journey. This is the General Assembly for the businesspeople today. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that this General Assembly may begin within God’s grace. Let us pray.

God, we thank you. We pray that today may be that day. May today be the day that is sufficient with your grace alone. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)