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01.08.2021 – Reason the Gospel is Disappearing and World Disasters

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Message: Core Training Message- 07/11/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (26)- Reason the Gospel is Disappearing and World Disasters
Scripture: Genesis 11:1-8

>> This is the prayer topic that all our members in the world must prayer for this week. It’s “The reason the Gospel is disappearing and world disasters”.
What is the reason why this Gospel continues to disappear? So worldly disasters continue to come.
>> Introduction- What Scholars, Scientists, Politicians, and Economists Don’t Know
So this is something that we need to think about in the introduction. This is something that the scholars are unaware of and it’s not even their responsibility. And there are many scientists and politicians as well. There are also many economists. These people cannot know. They are people who are very well-learned and are people who give us much help. These people are people who give much help to the country. They are essential figures.
But what the Bible speaks of and what we’re talking about is that these people are not able to block the disasters that are arising.
1)Matthew 24:1-14
>> If you look in Matthew chapter 24, it’s prophesied that disasters will arise in every corner of the world.
2)2 Timothy 3:1-13
>> And especially, if you look in 2 Timothy chapter 3, it says that suffering will com and arise near the end times.
3)Revelations 12:1-9
>> Not only that, but if you look in Revelations chapter 12, it says that there will be much confusion and chaos that arises in the world as well.
4)Acts 13, Acts 16, Acts 19
>> It doesn’t just end there. This Satan makes all sorts of idols that seem good/pleasing and spread them. But these people (people mentioned in introduction) do not know up to this fact. Even if they do know, they don’t have any methods of solution. And what you also need to remember is that even pastors are uninterested in this.
5)Mental Illness
>> Because this happens, what kind of problem arises? The number of mental illnesses arise. They’re arising in a rapid pace.
(1)Depression- Among them, depression is arising by 20%. According to statistics right now, it’s about 23%. There are many cases of this.
(2)Manic Depression (Bipolar Disorder)- Next is manic depression. It’s a little different from depression. They have extreme ups and downs.
(3)Schizophrenia- And some people have schizophrenia. How difficult must it be for them? They have all these nightmares and see hallucinations and demons. These illnesses didn’t just come to people. The come through this state.
(4)Panic Disorder- And things like panic disorders come as well. They become even more anxious about things that aren’t worth getting anxious about and they can’t bear it. There is something more serious than this. These people can at least go to the hospital and receive help and take medication.
(5)Those Who Are Afflicted- There are so many people who are afflicted in the middle. They’re not in a state where they can/need to go to the hospital while at the same time, they’re not in a state of being able to live a comfortable life either. It’s quite serious. Before you think about what you need to do about this, you need first know about it and pray.
6)Addiction (Drugs)
>> So as a result, we see the most of addiction. People are addicted to all kinds of things and the most serious among them is the addiction of drugs. A gambling addiction is of course a problem, but once people lose money, they can’t really do much. But for those who are addicted to drugs, there are accidents and incidents that arise regardless of all that.
>> So people also end up taking their own lives (suicide). And committing murders. In a sense, they’re both the same. If you kill someone else, it’s murder/homicide and if you kill yourself, it’s suicide. To be more accurate, it can be expressed in this way.
>> There are 2 types of murder. Suicide and homicide. They’re both murder; but if you murder yourself, it’s suicide and if you murder someone else, it’s homicide. These serious crimes are committed and the crime rate also increases. It’s not that there were a few cases here and there in the past. This continues to rise.

> Main– What is the reason behind this? If the Gospel disappears, these disasters are bound to befall us.

1.Cause→ This was mentioned in our Business and Industry Missions Message today, but only the Bible reveals the root cause. You must hold on to this as the covenant.
2.Satan’s Method→ This Bible reveals Satan’s methods. Satan has his methods.
3.Satan’s Deceit→ And also, Satan’s deceptions. We see that the entire world is becoming dark because of these things.

1.The World’s Disasters are the Church’s Responsibility→ Cause
>> This is all the church’s responsibility. People don’t know the cause behind this.
1)Genesis 3:4-5, Genesis 6:4-5, Genesis 11:1-8- Physical Motive
>> As you know well, in Genesis 3, 6, and 11, Satan plowed in, but how did he do so? What’s the common trait? Because he plowed in with physical motives, everyone fell over for that. What’s the trait? Satan provoked people with physical motives (of the flesh) and next, without ending it there, he deludes people with physical experiences. They get deceived by this themselves and ultimately fall into physical destruction. Of course, inside of this, the important spiritual destruction is included as well. He told them that they will become like God if they eat of it. So they fell for that.
2)Acts 13:5-12, Acts 16:16-18, Acts 19:8-20- Physical Experience
>> “Physical experience” means idolatry, special works of divination/sorcery, and other similar things. Because he makes these kinds of things, people fall for that. This is Acts 13, 16, and 19.
3)John 8:44, Exodus 20:3-5, Matthew 11:28, Acts 8:4-8, Matthew 17:25, Luke 16:19-31- Physical Destruction (flesh)
>> These are the 6 states of an unbeliever. This is what happens when people don’t have the Gospel.
>> If you really hold on to the Gospel that you have today, works will arise. You must not be deceived by the second lie. It’s not about, “Ah, we have to do it this way or that way”. If you really hold on to the Gospel covenant, works will arise. There’s no one who can prevail over you. We especially have RTS students here. Really hold on to it. That’s it. You’ve seen your seniors and senior pastors, right? These renown individuals face a loss because they hold on to other things. This isn’t the case for our school, but if you go to other general seminaries, it’s the kind of atmosphere in which you can’t succeed. Things are set in a way where you can’t have spiritual success. Many of you here attended other seminaries before you came here. Rev. Choi went to Kosin and I went to Hapdong. The atmosphere is set in these schools so that the students are thinking, “What must I do to succeed? How can I become a scholar and succeed?” in their hearts and minds. “Which church do I need to go to and how must I learn there?” They only think in these ways. So even within the seminaries, people fight about their positions, who the president is going to be and what’s going to happen there. Fortunately, I went to the seminary a while after I had done the evangelism movement so I didn’t really get lost in that, but most people do get lost in it. Because this is what Satan conquers (above mentioned 3 points). Adam and Eve, who were so greatly blessed by God, fell for those things because they were physically provoked and triggered.

2.Reason Why the Gospel is Disappearing→ Satan’s Method
>> It goes beyond that. Take a look at Satan’s methods.
1)Satan’s Strategy for “Me”
>> “You will become like God.” It’s “me”.
2)Satan’s Strategy for Power
>> “If you do Nephilim, you’ll gain power.” We fall for these things.
3)Satan’s Strategy for Success
>> “We need to build this Tower of Babel so that you can succeed.” This is how he teaches.
4)The Culture that Can Be Seen
>> And what else? Finally, these tremendous cultures that can be seen.
5)Ignorant of Spiritual Problems
>> And what else? They know everything but the spiritual things. These are the methods that Satan is using. So the entire world has no choice but to be destroyed.
>> When all of our committed workers in the nation and world, the RTS students here, as well as the rest of you, really hold on to the Gospel, all this is bound to crumble and answers begin to come. I am a witness of that and you will be witnesses of this as well. In the future, much evidence of change will come to our Darakbang Ministry. But you continue to get deceived by this.

3.Satan’s Strategy→ Satan’s Deceit/Deception
>> What’s even more ridiculous?
1)Genesis 3:16-20
>> If you look in Genesis 3:16-20, ultimately, life itself, in its entirety, becomes suffering.
2)2 Corinthians 11:14
>> Despite that, if you look in 2 Corinthians 11:14, Satan appears as an angel of light and shows people the “good” things and makes it look like there’s hope.
3)Revelations 12:1-9
>> In Revelations 12:1-9, he begins to demonstrate power that seems to move the entire world.
>> I hope you don’t get deceived. It’s very simple today. Resolve, “I am going to be an evangelist who correctly enjoys this Gospel and relays it.” Then even if you’re weak, it’s okay. It has nothing to do with your power. Even if you say, “But I’m still lacking in many ways”, it’s okay. Rather, those who have power and worldly experiences experience more problems if they lack the Gospel.

♠Conclusion- “Absolute Plan”
>> Starting now, always question. Look for this wherever you are. God’s absolute plan. This is what you need to find. No one can block or stop someone who is in the midst of God’s absolute plan. The 7 remnants were like that. They’re unstoppable. That’s why we must not be deceived by these things. Because we are an organization of world evangelization that must only relay the Gospel, we are inside of this absolute plan.
That’s why this Core Training Message is geared mostly towards RTS. The moment you hold on to this covenant, the works will begin to arise just as it did for Moses the moment he held on to the covenant after losing hold of it for 80 years.
1)Absolute Covenant (Word)
>> At this time, God is bound to give you the absolute covenant. Isn’t that so? Who can change this covenant? “Absolute covenant” means, when you’re questioning about what the absolute plan is, God’s Word draws near to you. For example, Joseph knew. He fully knew, “I am someone who does world evangelization in God’s absolute plan”. And one day, God’s Word came upon Joseph.
2)Absolute Journey (Answer, Suffering)
>> Then absolutely, this journey comes. This journey, along with the Word, can come with one of two things simultaneously. Answers can come. And slight suffering can come as well. There are times when this (answer) comes first and there are times when this (suffering) comes first. Sometimes, they’ll come together. Or sometimes, only suffering can come. That’s possible. But in your walking of God’s absolute journey, these things will all become springboards.
3)Absolute Goal
>> The absolute goal. God’s kingdom. I told you earlier. It’s the astounding blessing of bringing about God’s kingdom.
>> As you go to worship tomorrow (Lord’s Day), as you enter several fields, even when you give worship and receive training, just accurately hold on to the covenant.
You have your lifelong covenant, but there are also momentary covenants.
This is how I’m praying right now. “God, raise up disciples who will do world evangelization from now on. Would you raise up the disciples who will truly do world evangelization.” This is within my 24-hour prayer. “Would send home, the servants who won’t do world evangelization.” Really. I’m continuously praying that prayer. “Raise up the servants who will do world evangelization. Send home the people who will not do world evangelization, who are only focused on material wealth and positions like the people of church authority.” That’s my prayer.
>> Until now, there has not been a prayer that has not been answered/fulfilled. Why? Because I pray, holding on to God’s absolute covenant. The time has now come to pray for that. “God, really raise up disciples. Send home the people who are constantly nitpicking about material wealth, positions, and these other things.” This means, you need to quickly change your prayers. Going “home” can also mean death. “Going back home” can mean going to heaven. You need to listen carefully. This is the important journey that we must go on, that God has given age by age. We need to raise up true disciples for the true disciples in RTS to gain strength. Do you know why? Before the RTS disciples arose, the proper church officers arose first. Isn’t that so? If people like Jochebed or Hannah don’t arise, there can’t be people like Joseph, Moses, and Samuel. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all problems, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the evangelists who will save this age, be upon all the people of God who are inside the works of the Holy Spirit and holding on to the covenant that will solve all problems, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)