07.07.2021 – Start of Finding the Correct Covenant

07.07.2021 – Start of Finding the Correct Covenant

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 01/03/2021
Title: Start of Finding the Correct Covenant
Scripture: Numbers 22:36-41

▶The time of the coronavirus could be the cause for failure or the cause for success. So for those who are giving worship in their homes, may this be the time schedule in which you completely restore the altar that Abraham built and Mark’s upper room. Those of you who are receiving the Word from overseas. May this be the time schedule in which you completely restore the blessing of Romans 16. And for the remnants who are holding on to this Word, this needs to be the time schedule in which you completely grab hold of the answer and blessings of RUTC. When hardships come, most people fail. But truly successful people receive the answers properly when hardships come.
▶In this one village, there was a wealthy household. And only that home was built very well. They built the gates and walls so well that no one was able to go in to steal. When the adults were not home, there was a fire that broke out there. Because they built the house so well, people weren’t able to get in quickly enough. Most shabby houses don’t have gates so people are able to easily get through. But because they built it so well, rescuers weren’t able to go in and the children burned to death.
▶We’re starting a new year. There’s something that people misunderstand.
① They worry so much about the future. Those who have not been saved need to worry like that. But those who have been saved, the people of God, don’t need to worry about the future. Because the people in that home were so worried about burglary and other such things, they built the house so well and that became the reason why their children burned to death. There are some people who go around to homes of fortune tellers all day long in the beginning of the year. Because they’re worried about the future. That’s a huge misapprehension.
② There’s another misconception. “You don’t need to worry about the future. Just live your life to the fullest today. It’s all over when you die anyway.” That’s also a misconception. It’s not the end when you die. The people who are worrying on their way through the wilderness are the problem. The people who think that there’s no future, who think that “today” is everything are the problem. One person’s household faced great difficulties. It became really hard for their family. It became really hard for themselves too. What was their prayer topic? It was to live until they’re 120 years old. The way I saw it, it would have been better for them to just leave the earth quickly. They were so obsessive of their reality. Things don’t end in the wilderness. Things don’t end if you die. That’s a complete misconception.
③ What’s another misconception? The thought that you just need to fight and win, no matter what it takes.
▶The 3 misconceptions that I just mentioned come out in today’s passage.
There was a great incident that arose in the wilderness. The Israelites were passing through the city of Moab. The name of the king of there was Balak. He could have just let the Israelites pass through, but he said, “No, we have to stop them”. “How can I block the Israelites? How can we block the Israelites who even defeated Egypt?” So in order to do this, this king used his head. How did he use his head? He called for a prophet named Balaam, whose name was very similar to his. “I’ll give you as much money as you want. I’ll give you enough for your entire lifetime. Just curse the Israelites for me.” That’s what he said. So Balaam said, “The Israelites are not people fit to be cursed. They are people who are fit to be blessed by God”. So the king sent princes who were more in number and more honorable. “King Balak desires to meet you.” The king promised tremendous things. He opened a grand feast and invited him. This is how he ended up going there. The prophet went, receiving the invite of the king. When he went there, the donkey all of a sudden went out of control. This donkey, that was carrying the prophet, started to go off randomly into other fields. And because the prophet struck the donkey, it went to another dead end. What does the Bible record? “The angel of the Lord stood in his way, drawing his sword.” Because the angel of the Lord had appeared, donkey began to even talk. This prophet, Balaam, asked, “Why aren’t you listening to me?”. The donkey replied, “I’ve been listening to you all this time. But I can’t listen to you right now”. And when Balaam’s eyes opened, he saw the angel of the Lord before him, drawing his sword. He told him to go meet him. Even though he was on his way. He said, “You must not say anything else”. After hearing those words, Prophet Balaam went on his way.
▶Prophet Balaam gave a prophecy 4 times.
① What did he say for the first prophecy? He went there to give this prophecy. The important thing he said was, “Build 7 altars and bring and sacrifice 7 oxen and 7 sheep”. It was meaningful, right? 7 altars, 7 oxen, and 7 sheep. He was asked to curse the Israelites and at that time, Balaam said, “How can I curse the people God told me not to curse?”. He can’t curse the people of God. ②“How can I curse them?” So the second place where King Balak took Prophet Balaam was a mountainous place called Kiriath-huzoth. There, he told him to curse the people and what did Balaam say? “God is not One who changes. I received God’s command to bless them. You cannot block this with these acts or sorcery or divination.” So instead, he blessed them. ③So this king makes an offer for the 3rd time. These are the actions of proud unbelievers who think that they can do everything by just pushing for it. He took him to another mountain called Bamoth-baal and told him to curse the Israelites there again. This prophet, Balaam, was unable to curse them. That’s when he said, “God led the Israelites out of Egypt and He will continue to guide them”. ④So he gave another request again. “Try one more time to curse them.” That was the fourth time. That’s when King Balak became angry. “Why are you being like that? You’ve received so much from me. Why aren’t you doing it?” Balaam had received and accepted a lot from the king. He had actually gone, thinking, “I’m going to curse them”. But it wasn’t working.
Who will curse you? How and who will bless you, the people of God? Because the king got angry, what did Balaam do during the fourth time? Rather, he cursed Moab. That’s the incident we read about today.
▶As we begin the new year, God has given us a very meaningful scripture/passage.
So this Prophet Balaam did something bad. He could not curse them at the altar. So he told the king about this little trick. “If you send Moab women to them and corrupt the men in their 20s, you can win.” That’s what he hinted at. So later, when they Israelites go into the land of Canaan, they kill Balaam as well when they kill the 5 kings. He had taken the money. This prophet… Because of money… Does that make sense? A prophet makes things hard for the people of the Lord because of money? It won’t end like that. It’s much later, but it’s recorded in Jude 1:11. “Woe to them!” There are 3 people who are mentioned. “Woe to them! For they walked in the way of Cain and abandoned themselves for the sake of gain to Balaam’s error and perished in Korah’s rebellion.” Remember Korah, who raised a rebellion. Those who abandoned themselves for the sake of Gain to Balaam’s error. That’s a rightful thing.

▶Main- Today, our message is, “Start of Finding the Correct Covenant”, but how do we find it? That’s what it is. As we start a new year, saying, “I’m worried about the future” or “I’m not worried about the future” isn’t the answer, right? We do have to worry about the things we need to worry about and not worry about the things we don’t have to. But the question is, “How?”. We do have to admit that there is a problem when there’s a problem and say there’s no problem when there isn’t. If you say that there’s no problem when there actually is, you’re ill. That’s an ill person. Isn’t that so? If there’s no problem and you say that there is, then you’re speaking words of complete unbelief.
In the midst of this kind of reality, today’s passage showed us something very important: how we need to go this way. All those who are receiving the message in the nation and the world must hold on to this covenant and begin.

1.Seek Out the Background of the Throne (Blessing) that Transcends Time and Space First (What Kind of Power Must I Have?)→ 237
▶First. Something important was seen today. There’s something that we see every time he went to give a prophecy. What was it? 7 altars for burnt offering, oxen, and sheep.
You understand what that means, right? We already have the answer. These symbolize Christ, but it’s not just a simple story.
▶How can you go seek out the proper and correct covenant? What’s the first? “Receive the blessing of the throne of heaven first.” It’s that.
The question is, is it the background of hell or the background of heaven? Those who are listening to the message today must remember. There are many people who continue to fight and quarrel in the home. There is no way people won’t fight at all. Not that, but there are many people who quarrel. For the posterity, that’s hell. Your spiritual state is hell. God is telling you to receive the blessing of the throne of heaven. That was the first point of the new year’s message. Isn’t that so?
▶Because the blessing of the throne transcends time and space, the answer of 237 comes.
The evangelism movement is taking place in the world right now and it was what we discovered in the Bible, but the only thing we globalized from here, in Korea, is Darakbang. Confirm it. Before we even talk about whether all these evangelism movements are right or wrong, they were all brought over from overseas. The Evangelism Explosion, Navigators, CCC… All of these came from overseas. What does that mean? If you realize and understand the blessing of the throne, it transcends time and space so “237” takes place. For all the businesses of the church officers, 237 will take place. 237 will take place in the studies and academics of all remnants. Right now, even hospitals are moving out with the 237 strategy. They acknowledged this from overseas. They’ve recognized that the doctors of Korea are the best. They’ve also acknowledged that things are most convenient in Korean hospitals. In America and Europe, there are so many people who die while waiting in the hospital. So people who are sick come to Korea. Most of the people in China come to Korea. 237.
▶What is this covenant? What does it mean, to build an altar?
① Do not get lost in Satan and your own thoughts, like in Genesis 3:4-5, and receive the blessing of Genesis 3:15.②Don’t remain the curses of the Nephilim like in Noah’s age, but completely enjoy the blessing of the ark. ③Don’t be inside of the curses of slavery in Egypt and receive the blessing of the blood covenant in Exodus 3:18 and the blessing of throne. It was the Passover when they got out. The Pentecost when they were going through the wilderness. The Feast of Ingathering. What is all this? The blessing of the throne of heaven.
This just looks like nothing, right? But all this gets connected to the 237 nations. The fact that they got out of Egypt… That was 237. Now, the news of that would be spread all throughout the world.
They were bound in the wilderness for 40 years, but do you know where that wilderness was? It was the central place, where the powerful nations went back and forth in competition with one another. Egypt and Assyria were always ready for a fight. That’s why they tried to take over Israel. They needed to take over Israel in order to attack the other side. But here is where all the incidents and events broke out. 237. You must remember.
▶You need to correctly start the covenant, but this is the very first thing. The miracle of the Red Sea. What is this about? The tabernacle. Tent of meeting. Their tents. Ark of the covenant. What is all this? The blessing of the throne of heaven. Then absolutely. 237 will take place for your studies, business, and occupation. In fact, you can only survive if 237 takes place.
Why is America a powerful nation? There are many things in which 237 took place. That’s why. 70% of the world is taken by America. Europe lost to that. Simply speaking, they lost, regarding the blessing of 237. Why? Because the Gospel that was in Europe got moved over to the States. Now, the Gospel is disappearing in America. God sent this out to Korea and all throughout the world. You must hold on to the covenant.
▶If you don’t do that, what will happen? If you don’t know the blessing of the throne, you’ll live a hellish life whether you have money or not. Then, you’ll go to hell. How unfortunate is that? Regardless of your success or lack of it, you’ll live a hellish life. On the outside, people are trying to save face, but they’re all dying. You need know how blessed you are.
That’s why you need to go, holding on to the covenant correctly.

2.Receive the Blessing of the Word that Transcends Time and Space (Where is my life headed?)→ Healing
▶Second. Do you know what it says in today’s passage?
God is saying that those people are not people who are fit to be cursed. To you, God is saying, “You are one who has received blessings”. Satan picks out our flaws and weaknesses. God is saying about you, “They are ones who will be blessed”.
What does God say? God is saying that you are His chosen people.
No matter how much money Balaam ate up, he wasn’t able to curse them.
▶What does this mean? This is the second thing. What’s next, after the blessing of the throne of heaven? Receive the blessing of the Word. At this time, healing arises.
If you receive the blessing of the accurate Word of God, the works that transcend time and space, as well as healing, arise. If you don’t know the first point I mentioned earlier, every Word you hold on to will be held on to incorrectly. Isn’t that so? People spend all their time trying to interpret Bible verses. That’s incorrect.
▶Let’s say that I wrote a letter to Elder Ryu Jae Du.
Then what should he do after reading my letter? He needs to grasp an idea of, “What is pastor trying to say?”. Isn’t that so?
“The words are right.” “The words are not right.” None of that matters at all. Isn’t that so? “The handwriting in the letter is like this and that.” That doesn’t matter at all.
There are many churches that are like that right now. The goal was set as salvation.
▶That’s why the altar is mentioned. You need to know that in order to follow the accurate Word from that point on. At this time, we see our second theme, healing.
Why? God’s Word transcends time and space. Isn’t that so? The power of the throne transcends time and space as well, but God’s Word transcends time and space. If you’re holding on to the accurate Word of God, then it’s bound to be absolutely fulfilled.
“But why is my child like this?” Just wait. They’ll become a greater figure. “Why did you allow me to meet a husband like him?” Wait. “Why did I meet a wife like her?” Wait. “You are a tremendous figure.” We continue to have misconceptions. The accurate Word of the covenant is absolutely bound to be fulfilled, globalized, and bring healing.
▶I have this mission so I requested of my secretaries.
This was on TV. Children who have are mentally ill, who can’t study at school, who can’t adjust. Even when they come home, they don’t listen to their parents so their parents are worried. So they seek counseling from someone named Dr. Oh. She comes out and talks to them and everything. As I watched that program, my heart really broke. I’ve decided to send someone. What she mostly says isn’t wrong. She’s someone who studied psychology and after they film the child, she analyzes the child’s state and explains everything. Some of the kids have a phobia of coming into direct contact with others. Some kids have a phobia regarding sounds. Those words are right, but that child can never be treated/healed like that. How can psychology heal a person? Does that make sense? To just have a phobia of contact? Then should that child live without any contact with other people? They need to be okay with contact. The problem is that that child is not able to bear it. Then everything becomes miserable for this child. This child knows. Even that therapy/counseling session is something that torments this child. I thought, “This child is in great trouble”. One of the things this child said was, “I want to be alone”. That’s the answer. “I want to be in the mountains.” That’s rather the answer for that child. I felt so frustrated that I told my secretaries to look into that family and connect someone to them. I’ll explain this a bit more later on during the second service.
▶Not only does God’s Word transcend time and space, but it brings about works of healing. That’s why I’m talking about this, using words like “healing”. I’m not saying that our doctors are wrong. God has continued to give me answers concerning healing, starting from 30-40 years ago. Then what am I saying? It’s right for the doctors to take x-rays and do things scientifically, medically, and accurately. But that’s not answer for this child. This is something that doesn’t show up in images and they don’t even know the cause.
God is not trying to curse you. He’s giving you the Word of blessings. Isn’t that so? But this Satan continues to say, “Curse them”. Nothing else is needed. Satan continues to tell you to speak words of curses. God is telling you to give the words of blessings. You must not be deceived. That’s how to receive the accurate guidance of the Word. What did he (Balaam) say? “God is telling me to bless them. How can I curse them?” That’s what Balaam said. “These people are not fit to be cursed. They’re people who need to be blessed.” That’s right. You must remember. God’s Word transcends time and space. Isn’t that so? The blessing of the throne of heaven transcends time and space. God’s Word is absolutely bound to bring healing.
▶“Where must this Word be applied?” That’s the mystery/secret of healing.
That’s what I’m trying to do. Healing takes place only through God’s Word, but where must it be applied? It’s this.

3.The Lord’s Blessing of Sending His Angels, that Transcend Time and Space (What do I see?)→ Summit
▶Number 3. How can we find the accurate, correct covenant?
We see important words today. If you look here, God is telling them what kind of power/strength they need to have.
▶The blessing of the throne, that we talked about earlier, is about where you’re affiliated with/belong to. Holding on to the Word accurately is about where you’re going. Isn’t that so? It’s about your life/lifestyle. The third thing today is, “What are you seeing?”. This is the important path of the summit’s blessings, but how is it mentioned today?
In verse 22, it says, “The angel of the Lord took his stand in the way”. In verse 23, it says, “The angel of the Lord… with a drawn sword in his hand”. In verse 24, it says, “The angel of the Lord stood in the narrow path between the vineyards”. It continues to be mentioned. We didn’t read all of it, but this incident of Balaam continues to come out. What kind of strength/power are we talking about? You become the summit when you’ve held to this covenant. It’s absolute.
▶I pray about this. These 3 things are so important. We’re praying the name of Jesus Christ, that transcends time and space”. Isn’t that so? The blessing of the throne, that transcends time and space, and the angels can be moved. Isn’t that so? You can break down Satan, who tries to curse you, transcending time and space. These are very important words. If you can’t understand this, you can’t overcome the unbelievers.
▶The Lord sent His angel. What does this mean? These are very important words. That means he went and relayed God’s Word. What does it mean, that he held a sword? This is referring to protection, is it not? This protection. And in the midst of many incidents, He sends His angel to guide you with a power that the people of the world are unable to know.
▶Moses recorded this. What did he record?
It’s Exodus 14:19. “The angel of the Lord went before Moses and stood behind Moses.”
David, who received the most prayer answers, said this. He said this in Psalm 103:20, right? “O you his angels, you mighty ones who do his word…” What does he say before that? “Bless the Lord, O you his angels, you mighty ones who do his word, obeying the voice of his word!”. What else did he say? “Bless the Lord, all his hosts, his ministers, who do his will!” The angels and hosts are the same, but this is referring to an army. Then, what did he say after that? “All his works, in all places of his dominion.” What does he mean when says, “You”? He combined all of them. The angels and hosts. Without exception, this is seen in the Bible. Balaam saw this later on. “Oh!” He saw the angel, who was holding the sword. He knelt before him. This is talking about a tremendous mystery.
▶What is the characteristic of these 3 things? The throne, the Word, and the Lord’s hosts/angels.
What’s the common trait? They transcend time and space. Really try praying.
I absolutely pray like that. “May Satan be bound in the name of Jesus Christ, that transcends time and space!” Isn’t that so? Your child is all the way over there in America, but you can just pray here. This is what the believers don’t know. Rather, the demon-possessed shamans know this and they’re having a feast over it, but the Christians don’t know. I said this during the first lecture of the New Year’s Message. With a single device, your cellphones, you’re connected to the entire world. In the past, they didn’t know about this. If you pray with this mystery of spiritually transcending time and space, you’ll absolutely triumph. Don’t lose hold of this.
▶I’m going to explain this year’s New Year’s Message all throughout the year. With the Bible. The explanation was given today. What we saw today is 237, healing, and summit. All of it.
What’s the secret/mystery by which you can become the spiritual summit? God sends His angels and fulfills His work.
▶Why? Because something important remains. What is left? In the future, the Jordan needs to be split. Isn’t that so? We’ll see it later. What else needs to be done? They need to break down Jericho. What else? They fight against the joint forces of the Amorites and the incident of the sun and moon halting takes place. The old man, Caleb, needs to go to the Anak hill country and bring it down. They need to go and break down the 7 tribes and 31 kings.
▶The Word that gets placed in your heart absolutely gets fulfilled.
When I was young, 3 messages came into my heart. One of them was, “Ah, God’s power. What is prayer?”. That was what got placed in my heart. As I realized the Gospel… I only saw my father sick. So “healing” was placed in my heart. That’s why I prayed about that read books concerning it starting from 30 years ago. Strangely, I was more entertained by books about leaders, rather than novels and fiction. That’s what I continued to read when I was young.
237, healing, and summit are in the Bible, but they were just mentioned by coincidence. It’s God’s promise that He will give the important answer for Immanuel Church and Darakbang to do world evangelization.

▶What’s the Word that God spoke of from the beginning to the end? The 237 nations.
What’s the method? It’s healing. Spiritual healing. What’s the rest? Summit.
That’s the disciple, isn’t it? These aren’t just simply words. The Word that you place you in your heart will absolutely be fulfilled.
This is the first week. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you’re able to hold on to this covenant and begin. All of our families in the nation and the world, I hope you hold on to this covenant. Let us pray.

God, we give you thanks. Thank you for giving us your Word. May this be time schedule in which we listen to your Word instead of the words of man. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)