07.05.2021 – Field of the Empty Places of Healing→ Spiritual Doctor

07.05.2021 – Field of the Empty Places of Healing→ Spiritual Doctor

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: 2020 New Year’s Prayer Worship, Lecture 2- 12/31/2020
Title: Field of the Empty Places of Healing→ Spiritual Doctor
Scripture: Jeremiah 33:1-9

♠Introduction- 3 Principles of Healing
▶May you have the blessing of experiencing the 2nd lecture first.
The 7 remnants saved their age and there was a method to that. Of course, it was a complete spiritual mystery and the Gospel.
However, the people who tried to block them could not. Why were they unable to block them? They healed the diseased places. Simply put, Egypt was on the brink of death, even the king, but they saved them. That’s why no one could block that. Every time a hardship came to Babylon, someone like Daniel resolved it. During the early church times, they completely blocked them so that they would not be able to relay the Gospel. However, they could not block them. Because they healed the most problematic point of that age. Especially Paul did that.
▶So not only are the 237 nations important, but you need to receive the blessing of healing the 237 nations. You have to seek out these empty places.

▶Introduction- 3 Principles of Healing
There’s a tremendous principle by which you can receive healing.
Most people have illnesses of their mind, heart, and bodies. But the most important things are these 3 things. The principles.
1)Imprint (Brain, Body)- Word→ Changing their imprint. The things that are imprinted are imprinted inside our brains and body. And we can change this through God’s Word.
2)Root (Soul)- Prayer→ And also, being rooted in this. Now, these kinds of things can change through prayer. And these roots are put down very deeply in our souls.
3)Nature (Life)- Stage→ And as time passes, it manifests in our life. That’s what our nature is. So how are you going to save the empty places of healing?
▶You need to understand/realize the second word today. In our first lecture, we talked about the watchman who can connect the spiritual network of the world. That’s all we need. But the second thing you must grab hold of today is that you are a spiritual doctor. Right now, people have this imprinted in their brains and bodies. The only thing that can change this is God’s Word. That’s why, one day, the works arose. That’s the reason why I gave Jeremiah 33:1-9 as today’s scripture. What does it say here? “The Word of God came upon Jeremiah a second time.” No matter how sick you may be and no matter what kind of problem comes upon you, if God’s Word accurately comes upon you, that’s it. If you hold to the Word and pray, you will change. “The Word of the Lord came to Jeremiah a second time.” It’s recorded several times in the Bible. “The Lord spoke to Moses.” So don’t become discouraged. No matter how big of a problem you face, if God’s Word comes upon you, that’s it. That’s the principle.
▶Just listen to the doctor’s words regarding your physical diseases. But you can’t receive help from anyone else regarding the illnesses of your heart/mind, brain, and spiritual things. It’s already set as your nature. That’s why it’s very difficult to deal with. People who face mental illnesses try to solve things right away, but you need to take it step by step. And there are some people who get healed/fixed in everything even when just one thing gets fixed. There are some people who are very lazy and all they did was acquire the habit of exercise and through that, works take place.
▶So you must hold on to the second historic message. You are spiritual doctors.
1)Gospel 24, 25, Eternity
▶Because, if you grab hold of the covenant of the Gospel for 24 hours, 25 hours, and eternity, the works of healing arise. I don’t need to write down all the Bible verses, right? Joseph was doing this. So he healed Potiphar’s home. Isn’t that so? Later, he healed the king. He healed Egypt. It’s this covenant. Hold to the covenant so that God’s Word can come upon you, so that prayer can be fulfilled, and so that your life can be overturned. And as you know well, we see several references in the Bible. There was a reason why David was used by God. Because of David, the evil spirits attached to King Saul fled. He overcame Goliath and saved the nation. In this way, the second covenant you must hold on to, after the “watchman”, is “spiritual doctor”. We’ll come to this conclusion tomorrow, but you are the watchman who guards the throne of heaven. You are the watchman who moves the throne of heaven. That’s amazing, isn’t it? You are the watchman who transmits the blessing of the throne of heaven. And what are you going to do with that? You are the spiritual doctor who heals the world. We’ve got our important third lecture left tomorrow, but you must always enjoy these 3 things.
2)Healing of Church
▶I’m sure you know all this even I don’t explain it all. What kind of healing did they do? They healed the church.
(1)Acts 2:1, “The day of Pentecost had already come”. This is tremendous healing.
(2)Acts 11:19, “In connection with the tribulation of Stephen”. And the Antioch Church was raised.
(3)Acts 13:1-4, For the very first time, they opened the doors to the world churches. They sent missionaries.
3)Healing of Age
▶If you grab hold of the covenant of the spiritual doctor, the healing of the age takes place.
(1)Powerful Nation- Powerful nations have even more spiritual problems. What you can do in the powerful nations is do the works of healing. Then change occurs in that powerful nation.
(2)Weak Nation- The weaker nations have even more difficult diseases.
(3)Mental Illness- Worldwide, this age is diseased and the most difficult illness is this mental illness. Doctors can help with other things, but they can’t help with these things. That’s you just take the Word of God and go out as spiritual doctors.

▶Main- Order
In order to do that, not only is there a principle, but there’s also an order. Just hold to the covenant and follow this. If you keep this principle, there’s this order. A sequence.

1.3 Things that God Gave First
▶What’s the first? What God gave first. There are 3 things. God gave you the ①promise first. And He gave you ②power. And He’s saying, “Gain that power and do ③world evangelization”.
1)He gave the promise.
(1)Genesis 3:15, What kind of promise did God give? From the beginning. “The offspring of the woman will crush the head of the serpent.”
(2)Exodus 3:18, “You’ll be delivered the day you put the lamb’s blood.” “Go and give the blood sacrifice.”
(3)Isaiah 7:14, “The virgin will conceive and bear a child. His name shall be called Immanuel.” He gave these promises first.
▶From this point on, God gave 3 powers to the saved.
(1)Status and Authority- The status and authority of God’s children.
(2)Holy Spirit- And what did He give next? He promised the works of the Holy Spirit. He promised that. “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth.”
(3)Physical Body- God already gave the power to heal the physical body.
▶Just do 3 things. Those of you who have a physical disease. First of all, listen well to what the doctor says. Listening well to what your doctor says is the first thing. Why? Because you’ve already received the Gospel. And as you listen well to what your doctor says, you need to concentrate on prayer. Over 80% of the toxins in your body are released when you breathe. So even if you just breathe properly… It’s because of the food that is imprinted in you. So change your food. Our body keeps losing balance and that is why we don’t know where a disease is going to break out. That’s why you need to exercise regularly. More importantly, don’t be deceived. When you receive the power of the filling of the Holy Spirit, your spirit lives, your heart/mind lives, and everything in your body lives. The problem is that you don’t realize the fact that you’re a spiritual doctor, even though you possess tremendous things.
▶In the past, I thought that only people with spiritual gifts could do this. Of course, there is a spiritual gift that’s given solely for this. Isn’t that so? There are some people who have the spiritual gift of giving the message very well. But that doesn’t mean that nobody else should give the message. All believers have the power of healing. This is what all believers must hold to. Don’t use some strange method. Just do it the way it’s in the Bible. “But when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” Everything is inside of that. When you are greatly shocked by some event, that becomes a disease and spreads everywhere. But the opposite will take place if you experience the power of the Holy Spirit. So He promised this first. He promised the Gospel of salvation, power, and world evangelization. So don’t take these words lightly. Now, you can heal physical diseases through prayer and the works of the Holy Spirit. It has to be scientific and medical. Listen well to the doctor’s words. God has already planted tremendous power inside of our bodies. That’s boosting our immunity. This is what God promised.
3)World Evangelization
▶Why is that? Because He promised world evangelization.
(1)Healing of Soul- The most important method for world evangelization is the healing of the soul.
(2)Healing of Lifestyle
(3)Healing of Physical Body- And the healing of lifestyle. And physical healing. You can do all this. It has been given to everyone. If there’s any difference between you and me, it’s that you lack assurance while I have assurance. No matter what kind of patient, I can say confidently. “Listen to what your doctor says and receive the filling of the Holy Spirit.” If you just know this method, then everything will change.

2.Need to Know What’s Been Taken.
▶Second. You have to know what was taken from you. This amazing blessing was taken from you. That’s why you must know this in order to know what to restore. This is the order of healing. If there’s a principle for healing, there’s an order to healing.
▶What was taken from us? Our faith was completely taken from us. We lost hold of it because of unbelief.
(1)3 Other Things- 3 different, other things. We continue to hold on to that. Trap. Genesis 3, 6, and 11.
(2)3 Incorrect Things- So we hold on to the incorrect things. 3 things. Acts 13, 16, and 19.
(3)6 Destructive Things- And because of that, we hold to the destructive things. Those are the 6 states of the unbeliever. Because of these things, because of unbelief, it was taken from us. So we need to quickly escape this. But if you just leave this alone, it doesn’t matter how much your pray.
▶Ultimately, he holds to this? Satan does.
▶That’s why many people are lost in the background of hell. This has stolen away our everything. God did not give us destruction. But Satan comes and drives us to destruction.

3.Need to Know What to Restore.
▶That’s why God restored everything through Christ. So the most important thing is, starting now, is saying, “I am a spiritual doctor!”.
1)Heal Myself
▶You need to heal yourself. This is absolutely needed. You need to enjoy the strength and power to heal yourself everything.
(1)Concentrate (Scheduled)- Absolutely, starting this year, you need to have restoration of the time to concentrate. Concentrating on God. This is also called scheduled prayer. You must restore this. You need to heal yourself first. The time when you concentrate on God can resolve everything. That’s why you must seek this out. It’s really unfortunate. There are many people with depression. You need to have this time of concentration. This isn’t any kind of concentration so tremendous works arise.
▶It’s definitely because of your prayers and the grace of God and it’s not something to boast about, nor am I actually boasting about this, but I’m giving this testimony for you to be strengthened. I’m not sick at all. Of course, it’s God’s grace. It’s also because there are many people who help me. People who cook for me. But in my own way, there are things that I do as well. I absolutely have this time of concentration. I absolutely have that. The people who work for me, like my secretaries and the people who bring me food, might misunderstand me. I don’t really talk much or say anything. But people who see me for the first time might misunderstand. There was this one person who said that they really regretted getting in a car with me because the entire ride, I didn’t say anything. This person thought, “Perhaps the pastor isn’t saying anything to me because I wasn’t supposed to get in this car”. No. I’m just like that. I usually don’t say anything. Most times, when my secretaries give me reports, I just smile and don’t say a word. And if I don’t say anything, my secretaries catch on and don’t proceed with it. There are so many things I need to pray about. I can’t just make rash decisions.
▶The reason why I’m going this far to explain this is because you must absolutely have this time of concentration. There are various ways and methods by which you can have concentration. David concentrated through praise. That’s a good method. Some people concentrate through exercise. That’s a good method. And there are others who concentrate by writing. And there are some people who concentrate by transcribing the message. The word “concentration” is very important. When children lack concentration, they cannot study. But there are kids who concentrate well from a young age. They’d be good at studying. But to be able to concentrate on God is very important. I have to think about my health and think about many things. That’s why I concentrate through breathing exercises.
(2)24 (Happiness, Strength/Power, Answer)- Then as you concentrate in prayer, moment by moment, there are things that take place easily. That’s 24 hours. As you concentrate, very easily, you can find the joy/happiness of 24-hour prayer. You can see many things here. Joy, strength, as well as answers. You can see many things.
(3)25 Hours- And what comes from here is 25 hours. 25 hours has to come for eternity to take place. Now, members throughout the nation and the world, really concentrate on God and heal yourself. Quickly restore this. We have to quickly do this because Christ restored everything for us.
2)Heal Other People
▶From this point on, you can heal other people. Look at the Bible. Let’s look at 3 ages.
(1)Egypt- What did the remnants during the time of Egypt do?
(2)Babylon- What did the remnants do during the time of Babylon?
(3)Rome- What did Paul do during the time of Rome? These 3 ages are very important. They all healed people. They healed a very difficult problem.
3)Healing of 237
▶Finally, the reason why we pray… What’s left ahead of us is very important. We need to completely have the restoration of healing the 237 nations. What’s important is, which church is going to do this accurately? We’ll come to the important conclusion tomorrow, but you must hold to this as the covenant tonight.
(1)Message- That’s why we send out the message to this global spiritual network.
(2)Healing- Of the messages going out, the most important is the healing message. It’s okay even if they don’t understand because the entire world is bound to follow. Important things will take place for you, our church, and our Darakbang organization in 2021. We’re properly going to reach out to the 237 nations and properly do healing.
(3)Disciple- What’s the third? Now, it’s the disciples. Make the entire world arise through this. The entire world is seriously diseased right now. If you enjoy the power of healing, those things will take place automatically. That’s why I always say. Through the power of concentration and power, I gain a lot of strength. So all of you must begin this. If you don’t have this time, without yourself realizing, your spiritual power goes down.

♠Conclusion- The 3 Systems that Our Church Must Do
▶You need to heal the 237 nations, especially through these 3 systems that our church must carry out. God sent us to a very good sanctuary so we need to equip ourselves with these 3 systems.
▶When our believers come, good facilities need to be prepared, where they can receive healing. People might think that we need lots of preparation, but that’s not the case.
(1)24- It needs to be a system that can do this for 24 hours. Because there’s no church that’s doing this in the world, we must do this. However, the church and tabernacle in the Bible did this 24 hours a day.
(2)Materials/Resources- There needs to be resources and materials for people, who are facing hardships, to come and look at. Even when just this has been prepared, many people can come to receive answers. There’s no church in the world that has this 24-hr 237 system, healing system, or summit system. I’ll speak about the summit system tomorrow, but starting today, pray about the healing system.
▶So starting now, many of our church members, specialists, and healing teams need to hold to the mission and form this.
(1)Medical Professionals- Many medical professionals must join together.
(2)Disciple (24)- Because there are too many people who are facing hardships, disciples who can do this 24 hours a day need to be prepared. So we need to equip ourselves with this this year. And what does it mean? That they’re doing this 24 hours a day? Not only do we have to have facilities for 24 hours, but we need to have 24-hr disciples.
▶Keep in mind what I did when I first planted my church in Busan. You also know what I did right before I planted my church in Busan. Mental illnesses are the most difficult to heal. But the common trait of these people who are mentally ill is that they don’t really listen. But there are those who listen. I was really surprised. Those who did listen? All 100% of them were healed. There are some people who don’t listen no matter what I say. They didn’t get better. That’s the characteristic. There was one female student who was a very good kid. But she went mentally insane and I couldn’t keep her in my home. But she listened well to what I was saying. That’s when I found these things for her. I found her some content in the Bible through which she could do Bible Study without me. So it’s all included here. Materials and disciples 24 hours. It may not seem like much. But it was very important for that girl. But God was really pleased with that. I don’t know how I gained that wisdom. Perhaps it was because I was really frustrated and God gave me that wisdom. But I found all these Bible verses for her. But she listened well and did what I said. Then, she would bring me the next work. I was so surprised because I experienced how accurately God’s Word comes upon us. The works took place. God granted answers to the point where we couldn’t imagine it. God was so pleased with that event. Do you know why? The forces of darkness attack a person with spiritual problems and it doesn’t end there. They attack the next generation. Think about it. The force of darkness goes and attacks the person with spiritual diseases and mental illnesses. Then, they relay it and attack the next generation. In that way, Satan tries to completely destroy a family line. That’s what Satan does. This has to hit your heart and you have to realize.
▶When I went to Yeongdo, there was another person with spiritual problems. I won’t mention the person’s name, but they are a very important minister. They understood my words. I told this one other worker to go to this person every day. I told them to go to them every day until this person got better. People with these spiritual problems don’t get well quickly. Later on, they reject you. They even run away later. But this committed worker really understood my words and kept going to that person to the end. Do you know what that means? I’m not just saying that we need to be tenacious. We need to fight the spiritual battle. One day. Don’t become discouraged. One day, the Word works. And that person got completely well. We too were surprised. How could someone change so much? Sometimes, you can tell when someone had spiritual problems even after they get well, but this person didn’t have that at all. The entire family realized their mission. Our church must realize this. We’re not here to just gather people in the neighborhood together. We don’t need a lot of church members. If many come, that’s fine, but that’s not important. With these good facilities, do what God wants most. It’s a spiritual battle. You have cancer? That’s fine. But those who have spiritual problems? Satan will absolutely go attack them and use them.
▶This year, our church and all the churches in Darakbang need to sense this great mission. You must remember. God healed one person and He gives one age. Let me give you evidence. Paul only did 3 things. Acts chapter 13. The demon-possessed shaman. Acts chapter 16. The demon-possessed shaman/servant girl. Acts chapter 19. The demon-possessed idol worshippers. That’s all he did. But God gave that age to Paul. This is what we must realize today. Think about it. To know the spiritual things regarding the throne? That means that you can transcend time and space and reach the 237 nations. Same thing for healing. If one of your family members have a spiritual problem, then that’s going to go down all the way to your next generation and you need to block this. Why is it that a father commits suicide and the son commits suicide too? That’s not your average problem. The force of darkness continues to attack. You must block this. When they come to church, they really need to sense that they’re being healed.
3)237 Training (237 Healing System)
▶When you meet that person, you need to be able to help them to the very end. With this, you need to make the 237 healing system. Through this 237 healing system, you’re not only giving them evangelism training, you’re giving them healing training and commissioning training.
▶It’s the church that does this. The church that God truly desires. The church that doesn’t exist on earth. There’s no church like this on earth. It’s God’s number 1 desire, but we don’t have this. This is what you must hold to as your mission. And God will grant you the answer of an entire age. People who are filled by evil spirits, with mental problems? They may not look like much in your eyes. Sometimes, you may even feel bothered by them. That’s what I thought. It’s not like that one person is going to bring great revival and growth to the church. And they don’t even get well that quickly. It seems like they’re getting well, but they revert back. So most people just give up. And the church doesn’t do this. This is the misconception. Knowing that, Satan has made this global in full scale. Do you understand? 237 nations and healing. Tomorrow morning, summit. You must hold to these 3 things for the rest of your life. I believe that the greatest answers will begin in 2021. May this be the blessed time schedule in which all church officers and pastors gain spiritual power.
▶Lastly, let me talk about one last mystery by which you can receive greater answers. If you look at most of the workers, they’re not really God-centered. At that time, don’t become discouraged but you stand before God. Then you will truly receive the answer of giving glory to God. The majority of the people are like that. But you, don’t be like that. During times like that, stand before God. And yes, there are some weak people inside the church. Just think that you need to heal them to the very end. Yes, there are people who do wrong in the church. And you need to accept and embrace them. Look at everything with spiritual eyes. When I say that you tolerate that, what am I saying? What is Satan aiming for? He wants the world churches to fight. That’s Satan’s number 1 desire. Don’t be deceived. Our Darakbang churches are churches that proclaim the Gospel so they’re alright, but the average churches? They’re not real churches. They’re always fighting. Let’s pray for the Korean churches so that these forces of darkness can be broken during our New Year’s prayer meeting. The prayers of one person, you, can move the 237 nations. You must really pray for the world churches. They’ve become Satan’s playground. You must not be deceived. The prayers of you, one person, can move the 237 nations. The prayers of one person, who really prays, can move the throne of heaven. Let me tell you once again. What is healing? It’s a spiritual battle. You must not think about it as healing. Think of it as a spiritual battle. The force of darkness is what breaks down one family line, generation by generation. We’re fighting against that. I bless you in the name of the Lord, that tomorrow, you’ll receive, not just answers for the year, but lifelong historic answers through the final lecture. Let us pray.

God, will you give us the Word that you desire most for this New Year’s message. Help us to do what you need most in this age. May the watchmen, who move the throne, arise. May the spiritual doctors to save the world arise. We pray that disciples who can really save the next generation may arise. Because this is your will, help us to challenge towards everything and give everything. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

Lord, may our year end service be like Moses’ Mt. Horeb. May it be like Elijah’s Mt. Horeb. May our year end service be like Calvary, the Mt. of Olives, and Mark’s upper room. Thank you for the great grace you gave to us, even though we aren’t able to gather to give worship. Thank you, that our believers can give overflowing thanks to you. Help us to begin to save the world in full-scale this year. May all believers stand as watchmen of the throne. May all the believers stand as spiritual doctors. May all believers stand as disciples to make the summit.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all of God’s people who will follow God’s most important will in 2021, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)