06.30.2021 – End of an Age

06.30.2021 – End of an Age

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 12/27/2020
Title: End of an Age
Scripture: Numbers 20:22-29


▶There’s something that a person giving the sermon and listening to the sermon needs to know. They need to know what God is answering right now.
▶Today is the graduation service for our remnants. If you are going to live forever, you don’t have to make these kinds of preparations. But you won’t live forever. There absolutely must be an end to an age.
That is why the accurate covenant must be given to the remnants.
① Deuteronomy 6:4-9, So if you’re holding on to this covenant correctly, this answer will come. This answer (Deut. 6:4-9) came soon. This answer is taking place right now.
② 1 Samuel 7:1-15, Not only that, the Mizpah Movement is completely arising. You may not really believe it, but when you hold to the covenant correctly, these answers come. Already, they’ve come. If you are truly a person inside of this covenant, these answers are coming.
③ 2 Kings 6:8-24, This is how the Dothan Movement is taking place right now. God sends His angels and works in the city of Dothan with much power. If you don’t know this, you don’t know why you need to pray. People don’t know why they must worship. They don’t know why we do the Remnant Conference. These are the answers that are arising.
④ Isaiah 62:6-12, Then, what is this? This Watchman Movement is arising. And then, after that, things are restored.
⑤ Synagogue- Paul, knowing this, entered into the synagogues. Right now, these answers are arising for you in the exact same way. It’s a tremendous thing.

▶So I pray and give worship because I taste/see this. Then, the next things come to me as an answer. I worry for lazy people as well, but I really worry for those who just run around rushing into things. It’s difficult to do great things in the world if you do it that way. You need to hold on to things accurately and not just blindly try your best. If you ask me which type of person is better, I’d say the lazy one is. I’ve told you before. “Between a clock that has stopped and a clock that is wrong, which is better?” The clock that is stopped is better. A stopped clock will at least tell the time accurately, twice a day. But a clock that is off will always be telling the wrong time. It’ll never be right. If you don’t understand what these words mean, you might be asking, “What is he saying?”. But God’s Word must be accurately held to.
▶That’s why our remnants and teachers are giving worship together for the graduation service. Simply put, when you hold to the covenant of the remnant, the answer of RUTC will come. For those who understand this, the RUTC answer will come to their family, field, and school.
Our young housewives don’t have much time. Don’t try to do some great, grand evangelism, but if you move your children well and have upper room meetings with their friends, that would be darakbang. Regional church as well. That’s RUTC. Don’t try to force it. But if you make the program well, the moms of other children can come as well. And if you prepare it well, in a sophisticated way, even the fathers of the children may come. If these things are combined, the RUTC Movement and Evangelism Movement arise.

▶Introduction- Life of 40 Years in Wilderness
This is the reason why God left the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years. That reason is important.
1)Slavery- Liberation
▶God allowed them to realize, in the wilderness, the fact that God was liberating them from slavery.
▶And what else? God is telling them, in the wilderness, why they need to go to the land of Canaan.
3)Temple Restoration
▶And He continues to talk about the tabernacle. They need to realize the importance of this temple first, and then enter the land of Canaan.
▶And what’s the fourth? Posterity. God had funerals for many of the adults for the sake of posterity, the next generation. If you understand this, you can enter quickly.
5)World Evangelization
▶God was saying that He will do world evangelization through this posterity. I saw our remnants worshipping together. It’s difficult for the remnants to move these words into their actions. So you just need to hold to one small thing. Remnants, don’t do big, grand things. Even if you record one little thing in your prayer journal, that can also change into great and tremendous answers.

▶Main- What must our teachers and parents teach our remnants right now?

1.Covenant That Has Been Received→ First. You must tell them about the covenant that they’ve received. They must know this. What is the covenant we have received?
2.Covenant That Will Be Received→ Then what is the covenant that they will receive in the future? When you hold on to this accurately, the works of the same answers will arise. What is this? The works of the throne of heaven will arise. Without this, we cannot do world evangelization. That’s why Jesus spoke about the works of God’s kingdom at the end. If you hold on to this covenant, you’ll know what covenant you’ve received and what covenant you will receive.
3.Covenant of the Next Generation→ Finally, there’s the covenant of the next generation that must be taught to our remnants. This is the eternal covenant. This is what we’re talking about.

1.What is the Covenant We’ve Received?→ Tabernacle
▶What is the answer that we’ve received, that we must relay to our remnants?
1)Exodus 5:1-12:46 (Christ)
▶Exodus 5:1-12:46. It was something that even Pharaoh didn’t know. That’s what he taught him. Even what many generals don’t know. We must teach them that. The day they spread the blood from the blood sacrifice, they were able to get out. It’s something that just cannot be understood, right? The reason why the most successful people have the most spiritual problems is because they don’t know this. But our remnants know this. This is a tremendous thing. We must realize the covenant that we’ve received.
▶I realized this one day. “Ah, all people are in the midst of disasters”. They lie about it. They study to their deaths and face hardships. I’ve seen that accurately. Japan, Europe, and America are nations that are well off. They’re incomparable to us. But what do they lack? They have so many mental patients. Because there’s so many, it’s possible that the words of mental patients could become the standard in the future. Because there’s so many of them in number. Even in the church, the words of mental patients are more widespread than God’s Word. We’re in great trouble. Our remnants need to know what this spiritual problem is and why it needs to be Christ. It’s not the blood, right? Christ. When you understand these words when you’re a young remnant, the answers will continue to come later on. Parents, your efforts will not be fruitless. The efforts of the teachers will not be fruitless. “The children don’t change.” That’s not true. When this enters into them, it comes as a lifelong answer. I had heard it so much that I didn’t want to hear anymore. But they still come. I mean, you’ve heard this so much when you were young. But absolutely, this comes. The more you listen, the better it is. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to hear it or not. It’s going to work spiritually. The time schedule to change this has come.
2)3 Feasts
▶The end of an age will absolutely come, so it’s not just to this extent. The 3 feasts were mentioned here. This is what we must teach. If we make it so that they can actually know/realize this, it would be better. It’s the Passover, Pentecost, and Feast of Ingathering. This is the entire stream of the Bible. These aren’t just ordinary words.
3)Ark of the Covenant- Tabernacle
▶It didn’t end with this. Finally, what’s inside the ark of the covenant. Knowing that means you know the tabernacle.
▶This is the answer we’ve received. And this is the covenant we’ve received. There are tremendous things inside of the ark of the covenant. Simply put, there are tremendous things inside of the covenant. In actuality, remnants just need to listen carefully and closely.
I can promise you. Even if you just listen to the Word carefully on the Lord’s Day and pray, you will absolutely be victorious. Some people worry 24 hours a day. That’s why things won’t take place. If you hold to the covenant just a little bit, works arise. There are many people who worry 24 hours a day amongst you. If you worship properly even if it’s only on the Lord’s Day, the works will absolutely arise. I can promise you that.
That’s why worship and the Lord’s Day is important. We must help the remnants realize this. Then if the remnants realize this, they’ll never lose hold of worship wherever they go. The fact that you’ve gone to worship at church means that you haven’t lost hold of the covenant.
Do you know what’s more important? Even if you suffer so much throughout the other 6 days, if you give worship once, you’ll completely prevail. Our young mothers, who are raising children, must remember. Even if your husbands and your family aren’t able to understand because this is difficult, if you understand this, that’s it. It would be great if everyone can understand this easily, but that’ll be it even if just one person, you, realize.

2.What is the Covenant We Will Receive?→ Tent of Meeting
1)Reason- Concept (Slave)
▶What must you teach the remnants when they’re remnants? You must teach them the reason. We can force them to memorize it, but we must teach them the reason.
2)Content- Contents (237, Healing, Summit)
▶And what else? You need to teach them the content.
3)Method- System (24 Hours)
▶And what else? We must teach them the method. We must teach them this. Nobody in the church teaches the graduating remnants this. This is what we must teach them.
▶If we were to really get technical, teaching them this reason is what we call the “concept”. Teaching them the content is what we call “contents”. This is what I’m saying to the people who do the setting. This is what I’m saying to those who do consulting. I’m saying this for those who will have a bit of specialty.
It’s just the reason and the content, but that’s the concept and content. What’s the method? This is what we call the “system”. This is what you must teach them.
▶What’s the reason? “Why did they become slaves?” You must teach them that. “Why do adults face difficulties?” You must teach them. “Why are they passing through the wilderness right now? Why do they need to go into the land of Canaan?” You must teach them that. “Why did the Israelites become slaves like this?” This is what you must surely teach them. Knowing this means that you’ve realized the concept. Then what’s the content? You already know Christ. That’s why the “contents” are 237 nations, healing, and summit. Then what is the method? What is the system? It’s making/helping them do 24 with 237, healing, and summit. What’s the final thing to say to the remnants? “Because the church cannot do this for 24 hours, you do it.” “Even if they go to church, they can’t always do this so you do it.” We can’t be at church 24/7 all week. They need to go to the field so, “You yourself are the temple”. This is the covenant we will receive. You must teach them this. So sit back and see our church in the future. We need to be equipped with this for 24 hours. 237 multiethnic people, healing, and summit system is this 24. So when we send the remnants out, we need to make them do 24 before. Many people ask me, “What is prayer?”. It’s 24. It’s 24, WITH, Immanuel, and Oneness. “That’s such a hard and difficult time, isn’t it?” It’s the happiest and most joyful time. 24. You must make them know this.

3.The Covenant of the Next Generation that We Must Teach the Remnants (Eternal Things)→ Tents
▶From this point on, the eternal things remain for our next generation, the remnants. Until now, He spoke of the tabernacle and tent of meeting. Isn’t that so?
1)Tent (Home, Field)
▶Things were spoken about, centered on the tabernacle and tent of meeting, but finally, the Tent Movement arises in the field where the remnants go. In their homes and in their fields. This is what we’re talking about. In the future, works will arise within the next generation.
2)Courtyard of the Children (Tent of Meeting)
▶Now, what will happen through the remnant posterity? That’s why the courtyard of the children was mentioned. “This is what the Israelites lost hold of. You must restore this. Right now, we’re restoring the blessing of the tent of meeting again.” This is what we must teach the remnants.
3)Imprint Movement (Wilderness, Deuteronomy 6:4-9)
▶That’s why the Imprint Movement arises during the remnants’ journey through the wilderness. These works took place in the wilderness. These 3 things. Finally, this is Deuteronomy 6:4-9.
▶Even now, God is sending down the blessing of the throne, exactly as it is, to the person who has held to this covenant. Now. That’s why we give worship. I’ve decided to just do 24 because it’s so great. Then answers will continuously come. In the midst of our temple construction and continuous answers, “237, healing, and summit” came to me. I thought I had realized this, but that wasn’t the case when I saw. This is very important content in the Bible. The little things that the parents do for the remnants… This transforms into something great. You need to know that.

♠Conclusion→ Look at where this answer goes.
▶That’s the conclusion. You need to see where this answer goes.
1)Jochebed, Hannah, Obadiah, Babylon
▶Our teachers and parents talk about this just a little bit to the remnants and the answer, that Jochebed did, comes. Look at this. This is how it comes. The things you’ve done are very small honestly, aren’t they? As you know, the message that one person, Hannah, gave brought forth individuals like Samuel and David. The elders did the remnant movement just a little bit like Obadiah and that changed into the Dothan Movement. This thing that Hannah spoke about transformed into the Mizpah Movement. So you need to accurately know what kind of answers are coming to your ministry right now and where its headed. When I see people who have held on to the Word, some are quite funny. You need to know where you’re going. That way you won’t be discouraged and you’ll be victorious. These are how the works arose. This turned into the Dothan Movement. Take a look at this. Look at the people who devoted themselves in Babylon. There’s quite a number of these people. This transformed into the Watchman Movement. This is what happens.
2)King (Answer)
▶Then look where they go. When you hold to the covenant… Where did most of the remnants go? They stood before kings. Why is that? Because they had the answer. This is what happens. Most of the remnants in the Bible, without exception, went and stood before kings. What does this mean? In the future, you’ll receive even greater answers because the age is becoming more wicked. Through this covenant that you teach a bit of to the remnants, answers that they’re not even aware of will come. Because they have the answer, they’re able to easily go and give answers to kings.
3)Imprint, Root, Nature
▶What you need to finally remember. The things that are imprinted in our remnants right now will not bring answers quickly. The things that have been imprinted in the remnants get rooted as they live their lives. As they live… And when they go to the field, it completely changes into an important nature. It’s quite strange. But it’s always like that. If you teach the remnants something else and don’t teach them this, they’ll suffer later on. And you won’t even be there at that time. When you’re gone, your children will have grown into adults and they’ll be wandering around because spiritual problems came to them. But there are so many smart remnants. You must teach this to them. Then even when/if you’re not there, they’ll be victorious.
▶The covenant that the remnants received. The covenant that the remnants will receive. This is the same as you. The next generation that the remnants will change. This is what will happen. Then this answer will absolutely come. Undoubtedly. As I look at this, I look at what came, from where it came, and where it goes as I prepare the sermons. Whether it’s hard or easy, it doesn’t matter. It’s bound to be fulfilled. “The pastor gives good sermons. So and so does well in his sermons…” These are all words that don’t make sense. “Where did God’s Word come and where is it going?” The parents who see that accurately. The teachers. The preacher. The pastor. The missionary. They’re needed. “The sermon needs to be fun and entertaining.” What do you mean, “make it fun”? You must accurately hold on to this covenant. I bless you in the name of the Lord that today, without exception, everyone can hold on to this covenant and become the main figures who save the remnants. Let us pray.

God, bless our remnants. Before they understand the Word, help them to receive the spiritual blessings. Help them to enjoy the works of the Holy Spirit before the methods of man. We believe that you will give the historic evidence through which the things that have been imprinted now will change into our root and nature. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)