07.13.2021 – Summit’s Start

07.13.2021 – Summit’s Start

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Message: Core Training Message- 01/09/2021
Title: Field of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC Answer (1) – Summit’s Start
Scripture: Genesis 12:1-3

▶This past week, we had the pre-school and kindergarten missions department retreat.
I renamed it the “Pre-School/Kindergarten World Remnant Conference”. During that conference, some important messages were given, that you should absolutely reference. That was the first remnant conference we held, coming into this year. What I’m most thankful for… This isn’t something that we requested, but all the instructors and preschool/kindergarten teachers came together and provided all the funds for the retreat. So we said, “Because they’re such important ministers, why don’t we prepare a bit of transportation fees for those individuals”. When we offered that, they adamantly refused it. As I saw that, I was filled with so much grace and I was really blessed by that. I thought, “Isn’t this what the true image of the church ought to be?”. I thank all of the preschool/kindergarten staff as well as all the ministers who had a very good start in this new year. And our secretariat and staff office are really working together well in oneness as well. That office includes the broadcasting team, the resources missions team, as well as the budget office. They were giving their report and they said, as they carry out their work and ministry, the place that makes it easiest for them to do that work is Yewon Church. So I’d like to thank all of the personnel and staff who are working at the Yewon Church as well. As we carry out these conferences and retreats, this is separate work from the work that they already have so it could be troublesome. But I heard that they’re the most efficient, easiest to work with, and very fast.
▶I believe that God’s greater answers will come this year.
This is not a simple ministry we’re carrying out. We’re trying to hold this kind of conference and give this message so that the Word can be imprinted properly and accurately in the children, in the final wilderness. When the Israelites could not come out from constant warfare and strife, God called all of them together at Mizpah. And when everyone was dying from problems of idol worship in Assyria and Aram, God raised up the Dothan Movement. When the temple was completely destroyed, the nation was in shambles and there was nothing left. That’s when God called them together for the Watchman Movement of the age. This is the movement we’re carrying out now. Yewon Church and all of you are being used for that very purpose. With a greater crisis ahead, God called Paul to the synagogues. That synagogue movement, at first glance, may appear to be a Jewish movement, but no. Instead, it went into the field to save the entire world.

▶Introduction- Start
This year, we must have a summit’s start.
There’s something that we must first check before moving ahead. There may be those who are saying, “Things don’t really work out for me”. And it’s difficult to say that at church. It’s also shameful at times. And I’m sure that there are many people who say that it’s difficult to just make a living.
Because I was also constantly in search of a path before completely enjoying this Gospel. At that time, I found myself in a position where things were difficult. It was very difficult to forge a path ahead. And it was always with low-level things and matters that I was concerning myself with. We need to have the correct start. How must we start and what kind of start must it be?
▶People to people communication is important, but our communication with God is more important. What do I mean by “communication with God”?
(1)Throne- God wants to bestow upon you, the blessing of the throne. He wants to give you the blessing of the throne that no one can steal away, but now you must have communication with the blessing of the throne.
(2)237 (Time and Space)- Why? Because only the blessing of the throne can transcend time and space. Then, we can finally see the field of the 237.
(3)Healing, Summit (Word+Prayer)- Only when we can see the 237 can we have that proper communication, have that healing take place inside of “only Word”, and be raised up as a summit.
▶If the blessing of the throne doesn’t fit me, that means I’m not saved. Because you are the saved, you must find that the blessing of the throne fits you best. From that moment on, the answer of heaven comes to you. That’s why you’re able to see the 237. The fact that the 237 doesn’t match you at all means that you’re not aligned with the final message of the 237, that Jesus spoke about. At that time, you realize. “Ah, that’s why God gave us the Word and why He instructs us to pray.” You get a taste of that. In the past, we could live our lives without hearing the Word. But now, you get a taste of that Word and prayer. That’s why, the time in which you give worship on the Lord’s Day is the time for you to enjoy the blessing of the throne. The answer that comes at that time is the answer that transcends time and space. It’s absolutely so. Tomorrow, you’ll give your worship. The message that will transcend time and space will be given. Why is that? Because Satan continues to wreak havoc bringing us disasters, transcending time and space.
2)Things of God (Spiritual State- Vessel)
▶From this point on, the correct start begins for us. What does that mean? We’re able to see the things of God. Why? Because we’re in communication with God, we’re now able to see the things of God. Let’s say that for example, you’re in great distress. You don’t have food to put on the table. But that’s your misunderstanding. You need to prepare the invisible vessel first. Isn’t that so? “Things are so hard for me”, you say. No. You need to first make the invisible vessel, a container, to contain those things. To further explain, we must have the correct spiritual state formed. Because that’s what contains all of that. That’s our vessel. If our spiritual state is constantly wavering, how can we contain anything important inside of that? Even if we go a few days without a meal, we can still survive. With this, everything can be restored.
(1)Absolute Plan- From this point on, you’re able to see God’s absolute plan. That realization needs to strike you, “That’s why God has led me this way” instead of asking, “Do I need to do this this way or that way?”.
(2)Word Fulfillment- Then something astounding will happen. All you did was simply go to church, but God moves you, God moves your church, and the Word is brought to fulfillment. Isn’t that so? Then it becomes easy for you to follow along.
(3)Prayer Answer- And it’s not me praying with a prayer topic in mind. Absolutely, undoubtedly, inside of this, God will give us prayer answers. Of course, we can say, “I prayed for this and God gave me this. I prayed for that and God gave me that”. But that’s not it. Inside of this- what I’m speaking about- is where God gives us prayer answers.
3)What God Has Given to Me- Only
▶It comes out from here. From this point on, what is it? We see what God has granted to “me”. It’s not what I have sought out. It’s what God has granted to me. The answer that comes out from here is what we refer to as “only”. Because it’s God-given, it’s “only”. What I’ve made on my own? That’s not “only”. What I’ve inherited from my parents? That’s not “only”. “Because of my poor family background, I lived in a desperate situation.” That’s not “only”. It’s what God gives to us through that. Only. It may be different for many people. Only.
▶Coming into this new year, I’m so thankful for so many things. My family and relatives… God has blessed me so much that I can do “only Gospel”. I’m so thankful to my family and relatives for helping me and supporting me in doing that. I can’t place my thoughts elsewhere. It must constantly be within 24-hr Word. Otherwise, I can’t do this ministry. But most thankfully, there are occasions where I ought to be there, on the spot and on the scene. But they’re not offended by it if I’m not there. I’m so thankful for that. That’s the answer by which I can enjoy “only”, that God has granted to me. My family members don’t call for this and that. There’s no physical request they make to me. I’m so thankful for that.
What kind of state am I in right now? There’s no distinction between night and day as I continue to engage and immerse myself in the Word and messages. Other people cannot understand that. There are times when I spend all night long, preparing for the message.
▶I heard that there are even some singers who are like that and I understand. There’s something that this one famous singer, Song Chang-Sik, said in the past. A friend of him was saying, “There’s no night and day for him. You can’t get in contact with him very well”. I’m sure that true musicians can be that way. I understand Na Hoon-A as well. He makes his music, going into hiding somewhere. He’s not your average man. He wrote 800 songs. There are many times when it says, “lyrics by, Choi Hong-Ki, music by Choi Hong-Ki, sung by, Na Hoon-A”. But Choi Hong-Ki is Na Hoon-A. He made 800 songs like that. Do you think there’s any woman who can understand him? I think that it would be difficult. Even just average musicians are like that. Can there be a woman on the face of this earth who can understand that man?
▶This word “only” is the enjoyment of this blessing within the Gospel. That’s why it’s not a matter of whether the things of the world are right or wrong. If the businesses and enterprises of all our church officers are within this blessing of “only”, then it’s finished. These are the people of Romans 16. That’s what this means. Then does that mean that they sacrificed many things and not have any kind of fun in their life at all? No. You might ask if the people of Mark’s upper room, who held on to “only”, forfeited all the pleasures and joys of the world, but that’s not it at all. They conquered the world. Now Christians, people with the Gospel, need to renew their level as they enter into this new year. We should not be at the level of engaging in petty fights asking, “Are you right or am I right?”. It’s not about that level of asking, “Are you good to me or not?”. It’s not at that level anymore. Brush yourself off of all these matters. You can’t be at that level in church. “You brought me great offense.” With that level, you can’t overcome and defeat Satan. Only. That word is not your average word. That’s the summit start. The fact that it’s “only” means that the answer already resides with us. You know the mystery that transcends time and space. Within that, you’ve seen God’s absolute plan and God’s Word being fulfilled. Inside of that covenant, you’re able to arrive at what God has entrusted to you. Only. Isn’t that so?

▶Main- Process of Uniqueness
From this moment on, things begin to change. From now, the lives we lead simply becomes a process. A process by which these things are fulfilled. These things, those things can happen. But all that is part of the process. “I lived with a great struggle in my past.” But all that becomes a platform of blessings. “I have so many scars from my parents.
All that transforms into a platform for blessings. How does it change? Look carefully. It changes into uniqueness. You’re able to arrive at what only you can do. You realize “only” and you discover the blessing that only you can carry out.

1. Start of 237
▶What is the first of that? The realistic start to the 237 arose. For whom? This was revealed upon the remnants.
1)Genesis 41:38
▶Genesis 41:38, as you know very well, it’s Joseph. What is it? He stood before the king. These kinds of amazing things happened. He went into enslavement, he went into prison, and finally, he went to stand before the king. And this process, this blessing of uniqueness will begin. That’s how it will come. All of your blessings begin from “only” and that’s why the amazing process must begin, in which that becomes uniqueness. You don’t even need to write all this down. This was the start for the 7 remnants. This is the start to the 237.
2)Exodus 5:1-Exodus 12:46
▶He went in as an adopted son. No name. No fame. But through 10 miracles, he brings the Israelites out of Egypt. That was the work that only Moses could carry out. That’s why this is the start of uniqueness. It’s a process, but a start of uniqueness. How astounding is that?
3)1 Samuel 7:1-15
▶Take a look. When he was young, he left home and lived elsewhere. But these are the works that arose for Samuel.
4)2 Kings 6:8-24
▶This is what arose for David. He defeated Philistia and the start to the 237 began. Look at all of them.
5)Isaiah 62:6-12
▶He went as a captive to Babylon, but there, the start of 237 began because he received the answer of uniqueness.
6)Matthew 28:1-20, Acts 1:1-14, Acts 2:1-47
7)Acts 13:1-4, Acts 16:6-10, Acts 19:1-7
▶The same goes for early church Paul. You must remember. This will come.
▶After you realize “only”, this is something that no one can imitate or follow after. That’s uniqueness. How do you consider this? The seat you’re sitting in right now. Is it not uniqueness? If you can’t realize that, then you’ll be in great trouble. We have all our administrative workers and staff in all the different departments and bureaus. You must realize that that field is the field in which you’re carrying out the unique works of God. Right now, we have our staff member standing all day long behind the camera and that’s not easy. The fact that the elder is continuously sending out these messages throughout the nation and the world? That’s not an easy feat. You must realize that right now, you’re receiving and enjoying the most unique answers in all the world. If you realize that, even the diseases you have in your body will disappear. Because you’re so thankful. So age doesn’t matter. If you don’t realize the Word of God, even if you’re young, that’s not youth. Even if you’re old in age, if you realize, you’re not old. If a child realizes this, they’re not just a simple young child.

2. Start of Healing
▶Then, what else comes? This is this year’s theme, is it not? The start of unique healing arises. In other words, it’s evangelism. What must we realize from this?
1)Satan’s Globalization- It’s Satan’s globalization, which is so important. You must realize this.
2)Globalization of Spiritual Diseases- We must not overlook the globalization of spiritual diseases.
3)Globalization of the Gospel- That’s why it needs to be the globalization of the Gospel.
▶Do you understand? How astounding is that? In one location, Satan’s works begin. But that spreads throughout the world. In the same way, we hold on to the Gospel and carry out the works of healing in one place and that spreads into a global movement. All of you, who are receiving the message in the nation and the world, must realize that you’re carrying out the work of globalization. Paul went to one place and he saved someone who was demon-possessed. Those who have spiritually dim eyes think that that was simply about healing the sick. But that place was the field of globalization. That place was the field of the throne. You must remember that. If you miscalculate, you might think to yourself, “What does that mean? You just go to a strange place to a strange person and just do 24?”. That’s miscalculation.

3. Start of Summit
▶Finally, what is it? The start of the summit arises. It’s the theme for this year.
1)Watchman- God has called you as the watchman of prayer that will save the 237.
2)Spiritual Healer- All you did was hold on to this covenant and you have been called as the healers who heal the 237.
3)King, Prophet, Priest- You have been called as the ambassadors of the 3 offices. This is how it begins.
▶Even if you deny it, it’s true. Even if you’re not aware of it, it’s true. You, caught up in your unawareness, are the one who is ignorant. But God is doing this work. Because they were few in number, God worked with even just one person. Because nobody could realize, God carried this out through one person, Joseph. The evidence of that are the 7 remnants. This is not arrogance or over-exhilaration. This is not a delusion either. You, one person, have the blessing of globalization. You must believe it. You, one person, possess the authority that transcends time and space. Isn’t that so?

♠Conclusion- Re-Creation
▶Then what kind of conclusion can we arrive at? There are all too many problems in the field. The field is hard-pressed. That’s why we need re-creation and that’s why God said He will give us this answer. Why? He didn’t say, “You are creation”. He said, “You are a new creation”. That’s re-creation. “You were dead but now, Christ is inside you.” That’s re-creation. “You were in the state of death, but you’ve been crossed over from death to life”.
1)Final Thing
▶For those people for whom nothing has been working out until now, remember. There is a final thing God has prepared for you. Absolutely.
2)What’s Mine
▶The preparation has been made for this final thing to become “mine” (yours). He contemplated with the question, “Why can I not be used by God?”, for 80 years. Who was that? It was Moses. There were people who were used from the very beginning, like Joseph. And there were some people who lived their entire lives, almost at the point of death, with no answer. There, a greater answer lies.
3)Things of God
▶It’s the final thing and it’s what belongs to me, but when you look carefully, it’s what belongs to God. Re-creation. How do you consider your lives? Perhaps your entire life is in shambles. Today is your time schedule to receive this blessing. Try it. You may say that you’re so discouraged because you’re stricken with a disease. It’s not a matter of life or death. Enter into this covenant. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that this blessing may be upon all of our members.

God, we thank you. May you bestow a new grace upon all of your people, to have a new start. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)