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01.12.2021 – Summit Answer (1)

Transcript ♠

Message: Regional Intensive Evangelism Training (Busan), Lecture 1 (1)- 07/14/2020

Title: Summit Answer

Scripture: Genesis 37:1-11


>> Despite COVID, we’re having our Busan Region Evangelism Camp.

There are 2 things that we need to think about during this pandemic. We need to keep what we need to keep, but we also need to fight against the things that we need to fight. We have to follow the guidelines well so that this doesn’t spread. But if we continue to get rid of worship, the entire world will die. The reason is because, no matter how renown people may be, even if they’re scientists, they don’t know the spiritual things.

Already, because of the coronavirus, many people are unable to give worship. People like you who try to live (by giving worship) will receive great grace, but most people are dying. In the midst of all that, we’re having this intensive training here, in Busan.

>> If I were to give out some prayer topics first, ①“Find the empty places of the 237 nations”. Simply put, no one is able to go into the places where the local people, the natives live. In Manila (Philippines) alone, there are over a thousand missionaries. And because they have too much time on their hands, they’re always fighting. Because they were doing that, the pastors in the Philippines asked them why they’re there. But the places where they actually need to go with the Gospel? If they go in and get connected to just one person, things could work, but they’re not doing that. ②We must also seek out the empty places inside the church. What are the empty places of the church? Dependent churches, dependent individuals. Those are empty places. We also need to ③find the empty places in the fields. Lastly, the elites. Are they really doing well? They’ve got more spiritual problems. We need to seek them out.

>> So for the formation of the 3 teams, in order to ride the stream of the Bible, we’re going to look at Joseph. Can you understand the reason why I’m doing this? We didn’t just make up these 3 teams. They continue to flow out of God’s Word. So let’s confirm this through the remnants. As much as we have started in Busan, we have to begin with this.

>> What must we do first? You have to receive the summit answer first.

Pray about this. Some of you may be thinking, “This is why it’s not working in Busan”. “This is why it’s not working in our church.” But all those are lies, so don’t listen to them. That means you need to discard the Bible. And that’s not even it.

I started here in Busan where I had nothing. There was no land, no building, and no home. But I didn’t listen to those wrong words. Researching the Korean churches, I thought that they were wrong. What I meant by that was, they were such renown individuals. When I researched the revival and growth of the Korean churches, I realized that they were either really outstanding or had lot of money. They had these incorrect things. There were some churches that only had dozens of politicians and other churches had dozens of celebrities. That’s why it was bound to work for them. But I couldn’t do it that way. If I had asked celebrities to come to Busan, no one would have come. It’s impossible. Even the retired ones wouldn’t come to Busan. Congressman and other politicians wouldn’t come here. They would all stay there. All that is a lie.

So I decided, “I need to completely do it by the Bible. The God will do world evangelization.” So you need to become the summit first.

>> Many people say that it’s so hard to earn money, but I don’t think so. You know my office that I had up here, right? I called someone to do the construction when they were doing the doors. They really weren’t doing a good job and it drove me crazy. You know how it’s kind of rounded? They weren’t able to curve that. I asked them to put in a door there and they put in something that looked like it could be the lid of some coffin. Because he was one of our members, I asked if he was done with the doors and he said that he was. And I asked, “Can you not do this round window?”. He said he couldn’t so I just told him not to do it. I said, “We’ll ask someone else to do it. We won’t ask you for our money back, but just stop so that someone else can do it.” I said, “You truly are blessed. The fact that you’ve been working like this, but you still haven’t gone out of business?”. It’s not that hard. Isn’t that so? People don’t have that summit mentality.

>> These days, I’m getting directly involved. You know our RUTC building? I told the people who were doing it originally to not do it anymore and we’re doing everything with new people. Every building was leaking. We were trying to repair everything and the roof was leaking. If it’s leaking from the top, the children could get hurt. And they did it like that for every part of the building. And when I asked them who did the construction, they didn’t even know. They just brought in people who were personally acquainted with them. If you don’t have the basics, fundamentals, and foundation, it’s not going to work. Isn’t that so? It’s quite unfortunate. So begin by receiving the summit answer. All of you here in Busan. Remember that we began this evangelism movement here in Busan. Those of you sitting here need to really come to your senses. It’s okay if you don’t have power, money, or anything. If you grab hold of what God really desires, the works will begin.

Lecture 1: Summit’s Place (Genesis 37:1-10) ♠

>> You have to be in the place of the summit. Only then will it work. Don’t worry about anything. Start this today. I’m sure there are churches that only have a handful of members and you’re thinking, “It’s not going to work for our church”. Discard those thoughts first. In the small church, you’re able to surely give the clear mission. Because I started in this small church, it was possible. If too many people gather, it’s too difficult to give the mission to everyone. Accurately speaking, it’s Genesis 37:1-10. You have to be in the place of the summit. Joseph’s brothers were not in the place of the summit. In what place were they? “What can I do to wear better clothes? What can I do to eat better food? What must I do to enjoy more?” This was what it was, wasn’t it? That’s why Joseph’s brothers suffered their entire lives. That place was not the summit’s place.

>> People who are smart might find things to criticize and complain about in the church, but that’s it. People who aren’t smart are worse. There is a tremendous covenant there. You need to be able to see that in order to be a summit. Isn’t that so? For example, someone said, “You are truly wrong.” A smart person saw that. “Then what’s the countermeasure?” But if you don’t have a countermeasure, you’re dumber than a person who isn’t too smart. Here, Joseph dreamt a tremendous dream. That’s the difference. His brothers were not in the summit’s place. Isn’t that so? With that small difference, if you’re not in the place of the summit, you’ll get lost all together. Joseph was different.

>> We’re going to talk about Joseph today. But let’s look at David as well. Even though he was in the summit, King Saul was not in the summit’s place. Isn’t that so? David’s brothers were not even in the summit’s place. But before he even received answers, when he was young, David was in the summit’s place. This is important for today. Whether answers come or not is secondary.


1.Introduction→ Scars, Environment, Money (Clothing, Food, Shelter)

>> That’s something you’ll know only if you get it. You need to first be in the summit’s place. ①Scars. If you remain there, you cannot become the summit. Scars are springboards. But people get trapped in that. ②Your environment. We have our environment. That’s not something we can live without. People get trapped and stuck in that. You can’t become a summit like that. ③Money. It’s usually these 3 things. They’re basic needs: food, clothing, and shelter. These are things we can’t live without. All those people around Joseph, those smart people, were bound by this. But Joseph was not bound by that. He was different. This is has nothing to do with capabilities/power.


2.Main→ How?

>> What should you do? How can you go to the summit’s place?

1)Overstep 3 Things

>> The most important thing is that you need to overstep 3 things. This has nothing to do with power and money.

(1)My Level- First of all. You have to overstep your level. With your level, can you do Busan evangelization? That’s an impossible dream. How can I do Busan evangelization with my level? You have to realize from the onset. You have a bit of skills and abilities? You can’t do Busan evangelization with that. It’ll work if you’re just going to live like an unbeliever.

(2)People-Centered- What’s the second thing? You need to respect people, but you must not become people-centered.

(3)Financial Level- You must overstep your financial level.

>> You have to overstep your own level, being people-centered, and your financial level. That place is the place of the summit. Whether it’s thankfully your personality or your realization, that’s how you need to be. Quite fortunately, when I was young, if I saw something and it seemed that I would gain something from it, I intentionally didn’t go there. Because I didn’t want people to think that that’s why I was there. I can’t say it’s my faith but that was my character when I was young. But it is a bit beneficial to me when it comes to sharing the Gospel. When people think that there’s something to gain, they go crazy and they go rushing in there. But if a committed worker or pastor rushes in like that, people will look down on them. You won’t be able to receive the blessing of a summit at all. And that doesn’t mean that we should refuse everything that’s given to us. If someone says, “You be an elder”, you need to do it, understanding that it’s God’s grace. You can’t say, “I don’t need that kind of stuff”. That’s the same level as that other person.

2)Stream of the Covenant

>> By doing this, you can see the stream of the covenant. That way, you can enter into stream of the covenant.

(1)Genesis 3:15, That way, you can know of the authority of Genesis 3:15, that “the offspring of woman will bruise the head of the serpent”, that was mentioned since the forefathers. This was given from Joseph’s ancestors, but other people did not grab hold of this. But Joseph grabbed hold of this.

(2)Genesis 6:14, From his ancestors, “Build an ark. Don’t get lost in the age of the Nephilim and build an ark”. Because he held on to this covenant, he was able to enter into the stream of the covenant. Truly.

>> Do you know what I did first when I got here? We got support/aid from the synod because we were a pioneered church. So I said, “Cut that off first”. That existed. So I said, “Why are we receiving this? A church that has been pioneered no longer has that title after a day passes. Why are you receiving it?” When I went to the synod, there was money that was being given and our church was giving the least. When I told the secretary of the synod that we’ll be paying more, I guess he didn’t really understand because he just stared at me. If you look, it’s like people pick things that are bound to block them from receiving blessings. The church should be thinking to help the synod instead of trying to gain something from it. So that mentality already is not of the summit’s place.

>> Whether you have money or not is secondary. We should be the ones who are sending out missionaries, but we were the ones getting handouts from other churches. So I said we’re not doing that. When is said that, there was one elder and he understood my words and quickly said, “That’s right. From now on, let’s give the most offering.” I said, “Yes”. He had understood my words well. That’s why we were able to grow so rapidly. The same thing for you and your children. No matter how poor you may be, you’re already not in the summit’s place. That’s why you’re not able to gain the summit answer. “Pastor, it’s because you don’t know.” That’s not the case because I’ve experienced all that. That’s why people are lost in scars, their environment, and money. In a short while, everything gets overturned.

(3)Genesis 12:1-3, God had already told his grandfather. “By your seed, all nations will be blessed”. Joseph already knew that. “No one will be able to overtake you. Why? Because all the world will be blessed by your seed.” It’s a rightful thing, isn’t that so? If the world is going to be evangelized through your seed, there’s nothing to fear.

(4)Genesis 26:10-24, Already take a look. Isaac who realized that? Isaac didn’t even fight. But God gave him the source of the spring. He didn’t just answer him. He blessed him, a hundred-fold. What does that mean? He was already in the summit place. Simply put, he just yielded everything and God gave him the source of the spring. You must remember. God has called you as a summit, but instead of going there, you’re doing other strange things. Then you’re going to continue to take a hit from that.

(5)Genesis 32:23-32, One day, God said to him. “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel. You are one who has fought against man and won and fought against God and won.”

(6)Genesis 35:16-22, How far did that covenant go? All the way to Joseph. Finally, Genesis 35:16-22. What was this? His mother passed away. This how the covenant flowed down and his mother passed away. There might be cases like this in our lives. But here, Joseph entered into the summit’s place. Already, while he was young, he entered in the place of prayer. This paper-thin difference will determine life or death in the future. “The answers aren’t coming quickly.” Of course, it isn’t. If it comes quickly, swindlers and frauds will all take that away. “I prayed, but why aren’t answers coming?” If answers come quickly, the wrong people will take all that away. It just looks like it hasn’t come.

(7)Genesis 37:1-10, This Joseph finally dreamt this dream. It wasn’t just any dream. “The sun, the moon, and the stars bowed down to me.” The sun, the moon, and the stars were bowing down to him? That’s world evangelization. The sheaves of wheat bowing down to him was family evangelization. But it went beyond that. The sun, the moon, and the stars bowed down to him.

3)Dream- CVDIP

>> From this moment on, what happens? The proper dream is revealed. That’s when CVDIP is revealed. That’s the dream that God has given to you. That dream came from within the covenant. That dream was be fulfilled according to the Word. That dream must be connected to world evangelization. That’s what happened. Anyone can do this. Do it surely.

>> Pastor Sadohara was giving his report and he said that a lot of the pastors in Busan have lost strength (because of hardships). Having lost their strength so much, they can’t even attend. But I’m sure they’re listening to the messages. Change it today. “I’m about to starve to death.” Then starve to death.

But you need to change this. You need to enter into the summit’s place. Isn’t that so? That way, the answers will begin to come. Joseph was in an extreme situation. But he was still in the summit’s place. This is what’s important.

Why? Why is God making you a summit? To do world evangelization. Because you must do world evangelization…


3.Conclusion→ Summit Time +Summit Attitude +Summit Vessel

>> Then an important conclusion is seen here. What do we see? From this point on, have your ①summit time. You need to have this time from the summit’s place. If you have this time from some other place, it’s all going to be in vain. Think about it. “Allow me to be king until I do, then allow my son to be king, and then my grandson next.” (King Saul) Those are crazy words. He wasn’t in the summit’s place. He was down in the place where people take money from people who already don’t have any. He was there and praying earnestly. That’s why it didn’t work. Here, whenever they (the summits) faced hardships, ②they had the summit attitude. Do you understand? Finally, the ③summit vessel is prepared. Then automatically, world evangelization will take place. We don’t need any other method. How important of a blessing did God give to you in your life?