07.06.2021 – Field of the Empty Places of the Summit

07.06.2021 – Field of the Empty Places of the Summit

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: 2020 New Year’s Prayer Worship, Lecture 3- 01/01/2021
Title: Field of the Empty Places of the Summit
Scripture: Acts 27:10-25

▶Right now, people all throughout the nation and the world are listening to the message together. So many people have come online that it almost froze the internet here. The message that we have for the New Year’s Service is a message that really upgrades us. And you’ll be able to confirm the Word so that those who aren’t receiving answers to prayer will begin receiving answers to prayer.

1)Lecture 1: Field of the Empty Places of the 237 Nations- Watchman of the 237 Spiritual Network
▶In the Bible, this was promised first. The 237 nations. World evangelization was promised. “Through you, all nations will be blessed.” But the issue is that this and Abraham did not match. But the day came when Abraham understood. That’s when the works began to take place. It wasn’t God’s Word that was wrong, but it was Abraham who was wrong until that point. And even at the very end, Jesus spoke about this. All nations. All peoples. End of the earth. That’s the 237 nations. But what’s empty about the 237 nations that this is being prevented? This is the answer we must find. It doesn’t match with me. If it did match with me, I’d be able to save the world. But it doesn’t match with me. So what is this field? That was our first lecture.
① Transcending Time and Space- Think about it very simply. We honestly cannot go to the 237 nations. Isn’t that so? And all those nations can’t come to us. There’s only one way for us to go and for them to come. You must be able to transcend time and space. Isn’t that so? Without that, it’s impossible. But shockingly enough, Satan transcends time and space. Satan seizes the entire world. But we have the way to transcend that. “I will be with you, with all authority in heaven and on earth.” He absolutely said that.
② Throne- In Mark chapter 16, it says that the Lord, seated on the throne of heaven, was with them when they went out to preach. When Stephen gave the message and was being stoned, it says that Jesus stood at the right hand of the throne of God. When apostle John was praying, his spiritual eyes opened and he saw how all your prayers were being put into golden censers. That’s the throne. Unless this takes place, we can never do world evangelization.
③ Prayer and the Word- At this time, prayer and the Word transcends time and space. If you really know prayer, you’ll be able to transcend time and space. But most people don’t know this. David, who received the most answers to prayer. Do you know what he said? “You angels who do his word, bless the Lord.” Those are amazing words. “You heavenly hosts who do his will, praise the Lord. All you who are in all his places of dominion and works, praise the Lord.” Even praise and prayer transcend time and space and it’s a tremendous thing.
④ 237 Nations+ World+ Myself- At this time, you can see the 237 nations. That’s why, the throne, the Word, prayer, and myself (you) form Oneness.
▶We call this, the “watchmen of the spiritual network for the 237 nations”. That was the title for our first lecture. Everything is inside the title. Tremendous things are taking place. If you know this, if you are the saved who know the Gospel, then you’ll know the tremendous power of prayer. That’s why I take a prayer voyage every single day. There’s something that I always do. The RUTC. Our seminary and the 237 nations. Immanuel Seoul Church. The Busan church. I have a whole list that I pray about. And looking back, I see how the answers came exactly that way. Undoubtedly.

2)Lecture 2: Field of the Empty Places of Healing- Spiritual Doctor 24
▶You can’t proclaim the Gospel with anything else. Where are the empty places of healing? Where is this? You have to properly hold to the covenant for this. We saw that Paul went to proclaim the Gospel to this one mental patient. Paul went and proclaimed the Gospel to a demon-possessed individual. Paul proclaimed the Gospel to those who were demon-possessed, those who were worshipping idols. That’s all he did. Look carefully in the Bible. But God brought the historic blessings to Paul. What’s the reason for that? Satan and the forces of darkness transcend time and space and they’re spreading throughout the world. That’s what we’re blocking. God didn’t call you as doctors. He called you as spiritual doctors. It’s this, 24 hours.
▶You need to understand these words. Cancer and diseases like that? Just entrust them to the hospital. They’ll be cured as science continues to advance. But that’s not what I’m talking about right now. Do you know what’s happening out there? There are people who are getting to other people all around the world on the internet and they’re saying, “Let’s all commit mass suicide”. And there are teens who are involved in that as well. Right now, the spiritual diseases are transcending time and space and spreading everywhere. And the works arise when you pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who transcends time and space. That may seem like a small thing, but it’s tremendous. Try praying. In the name of Jesus Christ, pray to break down the forces of darkness in America. In the name of Jesus Christ, the force of darkness in America will crumble. Will it not break down when you pray? Wait and see what happens. You continue to pray for your family members in Europe, but the works take place in Europe. Do you not understand these words? The people who do the chi movement in Panama and America connect with each other. Right now, people are speaking to each other from Korea and America with their cell phones. People are not understanding this. This is a tremendous thing.
▶So if you don’t realize prayer this time, you’ll be in great trouble. God called you as the spiritual healers and spiritual doctors. The places that lack this are the empty places. There’s no need to overthink this. We’re saying, “Let’s make that here”. We must make it. It really needs to be clean, high-class, biblical, scientific, and gospel-oriented. “We don’t have any abilities. How can we build the facilities?” There’s something even better than that. It’s you, who are asking that question. You are the greatest platform. Really. You, one person, continue to go and see the people who are facing spiritual problems. People who can’t see that from a spiritual point of view think of that as a waste of time. But it’s not. The blessing of the throne of heaven will come upon that place. Because you’re completely blocking the force of darkness that transcends time and space. It’s a tremendous thing. So those of you who really treated people, who have spiritual problems, with the Gospel will realize that the spiritual answers are surrounding you.

3)Lecture 3: Field of the Empty Places of the Summit- Ambassador of the 3 Offices of the Summit
▶The empty places of the summit field. You must leave here with this. Why isn’t it just “summit field”? Why is it, “empty places of the summit field”? You must remember. You are the ambassador of the 3 offices of the summit. Jesus said. “Those who receive me are receiving those whom I have sent. Those who receive you have received me.” He said it’s the same. In 1 Peter 2:9, it says, “You are a royal priesthood. You have been called to declare this marvelous light”. You see all 3 offices. The completion of it was brought about by Christ. We are simply ambassadors of that. This is what’s important.

▶Introduction- What must you not lose hold of here?
1)Colonized by Satan
▶Because people don’t understand what this “summit” is, what kind of problem has come? All of our authority has been taken by Satan. We’ve become colonized by Satan. Going beyond captivity, we’ve become colonized. Later on, we’ll become a wandering nation. This is what happens. Being colonized by Rome isn’t the issue. All of us have become colonized by Satan.
2)What You Must Urgently Do
▶There’s something you must urgently do. What is it?
(1)Position of Summit- Before even knowing about the spiritual summit, you’re not in the position of the summit.
(2)Attitude of Summit- And we don’t have the summit attitude. You must remember. 99% of the people are not inside of this. Starting this year, I hope you hold on to this covenant. “My church is like this and that.” All those words may be right, but that’s not the summit. The summits also give the answer. They don’t just address the problem. Isn’t that so? Before criticizing others, they give the answer first. If you’re not going to end up helping that person, you might as well just not say anything. If you’re not giving offering to the church, don’t talk about the church budget. Those are all the words of people who are not the summit. “Oh, I’ve received such scars.” Yes, those words may be true, but you’re not the summit. When we do things, we tend to be people-centered. That’s not the summit. That’s why you have unbelief and division.
3)7 Remnants
▶Look at the 7 remnants. Joseph was different from his brothers. He was the summit. He had the attitude of the summit. So begin with that. King Saul and David were different. They were both kings, but King Saul only thought about, “What do I have to do live a good life, eat well, enjoy things, and leave things for my son?”.

▶Main- Summit Who Transcends Time and Space
Because we don’t have much time, let’s enter into the main theme. It’s the answer. There’s a title/position that transcends time and space. Christ completed that first. And he raised us up as his ambassadors. What is that? Ordinary kings cannot transcend time and space. ①The spiritual king who completely transcends time and space! ②The spiritual priest who completely transcends time and space! He really gave us this blessing. ③The spiritual prophet who completely transcends time and space! Christ completed this and made us his ambassadors. It’s a sure thing.

1.Spiritual King→ King’s Authority that Breaks Down Satan
▶What kind of king were we raised as. What’s the reason God has raised us up as kings?
1)Spiritual Battle- King
▶To fight the spiritual battle. Isn’t that so? God raised you so that you can fight the spiritual battle.
(1)Trinity- So how did He raise us? What is it today? The Triune God is with you.
(2)Status and Background- You have a tremendous status and background. God has given you the royal rights to be able to use this.
(3)Authority and Background- You have been given amazing authority and background.
2)62 Points
▶It doesn’t just end with that. God has given you the lifelong answer in order to have this system. The 62 points. Christ, God’s kingdom, and only the Holy Spirit. God has clearly given you the answer so that you can change the world with this.
3)Things Pertaining to the Kingdom of God
▶So everywhere you are, why are you a king? Jesus said. He spoke about the things pertaining to the kingdom of God for 40 days. That’s right. You have received the royal blessing that transcends time and space. This is the summit. This is different from the “summit” that the world talks about. The summits of the world, like the presidents and leaders, cannot transcend time and space. But you can transcend time and space. Remnants, it’s okay no matter where you are. As long as you’re able to pray, it doesn’t matter what kind of situation you face. If you’re enjoying the power of prayer, it doesn’t matter what kind of problem you face.

2.Spiritual Priest→ Priest Who Blocks Disasters
▶God granted you the blessing of the priest who transcends time and space. Not just any priest.
1)Worldly Kingdom, Satan’s Kingdom, God’s Kingdom
▶This kingdom isn’t just any kingdom. You are the blocking the disasters here, in the kingdom of the world and Satan’s kingdom. God gave you this blessing. Look carefully in the Bible. When you look in the Bible, you find all these answers.
2)Church (Temple)- 3 Courtyards
▶Why did God give you the church, the temple/sanctuary? There are 3 tremendous things here. The courtyard of prayer, courtyard for the gentiles, and the courtyard for the children. Why is that? This means that you are the priest who blocks the disasters and saves the world.
▶God has given you the authority to break down Satan that transcends time and space. Undoubtedly. God called you as the priest to block disasters. And on top of that, a priest who transcends time and space. But people don’t believe this. People don’t know about the spiritual realms at all. They don’t know the science. They don’t know science because this is a spiritual science. If you told King Sejong, “In the future, we’re all going to have cell phones”, he probably wouldn’t have believed you. He would have asked, “Are you crazy?”. But we are carrying them around right now. It’s just that they don’t know what science is. It’s a tremendous thing. So really try praying. You are the watchmen who have this global spiritual network, that transcends time and space. It doesn’t end there. The healing that transcends time and space. It doesn’t end with that. Going towards the summit that transcends time and space. This is the training we’re doing. What is this? The spiritual king who transcends time and space. This is the summit. There are 3 summits. The priest is a summit. Prophet. That’s a summit. Who is the prophet? The one who completely tells us the future.
▶Let’s look at this (point 2) first. There were 3 courtyards in the church. That’s the way to block the disasters of the age. In your churches and our church, we need to have these 3 courtyards. God gave these, but the Jews lost hold of this. That’s why God got rid of this temple. But we must restore that. Of the many people who are listening to this message right now, there may be some who are saying, “But we don’t have a large church building at all”. Let me tell you once again. You are the priests. You must remember that. There are no other excuses. Wherever you are, you are the king. You are the priest.
3)System- 24 Hours
▶Now, all you have to do is slightly equip yourself with this system. What kind of system is it? If you just slightly form this system to block disasters, important works will arise.
▶There’s something you must be cautious of here. Let’s say no one is helping you in the church. There’s no need for you to receive any help. Do you understand? Starting now, stop saying nonsense. “Can you send some workers to our church?” God is saying, “You do the work”. Why are you asking for workers? “Send us a missionary.” You should be the one commissioning missionaries. Why are you asking for a missionary? You’re already losing hold of all the important things in the Bible. You are the priest who will resolve the spiritual problems of many people. You must remember this. But, there is a condition. As I said before… It’s the 24-hr system. When we say “24 hours”, you might say, “But I don’t have that time”. But that’s not it. God is bound to work upon you with the blessing of the throne of heaven, that transcends time and space. Just and wait to see what’s going to happen to our pastors’ churches. I’m a witness. Wait and see what will happen to our Immanuel Seoul and Busan churches. Wait and see what will happen to the churches in Darakbang, that are really proclaiming the Gospel. The way I see it, a church that doesn’t have these 3 systems is not a church. What God promised and Jesus said from the very beginning was the 237 nations. “Because they’re spiritually diseased, quickly heal them.” Because if you don’t heal them, that will become globalized. And you must quickly do what? Truly make the summit who transcends time and space.

3.Spiritual Prophet→ Prophet Who Saves the Future
▶You are spiritual prophets who transcend time and space.
1)Globalization (Light)
▶The ones who save the future. First of all, it’s globalization. It’s globalization, but what kind of globalization?
(1)Satan- The one who blocks Satan’s globalization. This is very important. This is the kind of power that God has given to you. We use the words “battle” and “fight”, but in one sense, Satan isn’t even our opponent. It’s just that it’s expressed that way. But Satan would lose all 100 battles that we fight. There’s no contest between the Holy Spirit and an evil spirit. How could they even fight? Isn’t that so? How could a demon dare to fight against God? They can’t. If you just reveal this power, the works will arise.
(2)Powerful Nation- The powerful nations, that have been seized by Satan, are being globalized. You’ve received the blessing of the prophet, that can do globalization. Why is that? He called us to declare this light. So pray about it.
(3)Weak Nation- Look at this right now. The weaker nations have become globalized by the powerful nations. This is how they’re dying.
2)6 Tools/Instruments (Platform)
▶So starting now, use the very important 6 tools/instruments. What’s the most important of these 6 instruments? They’re all important, but the most important. It’s the “platform”.
3)OURS (Only, Uniqueness, Re-Creation, System)
▶And what else? Make this starting now. What kind of summit? It’s the only, uniqueness, and re-creation that transcends time and space. You are the summit who makes this. Because this is spiritual, other people cannot make this. Because it’s a spiritual thing, it transcends time and space. But people don’t believe this. And if you don’t believe this, that means you don’t believe what’s in the Bible. Only. Uniqueness. Re-creation. You’re making the system for that. Starting now, make a few things.
(1)Specialists- There are many inside Darakbang and many in Immanuel Seoul Church. There are many people rank first in their field. Even worldly speaking. People like Elder Hong Byung Hee, who gave the representative prayer, have been first of their class since they were students. You don’t know what might happen in the future. There are many of them. So begin these summit meetings.
(2)Elementary School- These are answers you will receive in the future, so look at this well. We’ll do it. Make a school for the gifted. Make an elementary school for the gifted. You need to make it. The summits need to flock to you. There are tremendous fields out there. I’m not sure about other places, but in our church alone, we have so many. We have everything. Yesterday, there was one principal who came to me and said that they want to start an elementary school and I said, “Do it”. You must not lose hold of this.
(3)Special School- And also, make these special schools. You can fully this with the gifted people we have currently.
(4)Medical Professionals- And also, make a medical meeting so that many people from the medical field can come and receive grace. Once you graduate from school and become a doctor, that’s it. You don’t have much time after that. You can tell right off, kids who are going to become doctors. So starting now, prepare this. I’m glad that Elder Hong is here right now. Talk about raising these individuals. Plan that. Once they head into med school, it’s too late. Because they haven’t realized this before they went in, once they go to med school, they’re really going to be beat. Go in as a college professor for the first. It’s really hard. So if you lack this power, it’ll be very difficult and troublesome.
(5)Examinees (For state exam, bar exam, etc.)- Gather the examinees. Call them together and teach them 3 things. The watchman of the power of the throne of heaven, that transcends time and space. The healer who transcends time and space and blocks the force of darkness. The summit who transcends time and space. This is the Bible. Really, exactly this way, the answers come. If you don’t sense this blessing, it’s difficult for you to make your way in the world.
(6)People in Field of Culture- Gather together the people who are in the field of culture. There are many inside Darakbang and many inside of our church as well. I recently had a meal with someone who is at the top of their field in Korean traditional dance. I was really surprised. She gathered kids together and was doing darakbang with them. Perhaps the kids are their because their teacher told them to come, but I received letters about how much grace they received. She is number 1 in that field in Korea. There are many people like her. We need to help these kinds of people receive grace. Right now, we’re losing hold of such tremendous things. We’re losing hold of the only, uniqueness, and re-creation system. Starting now, we need to do this.
(7)Celebrities (Entertainment Company)- Have a meeting for the celebrities as well. The times have now changed. There’s a need to for entertainment companies as well. We have all the individuals for it. Things are different these days. Don’t be full of hot air. Really be full of substance. If you make the proper workers for this, the works of world evangelization will fully take place.
▶Grab hold of these 3 terms this year. It’s what we must do for the rest of our lives, but especially this year as we start. You are the watchmen who move the spiritual network for the 237 nations. Astonishingly enough, all you need to know is prayer.
You already are spiritual healers who transcend time and space. And once again, amazingly, all you need to know is prayer. That’s why Jesus said, “These cannot be chased out but by prayer” (Mark 9:29). That’s why Jesus said, “Don’t do anything else. Just wait”. Everything is included in those words.
You are the ambassadors of the summit’s 3 offices. You are the summit who possess the 3 offices/titles. That is also simple. Through prayer. It’s a sure thing.

♠Conclusion→ Acts 27:10-25
▶Conclusion. We read Acts 27:10-25 today.
1)Prayer that Transcends Time and Space
▶Here, we saw the prayer that transcends time and space. It’s tremendous, isn’t it? You see this prayer. Look here. There was persecution. The authentic, genuine ones were the ones who were falsely accused as heretics. And there were real heresies as well. In the prison, there are real criminals as well as people who were framed. It’s this kind of age. Begin the prayer that transcends time and space.
2)Stormy Age
▶Why is that? Because you must save this stormy age. The ship is sinking and there’s no way to save it. If the ship is sinking, you should be going to the top of the ship. But Paul went below the deck. And he found the answer that transcended time and space. “That very night, an angel of the Lord…” This is content that transcends time and space. “…stood by me and said, ‘Paul, do not fear. You must stand before Caesar’”.
▶Make a resolution. Starting now. You just need to this, 24 hours a day. What kind of resolution?
(1)Watchman- “I am a watchman who moves the world.” And really move it.
(2)Doctor- “I am a healer who heals the world.” This means you are a doctor.
(3)Ambassador- “I am an ambassador who moves the world.” Christ’s ambassador. You need to make this resolution. Because it’s a sure thing.
(4)Multiethnic 24+ Healing 24+ Summit 24- Starting now, what kind of resolution must you make? Multiethnic groups 24. 24-hr healing. 24-hr summit. Make the facilities in the church for that. This is the only way for us to live. This is what the Bible emphasized. There are no churches that are doing this. What about the churches that don’t have the facilities? You become the system. Do it. It’s okay even if you’re by yourself. One of our elders, by himself, helped 30 law students pass the bar exam. That’s not an easy thing to do. He did that by himself. No one helped. He did it by himself. And the final resolution. With this, enter into concentrative prayer. That means you’re entering the time when you’re at most peace. It’s not difficult at all. It’s when you are the most comfortable. Then everything will arise from there. It’s the time when you enjoy the most happiness/joy. It’s the time when you’re strengthened the most. You need to have this.
(5)24, 25, Eternity- If you have this, then absolutely, these things will follow. 24 hours. All day long, you’ll be enjoying this great happiness. That’s the summit. Then absolutely, you’ll be able to see what others cannot. That’s 25 hours. Other people will know looking at you. “Wow, the works are taking place through them.” And from this point on, there are things that others are completely unaware of. It’s eternity. It’s difficult to explain. But you have this blessing.
▶This year’s year end and new year service can be your lifelong answer.
It’s just that I’ll continue to explain this. I’m going to testify about this all year long with the 66 books of the Bible. I’m sure this one year will pass even before we go through all 66 books of the Bible. Last year, our theme was, “The Answer of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd RUTC” and already, one year has passed so quickly. That’s why I took it only one step forward. “Field of answers.” Even though that’s the theme, why is our message about the empty places? Because it’s something you must hold on to. Then what about your studies? It must come from here. Then it becomes easier. Where must your business and your skills come from? They must come from here.

▶Inner Power +Tacit
If this happens this way, you’ll have this tremendous power so you will be different. Isn’t that so? You’ve got this tremendous, invisible spiritual power. What do they call this in worldly terms? That you’ve got this tremendous inner strength and substance. That can’t be disregarded. And people also use this. Tacit. It’s something that’s unseen to the eyes. There’s this tremendous, invisible something. This is what I’m talking about. If you have this kind of power/strength, you’ve got some kind of inner power without yourself realizing. Even physically speaking. Every once in a while, I have this ridiculous worry. I worry when I listen to what doctors say. I barely slept last night. Not only do I have to prepare for this conference, but I had many other assignments and tasks to work on. So I couldn’t sleep last night. But that’s how my life has been for the past 30 years. Others can’t really understand that. Sometimes, my secretaries and I are in a situation where we need to spend several days together, like in a condominium, and that’s when they know. They wonder, “How can you do all that without sleeping?”. But I do that every day. And I take my secretaries when I get my physical exam. And I only sleep about 1-2 hours a day and they ask, “That’s how little you sleep?”. I was always like that. But when I listen to the doctors, I get a bit worried. They say that I might acquire some illness. That I need to get my sleep. That, good things are supposed happen when I sleep. But I’ve been that way for the past 30 years. But there’s one thing I can testify about. I’m not tired and I don’t lack strength. I’m sure about that. I do have strength. The strength that you receive spiritually is incomparable to the things of the world. It’s with this that our remnants need to study. What would happen if you study so hard, but end up with a spiritual problem? For those who are smart enough to go to Seoul National University, it’s fine. But there are those who aren’t really smart enough, who got in through their efforts. That’s just something that’s really hard and difficult. There are so many smart people in our country. When I see the celebrities, I see that there are so many smart people. Those are the kinds of people who need to gain this strength/power. So our professors inside of our churches and Darakbang, try making this. Why? There are so many people who will come.
▶This year is the start. You don’t need to rush the preparations for this OURS. Starting now, we need to do this slowly, with substance and content. We must not begin this rashly. God will guide and lead you with His power that transcends time and space. That’s the promise of the Bible. That’s the small evidence that I’ve seen. You don’t have to worry about anything. Let us pray.

God, we thank you. Thank you for calling us as your children. Beyond that, thank you for calling us as the watchmen who move the world. Thank you for calling us as the healers who heal the world and transcend time and space. Thank you for calling us as the summit ambassadors who move the world. May this be the start where we don’t lose hold of this. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)