07.12.2021 – Joseph’s Business Missions

07.12.2021 – Joseph’s Business Missions

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 01/09/2021
Title: OMC & The 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (1) – Joseph’s Business Missions
Scripture: Genesis 45:1-5

▶The very first thing that all our businesspeople, throughout the nation and the world, need to look to is Joseph’s business missions. Ultimately, Joseph’s goal and objective was world missions. In the end, he carried that out with his business.
We have all our businesspeople here, but if you go back to your church, you’re a church officer. When you go home, you have your children to take care of. And if you’re the head of a corporation or company, you have your employees and staff too. In some ways, we can say that you have a lot on your shoulders; a lot of responsibility.

▶Introduction: Nephilim← Spirit of the Lord
That’s why, from the very beginning, you must start with this conclusion. Why are the world enterprises losing to the 3 organizations? They’re losing to the 3 organizations. In actuality, America has also succumbed to the 3 organizations. Of course, they are helping and benefitting the U.S., but when you look at it from a spiritual standpoint, they’ve succumbed to it. So in one word, how can we express it? How is it, that the 3 organizations have seized control over the enterprises, companies, and businesses of the world? The answer is simple. It’s because of the Nephilim. That’s why, even with the New Age movement, they invoke the spirits. And they do it in a high class, sophisticated manner. Sometimes, they employ the word “meditation”. Or at times, they would refer to an “alternate realm”. Or they refer to their own personal universe, what belongs to them. And they even use words like “an alternate me”. They use very sophisticated terminology to ultimately bring about the Nephilim. And that’s why power has no choice but to be manifested. Because in that state of being filled with evil spirits, they carry out their music. That’s why so many amazing things come out from that. But that’s also very frightening and dangerous. But the people of the world are unaware of the fact that it’s so dangerous. As a result, the entire world is clouded with mental disorders. But this is what the Christians are not able to overcome right now.
▶But if you look carefully in the Bible, Joseph had the answer to more than overcome this. And that answer is, that he was filled with the Spirit of the Lord. And that’s why he easily overcame. He had no choice but to. That’s why, in one strike, he was able to more than overcome Egypt, that had clouded everything with the forces of the Nephilim. And Potiphar that reason and he confessed. He professed, “You truly are filled with the Spirit of the Lord”. That’s the start and also the conclusion. Then the key lies with this. How correlated is your life with this? If you’re filled by the evil spirits, you have no choice but to act as the evil spirits wish. Because an amazing future is revealed. In the same way, if we’re seized by the Spirit of the Lord, we have no choice but to act according to the instructions of the Holy Spirit. That’s why there’s no competition. That’s the conclusion there.
▶You must confirm exactly how much you’re enjoying this. Really, you must.
And you must confirm how you must enjoy this. Because, simply put, if you can’t do this and this can’t take place, nothing else will take place. Conversely, if this takes place, everything else will also follow suit. And it truly is that way. It’s not that churchgoers don’t need physical things. But they only speak about physical matters. Pointing out the flaws of others… Repenting… It’s not that they’re not needed, but they only talk about and do the physical things. If there’s strife or conflicts, if you look at the topics of the conversations, they’re all about physical matters. That’s why the churches are being overcome by these heresies. People from Shincheonji are attacking the church saying, “They haven’t studied proper theology”. That’s what they’re saying about the church and in some ways, that’s rightful for them to think that way because they only talk about the physical things. They have these good texts and with that, the theologians only engage in fights regarding those doctrines. These Shincheonji pastors are very ignorant, but what they’re pointing out the flaws of the church and they’re saying, “They haven’t studied theology. They’ve studied things centered on man”. That’s why a lot of the churchgoers, who don’t know the Gospel, are swept by those words, agreeing with them. You must come to the answer of being filled with the Spirit of the Lord. Because you haven’t arrived at that, things are becoming increasingly difficult. This year, you must find this.
▶Life Situation Board
The majority of the men have gone to the military. But for the most part, there aren’t many instances where you work in the office with the commander. There is only one person who is dispatched and sent to work in the office of the commander. Amazingly enough, I trained in the field for 3 months and I worked in the office for 9 months. And surrounding the vicinity of the commander’s office, there’s an administration office. And there are 2 doors to the general’s office. For the most part. There’s a door he comes out from, to meet his administrative clerk and there’s also another door to go into the administrative office. When you look there, there’s something that’s always there. There’s a situation board that tells you everything that’s happening. So it’s all hanging next to the door. So whenever the commander goes in and out, he can see the board. It’s not 2 boards. It’s just one. If you want to see the details of what’s happening, then you can lift that board up and there’s a chart underneath it. You might think, in the modern era with the internet, that there’s no need for such things. But that’s not the case. Whenever you walk in and out the office, you can see it. And everything is recorded in that one board.
▶And I hope that our staff, the employees of our Darakbang ministry, can reference that because all important information is included in that one board. The total number of personnel. Who’s sick. People who are on leave. Everything is included on that board. Accidents and mishaps. It even includes instructions that have been sent down from the highest level. And today’s instructions and exercises. Everything is in that. So the general walks in and out of the office and even gives further instructions. And all the details and specifics are behind that board on a chart. As I saw that, I thought to myself, “That’s a very nice idea”. If we’re filled with the Spirit of the Lord, we’re also able to organize our life situation. So it’s a matter of whether you’ve come from the Nephilim or the Spirit of the Lord. You’re able to see everything in its entirety. And that’s very important. And when you give to your companies, I’m sure you give your own reports as well, but you don’t need to do it in a complex, complicated manner. You have to report it in a way where your bosses will understand. In just one page, they need to be able to understand the situation in full. Only then can the work proceed. If you keep elaborating, going on for minutes on end, no one will understand. Then, the work cannot arise. It’s the same way spiritually as well.
▶Because Joseph was filled with the Spirit of the Lord, he knew this tremendous background. There are 2 backgrounds.
(1)Hell, Satan, Evil Spirits- The background of hell. And Satan. The evil spirits that run its errand. This is a tremendous background. This is what the 3 organizations are engaged with.
(2)Throne, Angels, Work of the Kingdom- But for us and people like Joseph, the background is different. Because our background is the throne. That’s an amazing difference. If this is very far from you, or you’re not even aware of this, it’s the same thing as saying that you’re not living your walk of faith. What comes out from that background are the angels.
▶“But this has nothing to do with me.” Then that’s akin to you saying that you’re not living your walk of faith at all. This is our background. Only when you’re aware of that, can you live your walk of faith correctly. Because this is our background, the throne is our background, we’re not afraid even if we face death. But those who have hell as their background, are seized by fear when they face death. They continue to have the working of Satan and the evil spirits. But our background is the throne. So even when lose our strength and our consciousness fades at the end of our lives, we’re rather strengthened by it. And that’s why people, who are on their deathbeds, say that they’re able to see angels. They have the angels and heralds come and they sing praises. They even request for some praises to be sung. It’s from here that the works of the kingdom of God take place. This is your background. But if you’re not able to believe this, you need to understand that you have nothing to do with this. But there are those who realistically enjoy this. And those are the people who move the world.
2)Field- Eternity, That Time Schedule, That Place
▶Then what kind of field is revealed? I find myself in what’s eternal. You’re able to see that situation board. I am within that which is eternal. I am within that time schedule and that place. If you constantly enjoy number 1, your background, then you can see this field. That’s what Joseph saw. That’s why he didn’t even blink an eye when he faced a problem. Consider this yourself. If you face a problem and you don’t know what it entails, then of course, no matter who you are, you’ll be anxious.
3)Lifestyle- Start by Knowing the End
▶Now, what comes from within this, is the lifestyle. And how can we describe this lifestyle? You’re able to see everything in its entirety as you remain within what’s eternal. How did he see the entire thing? He began, knowing the end. That was Joseph’s case. He began, knowing the end. He experienced hardships to the point where his own brothers scoffed at him. He spoke very difficult words and that’s why they ridiculed him. But when his fathers heard those words, he understood him. It’s that.
▶In the same way, even now, this mystery is being fulfilled. You’ve got every condition to receive this answer.
If you are completely unaware of this blessing, then how can you pray? There’s no reason for you to pray. And even if you were to pray, it would be at the level of an unbeliever’s prayer and that really amounts to nothing. But inside of this, the more you enjoy, to the extent that you enjoy, it’s limitless. There’s no need for you to even worry about sicknesses. “Will my illness get better if I’m inside of this?” God will be the One to take care of that. “How long will I live my life?” That’s not an important matter either. Our life persists so long as God permits it to. Otherwise, when He takes our life, we just move our location.

▶Main- Then what comes out from within this background?

1. Dream of 237 (Genesis 37:1-11)
▶We’re able to see the dream of 237. The dream of 237 results and as you know very well, this transcends time and space. This needs to ultimately take place. Only then can you say that you know what prayer is.
▶This came out earlier. The background of the throne, which transcends time and space, is my background. So you must pray in faith. If you pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the works can arise in the U.S.
2)World Evangelization
▶That’s why these words “world evangelization” become very easy for us. Because you’re enjoying this prayer and an answer every day, world evangelization becomes easy.
▶Within this, the place to which Joseph went was Egypt. That’s how we can interpret it. He was within the enjoyment of this tremendous blessing and that’s why he went to this place, Egypt. If that’s the case, you can see just how thoroughly and meticulously God led him. Of course, there were other powerful nations at that time, but Egypt was the answer for him then.

2.Power that Transcends Time and Space (Genesis 39:1-6)
▶From this point on, the power that transcends time and space is revealed. That’s the background of the Word that God has given. It’s the Word.
1)Genesis 39:2, It all becomes connected into one thing. For example, Genesis 39:2. Because he was a slave, he was going to be sold somewhere. He was sold into Egypt. But because he enjoying the power of God there, this power was revealed through the Word.
2)Genesis 39:6, The powers manifested to the point where even an unbeliever could see it.
▶This is yours. This is ours. In the field, no matter how difficult things may be, the power of the Word of God is bound to be revealed. That’s our standard. Apart from that, we should not move. What are we waiting for? We’re waiting for the Word to come upon us and the fulfillment of that Word. I don’t pay so much attention to the construction work that’s taking place in Busan. All I’m doing is continuing to give the Word. Because I believe absolutely that God will work by His might there. And then, we can carry it out then/there. We shouldn’t be frustrated in the least. There’s nothing else for us to busy ourselves with apart from testifying the gospel. If God works in an amazing way, then we can carry out the work in an amazing way. If God says, “Carry it out in such a way that you can save all of Busan”, then that’s exactly what we’ll do. If He says, “Just do it appropriately”, then do it in an appropriate way. That is not a problem at all. What’s important is this.
▶He was in Potiphar’s household and God’s power was revealed there. Even an unbeliever saw that and confessed, “The Lord gives you prosperity in all things”. And this happened immediately. “You can’t just be a simple slave. You need to be head of the household, the chief staff”. So it ended with that. So in our terms, he was promoted. He said, “Do whatever you please within these bounds”. Potiphar was able to give those instructions because he saw that he was fitting for that role. Wherever you go, you can save everything. Why did I speak about the situation board earlier? Whenever I see people doing work, they do it in a way where it’s not going to work. But your lives are so important. That’s why you need to have a very sure and certain life situation board. That’s nothing else but this; what I spoke of. This is an amazing thing.
▶Then these answers are bound to come. Our businesspeople must be strengthened. Of course, having your prayer topics is important, but holding on to this more accurately is more important. The distinctive trait of Joseph was that the held on to it accurately. People say, “It’s good when problems come”, but who would be pleased with facing a problem? There’s only one way for problems to be good. It means that you’re able to find the accurate answer. Isn’t that so? That’s why we say that problems are good. But we’re not pleased with facing these problems. The only reason why we’re able to take pleasure and joy in that is because it’s an opportunity to hold to the accurate answer.

3. The Word and Prayer that Transcends Time and Space
▶Finally, Joseph was able to continue the prayer that transcends time and space.
1)Genesis 40:1-23, All of a sudden, what happened? He was sent into prison. Through no fault of his own. And it’s alright. Joseph already possessed the Word, the power of God, as well as the power of prayer that transcends time and space.
2)Genesis 41:1-38, That became the pathway for him to stand before the king.
▶Joseph was able to read the entirety of his life situation plan. So businesspeople, don’t just simply hold on to it. Look at world evangelization, my church, and myself in its entirety. People just speak about world evangelization in a very ambiguous manner. It must not be that way. It must be, “world evangelization, myself, and my church”. You need to hold on to it today. “Alright, that’s fine. I’ll give my entire life over for the church.” Only then will you be able to see this. Then what will result? The answers will begin to come. When answers come, you can now give your devotion with that answer in hand. That’s what David said. He made perfect preparations for the construction of the temple and then he said, “Lord we’ve only given to you what you’ve entrusted to us”. The characteristic of the 7 remnants, who moved the age, was this. They were filled with the Spirit of the Lord. It’s the opposite of the Nephilim.

4. The Time Schedule of Joseph that is in God’s Plan (Genesis 45:1-5)→ Throne +World +Me
▶So take a look. It absolutely comes. What comes? That time schedule finally arrives. It’s the time schedule of Joseph, that God had given. You say that things aren’t working out so well for you. There’s an absolute time schedule for you. You must find what precedes that. It’s absolutely not by mistake that God has placed you on this earth. It’s not that He had to take your life but He somehow missed you in the crowd and that’s why you’re still left here. There’s an accurate time schedule, an exact one. That, as you know very well, is the throne, the world, and me.
1)WITH 2)Immanuel 3)Oneness
▶It’s the time schedule in which WITH takes place. The time schedule in which this becomes Immanuel. More accurately speaking, the time schedule in which this comes together in Oneness. That’s all it takes. It’s for the blessings of the world, the throne, and me to come together in Oneness. The businesspeople must hold to the covenant to this extent and give your devotion. “How can I do this?” Try 24-hr prayer. Then the accurate answer will come. Don’t force yourself, but continue to pray. Early in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. It’s not tedious or boring. You can do this all the time, all day long.

▶Of course, if you do this, the answers will come later on. But that’s for us to see later. What happens immediately?
1)Potiphar’s Home (Field)
▶God answered the field in which Joseph was situated. Potiphar’s home. What’s the reason for that? It’s that God’s kingdom came upon Potiphar’s house. It’s that the blessing of the throne came upon Potiphar’s household. Only then could world evangelization be possible for Joseph. Save your field. And you must do so, unconditionally. Save the field. The place in which you are standing right now is your missions field. All the people who are employed somewhere. The place where you’re employed at is your missions field. God is the One who has dispatched and commissioned you there. Think about it that way. If you unconditionally save everything, no one can speak two words about that.
2)Palace- Nation (Crisis)
▶As you know very well, Joseph was sent into prison, but that wasn’t the issue. He was later on sent to the palace. When he went into the palace, he was able to save that nation. What does that mean? The palace. The nation. It’s the same- a location. But one day, God sends you to the place where you can block the crises. Potiphar’s household was not actually a crisis. That was also a field. But there, God’s works arose. Absolutely, God will lead you into this. The crisis.
3)Governor- World Evangelization (Second Occupation)
▶And? God raised him up as governor. Why? To do world evangelization. God gave to Joseph, a second occupation to carry out world evangelization. That was his second occupation. His primary occupation was Egypt evangelization. It needs to come to this point. Your business and your work? That’s your secondary occupation. You need to revive that in order to do world evangelization. Then your spiritual state will change. You can’t think of your workplace as your primary occupation. That’s secondary. Because you need to do world evangelization.
▶This was Joseph’s business missions that you too must hold on to. You’re not just offering a cursory glance saying, “Oh, that’s how it was”. You’re not just studying it. This must become yours. If you don’t have the capacity or strength, then start with something small. If you don’t possess anything, just start with the small things that you have. A lot of young people worry about their futures. It’s alright, but at the same time it’s not. Just go in that state of a slave. Because there, God’s works will be revealed. There’s no need to worry about your future. Just go into the prison. Because you’ve done nothing wrong, you don’t need to feel any burden or pressure. If you’ve really committed a crime, then you need to repent for your ways, but that’s not the reason. And then, he became the governor. But even at that point, that was his secondary occupation. When he met with his brothers, he said something astounding. “Brothers, the Lord sent me ahead of you.” That’s right. This is the covenant that you, businesspeople, must hold on to. Just hold on to it in an easy manner. Your business, your church, and yourselves. That’s everything. To further explain, it’s your business, your enterprise, world evangelization, and yourself. Undoubtedly. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the King of kings, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon the heads of all the businesspeople who will save this age, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)