07.21.2021 – Summit Answer

07.21.2021 – Summit Answer

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Message: Core Training Message- 01/16/2021
Title: Field of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC Answer (2) – Summit Answer
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9

▶You know Chung Ju-Yung, who was the president of Hyundai Group, right?
Of the things he said, this is one thing he said before. It was something that I really related with. It was to the point where I thought, “In this sense, we seem to be a bit similar, personality-wise.” It looks like he was just doing things in a grand and strong way, right? But that wasn’t the case. There was a time he said this. There are multiple pages in a newspaper, right? He said that he carried around the newspaper (for that day) and read it all day without leaving out a single word. Then not only would he be able to see the letters, but the design and everything else as well. He said that he would read every part of that newspaper all day and he would discover so many things to take note of. And I thought, “That’s probably true”.
1)24 Happiness
▶In order to receive this most important answer (summit answer), you need to have the happiness of 24 hours. Even though he was an unbeliever, he gave off the vibe that he was enjoying some kind of joy/happiness for 24/7. Whether they’re a believer or not, people who have really succeeded all have this kind of happiness.
(1)Empty Places (Multiethnic, Posterity, Elite)- So you need to try to enjoy the 24-hr happiness of the empty places. The multiethnic individuals who are here. Always, in the midst of prayer. Next, the empty places of the next generation (posterity) that has crumbled in our nation, Korea. The actual empty places of the elite. There’s a big difference between looking at something while always in prayer and looking at something all of a sudden. There’s a difference between meeting someone while always being in prayer and meeting someone by coincidence. So there’s a difference between people who are always doing evangelism 24, such as myself and these pastors, and people who just go off. Finding this and enjoying this brings much joy. This is what you need to discover.
(2)Strength/Power- Then amidst seeing many things, when you’re just enjoying 24-hr happiness, you acquire tremendous strength/power.
(3)Answer (Journey)- Through the pastor’s sermons, tremendous answers are revealed. Others aren’t able to see it, but you’ll be able to receive an answer. But this answer isn’t about, “What can I put into practice with this Word?”. But there are many people who understand it this way. That’s not a bad thing either, but the answers regarding God’s overall flow/stream comes. You’re able to see this entire journey. This needs to take place for your walk of faith to become different. When you enjoy this 24-hr happiness and pray, these empty places draw nearer and nearer to you.
2)25 Answer
▶From this point on, important things come. The answer of 25 comes. When you’re enjoying this (number 1), these answers (25) will absolutely come. What is the “answer of 25” usually about? The answer of 25 hours is different from the time that we have. So you’re able to see the world.
(1)Age of Egypt (2)Age of Babylon (3)Age of Rome
▶In the Bible, these were mainly the great eras (age of Egypt, age of Babylon, age of Rome). The works of overturning all this took place. Because it’s absolutely impossible, we can’t do it. But because it’s absolutely possible, it’s the answer of 25. How wonderful is this? This is just joy and happiness. When you’re enjoying this, it’s the happiness and joy others don’t know of.
▶For me, there are 3 kinds of happiness. When I’m enjoying the Word and thinking about evangelism, I’m greatly overjoyed and happy. Most times, it even comes out in my dream. Even in my dreams, I’m giving messages. That makes me very happy. And another thing is, I’m always managing my breathing as I pray about my health. This brings me tremendous joy. I have a hobby of fishing and that makes me greatly happy. Why? Because everything is included in that. Nature. Rest. Vacation. All of this is included. So I’ve read and seen all materials and channels that have to do with fishing. So when I heard that Chung Ju-Yung read everything in the newspaper, I was able to understand that. I also meticulously read everything. So if this is something that brings you joy and happiness, you watch/read it even if you don’t have time to sleep. Whenever I hear anything about fishing, it makes me happy. And if I hear anything about evangelism, my heart races and I become happy.
▶At this time, finally, your background is revealed.
(1)Trinity- The spiritual fact that nobody can block, that I mentioned earlier. You’re able to see that the Triune God is with you. How can you see it?
①Word- You’re able to see God, the Father, working through and by His Word.
②Evangelism- You’re able to see God, the Son, opening the doors of evangelism. It’s salvation.
③Power- You’re able to see the power of God, the Holy Spirit, who gives the 5 powers.
(2)Status- How great is this? This is my/your status. It’s tremendous, isn’t it?
(3)Authority- You have the authority to overcome anything and everything. You’ll see this answer. You must enjoy this happiness. Those of you who are ill/sick, don’t think about fixing the problem, but enjoy this.

▶Main- Eternity (Spiritual Summit)= Journey of a Spiritual Summit
“When will the answers come properly?” It all gets connected to the absolute and eternal things. The rest? You just do accordingly. But the real answer you’ve held on to is eternal. Isn’t that so? Everything else is basically your part-time job. Everything else is just a joke. But people stake their lives for things that are jokes. This is the only real thing. Then the answers will come. So this is the “spiritual summit”. Then when you become a spiritual summit, there’s something that absolutely comes forth. There absolutely is a journey on which you head towards the spiritual summit. Among these many things, which one is the journey?

1. Summit’s Silhouette/Shadow
▶It’s the shadow/silhouette of a summit. The shadow means that the real thing has not yet arrived.
1)King- David, Hezekiah, Josiah
2)Prophet- Isaiah
3)Priest- Elijah, Elisha
▶That’s the king, prophet, and priest. Unbelievers only consider one to be a summit, but we call these 3 people the summit. Even among the kings, God worked through the king who enjoyed the Gospel. People like David. It has to do with the temple, right? Hezekiah. They all have some kind of tie/relation to the temple. Josiah. God worked through these kinds of people. This is the kind of blessing they always enjoyed. Even among the prophets, the one who spoke most of the Gospel was Isaiah. Even now, those words are being fulfilled. So even among the priests, Elijah was the one who fought the spiritual fight the most. And Elisha. These kinds of answers… They were only shadows/silhouettes, but these answers continue to come.

2. Summit’s Completion and Background
▶Now, this completely connects to the actual/true thing. They received answers through the silhouette/shadow, but the real, actual thing appeared. That’s the true Christ. This is the journey.
1)True King Christ (1 John 3:8)- Christ came and he came as the true king. 1 John 3:8.
2)True Priest Christ (Mark 10:45)- He came as the true priest. Mark 10:45.
3)True Prophet Christ (John 14:6)- And he came as the true prophet. John 14:6.
▶Something important comes here. You need to go on the journey. You must accurately hold on to the covenant that has been given until now. That’s the journey.
Because Christ came as the complete completion, now, it’s been ①finished. Isn’t that so? It’s not only finished. Now, this ②continues this way. And it goes towards ③eternity. In ④Hebrews 13:8, it says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and tomorrow”. This seems like nothing, but you’re on this journey towards the summit. “Why am I so unhappy?” If that’s what you’re thinking, the small, little things come to you as a spiritual problem. It’s been finished.

3. Ambassador of Christ’s 3 Offices (1 Peter 2:9)
▶Only then can you see the third thing. God has called you as ambassadors. These 3 things are the absolute journey. He prophesied of this beforehand. He prophesied that the Christ will come as the true king, prophet, and priest so it wouldn’t work with these kings. The works arose only through the kings, prophets, and priests who realized the covenant. There’s nothing to be afraid about. “Christ has completely finished it!” “I used to be a shaman before I came here, but spirits/demons still come to me.” That doesn’t matter at all. It’s been finished. There are some people who go to get their fortunes told even though they’re believers of Jesus. You’ll be deceived by the evil spirits. It’s been finished. How has it been finished? God has raised me/you up as the ambassador of the king, prophet, and priest. It’s 1 Peter 2:9. This is the summit’s journey.
1)King (Holy People, Chosen Race)- It says that you are holy people, a chosen race.
2)Priest (Royal Priesthood, Holy Nation)- “You are a royal priesthood and a holy nation.” Look at these words carefully. You’re not just kings. You are a holy people. Not just any people, but holy, chosen people. You’re this kind of king. And you’re not just any priest. You are a royal priesthood. Not just any nation, but a holy nation. What is this? A holy nation that gets rid of Satan’s kingdom and disasters.
3)Prophet Who Declares the Light- It’s written so elaborately. You are the prophet who declares the light. This is how God has called us.
▶If number 1 (introduction) begins for you, if this important thing (introduction) begins to take place, everything else follows. It’s simply that I’ve discovered this and testified of it. This isn’t something that I made. If you have this blessing, all this will follow. It looks as a tremendous hardship has come to your family, but all this is so that God can use you as an ambassador. The scars that you received when you were young? All that could change into big problems later on. So you must let people know about this. People know almost all of this, but they’re not able to come this far (Number 3-Ambassador). “Why is someone with spiritual problems in our home?” The day you surely hold on to the fact that God has made you an ambassador to heal the ones with spiritual problems, the works will begin. Really. You must resolve this. “Why is there someone with a disability in our house?” That’s not a small thing. God has called you as the ambassador to save all those with disabilities in the world. You must surely hold on to that covenant. Why? Because it’s God’s plan. So you need to keep this journey. God absolutely fulfills His Word that has been prophesied, but the key is the king, priest, and prophet. The things that have been prophesied absolutely get fulfilled, right? Christ is the one who fulfills it. And you must not be idly standing still. You must be ambassadors. It’s tremendous, isn’t it? This is the journey. There’s a journey for the spiritual summit. Of course, it’s the covenant journey, but it’s slightly different. It’s the journey the spiritual summit goes on. Why did God give this scripture to me? Last week, we had our World Youth Retreat. I’m finalizing and settling this for you in continuance from that.

♠Conclusion: 24, 25, Eternity→ Facts
▶Then this becomes the blessing of 24, 25, and eternity. Isn’t that so? You’re enjoying the facts that come out from within this. This is all you have to do.
1)Concentrate on the Word- Answer
▶Tomorrow, on the Lord’s Day, concentrate an focus on the Word. What kind of concentration must it be? You do need to look at things like, “What is the Word that He has given to me?”, but you need to concentrate until the sure answer is revealed. Tomorrow. Concentrate and focus until the sure and certain Word comes to you. This was Mark’s upper room. You need to realize that you’re losing hold of worship. You’ll give worship tomorrow via the internet, but if you lose hold of this, you’ll be in great trouble. You can’t even see the pastor’s face and there’s no spiritual fellowship among the believers. You need to listen to the message alone. But it needs to be the same as if you’re coming to church. You must concentrate on the Word. Until the answer comes…
▶This is a verse that so many people know. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” As I meditated upon this, a tremendous answer came to me. What kind of answer? “Shall not perish.” What does that mean? Try focusing on this. Many people are racing towards destruction with tremendous knowledge and tremendous finances. Isn’t that so? That’s where I got my answer. “Ah, that’s right. To receive eternal life.” If you continue to meditate on this, the kind of answer that comes is, “Oh! Our life isn’t over. We have eternal life. All my devotion to the church and the offering that I give… It’s not over.” Isn’t that so? This gets relayed to the next generation eternally and it heads towards eternal life. “He gave his one and only Son.” This really hit me. Until now, I just heard, “He had one and only son” but that wasn’t what this meant. These words don’t mean that He sent one of multiple sons. That’s not what this is about. This is how the answer came to me. Unique and only opportunity. Unique and only method/way. There’s no other method. It’s the unique and only time schedule. Because that kind of answer came to me, the thought that I had was, “Ah, that’s right. Where shall I evangelize tomorrow?” It’s been finished. Try it.
2)Every Day (Weekday)- Concentrate
▶With this, the works arise every day, which means “during the weekday”. When the answer comes on the Lord’s Day, what kind of answer comes every day from that point on? The message you received from the pulpit, the headquarters message, and prayer journal field message come, matched together. People who receive answers have no choice but to listen. The message that flows from headquarters, your pulpit message, and the field message are bound to go perfectly hand in hand. That’s why we made the prayer journal. Here, you’re receiving the answer. And because you’ve already received the answer, you’re bound to concentrate.
3)Situation- Plan
▶More importantly, wherever you go, there will be situations. What kind of situation? A problem will/might come. You face the problem. Most people will fall into trials when problems come. Most people get angry when they face a problem. Most people are conflicted when problems come. Concentrate until the answer comes. That is prayer. How joyful does that make you? This is the fact that comes from within 24, 25, and eternity.
▶You might even fall ill. Concentrate/focus so that that illness or disease can become God’s power. Then you won’t be in a hospital ward, but a seminary. The hospital you’re in is not a hospital ward, but Mt. Horeb. Make it that way. It’s either life or death. If you get called, you go. You’re not dying. We’re simply moving/relocating. You’re concentrating. Don’t try to solve the problem, but concentrate until God gives His answer. What does this mean? It’s not simply an answer. Do it so that you’re able to see God’s plan. This is the answer that the summit enjoys, the answer that God gives. Even though he was young, Joseph enjoyed this blessing. That’s the way to become a summit. Every day. Many people wonder, “How much did he really grit and bear through it?” but that’s not it. He enjoyed this blessing. Even though Moses didn’t realize until he was very old and things didn’t work out matter what he did, things began to take place after he realized this blessing. Elisha, who knew this in advance, asked for that from the onset. Finally, this is the final message that Jesus gave. Summit. He gave this blessing.
▶I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that today and tomorrow, you’re able to have this deep time to concentrate. Let me say one last thing. Holding on to the covenant and concentrating is the start to healing all diseases. You must remember this. let us pray.

God, we give you thanks. Thank you for giving us grace to receive and enjoy the answer of the summit. Now, may we be witnesses to ourselves. May we be witnesses before the people we meet. May we become the witnesses who save the church. Help us to stand as the true witnesses before the many people who are misunderstanding the church. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)