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01.06.2021 – 2020 New Believers and Field Ministers’ Retreat, Lecture 3 (3)

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: 2020 New Believers and Field Ministers’ Retreat, Lecture 3 (3)- 07/07/2020
Title: Witness of Eternity
Scripture: Acts 27:24

♠ Lecture 3: Witness of Eternity (Acts 27:24) ♠

▶And lastly, you need to organize it for them.

1.Introduction→ Kneel
▶All the forces of darkness, the things of the world will kneel before the power of God. What do we call this? “Witness of eternity.” Surpassing 25, it’s the witness of eternity.

2.Main→ Eternal Background
▶That means that you, as well as the ministers and the new believers have an eternal background.
1)Eternal Covenant- Today
▶To say that you have an eternal background means that you have the eternal covenant. It’s the “today” in the midst of that. It has tremendous meaning.
2)Eternal Authority- Work
▶You have eternal authority. That’s the work that you’re facing today.
3)Eternal Future
▶And what is more important? We may gather right now because of the work that we have in front of us, but this is the eternal future.
▶You must be holding on to this covenant. Romans 16:20, “Satan will be trampled underneath your feet.”

3.Conclusion→ 24 Hours (Pulpit)-Scheduled +Concentration
▶Our standard is to be able to always pray, 24 hours a day. It’s for this that we do scheduled prayer once in a while. It’s for this that we do concentrative prayer. And the last thing that you need to teach them. The most important key for doing 24-hr prayer and holding on to the covenant is the pulpit. There are people who say, “Oh, the pastor’s sermon doesn’t really match with me”, but that’s their misunderstanding. Don’t listen to the sermon of the pastor. Listen to the Word that the pastor is relaying. It’s undoubted.
With that, connect all the things you see and hear to prayer.
▶Just try this, at least this week. Do you know why? For 24 hours a day, we only think humanistic thoughts. Isn’t that so? Every chance we get, we worry for 24 hours. We use humanism for 24 hours. How can we overcome in that way? You can just do this slightly.
In that way, when evidence arises for the new believers, the true evangelism movement will arise. If change arises for the new believer, the true evangelism movement will arise.
Pastors who don’t have any church members. This is an opportunity. Try starting exactly this way. And for those who began in regions with nothing, it’s an opportunity. So try going to about 100 places and do the ministry of finding disciples.
▶These are the closing words. You must understand well.
Don’t use humanism and just find disciples. That disciple is someone who only heard “Jesus Christ”, and came to life.
If you just find 100 places, that’s 100 disciples, isn’t it?
If they respond because you treat them well, that’s not a disciple. Having good manners and good etiquette? That’s not a disciple.
A disciple is someone who kneels before the name of only Jesus Christ.
There are golden fisheries remaining. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all problems, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy spirit, be upon all the committed workers who will save the new believers, be both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)