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01.07.2021 – Fundamental Field that Changes the World

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 07/11/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (26)- Fundamental Field that Changes the World
Scripture: Acts 5:33-40

♠Introduction- The 3 Kingdoms that are Recorded Only in the Bible
>> Today is also the worship for the Teachers’ Missions Department service as well. (This message will be edited so this will include our Business and Industry Missions Message as well as our Study of Evangelism.)
Today, our teachers must remember that the “fundamental fields that will change the world” are the schools.
>> When you see that the schools are the fundamental fields that change the world, what do the teachers need to know first? This isn’t anywhere else. This is something that only the Bible tells us. It’s recorded only in the Word of God.
Because people don’t know this, many unbelievers are in hardships. What’s the bigger problem? If the church fails to know this, what’s going to happen? Then that will bring about greater confusion. What happens if you, as the teachers, don’t know this? This will become a different level of a problem. What’s the reason for the hardships of many churches in the world? It’s because the pastors and missionaries don’t know this. So you need to make this a good opportunity. During the past 30 years of trainings, I saw and realized that even some of our members don’t seem to know.
>> When you know it, it’s a very simple thing. This is something that’s only in the Bible. ①Satan’s kingdom. This is moving, unseen to our eyes. The ②worldly kingdom that people are living in, without being aware of anything. That’s why the Bible greatly emphasizes the terms, ③God’s kingdom. These 3 things. But because people don’t know these, they’re in the midst of great confusion.
1)Satan’s Kingdom (John 16:11, 2 Corinthians 4:4, 12 Kinds of Destruction)
>> If you look in the Bible, in John 16:11, it talks about the god of the world. “The ruler of this world.” This is not referring to some president of a nation or anyone else. It’s referring to Satan as the “ruler of this world”. In 2 Corinthians 4:4, he’s referred to as, “the god of this world”. This Satan uses 12 strategies. So the outcome of that is, people are bound to be destroyed. This is recorded only in the Bible. You must open your eyes once more. This is not recorded in any other book. So people who don’t believe in God don’t read the Bible. So the more days go by, they’re bound to only do the things that are incorrect. They face all these hardships and difficulties.
2)Worldly Kingdom
>> What is this worldly kingdom doing? It seems as if they’re doing these great, tremendous things, but they’re, in actuality, subject to Satan’s authority. So instead of being referred to as “the ruler of hell”, he’s referred to as the “ruler of the world”. He’s the god of darkness, right? But the Bible says that he’s the “god of the world”.
(1)Satan (Role of King)- As it was mentioned above, Satan is playing the role of “king”.
(2)Role of Servant- Satan is playing the role of king, and they’re playing the role of his servants.
(3)Errands- And they’re running his errands. Our teachers must catch on to this quickly. This is something that’s mentioned only in the Bible. If we’re not careful, even Christians could end up running errands here.
3)God’s Kingdom
>> Jesus spoke at this time. Would Jesus gather his disciples and say useless things? It’s just that people couldn’t really understand, but Jesus never spoke about useless things.
(1)Acts 1:1,3,8
(2)Work of God’s Kingdom
>> At this time, Jesus explained the work/things pertaining to the kingdom of God with this background (Acts 1:1,3,8). This is everything. With all these things, the world is moving forward right now.

>> Main– There’s work that teachers must do.

1.Must Save the Teachers of the World
>> If that is so, you must save the teachers of the world. If you move to save the teachers of the world, that will become a tremendous ministry.
1)Synagogue, Lecture Hall
>> That’s why, when you look in the Bible, they went into the synagogues and lecture halls.
>> That’s why rabbis were seen to be very important in the Bible.
3)Gamaliel (God’s Reward)
(1)Grandson of the great Rabbi Hillel, Son of Simeon, Teacher of Paul
(2)Advised for the release of the apostles (Acts 5:33-40)
(3)Paul’s explanation (Acts 22:3)
>> Especially rabbis like Gamaliel were very important people. As you well know, he was a very prestigious teacher and Paul also studied under him. We have not been able to gather because of COVID-19, but this is the mystery that all our teachers must pray about. Knowing the things pertaining to these 3 kingdoms, you must have the mission to save the teachers of the world.

2.Must Heal Hardships
>> The teachers of the world have no choice but to have hardships. You need to carry out the role of healing them. Even if they don’t really disclose themselves, they have the mission as a teacher.
>> But most of them are ill because of material wealth. Isn’t that so? Most people of the world are ill because of problems regarding material wealth. Even for those of you here, it’s not like you don’t need material wealth, right? But if you’re not ill and diseased because of this, you are able to save those people.
>> And on top of that, most are ill because of ideologies.
>> There are even some teachers who go to the extreme of interfering with politics. You must save these people. It’s your mission.
>> This may seem endlessly difficult, but it’s actually very simple. God is turning many things into blessings right now. So those of you who have been working and devoting until now, don’t look at positions and seats and fight over them. It’s all going to change. You’ll be connected to tremendous answers next year. Just wait and see how God works. With very good answers, God will move to the next stage towards world evangelization. This year, God is laying down great foundations and frameworks with great answers. The reason why God is giving our church rapid answers is because He’s telling us not to spend so much time on these things (construction and 237). The reason I’m mentioning this right now is because this needs to be kept in mind by all the teachers. These people need to be saved and if the teachers just open their eyes a bit, your schools, fields, and the entire world is full of your fields. Don’t try to blow up more work. If you understand the principle (introduction), your eyes will be opened.
>> I said this to someone in the past. They told me that they were going to build a school overseas and I asked why. They said, “To do missions”. “Why don’t you just help/support the school overseas? Then you won’t even be using a tenth of the money. And if you just commission out one disciple there, you won’t have to even use a tenth of your strength and great evidence would arise.” It seemed that this person understood. Most times, we try to show off something. But you need to understand and know the principle behind this. Satan has completely seized and made it his kingdom. This is only mentioned in the Bible. This conquered the world. The world is running the errands of Satan. Even Christians are running this errand. The churches are running these errands. Isn’t that so? If we’re not careful, even our remnants will be running these errands. And we’ll find out that even the Lord’s servants are running the errands of Satan.
>> Our teachers must quickly catch on to this (Satan’s kingdom, worldly kingdom, God’s kingdom). So the final message of God was pertaining to God’s kingdom. He was talking about the work pertaining to the kingdom of God for not 10 minutes, but 40 days. It was so important that he spoke about it for the whole, full day, for 40 days. If you understand it, the work you do changes depending on your understanding of this. It’s quite unfortunate. We have associate pastors here. If you understand these words, you’re able to quietly/discreetly work in your churches. And especially because today’s retreat is for the associate pastors (RTS Intensive Evangelism Institute), it’s really important. If you understand these words, you’re able to humbly and quietly do the Lord’s work. But because people don’t know this, they have to show off.
>> Our seminarians must really remember. The fact that you want to show off yourself means that you lack your sense of existence and you’ve already died. You are such important people that you’re the ones who fulfill the works of God’s kingdom. Because I’m always praying about this part, it’s difficult. When I ask someone to do a task, they blow it up and make things that aren’t even going to work. They exclude one thing (in the new work they create). These 3 things (introduction). It’s interesting, isn’t it? They do all kinds of things, fight about their positions/seats and only yield this (introduction). It’s okay even you don’t have a position when you’re at church. It’s okay even if you yield everything. If don’t understand these words, it’s actually better for you not be a pastor. We have so many pastors like that. That’s why we’re facing a loss. Seminarians, after you’ve graduated, it’ll be more difficult. You must hold on to the covenant correctly right now. It’s okay even if no one recognizes you. The real answers will come to you.
>> Then you need to look at the teachers to be very important and all teachers today must open up their eyes. Why would the Bible record things that intellectuals scoff at? Is it really something that’s really laughable? Even look in the news from yesterday. The mayor committed suicide. Why did that very intellectual man commit suicide? It seems that he did because he allegedly committed sexual assault. It’s understandable, but in that way, people are being deceived and dying. If we also hop on that train, there really will be great trouble. Isn’t that so? Teachers, don’t be deceived. There are so many teachers who are facing hardships.

3.Committed Worker for Spiritual Healing
>> So even though you may seem like just teachers, you are the ones who will provide spiritual healing to the other teachers, students, and even parents. Just understand it that way. Don’t try to understand in a complicated way, but know the reason why Jesus explained it for 40 days. “Ah, saving the teachers is the quickest way. The more important and quicker way is to help those people who are in the midst of hardships.”
1)Hidden Spiritual Problems
>> What’s the result? Spiritual problems have come. These hidden spiritual problems. God has raised you up in order to heal this.
2)Lifestyle of a Summit
3)Life of Finding Disciples
>> You must make them summits and completely turn them into disciples.

♠Conclusion- Rome Evangelization.
>> What’s the conclusion? It’s doing world evangelization, Rome evangelization, through these people. You can’t do Rome evangelization.
If you raise up disciples, Rome evangelization is possible. You need to understand it accurately. In actuality, Paul was unable to do Rome evangelization. He shared the Gospel and the disciples arose and changed Rome. We have pastors who are here. If the pastors lay down the springboards, the next generation will bring about world evangelization.
That’s why the teachers are important. No one knows what kind of figure will arise from among the students you are teaching. When I say, “No one knows”, they’re not words of unbelief, but it means that God knows.

(The end)