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01.05.2021 – 2020 New Believers and Field Ministers’ Retreat, Lecture 3 (2)

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Message: 2020 New Believers and Field Ministers’ Retreat, Lecture 3 (2)- 07/07/2020
Title: Success Through the Standard of 25 Hours
Scripture: Acts 23:11

♠ Lecture 2: Success Through the Standard of 25 Hours (Acts 23:11) ♠

>> After doing that, the important thing is number 2.
“Make the standard 25 hours for all your life. Your success is not based on all that, but on the standard of 25 hours.” You must tell them that.
Acts 23:22, When he was standing on trial, God said, “Do not be afraid. You must stand before Caesar.” God quoted the covenant that Paul held on to.
“If you have the sure, absolute covenant, God will utilize that.” Isn’t that so?
No matter what anyone says, world evangelization is God’s will. That’s why you hold to only that covenant. These are very important words.

1.Introduction→ Answer in Advance
>> Then you’re able to see the answers in advance. Paul saw this in advance.

2.Main→ Model
>> So you must tell them about this part.
1)7 Remnants
>> “You are now a model. What kind of model? Look at the 7 remnants. Raise your children this way.”
All you did was hold on to the Word, but God’s kingdom came upon you. That’s it. All you do is follow the answers to your prayers and surely heading out while holding on to only the Word and God’s kingdom is brought about.
2)Parents, Leader
>> The parents and leaders of the 7 remnants. They received the same answers.
What Jochebed did was really a tremendous thing. That’s something that’s absolutely impossible. But in God’s eyes, that was something that was absolutely possible. Something that only Jochebed could do. That’s what you need to tell them.
“Your family situation is absolutely impossible. But when God looks at you, it’s something that’s absolutely possible. Something that you must do.” Do you understand? You must tell them. “For your house, it’s absolutely impossible. But in God’s eyes, it’s only possible through you.” This is the answer.
So all the parents and leaders need to hold on to that as the covenant. “Ah, that’s right. It’s not going to work for family. But God is doing it through me.” That’s right, isn’t it? That’s the story of the Bible.
3)Hebrews 11:1-38
>> And as you do that, you have to show them evidence. Hebrews 11:1-38 is a collection of all the witnesses. In verse 38 it says, “The world was not worthy of them”. That’s what we call “25 hours”. That’s where we must place our standards. Our standard of measurement for success isn’t just plain “24 hours”; it’s 25 hours.

3.Conclusion→ Early Church
>> The ones who fully did this were the early church members. You must tell them this at the end.
1)Acts 1:14
>> “Starting now, when you go to church, just look for these people.” Acts 1:14.
2)Acts 2:1-47
>> “There will be people who are only holding to God’s covenant. Just meet those people.” Acts 2:1-47. “This is the church. Just look at this. Don’t look at anything else.” There are many people who say confusing things. “Just look at this.”
3)Romans 16:1-27
>> And lastly, “You will meet this team. Just think about that.”
>> The trait of these people was, “25 hours”. Isn’t that so?