07.14.2021 – Victory in Worship is Victory in Life

07.14.2021 – Victory in Worship is Victory in Life

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 01/10/2021
Title: Victory in Worship is Victory in Life
Scripture: Numbers 28:1-8

♠Introduction→ 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to Worry
▶Thank you. He is one of our main actors for the <Covenant Journey> musical. Because he sings the song so peacefully, we can also receive/hear it peacefully. Some people sing in such a difficult way that it becomes difficult for the listener as well. I feel this not only with Deacon Yun, but everyone in our choir/praise team. They sing with so much peace,
▶I hope all our families and members throughout the world can enjoy true peace. The reason I say this is… There was a person who sent me an anonymous text. And it was a text saying, “Please save me”. When I tried looking, there was no name that was mentioned. But turns out, this person was mentally ill. I’m not sure how many members there are in their family, but their father and mother were both like that as well. I’m not sure how many more, but the 3 of them had mental illnesses. Even though I tried to reply little by little, there wasn’t much efficient communication between us.
The characteristic of these people is that they’re extremely anxious. And they worry. And they doubt. So things continued to get harder for them.
▶In God’s Word, it says, “Do not be afraid at all”. In God’s Word, it says, “Be strong and courageous”. It doesn’t just say that, but it says, “I will be with you”.
▶3 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to Worry
First off, there are 3 reasons. This is what you must hold on to in this introduction and receive answers with today. There are many people who face hardships like this. Nowadays, spiritual problems are coming to even many children, to the point where they can’t even study. Only the Bible reveals the answer for that. So you don’t need to worry. Right now, these mental illnesses and disorders are spreading all throughout the world. Why is there no reason for us to worry? It’s only in the Bible.
1)With the 12 strategies, Satan completely destroys mankind. So the very first Gospel that was given to us is Genesis 3:15. “The offspring of the woman will bruise the serpent’s head.” This is a tremendous message. In other words, what does that mean? “Jesus Christ will destroy the authority of Satan.” Satan is not a being that dies/perishes. When it says, “crush the head”, it means, “crush his authority”. This is the main content of the Bible. “The day you spread the blood of the lamb, you will come out of that curse.” This is the promise of the Bible. If you look much further, towards the end, in 1 John 3:8, it says, “The reason the Son of God came was to destroy the devil’s work”. There’s no need for us to be afraid at all.
2)The second reason. For you, who have been saved, God has given the status and authority of His children. It’s actually from this point that I received answers. He gave us the status and authority to prevail against the force of darkness that destroys us with the name of Jesus Christ. In the past, I wasn’t even aware that such words existed in the Bible. I just went to church. I had no idea of what Satan was even doing. Invisibly, he completely and thoroughly destroys mankind, but there’s no need to be afraid. “The reason why the God’s son came was to destroy the work of the devil.”
▶He gave us this status and authority, but what kind of authority did He give? God has given you the authority by which your prayer transcends time and space. It goes beyond that. He has given you the status and authority that passes through the past, present, and future. He has given you the kind of status and authority that can even transcend any field. It’s a tremendous thing. You need to believe this. For me, the moment I believed in this fact, the answers began. To what extent did the answers come? The answers continued to come. So the people around me, not receiving answers, were the issue. I was continuously receiving answers. When hardships came, I simply waited and even greater answers came. Today, you must hold on to this covenant. It’s not about just knowing it well. The moment you really hold on to this covenant, the works begin. As you walk through the wilderness, if you’re not careful, you can get very anxious. What do you think? If you just sit there and start thinking about your future for a minute, you start to get anxious. Satan knows this. There was this one person who was diagnosed with cancer and they came to me with a look filled with concerns. At that time, this is what I said. I’m sure they were flustered and distraught because they had an illness that they hadn’t even thought about. They would hear all kinds of things so it would be difficult for them. I said, “At this time, Satan will absolutely try to attack you. But at this time, God is clearly trying to bless you. So where must you stand?”. It’s a tremendous thing. You have been given the status and authority by which you can overcome and prevail.

▶For me, all problems ended from that point on. Because people are dirt poor, they only know/think about money. But all that has been finished. Because God has given you the status and authority of prayer that transcends time and space. Most people worry about worthless positions and seats but for me, it was finished. Someone said to me, “It must have been so difficult for you because of the persecution you received for such a long time”. Not at all. I didn’t even know about it. Truly. Because of God’s blessings that He’s pouring down historically, there’s nothing that can be a problem. Often times, I see people around me who think and believe in such difficult/complicated ways. I find that unfortunate. There’s nothing difficult about it. Wherever you go, you’ve not only received the power of transcending time and space, but you’ve been given the answer to transcend your field. “Do not be afraid. I will be with you.” It went beyond, “I will be with you”. He said, “I will be with you just as I was with Moses”. There are important words in the Bible. It says, “The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…” How sure/certain is that? “I am the Lord your God, who has delivered you out of Egypt.” You see many of these in the Bible.
3)The third reason. He said, “Don’t be afraid”. God is emphasizing something tremendous to us. What is it? He has given us the blessing of being able to give worship. He continues to emphasize worship in today’s scripture. In the perspective of those who are a bit dim, this may just seem like God’s repeating the same words over and over again. This continues to come out. When you restore proper worship, you’re able to enjoy the power of the throne of heaven. I’ll speak about this for a year. May all of you receive healing and strength/power.
▶When we give worship, we don’t just enjoy the power of the throne. It can heal our thoughts/mind as well. When you give proper worship, it can heal your heart. If your heart cannot be healed, nothing else can work. What is your heart/mind? It’s what you can’t control. What is your heart/mind? Your heart/mind has a mind of its own. Inside of these 2 words, all the problems come. People say, “Things don’t happen the way you want in the world”. But in the end, they do whatever they want. So if there’s no healing in your heart/mind, you become anxious even when there’s no need to be. In your mind, that’s not the case and you’re thinking, “I want to believe in this well”, but your heart is still anxious. Even though many blessings have come, you’re not aware of them because healing of your heart doesn’t take place. There are tremendous blessings that have come before you, right? But you don’t know about them. I was an assistant pastor for a long time and most assistant pastors would say that things are hard. But I really didn’t think that way. This background of the church is so reassuring/firm. Isn’t that so? Why? Because I can evangelize to my heart’s content. There are elders there. I felt so secure because of them. What am I talking about? I could evangelize as much as I wanted. I went around all of Busan. Why? Because I had that background of the church. Who am (was) I? An assistant pastor. How thankful! At that time, we had a national curfew so that was the only thing I was concerned about having to keep every day. So when I went home, I’d be persecuted (more closer to ‘scolded’). “Other assistant pastors aren’t like that but why do you do this every day?!” But one thing I’m thankful to former president Chun about is, he got rid of the curfew. Why? Because after that, I evangelized as much as I wanted. Who would stop me? If you have an illness in your heart/mind, you won’t know about the blessings after you’ve already received them. Isn’t that so? This needs to be fixed. It’s because the illness comes in the heart. Your thoughts/mind are obvious. Because they come to your mind, you know. You know that Jesus is the Christ. You know that he’s the solution to all problems. But you’ve got this illness in your heart. But later, when this moves to your brain, it plows straight into your soul.
▶The answer that can fix this is what God has given in the wilderness in today’s passage. This story in the wilderness isn’t just your average story. In actuality, even if we just close our eyes, healing begins. When our remnants wake up in the morning, even if they just close their eyes and meditate on the Word, healing takes place. But everyone rushes to get up. They get ready in the morning in such tiring ways. They run around so busily. That’s why. If our remnants wake up just a little earlier in the morning and begin praying, as befits a summit, they can conquer the world with just that. But people don’t believe in God’s Word… Your prayer and the Word absolutely transcends time and space. Is there someone, in the wrong, who bother you? I’m sure there are many people like that in the field. Steadily and consistently pray. “In the name of Jesus Christ, that transcends time and space, may all forces of darkness crumble!” Try praying that every day. Marvelous works will arise. There’s no reason for you to fear. All the remnants who are scattered overseas, in the world, “Do not be afraid”. Christ has broken down the force of darkness. God has given you the status and authority, through which you can prevail, that transcends time and space. No matter where you are, if you hold on to this Word today and succeed in worship, you’ll succeed in all things in your life. It’s a sure thing. Do not be deceived by the words of man. Don’t be deceived by the words of demons. Don’t be deceived by the words of shamans. Hold to God’s Word. I am a witness.
▶If was extremely capable and had the power to lead you, I wouldn’t be a witness. I lived in a ruinous era/age and a ruinous neighborhood. Really. Our time was really difficult then. On top of that, my father passed away and things were really hard for my family. But at that time, I didn’t think it was difficult. It’s a little shameful, but when I was in middle school, I basically starved even though I never talked about my situation. That was the first year after my father passed away so it was so hard. I didn’t grit and bear through it. I wasn’t conspicuous about it at all. Why? Because I thought, “I don’t need to eat if there’s nothing to eat”. It’s because of that my height became “standard”. But you have no idea how convenient it is to be the “standard” height. It’s really good for body management. People who are very tall get sick so easily, even by eating one thing wrong. I have a friend who is 190 cm (around 6’2) tall. He got a job at a pretty big company. He went overseas for a month for training. But because he was only eating the food they were feeding him and it wasn’t enough, he incurred hepatitis. You must not be deceived at all. The hard things in your life are not hard at all. I never got lost in that poverty. Why? “Because I will receive answers and become a witness.” This is the faith that our remnants must restore. At that time, because you know, Satan will surrender. Because you know and you’re aware. God knows when you really believe, but so does Satan as well. Satan knows that you will fall over when he pushes you just a little bit. You need to absolutely know the reason first. What is the first promise that God gave? He said that He will send the Christ and completely destroy the forces of darkness. It goes beyond Him telling us that He will give us salvation. He said that He will give us the status and authority. These are the accounts in the Bible. But that’s not all. He said that He will move you to save the world by giving you the strength to pray and power of worship. Those who have spiritual problems, if you succeed in worship, you’ll succeed in life.

▶Main- How must we worship? There are 3 things. We saw 3 things.