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01.11.2021 – The Law for the Burnt Offering and the Temple

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 07/12/2020
Title: The Law for the Burnt Offering and the Temple
Scripture: Leviticus 6:8-13

♠Introduction- Fire (24 Hours)
>> Can you, one person, really save your family line? We believe that we can, but how can we actually do that?
Can one elder save an entire region?
>> Today, you need to take the answer to that. We already saw the burnt offering last week. There are rules/laws for the burnt offering. What are the laws? It’s talking about the principles of how/what you need to do. So “The Law and the Temple”. There are other important things that are actually contained inside of this. What exactly are these laws? We need to talk about that first.
>> What kind of instructions did the Lord give?
Very simply, He told them not to let the fire (lights) go out. That’s the law. When He said, “Don’t let the lights go out”, He was talking about “24”. Honestly, in the past, I wasn’t able to experience receiving answers to my prayers. Honestly, people were saying that they did this and that and received answers, but I wasn’t able to experience that. “How do I need to pray for answers to come?” I knew these because I heard them in the sermons, but it wasn’t realistically taking place for me.
One day, as I looked in the Bible and saw in my life, “Ah, that’s right.”
1)7 Remnants
>> I realized it while looking at the 7 remnants. While looking at the 7 remnants, look at Joseph, who we know very well. What kind of happiness did Joseph possess? No matter where he went, he had joy of this (24). Isn’t that so? So even though he was in prison, he wasn’t really weakened. It was a fact that things were hard, but he already knew this tremendous thing. And the most important thing is that you see the same traits in figures like David. When we say that they prayed for 24 hours, it doesn’t mean that they actually prayed for 24 hours straight. It contains a tremendous thing.
>> So look at this representative figure, Daniel. When Daniel went into the lions’ den, the king said this. “May your God, whom you serve continually, deliver you.” Instead of saying, “The God you believe in will deliver you”, he said, “May your God, whom you serve continually, deliver you.” Early in the morning the next day, he went and said the same thing. He asked, “Daniel, servant of the living god, has your God, whom you serve continually, been able to deliver you?” What does this mean? Because the king worked with Daniel, he was able to see. He was able to see, “Ah, this person is always praying to God”. Even Potiphar saw Joseph and recognized. “God is with you.”
3)Paul (Ephesians 6:18)- Prayer Topic that is Formed
>> So if you look at people like Paul, in Ephesians 6:18, he said, “Pray at all times in the Spirit”. This isn’t a difficult thing. How joyful of a time is this? This is a time of tremendous power.
>> Through this, I realized, “Ah, that’s right. I don’t need a prayer topic. The prayer topic is formed.” In the past, I made up the prayer topics and prayed. But that’s what God gives. From this moment on, I thought, “Ah, this is how answers come”. What kind of answers come and “when” isn’t important either.
① WITH +Immanuel +Oneness- So I was able to find several answers here. What were they? Here, I was able to find “WITH”. Here, I found “Immanuel”. And here, I found “Oneness”. Everything. Isn’t that so? This is what God is saying right now.
② All People +Church +Posterity are in Darkness
>> Why is that?
1)All people are lost in darkness. It’s undoubted.
2)What’s more problematic is that the church was lost in the midst of darkness at that time.
3)So what becomes a problem? The posterity. They became slaves and got lost in darkness.
Do you understand what I’m saying? So when you see it, it may seem like nothing much, but we have our elderly, senior deaconesses sitting here in front. These people pray much more than our younger generation. Isn’t that so? These people who know the spiritual things are very important. The answers that come according to your spiritual state are far more important than just answers. To say it again, what kind of answers did or didn’t come are not important. Isn’t that so? Because when answers come, they can come in good ways or bad. It’s something difficult for us to judge.
What’s important is, “What kind of state am I in right now?”.
So this “24” is referring to that. It’s referring to what kind of state you’re in. It’s not, “I’m going to keep my eyes open and pray for 24 hours a day without eating and sleeping”.
>> So our senior deaconesses, elders, and elderly members, who pray, are so important. Of course, we do have many people who have abilities and are able, but that’s a different story. So when our church first began, we didn’t have any power/strength but our senior deaconesses gathered and prayed every day. That seems like nothing, right? But if our church is a church that relays the Gospel, that’s not just a simple story. Take a look at what kind of answers come in the future.
>> For those who have this taking place, they’re already different. Their words are different. Joseph’s words were completely different from the words of his brothers. Isn’t that so? Why were their words different? It’s because they saw different things. So it was bound to be that way. Let’s say you’re sick. What you see will be different. And let’s say you’re hungry. You’ll see things differently. Try starving for 3 days. The way you see ramen will change. Isn’t that so? Already, what David and King Saul saw were different. Before even, “Who was more right?”, they were different.
That’s very important for you. All people, no matter how renown, are lost in darkness. But because the church is also in darkness, the posterity (future generation) becomes enslaved.
>> Main– Then what kind of temple must be built? We saw 3 things today. If you look in today’s passage, it’s in verses 9, 12, and 13.

1.The Fire on the Altar of the Burnt Offering Shall be Kept Burning (Verses 9,12,13)
>> “The fire on the altar of the burnt offering shall be kept burning.” God told them 3 times to not let the fire on the altar (of burnt offering) go out. We read is shortly today, but He said it 3 times in verses 9, 12, and 13.
Exodus 29:38-46 is what we saw last time. Do you know what it says here? “Give the burnt offering every day.” Do you know what this means? These are tremendous words.
1)Genesis 3:15
>> He gave the Gospel the first time, didn’t He? “The offspring of woman shall bruise the head of the serpent.” Always enjoy this power. What does the head of the serpent symbolize? It symbolizes the authority of Satan. What does Satan do? What’s his characteristic? He’s doing this, 24 hours. Isn’t that so? He’s doing ‘24’. If you grabbed hold of this covenant, you’ll be able to overcome all things. Isn’t that so? If you grab hold of this covenant, you don’t need prayer topics and you don’t need answers. Why? Because answers will come. And they’ll come in God’s accurate time schedule. There’s no need for you to worry about your business. Because God will allow His kingdom to be fulfilled and established in His accurate time. This is what’s important.
>> “Make this kind of temple. Build this kind of temple where Christ’s covenant and the light of this authority exists.” What does that mean? Because they gave the blood covenant (sacrifice), they experienced the Exodus. “Enjoy this. For 24 hours. Don’t let the fire/light out.” This is a tremendous thing.
3)Wilderness (Tabernacle)
>> During the time they were going through the wilderness, what kind of works arose in the tabernacle? While they were traveling through the wilderness, what kind of power appeared? He’s saying, “Don’t lose hold of this. You just need to be in possession of this”. Undoubtedly. When I see the things you worry about, I find it so unfortunate. I feel so much that you don’t really believe in God. That you don’t know anything about the spiritual world. It’s really unfortunate. You’re able to have victory, but you’re losing hold of everything. There’s nothing to worry about at all. Precisely hold on to that.

2.Light of the Lampstand (Exodus 40:1-16)
>> Second. You need to look carefully in the Bible. This was in Exodus chapter 40. So we have the fire burning on the altar of burnt offering, right? What does it say in Exodus chapter 40? “The lamps/light of the lampstands in the tabernacle. Do ‘24’. Don’t put out the lights.” You must not lose hold of this right now. It was seen in Exodus 40:1-16. This is the temple, the church that’s needed.

3.Courtyard of the Veil (Exodus 27:21)
>> There’s another one after that. Let me write down the answer first. It’s seen in Exodus 27:21. “Light the lights for 24 hours in the courtyard, outside of the veil.” This is the kind of temple that is needed. Will God answer, or not?
Look carefully in the Bible. It’s seen in Exodus 27:21, right? This is how it’s shown. We mostly shed light on this (main point 1), but this (main points 2 and 3) is very important. This is the law of the burnt offering of the temple. Don’t let out the lights out for 24 hours.

2.Don’t Let Out the Lights in the Lampstands for 24 Hours. (Exodus 40:1-16)
1)Priest 2)Tent (Believer) 3)Three Feasts
>> And “Don’t let out the lights in lampstands. Keep them going for 24 hours.” What’s the reason for that? “The priests must keep the lights on for 24 hours. All people in their tents, the believers, must pray towards this (tabernacle). Do scheduled prayer as well, but make it so that they can pray, looking at the tabernacle, whenever. Especially during the 3 Feasts, have all the people gather.” That’s why they called it the “tent of meeting”. It’s important.

3.Keep the Lights on in the Courtyard Outside the Veil, for 24 Hours. (Exodus 27:21)
>> And what else? “Don’t let the lights in the courtyard of the veil go out.” For who?
1)Gentiles 2)Sojourners 3)Children
>> So that the gentiles can receive salvation. “Don’t ever let the lights in the courtyard outside the veil go out. So that the sojourners, who are passing by, can pray. Don’t put out the lights in the courtyard. So that the children can gather.” This is a tremendous thing. If there is this kind of temple and you’re able to do this for 24 hours, all problems will be solved. We need people like this to arise. How joyful of a thing is this?

>> What’s an answer that is more important than this answer? Even now, how is God with us?
1)Trinity, Status (Throne), Authority (Satan)
>> As the Triune God, unseen to our eyes, He is with us. Isn’t that so? Right now, He is working among you, who have the status of those who enjoy the blessing of the heavenly throne. What is your authority? God is working with this authority that can overcome Satan, the force of darkness.
2)Leviticus 6:10-11
>> The second part of today’s conclusion is Leviticus 6:10-11. There are 3 important things here as well. What are they?
(1)Priest- It says, “The priest shall put on the linen garment.”
(2)Linen Garment- Why did He tell the priest to wear the linen garment?
(3)12 Tribes- On that linen garment is the breastpiece that records the names of the 12 tribes. It’s a very important thing. Inside of this, you see the ‘24’ of the priest and your ‘24’ prayer. All of this is included in there. “Build this kind of temple.”
3)God’s Kingdom
>> So from that point on, what kind of answer comes? From this moment on, one day, the answer of ‘25’ comes. That’s what we call “God’s Kingdom”. Then that’s it. Who can block this? From this point on, what happens? The answer of the throne arises and the kingdom of God comes. You must enjoy this.
>> That’s why He said, “Keep the lights on in the temple for 24 hours”. So that people of all nations (multiethnic people) can come and gather in Immanuel Seoul, Busan, and Ulsan. So that the children can gather to receive grace and change their imprints. These are the works that will arise. So that those who are facing spiritual hardships can come and receive healing. So that these works can arise and they can do ‘24’. That’s what you must pray for. Then you need to receive this answer first and this is the answer that comes to you first. If you understand this well, things will become extremely comfortable. After understanding this, there was nothing for me to be hasty about. You don’t even need prayer topics. If you’re just enjoying God’s grace, the prayer topics just form. Isn’t that so? I need to give sermons with and based on the answers that come to me. I can’t just pick off random things and give sermons about that. That’s the most important thing in your life. If you’re enjoying this blessing, God will give you important answers. This is the message that I’ll give during the conference in Busan tomorrow and the day after that, but the answer that no man can block to steal/take will come. You need to hold on to this covenant and pray for the church/temple. Who will God find and use? Those who have realized this (content of the sermon). The church in which the lights/fire of the altar (of burnt offering) are on for 24/7. The church in which these lampstands are always lit so that many people can come and pray. A church where many gentiles, remnants, and sojourners can come to receive healing. “Let’s prepare this kind of temple”
>> Then the answer will come to you. You must always have this.
Depending on where Joseph was, God determined the direction of answers. Joseph did not set his direction towards, “Where/how will God answer?”. Instead, God set the direction depending on where Joseph was. Then this is it. Then here, you really need to gain the spiritual strength/power. The people who gain spiritual power/strength are different. You need to gain real spiritual power in order for the works of overcoming the force of darkness to take place. May you really hold on to the answer of only, uniqueness, and re-creation right now. So when you wake up in the morning, just do it a little bit. Do it easily. Begin a bit of scheduled prayer. You can do that, right? When you’ve opened your eyes. Starting tomorrow morning, pray holding on to the covenant and God’s grace for 24 hours. Then your prayer topic will be formed. When it’s formed, pray about that again. It’s very important especially for our remnants right now. Even if you’ve done it just for a little bit, the answers will continue to come later on when you’ve become adults. And pray when you sleep at night as well. This is all you need to do. Even if you do just that, answers come. In my case, as soon as I open my eyes, I pray until I’m out the door. It’s really good. And at night when I’m sleeping, when I’m lying down, I start praying. A slight downside of this is that I become very awake. When I really pray and receive grace, I just completely wake up. That’s still a task I’m trying to figure out. But what about the rest? Because the blessing of God being with us is hidden in all fields, your eyes to see that will open and you’re just enjoying that. Then that’s 24.
>> What kind of results will ensue? One day, the kingdom of God, that no one can block, will come before you, upon you. One day, Goliath appeared but David defeated him easily. Isn’t that so? One day, Aram came invading, but they were able to win without fighting. These are the kinds of answers that come. That’s God’s kingdom. One day, your child will have gone somewhere and they will stand as the main figure who solves all problems, like Daniel. These are the works that will arise. One day, when you’ve just prayed a little bit, that will begin to be fulfilled when you go to the field. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus that that prayer will begin for you. Let us pray.

God, thank You for working upon us with Your great power. Help us to build a temple that keeps the lampstands lit. Let us enjoy Your true power through which our individual lights will not go out. We pray that Your kingdom may be established in the places where Your servants are, even at this time. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)