07.03.2021 – Field of the 237 Nations’ Empty Places→ Spiritual Communications Network “Watchman”

07.03.2021 – Field of the 237 Nations’ Empty Places→ Spiritual Communications Network “Watchman”

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: 2020 New Year’s Prayer Worship, Lecture 1- 12/31/2020
Title: Field of the 237 Nations’ Empty Places→ Spiritual Communications Network “Watchman”
Scripture: Genesis 39:1-6

▶Even now, there are many people facing hardships in the fields. And there are also many people facing hardships because of their livelihood. And even if it’s not that, there are many people facing hardships because of their family or other issues.
▶The covenant you must grab hold of today, is that, despite all that, God seems to give you the words that don’t match your life at all. Right now, you’re having conflicts because of other people, but God said things to you that don’t seem to match with your life at all. But this needs to be the year in which God’s Word does match with you. From the beginning, until now, God seemed to give you words that didn’t match with your life.
▶“237 nations.” To Abraham, God said, “By your seed, all nations will be blessed”. He didn’t even have a seed (child). Those words didn’t match with Abraham at all. Isn’t that so? But one day, those words began to match with Abraham. Now that’s what’s important.
So in actuality, the 237 nations became empty places. Think about it. We may go to places like America, but how can we go to other nations? How can we travel the world every single day? Can one missionary travel the entire world? No, they can’t. But why did God say these words to us? This is the field that you must see today. We can’t gather together because of the pandemic, but it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is hold firmly to the Word. Right now, the state that we’re in is connected to the 237 nations. Open your spiritual eyes and see this carefully. Our forum right now, the way we look right now, is connected to the 237 nations. I believe that God is doing this. It’s very difficult. We must really hold to the covenant and pray in repentance before God. This is not something that man can solve.
▶There will be times when you feel like you’re not receiving answers to prayer. Honestly, there was a time in my life when I only had hardships and no prayer answers at all. Even though I believed in Jesus. Even though I confessed that Jesus is the Christ. Even though I was going into the evangelism field. Answers weren’t coming. I didn’t have any answers whatsoever. That’s why I was only having thoughts about the physical things and talking about the physical things. Even when we go to church, whether we gather together or not, aside from the time spent in worship, everything else is spent talking about physical things. So rightfully, I had no answers. Even Satan knows the fact that Jesus is the Christ. We know that, but Satan knows it as well. That’s why Satan blocks it. Jesus is the Christ and we need to know what that Christ said.

▶Introduction- 5 Principles
Here, there are 5 tremendous principles. You must remember.
Jesus said something amazing. That’s when my ears really perked up. “Ah, this is what it is.” People may not believe this at all, but it must be this in order to save the 237 nations. What is that? It’s what Jesus spoke about. Even though I had always heard it, I had never realized. As I listened to it, I really came to my senses. “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations. And I will be with you, always, to the very end of the age.”
1)Blessing of the Throne- It’s the blessing and the power of the throne of heaven. We need to know this. If we don’t know this, we can’t reach the 237 nations and we can’t do anything else.
2)Time and Space- The blessing of the throne of heaven transcends time and space. Isn’t that so?
3)237 Nations- You need to understand that it transcends time and space for you to understand the 237 nations. Isn’t that so? Right now, you’re praying here in the Immanuel Church and you can’t go to all the 237 nations. Then how can you evangelize the 237 nations?
4)Prayer and Word- Once I knew this, I came to know what prayer and the Word is. I knew that the power of the throne of heaven, that transcends time and space, gets connected to prayer and the Word. But it’s very important.
5)Throne +World +Me- Do you know what this is? This is talking about how the throne, the entire world, and yourself get connected.
▶237 Spiritual Communication Network
When that happens, what answer do you come to? The 237 spiritual network is completely formed. What do you think? Don’t just listen to this. If you don’t know this, you won’t receive any answers at all. These are not my words, but the most important words in the Bible. In Mark chapter 16, when the disciples went to the fields, the Lord who was seated on the throne worked upon them. Jesus said, “When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth”. And that’s what happened. But we’re losing hold of this. We’re losing hold of this 237 spiritual network. So rightfully, answers don’t come and the words in the Bible don’t match with you. If you realize just a little bit, even through worship, great works can take place. In actuality, the time when you give worship is the time when you move the throne of heaven. This time, when you’re praying and worshipping, is the time when you can transcend time and space. It’s the time when the Word and prayer are relayed to the 237 nations. It’s when the throne, the world, and yourself become one. It’s an amazing thing.
▶A long time ago, they never would have imagined that we’d be able to communicate with the whole world with just our cellphones. Do you think that renown Great King Sejong would have thought about it? Do you think General Yi Sun Sin would have thought that? They never imagined that. Why is that? Even though this is a fact, because science had not advanced enough, they could not find it believable. What do you think? Unbelievers, Satan, and his underlings have made this global network all over the world. But we’ve got something greater. We’ve got this spiritual network. So you must remember. A few years ago, there was this American boxer named Mayweather. There was a match between him and a very good boxer from the Philippines, Pacquiao. Apart from everything else, do you know how much they made from the fight? Mayweather didn’t receive 9 million dollars. He didn’t receive 100 million, even though that’s more money. Mayweather received 1.6 billion won. 1.6 billion won. How much did Pacquiao receive? He received a little less than Mayweather. He made about 1.1 billion won. If you put combine the amount of money they made together, it’s a tremendous number. Where does all that money come from? These 2 boxers just went against each other and they weren’t just given a few million dollars but hundreds of millions of dollars. Then what about the people who manage that event? Do you know where the money comes from? It’s moved by the world’s networks. That’s why something unimaginable happens. Because all the world’s networks are focused on that, through advertisements and promotions, more money came in. Because a lot of people wanted to see that match, people paid for it.
▶These global networks, that you couldn’t even imagine before, are on the move. If you realize that spiritually, that’s it. If you know what the 237 spiritual network is, then that’s it. If you really have some good food, you won’t even look at food that doesn’t taste good. When I see church members, they’re having conflicts and fighting over small things that aren’t really valuable and I really feel sorry for them. I don’t understand why their position in church is important to them at all. If you don’t have anything, you can do things even better. Isn’t that so? You can properly pray and evangelize and you can do things better. But if something is given to you, then that’s God’s grace. Isn’t that so? But this is not my point. People don’t know this at all. That’s why the world’s churches are caught by Satan’s network and quietly dying.

▶3 Lives- Once this happens, we see 3 lives.
1)Slavery, Captivity, Colonization, Wandering Nation
▶If this doesn’t take place, you need to go as a slave. You must become a captive. You must become colonized. And you must become a wandering nation. But, you will receive salvation. Because you don’t know this tremendous mystery of the 237 nations, this what happens to our life and our posterity. You will receive salvation though.
2)Crisis- Answer
▶However, those who know this mystery can receive all the answers within that. What is it? The mystery of being able to survive no matter what circumstance. Isn’t that so? The 10 mysteries.
(1)Independence- Independence. If your children understand this covenant today, within just 5 minutes, they’ll be able to grab hold of the covenant by which they can survive wherever they are. But if you don’t know this, you don’t know the most important things in the Bible. Let me tell you in advance. After the spiritual state is formed, then, the answers come. Let me tell you in advance. Answers come according to they way your spiritual state has been formed. If you steal, you can earn lots of money. If you steal, you can earn lots of money. But that person’s spiritual state will be a mess. Then answers that have nothing to do with money will come. Isn’t that so? A thief can steal lots of money and maybe even kill people. They may look as if they’re living well but that’s momentary. That person’s spiritual state is completely seized by Satan. Then what will happen? Confirm it. Problems will continue to come to their family, children, and posterity. Problems will continue to come. Answers come after your spiritual state is formed. You must remember this. The 237 nations? That’s what God spoke about from the onset.
▶May you begin anew. Works will absolutely take place. Answers come after your spiritual state is formed so God will fill in the rest. There are households that are always fighting. Because that’s their spiritual state, they’ll continue to fight. Isn’t that so? There are some families in which people continue to commit suicide. That’s their spiritual state. They continue to have people who do it. That’s the kind of answer that will come to them. That’s why the Bible tells us to be careful of what we say. The Bible tells us, “You have been ensnared by your words”. The Bible tells us, “Your words are like the small rudder. If you turn it this way, the ship will turn this way. If you turn it that way, the ship will turn that way. That’s how important your words are”. But the way Koreans speak, it’s like that. They say, “I’m so tired I might die”. “I’m so happy I might die.” Even if they’re happy, they want to die. That’s very common in the Korean language. There are many words that seem to welcome disaster. In English expressions, they say that the birds are singing or chirping. How blessed are those words? They say that the bird is singing in English. In Korean, they say that the birds are crying. No matter what they say, they sound like they’re welcoming curses. The more uneducated someone is, the more their words are cursed and negative. But that becomes your spiritual state. However, those who enjoyed this mystery received greater answers amidst crises. No matter where you are, seek out the mystery by which you can survive wherever you are, in crises.
(2)Spiritual Facts- Here, in the midst of crises, see the spiritual facts.
(3)Unconventional Thinking- Find the other hidden answers here, in the crises.
(4)Synergy- Here, you save lives.
(5)Crisis- This crisis becomes an opportunity. Isn’t that so?
(6)No Competition- There will be no competitor.
(7)Re-Creation- Here, there is a blessing of re-creation.
(8)Summit- Here, you enjoy the blessing of the summit.
(9)Barren Places, Wilderness, Desert- From here, you go to the barren places, the deserts, and the wilderness.
(10)Absolute Reason- Why? Because there is an absolute reason. That’s what happens. Isn’t that so?
3)Victory Even Without Going (Fulfillment)
▶The more important this is, it’ll take place even if you don’t go, if you know this mystery. It’s fulfilled and you triumph even without going. You must remember this.
(1)Universal- Because the blessing of the throne of heaven coming upon you becomes a completely universal blessing.
(2)Historic- This blessing of the throne of heaven becomes a historic blessing.
(3)5 Blessings- God spoke about this blessing of the throne of heaven to Abraham from the onset. It becomes those 5 blessings. Abraham didn’t go and yet still, things worked out for him. What were they? The covenantal blessing. What’s the second? The principal source of blessings. Representative blessings. Irresistible blessings. And commemorative blessings. He absolutely promised them.
▶If your spiritual state is formed, then answers come afterwards. This is very important. But many people don’t know this. They think that it’s fine as long as they trick people first. There was a time when I came back from the Philippines and I felt really offended. It wasn’t because of the money, but someone had come into our hotel room when we weren’t there and stole. That’s the spiritual state of the Philippines. They won’t be able to grow at all. But even to that point, it was fine. I don’t usually make that kind of mistake and I usually have my bags wrapped when I ship them, but I realized that the packaging was a bit torn. Think about it. If you’re working in the airport, you’re a government official. As the bag was going through, the bag looked like it would have something. So they looked through, stole what was valuable, and wrapped it back up. There wasn’t any place for me to even lodge a complaint. But the problem is, that’s the level of that country. That’s the spiritual state of that nation. Perhaps, that person could have taken that money and ate till their stomach was full. Maybe their entire family ate their fill. But their state, the state of that nation, is in the state of death. That’s why they won’t grow at all.
▶Today, we read Genesis 39. It was because Joseph was in this field of the empty places. And even though we didn’t read it, in Exodus 5:1-12:46, it was the field in which Moses raised up the 10 miracles. If that is so, for all the people around the world listening to the message, where are the fields of the empty places of the 237 nations? Where are the empty places of the 237 nations? This is the answer we come to. When we talk about the spiritual network for the 237 nations, it means that everything is connected together. You are the watchmen for the spiritual network of the 237 nations. This is what we lack. This is what you are not doing. Watchmen don’t even go running around. They’re just standing watch. A watchman does that, 24 hours a day. When a watchman does this 24 hours a day, then the answer of 25 hours and eternity will follow. This is what you hold to today. You yourselves, just as our elder prayed, must become the platform. You become the spiritual platform. You must know this mystery. You, one person, can become the watchman of the world’s 237 spiritual network. Is that impossible? God is a spiritual being and even though we are spiritual beings, we are limited to our physical bodies. That’s why it’s impossible for us. The reason why Satan is fearsome and dangerous is because he doesn’t have a physical body. Because of that, he can seize the entire world instantaneously. But we don’t have to fear because the power of the throne, the power of God, and Christ’s authority are not limited by the physical form. That’s why this is able to transcend time and space and work exactly in that way.

▶Main- Watchman
Then this is the kind of conclusion we come to. More simply, we come to us. “God has called me as a watchman.” This is the kind of conclusion we come to. Let me explain very briefly. 3 things.

1.The Church is the Antenna of the Spiritual Network
▶We must save the church, right? The church must become the spiritual watchmen and antenna for the spiritual network.
1)World Antenna
▶Let me give a simple example. There is this world antenna.
(1)3 Feasts- What is it? The 3 feasts. This is unstoppable. The Israelites were crossing the wilderness and they did so, keeping the 3 feasts.
(2)Ark of the Covenant- The ark of the covenant was there.
(3)Tabernacle- Finally, it may not seem like but, but we saw the movements of the tabernacle. This is the spiritual antenna that moves the 237 nations of the world. So how can the fool, Pharaoh, know this? How could the Israelites, who only knew about what to eat and where to sleep, know about this? This is a tremendous thing.
2)Levites 24
▶That’s why land was not allotted to the Levites. The Levites must move this world 24 hours a day. That’s what He means. “Light the lampstands.” Even though people don’t know, this is why world disasters stopped. At that time, they broke down Egypt. That’s why they were able to break down all the disasters of the world. Because everyone didn’t understand, just a few went down to Babylon and they were able to block this. Babylon and Rome could not understand at all. Even now, they don’t understand. Take a look at this. This is the antenna. In the church, you must have the antenna for the 237 nations.
3)Church Officer- 12 Tribes, 70 Workers, Heads/Chiefs
▶See how it advanced. That’s why they raised up the church officers with the 12 tribes, 70 elders, and heads/chiefs. Why did they raise them up? The church officers are the antennae that move this world.
4)Courtyard for the Gentiles, Courtyard for the Children, Courtyard for Prayer
▶And why was this made? Something very important is seen. The courtyard for the gentiles/foreigners. God did not speak for nothing. This became the spiritual network for the 237 nations. The courtyard for the children. And the courtyard for prayer. When they did not know this, that’s when Israel perished. They got rid of the temple that didn’t know this.
5)Daniel 6:10
▶As you well know, look at Daniel 6:10. Daniel, who was taken captive, knelt towards Jerusalem and prayed. Do you know where that field is? That room where Daniel knelt and prayed wasn’t just any room. It was the place where the antenna for the 237 spiritual network was planted.
6)Acts 2:1-47
▶The place where they brought this completion was Mark’s upper room. This is what moves everything.
▶May you understand. What are you so worried and concerned about? It’s truly, truly unfortunate. What are you so worried about? Why do you have conflicts in church? I want to ask the reason. I want to ask if you received salvation. I want to ask if you’re aware of God’s blessings. Do you have time to waste, talking about other people? You’re busy enough seeking out your own thing. The blessings that have been given to you are tremendous. Seek that out. But you cast all that aside and the world churches are saying ridiculous things. The blessings that God has so painstakingly prepared? We’re completely unaware of them.

2.Spiritual Content that will Move the 237 Nations
▶What is the watchman? They have the spiritual content to move the 237 nations.
▶Look at the content.
(1)Blood, Pentecost, Feast of Ingathering- Do you know what it says? “You will be set free the day you give the blood sacrifice.” This isn’t merely about how they painted the blood of the young lamb on their doorpost and that they got out of Egypt. This is the Passover. It was spread all throughout the world. While walking through the wilderness, they thought they would starve to death, but they didn’t. That’s the Pentecost. It’s not just any Pentecost. They’re letting the whole world know about this? What is the thanksgiving harvest or Ingathering? These are tremendous mysteries. We’re talking about this kind of content.
(2)Stone Tablets (Word), Staff (Power), Jar (Protection and Life)- And what’s more important? Inside of the temple were the stone tablets that inscribed God’s eternal words. This is the content. The Word of God that never changes. Love for God and love for people. Commandments 1-4 are about love for God. And commandments 5-10 are about the love for man. That’s what we see. Do you know what that is? Aaron’s budded staff was also in there. What is that? It’s power. They had the jar in which they stored the manna. What is that? The true life and protection that God grants. We see these contents. In the places where this is relayed, you’re able to move the entire world. You must hold to this covenant. This isn’t just simple content.
(3)Tabernacle- What was in the tabernacle? The covenant, the lampstands, and the altar for the incense (censers). What else? Bread. Water. What is all that? The courtyard for the gentiles. The oil. It’s a tremendous thing. This is the amazing spiritual content it contains.
3)Blocked Disasters
▶And what did they do with this? They completely blocked disasters. If it’s not this covenant, if it’s not Christ, you cannot seize Satan, who transcends time and space. If it’s not this blood covenant, if it’s not this covenant, you cannot block the disasters that transcend time and space. We really have to be careful about this pandemic. Right now, it’s mutating and seizing the entire world. Right now, in this age, something has come out, that is transcending time and space. This coronavirus. Right now, it’s running amuck, transcending time and space. Spiritually, Satan is like this. Satan and his evil spirits transcend time and space. That’s why you must have the content that can move the spiritual aspects of the 237 nations.
4)Bind Satan
▶Completely bind and break down Satan.

3.Work that Moves the 237 Spiritual Network
▶The last thing is important. Finally, God wants for you to do the work that moves the 237 spiritual network.
1)Mission- Reason for Wilderness 40 Years, Captivity 70 Years, Wandering Nation 2,000 Years
▶We call that, “mission”. Why were they in the wilderness for 40 years? For what reason did they spend 70 years in captivity? For what reason did they wander the earth for 2,000 years? So that they can surely realize their mission. Before they became a wandering nation, Jesus spoke to them about the things pertaining to the kingdom of God for 40 days.
2)237 Mission
▶Today, you need to grab hold of your 237 mission. How should you hold to it? The very first thing you must hold to is our introduction. “Hold to your position as a watchman to guard the spiritual network of the 237 nations.” Then what must you actually do? There are many important things here.
(1)Synagogue- The Israelites set up synagogues, They had already set them up in the 10th century in China as well. They were very quick. They raised them up in the 1800s in Japan. And even though they didn’t raise up actual synagogues in our nation, they plowed in through culture during/after the Korean War. With this, they completely seized the world. That’s why we’re using the RUTC strategy.
(2)School- They took home 1/3 of the Nobel Prizes. They took a third of the prizes that we have none of in our nation. They used the school strategy, or the strategy of the gifted. They plowed into finance, the press, and politics.
(3)Gifted- And they used this gifted strategy in society as well. Look at what they’ve done. They plowed into finance, politics, and the press.
(4)Science- In actuality, they conquered the jewelry industry and weapons industry. They used this strategy of science.
(5)Intel- And the Mossad is very famous. They’ve read and figured out all the intel of the world. Going beyond that, they have conspiracies as well. Intel. This is how they’re plowing in. These people have succeeded with this 237. But you’ve got a greater weapon.
3)All Believers
▶All pastors/ministers, church officers, believers, and remnants must grab hold of the mission. Starting this year. From the moment you hold to accurate mission, the answers begin. Don’t be hasty. Just pray, starting today. If you look at these 5 things (synagogue+ school+ gifted+ science+ intel/info), you’ll be able to find it in the quickest way. All the pastors, hold to the mission. All church officers and remnants, hold to the mission. If you are unable to hold to this, you’ll be held back and delayed for 40 years. If you can’t realize this, you’ll be delayed another 70 years. If you don’t hold to this, our posterity will once again wander for 2,000 years. You’ve got to hold on to it. Even if it’s incorrect, if you’re holding on to something, at least we can adjust it. I’m sure it will be one of these five. I can’t explain everything that I’ve written here, but I’m doing this evidence.
▶What do I mean? The day they had Exodus. It was when they held to their mission. When did the Israelites enter Canaan? When they surely held to their mission. The answer is simple. I’m talking about the important places in the Bible right now. Why did they do the Mizpah Movement? When all the people of Israel reclaimed the mission that they had lost, Philistia was not able to invade. When they lost hold of the mission, why did God raise the Dothan Movement? So that they could hold to the mission once again. When did they conquer Babylon? It was when God’s people, who held to the accurate mission, went in. All it takes is you, one person. Daniel, one person, went in with the mission. He moved 4 kings. That’s how important this is. So don’t lose hold of this today.
▶Take a look. Your life is important. You have to think about and consider, “What is the mission that God has given to me?”. From that point on, answers begin. Prior to that, it’s all in vain. It’s from that point on that you receive the answer to move the 237 nations. There would be no reason for God to not bless your business. But right now, God can leave alone your business because there’s nothing you’re going to do with it. There’s no reason for Him to bless your health. There’s no reason for you to be healthy. Why do you need to be healthy? Why should we live a long life? There’s no reason for that either, honestly speaking. If it’s a sure thing, it’s in God’s hands. All remnants need to hold to this. The 7 remnants held to this. There’s no reason why we can’t. If you really want to hold on to it, you must hold on to it this year and lifelong answers will come. The nation wandered for 2,000 years but when they held to the covenant of world evangelization and held to that mission, their nation was restored.

♠Conclusion- 3 Things that Arise
▶The things that arise at this time. You may be unaware of it, but there are 3 things that arise.
1)Background of the Throne
▶It’s the background of the throne. Do you know what happens at this time?
(1)Exodus 5:1-12:46, God sent down the 10 plagues/disasters in Exodus 5:1-12:46. God moves the heavenly hosts.
(2)Exodus 14:19, At this time, the background of the throne arises. “The angel of the Lord stood before Moses and behind Moses.” Look carefully in the Bible.
(3)Psalm 103:10-22, It’s the confession that David gave. The moment you accurately grab hold of God’s Word, God’s mighty angels bring about His works. He absolutely recorded, that the moment we understand His will, all His heavenly hosts are mobilized. Right now, even if you just think about this, the works will arise.
(4)2 Kings 19:35- 2 Kings 19:35. When King Hezekiah faced something urgent, he was looking for excuses here and there. When Assyria invaded, because it was such an urgent situation, he offered them gold. Later on, he even begged because that didn’t work. But it doesn’t work. King Hezekiah made a resolution. “I will lay everything down and fight the spiritual battle.” He faced the wall in the temple and began to pray. It’s in 2 Kings 19:35. “That night.” That was when Hezekiah was praying. It was a very important time schedule of whether they would all die or live. The Bible absolutely records that God sent His angel and destroyed the army of Assyria. These are the things that happen when you hold to the covenant.
(5)Daniel 6:22- In Daniel 6:22, Daniel absolutely said. “Last night, an angel of the Lord came and closed the mouths of the lions.”
(6)Acts 12:1-25. When the early church really held to their important mission and began to pray, God sent His angels that night. This is a very important background.
(7)Acts 27:24, Clearly, look at this. It’s when they faced a storm. The storm isn’t what’s important. Living is not important. Whether your die or not isn’t what’s important. It’s the mission. This important mission remained. He needed to go to Rome. “Last night, an angel of the Lord came to me and said, ‘Paul, do not fear. You must stand before Caesar.’”
2)Background of Darkness
▶The moment you grab hold of this covenant, the moment you hold to this covenant of a watchman for the 237 spiritual network, the forces of darkness are broken. “The reason why the son of God appeared was to destroy the work of the devil. Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against Satan.”
3)Individual/Yourself- Temple, Main Figure of God’s Kingdom, Platform of Watchman
▶It goes beyond that. What’s more important? You yourself are the temple. You yourselves are the people who are bringing about God’s kingdom. You are the platform of the watchmen who will bring about the 237 spiritual network. This is not a misconception at all. “Remnants, you are the platform.” The remnants in America. You are the platform. What kind of platform? You are the watchmen of the 237 spiritual network that can move the 237 nations, the world.
▶“What about the rest?” It doesn’t matter. You just need to wait. That’s where all the answers arise. What’s your worry? You don’t have to worry about that. What kind of work are you doing? You don’t need to worry about that. Because absolutely, everything will be fulfilled inside of this. If you, one person, stand as a watchman, all this will be fulfilled. Until now, businesspeople, have your businesses been difficult? Then you must truly begin anew. Who are you? You are the watchmen to move the 237 nations. That’s why you must first set up this spiritual network. Then absolutely, the answers will come after that. Why? Because for everyone person in the world, their spiritual states are formed and the answers come accordingly. May you concentrate. Starting today. Concentrate on this. Testify about what kind of answers come. It’s astonishing.
▶Let me say it once again. In the past, I didn’t receive answers at all. I’m not that dumb, but no matter how much I wracked my brain, it wasn’t working. But one day, I realized that I had omitted the most important thing in the Bible. I wasn’t doing the most important thing. Take a look at these 5 things. This is the only way to move the 237 nations. Unless it’s through this tremendous spiritual network, it’s impossible. Even if you have a brief time to enjoy this, it will work. I’m in a position, which is really God’s blessing, where I’m enjoying this 24/7. That’s my position. Because I’m in a position where I need to give a message all year long, I’m doing 24. This year, the truly important works of 237 will arise in your life. Let us pray.

Father God, we thank you. May today be the start of the opening of our spiritual eyes. May this be the time when we form our spiritual power. Help us to be the watchmen of the 237 nations. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)