07.20.2021 – Jethro’s Business Missions

07.20.2021 – Jethro’s Business Missions

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 01/16/2021
Title: Field of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC Answer (2) – Jethro’s Business Missions
Scripture: Exodus 2:18

▶We will worship tomorrow as well and today, we have our teams that have gathered.
You must always confirm this. “Where are we?” I’m sure many people around the world are having their meeting/gathering. Most people gather together for some kind of benefit. Or perhaps they’re meetings about their habits. In the end, they’ll gather together to do what they want to do.
▶Here, we’ve gathered for the movement of world evangelization. It’s different.
Those who are listening to the message right now are listening because of this, “How will we do world evangelization?”. That’s what’s important. How many answers will you receive? That’s in God’s hands.
You must always confirm where you are now. You must confirm where you’re headed towards. With that kind of heart, listen to the message when you gather for worship at church tomorrow.
▶In the midst of that, as you confirm the important things, today’s message is, “The Business Missions of Jethro”. This has very great significance.
If you are here for world evangelization, this message about Jethro’s business missions will be connected to something tremendous for you.
In Exodus 2:18-22, it was the time for him to meet Moses and entrust something important to him. Many teams bring me different things. They bring me different things and most of what they’re saying is, “If I bring the work I’m doing into headquarters, it’ll work better, don’t you think?”. And I do notice that they have this mindset of, “If I work really hard, something will come out of it” because that’s how they’ve been taught until now. And I’m not saying it’s a wrong thing.
▶In the past and even now alike, the people who moved the world did not do things that way. You, businesspeople, must remember this.
1)Spiritual Consulting (Setting)- Talent, Mission, Finances/Economy
▶Some kind of spiritual consulting must take place first. Isn’t that so? We’re important and you’re important. How can we just rashly jump into things? This must be set as the setting for all our businesspeople. Just being fervent and diligent no matter what? It’s right, but it’s wrong.
(1)Jewish- Simply speaking, look at the Jewish people. These people are different. They already have consulting in everything they do.
▶For example, if they decide to raise this one kid, they confirm that kid’s talent first. When they confirm it, their parents connect them to specialists/professionals in that area from when they are young. They make the child know about the economy and finances from a young age. This isn’t just about “money” that we talk about. People who are always just talking about “money, money, money” are not very useful people. It goes beyond that level.
They teach the children, since middle school, about what to do with funds as they look at the overall stream of the age. They take professionals to talk to this child and do things in depth. They have these counseling dates set. They do this consulting to the point where they can say, “I can entrust a portion of my assets/wealth to this child”. After looking at this (talent). And they tell the child the mission. And depending on that, they have this financial consulting. You shouldn’t understand it as, “They give them money”. They have this financial consulting.
▶We need a lot of this in our Darakbang ministry. For example, I said this to our Elder Hwang Tae-Soon yesterday. Let’s say that there’s a kid who is very gifted in music. That kid isn’t going to know what to do. They just receive a bit of help from here and a bit of help from there. That’s why we’re not able to win. Our teams need be do doing this consulting, see the big picture, and move forward like that. Our businesspeople and evangelists need to do things with substance and content.
▶Even for kids who are trying to study abroad, our business teams need to consult with them. They just talk about it with their parents and leave. They have no choice but to do it like that, but if they know that we have something like this, they’ll also come to know, “The Business Industry Missions ministry is valuable and this is what they do”. This is how it needs to be.
So I suggested, “Why don’t you form a professional and specialized consulting team? Don’t just talk about it everywhere to everyone, but case by case.” That’s the real model, is it not? Perhaps we may need a lot of other documents and papers, but that’s not exactly that important.
I even gave this request. We need someone who is skilled, who holds to our messages 24/7, who can send out these messages to all people, depending on their talent, missions, and finances. In order to do this, this person would need to be skilled, but they also need to be in the stream of the messages. Then it needs to be a person who does 24.
If they can analyze the many disciples who are arising, this can become a huge field. But this isn’t being done right now. This is our empty field. No matter how much I use my head, it’s not working. This year, we need to find this. There are people like this. There are people who say that they’ll create some internet program, but that work can be given to someone on the outside. Isn’t that so? “Let’s make this with this kind of skill.” We don’t need to do that. We can entrust that to someone else who does that work. I’m not sure if that’s how you run your business, but things probably won’t be working out if that is how you do it. The Jewish people do this in a shocking way.
(2)3 Organizations- Look at the 3 organizations. They don’t blabber like we do. They do it shockingly. Let me give you one example. McDonalds. It belongs to the Freemasons. They do it astonishingly. They connect all these fields of real estate and distribution and have this consulting. Then, they build a McDonalds in that location. So there are many people who come attach themselves because they know they’ll make money. In this way, we’re losing in everything.
(3)Mormon Church- In America, there’s an organization that is shaking up the 3 organizations. The Mormon Church. They’re also doing these things in astonishing ways. Even though they don’t have the Gospel, they gather millions and billions of dollars for the sake of helping the evangelists.
▶Now is not the time for us to just be blindly running. It was like that in the past as well. If we’re running a race, should we just be blindly running? There needs to be a course, you need to maintain your pace/tempo, and you need to know where you’re running.
2)3 Things
▶When you see this, you’re able to see 3 tremendous things.
(1)Time Schedule (God’s Time Schedule)- Time schedule. It can be your time schedule or the field’s times schedule, but it’s God’s time schedule.
(2)Field (God’s Preparation)- When these things take place, you’re able to see the field. In the field, we have our situation and perspective, but we’re different, right? It’s the field God has prepared.
(3)Way, Door (People)- You’re able to see the way. That way/path is people. You try to do all these things with the internet and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but the path is people.
▶This is how you see things. “Someone from a different country is here, but they don’t seem very capable of anything.” That’s a misunderstanding. They’re a path. They’re a path. So what, if a path isn’t so great? You just need to cross it quickly. Isn’t that so? That’s a door. So what, if the door isn’t so great? You just need to keep it open then. Whenever evangelism is first beginning, you need to utilize this. The only thing we barely manage to do is go somewhere, sing a song once and come back. Of course, that’s not a bad thing either.
3)What to Keep in Mind
(1)Unbeliever- What we must keep in mind here is that even unbelievers can be a path/way. Let’s say a very smart person from Brazil is here. Telling them, “Believe in Jesus. Accept” is something that will only happen if the time schedule is right. You just need to tell them. “We’re doing this and this kind of work. Please help us open a door there.” It’s not that we have to force this person into a walk of faith. These 3 things (introduction) will take place whenever. The paths/ways that Joseph plowed through were all unbelievers. Isn’t that so? This doesn’t mean, “Let’s establish relationships with unbelievers and live with unbelievers”.
(2)Disciple- As we do this, we quietly find the disciples.
▶When I first started in Yeongdo, there were a lot of Russian boats/ships that came in the harbor. Would I just leave that opportunity alone? But I couldn’t speak Russian. So when I first approached them, I just tried whatever I could, but later, I met a Russian person. I took that person around as an interpreter. After about a month of doing that, this person came to me and said to be very seriously. They were being very serious and told me to see them separately. I thought to myself, “Is this person trying to quit?”. But their face didn’t seem that way. “Pastor, I have a request.” “What is it?” “I don’t think I should just be interpreting. Can I accept Jesus?” That was the time I was waiting for. “You find Jesus believable?” And he said, “Yes”. “As you continue to interpret, you understand what who Christ is, right?” And he said “yes”. “If this confession doesn’t come out of you, you’re not even human.” And he agreed again. So he accepted Jesus. Then, that person can become a disciple. From that point on, he became a different person. He was an unbeliever. Then, he became a believer. He was a believer and a disciple at the same time. Then through these people, these things get combined together and it doesn’t end with just the path opening.
(3)System- When we leave, we must absolutely set up a system. Some people continue to evangelize in just one place. You need to make a system. You need to create a system and move on to another place. I did this in 30 places in Yeongdo for just 3 years. I entrusted everything to everyone else and got out.

▶Main- Age of Egypt
What did God do during this age/time of Egypt?

1. Unique Time Schedule of the Age of Egypt
▶Take a look. He called Elder Jethro, but this person was a person of the unique time schedule. If you look at it, he probably did this because he met Moses. But if you look at several things, it becomes obvious that he already knew. Because his decision was a very dangerous one.
1)237 2)Healing 3)Summit
▶But this was the work to save the 237 nations. This is the “237, healing, and summit” that we’re talking about, that Moses was doing. He did all this, but Jethro was the one who helped him. The person who has seen this is who we refer to as one who does “business and industry missions”.

2. Jethro’s Business Missions
▶What did these people see? Jethro’s business missions was not just any business missions. He saw the accurate field.
1)Entrusted Moses with His Flock/Livestock (Exodus 3:1-10)
▶The fact that he entrusted Moses with his flock and livestock.
2)Supported the Challenge Towards Egypt (Exodus 4:18)
▶Not only that, but the time schedule came in which Moses told him he was going to go before Pharaoh. He should have said no to that, but he supported that. Finally, by God’s grace and the effects of Jethro’s devotion, the Israelites get out of Egypt through the Exodus. It’s a tremendous field. If you see this part well, it’s the same for evangelism, your business, and church.
3)Only Advice (Exodus 18:8-27)
▶What do you see in Exodus 18:8-27? The way we see it, it doesn’t seem like much, but during that time, it was a big deal. He’s the one who gave the advice to appoint leaders over the tens, hundreds, and thousands. So he was able to have success in the wilderness. These may just seem like words, but it’s only with this setting that they’re able to go into the land of Canaan. That’s what we call the mission, as I said before in the introduction. Simply speaking, when did they enter Canaan? When the mission was completed.

3. Answers that Came After
▶Look at the answers that came after, through someone was completely impossible.
1)Exodus 5:1-12:46
▶The same works of promise arose. The 10 plagues. The 10 miracles. All the idols of Egypt were broken down. The culture of Egypt was broken down. And there is something else involved here. Because this happened to Egypt, that moved the world, it was 237. That looks like a disaster, but in actuality, it was healing for Egypt. Starting with the Nile River. That itself was an idol. All that was broken down.
▶So among the Israelites who saw that, those who held to the covenant were summits no matter what. Not grabbing hold of it is the problem. Not knowing where you are is the problem. If you don’t know where you are, that’s a huge problem. What are the times now? If you don’t know that and you don’t know where you are, what would happen? Unfortunately, only Joshua and Caleb were the ones who realized the facts. Why did all of them die? With those people, they would not be able to raise the next generation. So Deuteronomy is the book about re-imprinting all this in the next generation that was newly born. That’s precisely what the Korean characters in the word “Deuteronomy” mean. It means to surely imprint and engrave.
2)Exodus 14:1-13
▶What incident is this? It’s not simply about whether the Red Sea was split or not. This is this incident here (237, healing, summit). Even people with spiritual problems can be free of their trauma if they receive some kind of good mental shock. There are traumas that come in each shocking moment, but there are also traumas that gradually come little by little, for a long time.
3)3 Feasts, Ark of the Covenant, Tabernacle
▶The fact that He gave them the 3 feasts here is an astounding thing. He was informing them of what they need to concentrate and focus on. The events regarding the ark of the covenant, that took place here, need to really be thought about for a very long time. Why? During this time when they had no money or strength. Why the ark of the covenant? It was to do this (237, healing, and summit). The answer is this. If you don’t know why the church needs to be built, that means you don’t know any of the streams in the Bible. I’m going to share this in the first sermon tomorrow, but most people don’t know why all this has happened to the church. During the second service, I’ll talk about how people don’t know why the temple needs to be built. All businesspeople need to hold on to this covenant, but the introduction is important.

♠Conclusion- Spiritual Disease
▶Then what kind of conclusion do we come to? This may seem like just any answer, but this is the greatest answer that God gives. The day in which your fate/destiny is overturned.
These works of healing the spiritual diseases arise.
▶There are 3 major spiritual diseases. It was the disease/illness that Egypt had. These people were out of their minds. They massacred people and even killed babies. They were seized by Satan. The greatest incident through which they can heal/fix this was the Exodus.
▶The spiritual healing of Israel. These people were slaves for a long time. What was their illness/disease? They didn’t even have the sense of it. They should have had the sense that they shouldn’t be doing slave work. But they didn’t. It was a drama-like reality that woke them up.
▶Do you know who God viewed to be in need of the most healing? It was Moses. When Moses thought about his age, he had no choice but to give up. And when he thought about his power and abilities (or lack thereof), he had no choice but to give up. In addition, Moses’ reality did not permit that. So God called Moses, who had given up. So these tremendous, invisible diseases cannot be cured/healed if it isn’t through God’s Word.
▶A lot of time has passed. Concentrate on this fully throughout the week and see what happens. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all problems, the unending love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the businesspeople who will bring about the economy of light, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)