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01.18.2021 – Joseph and the 3 Teams (2)

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Regional Intensive Evangelism Training (Busan), Lecture 2 (2)- 07/14/2020
Title: “Summit’s Place” – Joseph and the 3 Teams
Scripture: Genesis 37:1-11

♠ Lecture 2: Joseph’s Internship (Genesis 41:38) ♠

>> Lecture 2. You have to properly receive the mission in order to have the proper internship. It’s fine when the elders ask, but some pastors ask, “What do we have to do from now on?”. Don’t ask that question. Is that something you should be asking about? “I’ve received a mission from God.” That’s something that’s rightful. Not receiving it is what’s wrong. Does it mean that you have a good faith if you just unconditionally read and memorize the Bible? Those are the words of missionaries back then when they didn’t know anything and they wanted you to just read and memorize the Bible. We shouldn’t be making that our standard. We need to know the path accurately, isn’t that so? Internship.
>> Take a look. These are the words of an unbelieving king. He said, “Let’s make him the governor”. Someone should have recommended someone to the king, but the king himself recommended him. Pharaoh, who was moving the world, was saying that he wanted to make him (Joseph) governor so who could dare to stop him? This is the last stage of internship. Isn’t that internship? For what reason do people do internships and build up their profile? It’s because they want to succeed. If you’re in this seat of the summit, you’re able to know all the ways.

1.Introduction→ One Who Knows All Paths
>> So Joseph already knew all the paths.

2.Main→ So there are 3 keys to internship.
1)Only- Potiphar’s House
>> What’s the first? It was discovered in Potiphar’s house. What do we call that? “Only”. Let me say it again. He went to Potiphar’s house and found his “only”. That is internship. He went to Potiphar’s house and discovered “only”. Do you think that’s a difficult thing? Do you not understand? When you’re lost and, in a pit, you might not be able to see, but you’ve received training until now. You should be able to see this. In Potiphar’s house. Simply put, God sent him there so that he can learn about economy and finance.
>> Now, let me talk about the Bible. There are 5 scriptures. It says here that Joseph was sold to Potiphar and that he went into Potiphar’s home. Without even a visa, he enjoyed the blessing of “only”. He needed to go to Egypt. He was living in the land of the Hebrews. If he wanted to go to Egypt from there with a visa, it would have been impossible. He enjoyed the blessing of “only”. Are you in the midst of loneliness and suffering? God is giving you the blessing of “only”. You must uncover that. What do we see here in Genesis 32:2? “Because the Lord was with Joseph, he prospered in all that he did.” It says this in verse 3. “The Lord was with him and caused all that he did to succeed in his hands.” This is what it says in verse 4. Think about it. He was brought in as a slave. But Potiphar saw him and made him overseer. “Stop being a slave. You’re not someone who should be a slave.” If you go someplace to work, people should view you and say, “You’re not someone who should be working here”. Even when you get into a car and there’s a driver, there are times when you think, “It’s a waste that this person is a driver”. But there are also people who make you think, “You know what, just drive for the rest of your life”. Looking at Joseph, his master wasn’t thinking, “You’re so slave-like.” He said, “The way I see it, you should not be a slave. You should be the overseer. Do whatever pleases you in this house.” From that day on, verse 5, God even blessed the fields. You have to uncover this. Even the fields were blessed because of Joseph. Simply put, what’s in the fields? There are all kinds of things. It has radish and other things as well. What are they to receive blessings? Even the beans in the fields were blessed. Why is that? For Joseph. This is internship.
2)Uniqueness- Prison
>> Second. All of a sudden, an incident broke out and he was sent to prison. What do we call this? The answer of uniqueness. He was able to uncover uniqueness. I won’t write it down because we don’t have much time. If you look in Genesis 39:20-23, he was an overseer even in prison. He meets the officials. He interprets their dreams. And one of them was able to leave. When that official left, Joseph said, “Remember me”. Prison honestly isn’t a great place. So he said, “Remember me”. But this is what it says in Genesis 40:23. “The chief cupbearer had forgotten Joseph.” It was a good thing. That’s one form of “uniqueness”. Let’s say you asked other people for help, but you get no response. There are times like that, right? But take a look after time passes. That’s when it’s already too late. Because Joseph was in the place of the summit, he saw in advance. He already had everything in advance and he knew everything in advance.
3)Re-Creation- Palace
>> Finally, he was able to stand before the king (Pharaoh). The king had a dream and there was no one who could interpret that for him. Pharaoh said, “Kill all the magicians and sorcerers who are on my payroll. Especially the sorcerers. Kill them all.” This is what had happened. When a person is in an urgent situation, they remember what they normally didn’t. That’s when this official finally remembered. “Oh, Joseph in prison! The expert in dream interpretation!” So he went to the king with a joyful heart saying that there’s someone who can interpret his dream. So the king asked, “Who is it?”. “He’s not here right now.” “Where is he?” “He’s in prison”. “Why is he in prison?” “Because of this and this reason. He went in for committing rape. He claims he didn’t do it, but regardless, he’s in there.” That’s what happened. The king gave a special order and told them to get Joseph out. Joseph shaved his beard and appeared before the king. Then the king asked, “Are you able to interpret dreams?”. Joseph simply said, “I cannot interpret your dream. God will give Pharaoh a favorable answer.” That’s called, “re-creation”.

3.Conclusion→ Genesis 45:5
>> In conclusion, Joseph knew this in advance. What is it? Genesis 45:5. He already knew. “Brothers, you weren’t the ones who sold me, but God sent me ahead of you.” It turned out that he was learning about finances/economy at Potiphar’s house. In prison, he learned about politics. In the palace, he learned world missions. Do you understand? This is what we call internship. When you interpret “internship”, if you know this principle, real answers will come. Isn’t that so? If you yourselves know this, answers will come. You’ll gain strength and you’ll receive answers. So the reason why I gave the title for 2021 in advance is because I want to go through all of this one time. At the next conference, we’re going to look at this through Moses. We’ll look at it through the 7 remnants. We’ll also look at the people in Babylon because it’s historically and factually true. And then we’ll move over to the early church. So one year isn’t enough.