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01.19.2021 – Joseph and the 3 Teams (3)

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Regional Intensive Evangelism Training (Busan), Lecture 2 (3)- 07/14/2020
Title: Joseph and the 3 Teams
Scripture: Genesis 37:1-11

♠ Lecture 3: Joseph’s Life Forum ♠

>> Lecture 3. Finally, Joseph’s life forum comes out. You have to do this for them.

1.Introduction→ One Who Enjoys All Things
>> Here, it goes beyond knowing everything. Whether suffering comes or something else comes, it doesn’t matter. Someone who enjoys all things. This is a tremendous spiritual summit. Following the answer, you need to know how to enjoy that blessing. Why is that? Absolutely, God has placed everything in that vessel called, “blessing”, but people aren’t able to enjoy that. God is making it so that the fakes don’t know about it, but without knowing this, people are shaken.

2.Main→ What is this word (forum)?
>> What did Joseph do in his life forum? He did 3 things.
1)WITH- Secret/Personal Covenant
>> What’s the first? He said the same thing when he went to Potiphar’s house, when he went to prison, and when he went to stand before the king. What was it? It’s “WITH”. Because he had succeeded, he had that forum.
>> When the king asked, “Are you able to interpret dreams?”, most people would have said, “Yes, I’ve done it multiple times and it’s my specialty”. There’s no need to even go into it. People who talk a lot would have even mentioned what happened in the past. Those are all useless words before the king. There are times when people come to give me a report and I have absolutely no idea what they’re saying when they’re just talking on and on. When you go out in society especially when you’re talking with people of high class, don’t give reports like that. You have to tell them the answer/conclusion first and then explain from there. You need to teach that to the remnants. When the interviewer asks, “Why did you come to our company?”, are you going to talk about this and that and go way back when the RUTC movement started? “I came for this reason.” Then that person is going to take interest and say, “Oh yeah? Why don’t you talk about it?”. Then what you have to say will be actually entering that person’s ears. For Joseph, it was so simple. He said, “It is not in me to interpret your dream”. The king was alarmed because he had called him to interpret his dream. What he said after was what was important. “God will give you, Pharaoh, a favorable answer. That’s what I’ll explain to you now.” Even if they’re an unbeliever, they’ll find it more trustworthy when you say, “This is what it says in God’s Word”, instead of, “I think…”. He said the same thing in prison and he said the same thing before the king. This what we call our secret, personal covenant.
2)Immanuel- True Victory
>> But even when Potiphar put him in prison, Joseph didn’t even resent him. And the king’s official should not have forgotten about Joseph after Joseph interpreted his dream for him in prison. But Joseph knew that God’s will existed there as well and this covenant was relayed all the way to Moses. This (book of Genesis) was recorded by Moses, right? What do we call this? He said the same thing even before the king. Do you know what’s more important? “Because God loves you, O king.” Do you know what that’s called? “Immanuel.” God is with us. We call this true victory. As soon as he became governor, he should have called Potiphar and beaten him. But there are no records of that. Back then, you were king for the rest of your life. That king was the one who appointed Joseph as governor. So as long as the king doesn’t strip his power, Joseph would have been able to be governor forever.

>> Potiphar was just a soldier beneath him. How much do you think he was trembling in fear? In the same way, he didn’t resent Potiphar. What is that called? Every incident, every business, every field. Everything. Oneness. It all comes together to fulfill God’s plan. This is true victory and true choice. Do you understand?

3.Conclusion→ The Blessings that Were Driven to Joseph
>> So we come to an important conclusion. God drove everything to where Joseph was. This is what’s important. What would happen if God took away all the things that were going to you? If God doesn’t want anything good to go to you and continues to take them away, what’s going to happen? If you don’t believe in God, this question doesn’t even need to be asked. But if you do believe in God, He drives all things to you. All of God’s guide signs were where Joseph was.