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01.09.2021 – Repentance Movement and the Church for Giving the Guilt Offering

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 07/12/2020
Title: Repentance Movement and the Church for Giving the Guilt Offering
Scripture: Leviticus 5:14-19

>> Many people, as they live their lives, can face hardships. They might face difficulties in the family, scars, and other such things. Most people who aren’t able to receive answers and face hardships take those things as scars. And they receive scars saying, “Our family is in such hardship”.
The scars that you have continue to make up your future, so it’s very important.
No matter how much you live your walk of faith, you can’t come out of this.
>> I want to say this to those individuals. It wasn’t sudden, but when I was 13, my father passed away. My younger siblings were 10, 7, and 4. We were all about 3 years apart and the youngest was 4 years old. So what’s going to happen? It was to the point where many people were worried about us. But my mother said something important. This still remains in my head today. I heard what my mother said to the people who came to encourage her. “I need to feed and educate my 4 young children so I don’t have time to worry about things. You need to have a bit of leisure to even worry. People worry because they haven’t come to their senses yet.” She was saying that she must come to her senses because she can’t have her 4 kids starve to death. So she said that she didn’t have time to worry. She was saying that to someone and I remember overhearing that. When I heard that, even though I was young, I was very strengthened by it. Then our family members came to us and persecuted us for believing in Jesus. I heard what she said at that time. “When I was facing hardships, none of you came to help me. But believing in God, I prayed, received answers, and came all this way.” What happened to those people? There’s no need to even go into that. But God allowed us to never be sick, growing up. Most people are in debt, even if it’s a small sum. But we were never in debt as we lived.
I was inside of that, but instead of letting me fall into that, God allowed me to meet you, who are doing world evangelization.
>> Most people are misunderstanding in that way.
Right now, as the Israelites are going through the wilderness, they think that they’re on a very difficult path. It’s easy to think that way. “Why does our family have these kinds of problems?” If there is someone with spiritual problems in your family, there’s a tremendous spiritual mystery that God as prepared for you. When a severe illness comes, people are taken aback. They wonder, “Why did this happen all of a sudden?”. It’s not sudden though. When you face a natural disaster, you shake and waver as well. When problems come with your children, you become very anxious and worn out.
Those things didn’t just suddenly come. You must remember this. Before the Israelites even went to Egypt, they were slaves to Satan. That’s what you must keep in mind. That was something that was longstanding. You have to fight correctly. They were already slaves of Satan before they even went to Egypt. Even when they got out of Egypt, they were realistically, spiritually slaves. They (you) must quickly get out of this. Many of you are misunderstanding. You only think, “Why are things so hard for me?”. Even though those words may be right, if you continue to think that way, you’re going to have to stay there for all eternity. Even while going on the path of the wilderness, they still lived like slaves.
>> It was at this time that God told them to build the tabernacle.
“Make a tabernacle and give the burnt offering.” That was the first thing that was mentioned. “Build the tabernacle and give the peace offering.” What is the peace offering? “Give the sacrifice through which you can give thanksgiving for receiving salvation. Make the tabernacle and give the sin offering.” What is the sin offering? He’s saying, “I’ll forgive you for the mistakes you’ve made unknowingly, so give the sin offering.” In the midst of that, in today’s scripture, He said, to give the guilt offering. There are a few things here that we must realize. They all seem similar, but you need to receive answers.

>> Main– So what is the guilt offering? Theologians have made different kinds of interpretations about this, but they’re not exactly clear. The Bible gave as simple answer today.
What is the guilt offering? “If there’s any sin that you’ve committed regarding the holy artifacts, give the sacrifice/offering.” This is very important. When building the tabernacle, the temple, or doing the Lord’s work, there are 3 mistakes that you might make if not careful. What are they? You could lose hold of God’s important covenant and get lost in that. Isn’t that so? That’s why in verse 17 in today’s scripture, it says, that if anyone sins, they’re going against God’s commandment. He’s telling them to give that guilt offering. Then the blessing that restores all things will come upon you. Those who are doing construction (church) all around the nation and the world must remember this.

1.When Constructing the Temple, Don’t Lose Hold of What’s Important. Hold on to the Important Covenant and Restore All Things.
If you’re not careful, you make 3 mistakes. The first of that is, you might lose hold of the real covenant and commandment that God gave and hold on to something else that’s wrong. What must you hold on to? What must you restore? This is true repentance, isn’t that so? What must you restore?
① It’s not the ark of the covenant, but the covenant. Isn’t that so? The ark of the covenant isn’t what’s important. It’s the covenant! ②It’s not that the table is important, but the bread of life. ③The lampstand isn’t what’s important, but the light. ④Making the altar for the incense isn’t what’s important, but the actual incense itself. ⑤The water basin. It’s not the basin that’s important, but the water that you actually prepare. ⑥What’s more important is the courtyard for the future? ⑦Amidst all that, the oil was mentioned. The power of the Holy Spirit. This is something that’s easy to lose hold of. That’s why God said, “Give the guilt offering.” This is very important.
>> You need to restore all things through temple construction, the tabernacle, and the church. You must hold on to the covenant. It’s because we’re losing hold of this guilt offering that the Bible gave the order in such an accurate way.
The churches that are doing the Gospel movement are fine, but the other general churches fall into trials while doing church construction. That means they’ve lost to the devil. That’s running the errand of the devil. Isn’t that so? People lose hold of God’s true covenant and grab hold of the other wrong things. Isn’t that so?
We see complicated things about making the tabernacle, using certain materials, how they need to do what. While getting lost in that, you lose hold of the true/real things. You must not make that kind of mistake.
>> You must always keep this in mind. All the important things are inside of the tabernacle. No matter what kind of problem comes, the answer is inside the covenant. No matter how much you’re in a situation of death, if you eat the bread of life, you will live. If you realize the light that God gives, you can overcome the force of darkness. What is the fragrant incense? Your prayer will absolutely be lifted up to Him. This water that protects your life and heals your illnesses? This isn’t your average thing. Why did God tell them to build the tabernacle and make the courtyards? It’s preparation for the future. He even told them to pour oil on all things. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit.
If you hold on to the covenant well, after we complete the church construction, all things will be restored. They need to be restored, don’t they?
The people of God can’t be living their lives, unable to help others. Poverty is not a sin, but if you’re always living poverty, that’s not right either. A person can be sick, but if you’re always, constantly sick, that’s not right either. As a person lives, it’s possible for them to face hardships, but if you’re always lost in hardships, that’s not right either. You must restore this.

2.During Church Construction, Don’t Lose Hold of the Gospel. Make It So that the Posterity that Has the Gospel Will Arise and Block the Disasters.
>> What’s the second thing? There’s a second mistake we can make easily. While doing this work and that work, we lose hold of the Gospel again.
So it continues to come out in verses 15-18 in today’s scripture. “Give a guilt offering with the ram.”
What is the ram? It’s the Gospel, isn’t it? If we’re not careful, we lose hold of this as well.
Do you know what happens if we lose hold of the Gospel? Our posterity will enter into slavery, war, captivity, colonization, and a wandering nation. That’s where they’ll go. Isn’t that so?
>> If you properly hold on to this Gospel, you’ll be able to restore what will save posterity. You may have conflicts, suffering, and hardships right now, but your devotion now will save posterity. That next generation arose and blocked the age of disaster. People of the world really don’t know the Gospel. They look down on it. But without this Gospel, the entire world will be covered by disasters. Why has God allowed for churches in America and Europe to close? Because they are churches that need to be closed. Churches that don’t know this power of the Gospel need to close their doors. And they’re also bound to be closed. They’re bound to be unable to defeat disasters. Each time this happened, the posterity that has the Gospel arose and blocked the disasters.
>> What will happen in the coming age? I’m sure it’s going to be possible to make same-sex marriage legal. And they might even enforce anti-discrimination laws saying, “Don’t say that there’s salvation only in Jesus”.
I don’t consider that to be a problem. It’s an opportunity for us to properly evangelize exactly as it’s seen in the Bible. The early church did not go around evangelizing by just chatting. Isn’t that so? In the future, are we going to go to the Muslim countries and evangelizing by just chattering? Are we going to evangelizing by chattering in the communist nations? We have to do it exactly the way it’s seen in the Bible. There’s no problem at all. The issue is whether or not the churches are going to come to their senses. If you just realize, God will restore it. It’s a sure thing. You must hold on to this covenant. Ulsan, Seoul, and others are preparing for church construction right now. You must surely hold on to the covenant. Isn’t that so?

3.Restore God’s Economy of Light Through Church Construction.
>> Third. While doing the Lord’s work after building the tabernacle, it’s possible for us to fall into our assertions, our gains/benefits, and etc. Instead of asking, “What is it that God desires?”, we might fall into our own assertions.
Simply put, as seen in today’s scripture, you put your hands on the holy articles (in the tabernacle). That’s what this is about. This has nothing to do with you, but in some churches, there are believers who have their eyes out for the different gains and benefits that come amidst church construction. Isn’t that so? You need to pray.
For example, when there are talks about building a church worth a few billion dollars, businesspeople will have their eyes peeled for it and attach themselves. We must repent. Isn’t that so? While doing this evangelism movement for the past few decades, there were many people who came to be with buildings and land. They all had reasons. They would gain a commission. That’s why they came to me with those offers. Whether there are problems or a loss to me later on, it didn’t matter for them so they just introduced them to me. Even up to that point, it’s okay. There were some churches and some people who came out saying that they’ll build the church.
They weren’t a Darakbang church, but it even went to the extent of a legal battle. People fell into trials to the point where I can’t even explain it. These are the actions of those who don’t have the Gospel. The disaster that came upon their children is tremendous.
>> When we look, there are 3 types of people. There are people who aren’t interested in offering at all. Some people are people who steal. Another type of person is someone who stakes their life and offers/gives what is most precious to them.
You need to take this as an opportunity to teach your children what offering is. You must teach them. If not, your children will become like beggars later on. To teach your children what offering means is to teach them life/lifestyle. Isn’t that so? That’s a very important thing. That’s the reason behind the Jewish people being able to conquer the world. There was a father who took his son to a cliff and said, “Grab the tree”. The father commanded the son to grab the tree. They were on a cliff and his father told him to let go. He told him to let both of his hands go. What would happen? He’d die. The son said, “Father, I’ve done wrong. Forgive me”. His father told him to let go. The child must have had done something wrong. He was crying and asking for forgiveness. There’s something that Jewish people teach their children at this time. “Your one hand is grasping hold of God. Your other hand is grabbing hold of finances. You must never lose hold of these 2 things.” This is how they teach them. And that’s how they’re able to overtake the world. It’s not that they simply just hand them money, but they teach them this. For us, it’s really an important, first and last opportunity in our lives. You need to hold on to this covenant and begin to pray. Simply, what is it that we must repent about? How much of a loss is it for us if we lose hold of God’s real covenant because of our work or church construction? That’s what we must restore. That’s why we must restore all things. It’s restoring the Gospel that will save the posterity that will block disasters.
>> What’s the third thing? It’s doing the church construction that will restore the economy of light. So the passage is about giving offering for the things they deceived. “Give a fifth more and give it to the priest.” That’s basically what it’s saying. I’m sure there will be a lot to talk about if we interpret this.
But the words are simple. He’s saying that you must not lose hold of the covenant as you build the tabernacle. Do not lose hold of the Gospel, which can lead to the failure of your posterity, because of church construction. “All those who are talking about the gains and losses in church construction, repent. Restore God’s economy of light.” You need to understand this well. There are churches all over the world, not just in our denomination, that listen to my messages. You need to understand well as well. This is the guilt offering. It’s a tremendous thing.
So if you look in today’s scripture, from verses 15-17, this continues to come out. The things regarding the holy artifacts were mentioned first. But the significance and meaning I’m trying to explain is mentioned later on.

>> As we do the Lord’s work, if we’re not careful, we lose hold of the covenant.
When answers come to us, we lose hold of the Gospel once more. When great blessings appear, we nitpick about the gains and losses and end up losing hold of the economy of light.
He’s telling us to give the guilt offering regarding these things and resolve this.
“Then what do I do about all the covenants of God that I lost hold of till now?” God, who is good, is telling us to give the guilt offering. We only did things that are bound to bring us destruction, but God is saying, “Give the ram instead.” This is a tremendous thing, but people live their lives without knowing this. It’s a tremendous thing.
I’ve seen many people who succeed in the world and I’ve seen many things that you won’t really understand. Because they’re unable to realize the Gospel, spiritual problems continue to come. They hide this and keep asserting other things. A lot of other things. They have a lot of things to assert about. Isn’t that so? Then spiritual problems continue to come. I’ve seen so many people like that. People don’t just commit suicide. Isn’t that so? How difficult must things be for them that they resort to that? It’s something that they do when there’s no hope at all. This world is full of people like this.
>> You must hold on to the covenant. There’s no need to make it difficult.
As I realized the Gospel, I started praying this way. Why is it that there were so many sick/ill people in my family, starting with my father? I prayed about that. Isn’t that so? “God, give me evidence so that I can heal those who are sick.” God has led me till now. That’s not the goal/purpose of salvation. But we have to share the Gospel with the evidence that we have regarding our many problems. When I was young, I saw so many powerless churches. “God, this isn’t right. Even if I can’t do great work, I need to at least hold on to Your covenant correctly. Why is the church so powerless?” That’s not right. I prayed that prayer and received answers.
>> Today, you really need to pray.
“Why is my family like this?” It’s they don’t have the Gospel. I prayed that prayer and the Gospel was testified to the rest of our family, through my family.
God hears your prayers. Don’t be deceived. Don’t be deceived by the words of unbelievers. They’re suffering without even knowing anything. That’s why depression comes to people though they’ve studied so much. Even to that point, it’s okay. But manic depression (bipolar disorder), schizophrenia, and panic disorders come as well. There are countless people like that. So they try so hard to try to hide it, but even more problems come. I know. They’re lying.
God’s Word is not a lie.
If you pray, answers come. I’ve seen churches that wander, unable to preach the Gospel. That makes no sense. So I prayed a rightful prayer “God, allow me to share the Gospel and evangelize”. What else is important? Isn’t that so? “Allow me to be a pastor who shares the Gospel. Not just someone who has the job of a pastor. Allow me to be a pastor who shares the Gospel and not just a pastor or shepherd who works for wages.” God answered me. He allowed me to meet with you and is opening doors so that we can do world evangelization.
God gave us a lot of visible answers and spiritual blessings, especially last year and this year. If that is so, God will use you as witnesses during the remainder of the time schedule (year). I hope you hold precisely to this covenant.
Let us pray.

God, thank You for giving us the covenant. Open our spiritual eyes so that we don’t get deceived. Help us to realize Your Word so that we won’t get lost and caught up in our past. Open our eyes that can see Your true blessings. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)

Prayer for Offering and Benediction
We give thanks to God who called us in this age of the Gospel. Thank You for allowing us to be in the same field of world evangelization. Thank You for allowing the remnants to arise through our offering. Thank You for allowing the 237 Movement to arise through the Gospel Movement. Help us to build the church that saves the age before posterity through this offering.
May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon God’s people who are restoring what’s important today, both now and always, forever. Amen.