07.01.2021 – Summit Position

07.01.2021 – Summit Position

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Message: 2020 RCC, Lecture 1- 12/28/2020
Title: <Summit Preparation> – Summit Position
Scripture: Genesis 37:11

▶We seem many remnants arising these days. Especially in America, there are many good remnants arising. The remnant movement is also arising in Australia. And even more so in Korea. And I believe that the remnants in Canada are rising systematically under the guidance of our pastors. This is our greatest joy.
▶This year’s them is, “The Summit’s Preparation”.
For our first lecture, in order to really become the summit, you need to be in the position of the summit. That’s Genesis 37:11.
Joseph was here in the summit position. Then everything will fall into place. Answers right now are not important. You need to be in this position. If that is so, then answers will absolutely follow.

▶Introduction- World (Mental Illness)
So first, you need to take a look at the world. Why are there so many mental illnesses? The reason why I address this is because we’re going to see even more in the future. In actuality, addiction, like falling into drugs and gambling, is a mental illness. Anyone can try it. There isn’t anyone who hasn’t played cards. But when you become addicted to that, that’s connected to mental illness.
1)Something Else- Success (Spiritual)
▶Why did they become that way? Because they’re holding on to something else. Simply put, it’s success that lacks one thing. Everyone is striving for success, but they’re lacking this one important thing. That’s why this success is very difficult to achieve. This itself is difficult to achieve. Because they omitted one thing. And this itself becomes a problem. So simply put, they omitted the Gospel and that means that they omitted the spiritual things.
2)Incorrect Things- 12 Problems
▶So they hold on to the incorrect things. Those are the 12 problems that Satan gave. They’re seized by this.
(1)Trap- Satan didn’t just make this. He made this a trap.
(2)Frame- And he made this a frame.
(3)Snare- And it becomes a snare for us. That’s why mental illness is bound to come.
3)Destructive Things
▶But it doesn’t just end there. It’s because they’re holding on to the destructive things.
(1)Division/Split- That’s why many people have this division or split of their mental state/psyche. And their life is split.
(2)Obsession- And it would be better if it just ends there, but they become obsessed with the incorrect things.
(3)Addiction- And what they get lost in is addiction. Many of our youth are racing towards this. So as you look at the world, you need to see that people are living in this way. That’s why these kinds of diseases are bound to come to them. So all you have to do is hold well to the covenant.

▶Main- 24, 25
How should you hold to it? 24 hours. If you’re just inside of this, then the answer of 25 hours follows. You’re inside of the covenant but God’s kingdom is fulfilled. You must never lose hold of this. If you are in God’s covenant, then God’s kingdom will be fulfilled. Then what kind of covenant? You must first hold on to 5 things.

1.Independence (Isolation)- “In the Word”
▶You have to have this power where you don’t rely on anyone. It may seem as if you’re isolated. That’s the first thing.
Remnants, what must you prepare starting now? This kind of independence so that wherever you are, you’ll be fine.
Then what must you do for that? You must remain in the Word. In a sense, this is easy.
1)Outside (Basic Needs)
▶But the majority of the people are outside the Word. Rightfully, things won’t work. Receiving or not receiving answers right now is not important for you at all right now. Most people are outside of the Word.
Simply put, look at Joseph’s brothers. All they knew about were their basic needs. They only thought about food, clothes, and shelter. That’s why they were at the level of animals. If you just look at this, you’re at the level of animals. These days, even dogs wear clothes. Even dogs have nice houses. So that life itself is suffering. They say that originally, dogs are a variant of wolves. They should be roaming around the mountains, but they were locked up in homes so in a sense, they changed. Their food changed and everything changed. And on top of that, they’ve been dragged into your rooms. So they’re suffering so much. Dogs are really living lives like dogs. They should be running around outside. But instead, they’ve been locked up in your rooms. So all they know about is what they’re going to eat and where they’re going to sleep. Most people are outside of God’s Word. Remnants, be most cautious of that. I’m not sure about Canada, but in other nations, many churches fight amongst themselves. What should remnants do at this time? Remnants, you need to remain inside the Word. When you see people criticizing others, they do it with a feeling of hate. That itself means that they’re outside the Word. To say that you don’t match with the Word means that you don’t match with anything. And there are some people who do realize their wrongdoings, but they do that outside the Word. Holding on to the Word, Joseph was inside the covenant.
2)Environment/Surroundings, Covenant- Dream
▶He was in the midst of very difficult surroundings. To what extent did he hold to the covenant? To the point where it showed up in his dreams. That’s how he held to the covenant. Joseph was bound to succeed.
3)Mind- Keep/Cherish
▶So if you look in verse 11, as Joseph shared his covenant with his father, his father Jacob kept the matter in mind. In the English translation, it says that the “kept the matter in mind”. Then that’s all you need. If you just accurately place and keep God’s Word in your heart/mind, accurate works will arise. There was one remnant in Korea who went to America to study. But this remnant held to the Word, without exception. And they even thought as far as, “Now that I’ve held to this message, what must I do?”. That’s all they did and they became the youngest Asian to become a professor in America. The people in America actually said this about this person. They became the youngest Asian to become professor. If you can hold to the Word, you’d be able to survive wherever you are.

2.From the Lowest Place to the Highest- “Spiritual Facts (Prayer)”
▶What’s the second point? You have to begin from the lowest place and reach the highest place. Most people are just full of hot air. You need to begin from the lowest place and race towards the highest place. Even if you want to do well in your studies, you have to start with the basics and then make your way up. You can’t start in the middle of some random place.
At this time, you see the spiritual facts. It’s very important. You’re able to see the spiritual facts and the most important thing here is “prayer”.
Remnants, you need to think about this as you listen to the Word today. Most people are outside of the Word. How easy is it? You have to hold accurately to the Word. That’s why we listen to the sermons. As you listen to the sermon, you’ll find the Word you need to accurately hold on to. And once you accurately hold on to the Word, you can have proper prayer as well. But the majority of people even pray incorrectly. Our remnants in Canada can save the world.
Your prayers don’t need prayer topics.
1)WITH +Immanuel +Oneness
▶What is it? It’s WITH. The most important thing about prayer is to be with God. Immanuel. God’s plan is in everything. Oneness. This is prayer. Starting now, just follow these steps and important answers will come. The things that you’re worrying about don’t matter at all.
▶What comes out at this time? You find the prayer topic that God gives. That’s what we call the CVDIP, that you just praised about. If you know prayer, this is how things take place.
3)God’s Plan
▶And what else are you able to see? You don’t just see your present reality. You see the spiritual facts. Isn’t that so? That is prayer. You’re not just looking at the facts. You’re seeing the spiritual facts. That is prayer. And you’re not just looking at the truth. Then, you’re being mistaken. You’re seeing the spiritual facts. You’re not just merely looking at the spiritual facts. Here, you see God’s plan. That is prayer. It may seem as if you’ve prayed a lot until now, but that could a continuation of incorrect prayer.
▶Word→ Background +Stream +Future
And once you realize, the answers will actually just come rolling in on their own. No matter what the situation, hold to the accurate Word of God. It’s not about, “I’ve heard this sermon today and that sermon the other day”. You’re holding on to the accurate Word.
If you hold to the accurate Word of God, then the exact same ①background will appear. That’s it. This is the way for us to hold to the Word. The background behind that Word and the background behind me is exactly the same. Once you can see that, you can see the same ②stream. Isn’t that so? Once you see the same stream, you see the important ③future.
You are within this Word. But most people aren’t in the Word. So even when hardships come, they don’t know why. Egypt was an outstanding nation. But it did not match with God’s Word. That’s why they perished. Babylon was tremendous. Isn’t that so? But it did not match with the Word. That’s why it fell. Rome was phenomenal. But it did not match with the Word. That’s why they crumbled. Remnants, if you accurately hold on to this covenant and know what prayer is, you’ll absolutely be victorious.

3.Frame- Opposite Side (Unconventional Thinking)→ “Concentrate on the Things of God”
▶Third. I’m talking about the covenant that you need to hold on to. What’s the third thing you must hold on to? The answer you need to receive is on the opposite side, having broken the frame/mold. You need to be able to always see this in order to succeed.
You’re not just locked up in some frame. You’re looking at it completely from the opposite sense. God’s plan did not lie in Joseph living well in his home. Joseph kept these words and was holding to the covenant, but God’s plan for him was in Egypt. Because Joseph saw this, he remained unshaken. How great of an answer did he receive? He was able to go into Egypt without a visa. Isn’t that so? He got a job in Potiphar’s house without even turning in his resume. There wasn’t a single person he knew, yet he was able to meet the government officials. But the real missions field was elsewhere. God led him to the palace. That’s how the works arise. So the answers you’ve received, remnants, are tremendous. So the things in front of you are not problems at all. All that will become your springboard.
The answers that have been given to you are mostly all on the opposite side. This is what we call, “unconventional thinking”. What happens from this point on? You can concentrate on the things of God. Then you’re bound to triumph. You’re concentrating on the things of God. Other people are holding on to things that will disappear. Other people are concentrating on the things that will be destroyed. Joseph was in the midst of prayer and he knew what prayer was so he concentrated on the things of God.
1)My Thoughts
▶So what happens from there? You don’t your thoughts whatsoever. Your thoughts are the most important. But the biggest problem also is your thoughts. Why do we face limitations? Because of your thoughts. Why can we not do world evangelization? Because of your thoughts. Isn’t that so?
2)Things of God
▶For those who have received salvation, it’s not about their thoughts. They completely concentrate on the things of God. This is the key. When we say, “Don’t fall into trials because of other people”, it’s because other people’s thoughts aren’t always right. It may seem as if you’re living in a completely different world, but that’s not it. All 7 remnants said this, but today’s representative case is Joseph. Joseph never spoke about his own things. He spoke about the things of God. He was something else. Joseph never said, “These are my thoughts…” Even when Joseph was a slave, what happened?
(1)Genesis 39:6, If you look in Genesis 39:6, Potiphar didn’t say, “Wow, you’re such a good worker”. He said, “God is with you in all things”. That’s what this is. But almost all our Christians are losing hold of the important things. They’re always going back and forth to church and always listening to the sermons. They even read the Bible, but they’re not in the Word. But if you are, that’s it. People don’t know what true prayer is. It’s not just important to ask God for things. But if you remain inside of the fact that God is with you, you can see the CVDIP God is with. Because you’ve seen the plan of God, you’re able to enjoy the things of God. Instead of living this very accurate and simple walk of faith, people are holding on to the incorrect things. You can save the adults.
(2)Genesis 40:1-23, Look in Genesis chapter 40. He met a government official inside of prison. Even there, he explained God’s power.
(3)Genesis 41:38, Take a look at Genesis 41:38. He met the king. What did he say to the king? “The Lord is with me. The Lord allowed you, king, to dream that dream. The Lord loves you, O king. God wants to save Egypt.” He was bound to be the governor. The king, Pharaoh, was the one who appointed him as king. That was a tremendous incident. Joseph, who went as a slave, became the governor of the most powerful nation in the world, Egypt. This is rightful though. To say that a hardship has come upon you means that a tremendous blessing awaits you. But the characteristic of the remnants these days is that they can’t endure the hardships. Then you’ll be in trouble. If you can’t endure the hardships, you’re going to lose hold of all the blessings. In actuality, being dragged away as a slave is a difficult thing. Going to prison is hard. But Joseph discovered and sought out tremendous things there. So God’s works were bound to arise.
3)CCS (Concept/Contents/System)
▶So there are 3 very important things that God gives. What are they? The concept that God gives. The content that God gives. The system that God gives. It ends with that. It’s the concept, content, and system.
One day, you’ll be able to see this. You don’t even have to talk about whether you’re going to triumph or not. “I’m receiving answers right now” or “I’m not receiving answers right now”. You don’t need to say these things your whole life. Why? Because all your situations right now will change into blessings. “Things are so bad in my family.” You will be a tremendous worker. “I’ve met the wrong parents.” You’re going to become a great figure. Because you’re inside the covenant. “My church is so bad.” You’re going to be a great worker. I grew up in a very poor and difficult church that was always fighting. But that became a tremendous springboard for me. I always saw my father who was always sick. That’s all I remember about him. A sickly father. But that became a tremendous springboard for me. So remnants, there’s actually nothing for you to worry about.