06.28.2021 – Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David, and Elisha Who Saw in Advance

06.28.2021 – Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David, and Elisha Who Saw in Advance

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Core Training Message- 12/26/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (47) – (School Evangelization) Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David, and Elisha Who Saw in Advance
Scripture: 1 Samuel 3:3

♠Introduction: When You Hold to the Covenant
→ Nobody +Trinity +Heaven-Angels→ CVDIP (Lifelong)
▶The covenant you hold to when you’re a remnant… How does it last your whole life? You have to understand that first. When you hold to the accurate covenant, these ①kinds of things (Nobody) take place. God fulfills what nobody can do. When you hold to the accurate covenant, absolutely, these ②things (Trinity) happen. These works arise. The works of the Triune God. And when you hold to the covenant, what nobody else knows takes place. The blessing of the throne of heaven. It’s at this time that God sends His many angels and they bring about God’s work. These are the words that come out in the most important places in the Bible. So many people understand up to this point (Nobody +Trinity). But they seem to be unaware of ③this part (Heaven +Angels), the first and the third. That’s why they don’t really know what prayer is. When you pray, these things take place.
While you are remnants, you grab hold of your CVDIP. But because of these things, your CVDIP lasts a lifetime.
If it’s incorrect, then God will correct it on the way. So it’s very important. Even at this time, today, when you pray while holding on to the covenant, these things take place. It’s okay even if you hold it just once during your remnant days.
▶This paper that I have? It’s made so that I can prepare my messages from Sunday night to Monday the next week. It’s not very thick this week because there weren’t that many conferences. Holding on to the covenant and realizing the Gospel, I set up a plan just once, but it didn’t really work that way. This is my schedule for this week. Even though I may not have an actual conference, the one on the left side is all of my assignments. And then the next week’s schedule. So I have to move according to the time schedule. Because I’m traveling throughout the nation and the world, I have 2-3 people who are just focused on this schedule. What does that mean? The covenant that you, remnants, hold on to right now, will last a lifetime. It’s a sure thing. When you hold to the Word right now, because it has these backgrounds, without you even realizing it, this will be accomplished. People in the world don’t really know what this means. If you don’t know this, you don’t know how the words of the Bible are being fulfilled. It’s what nobody can teach you. It’s talking about the mystery of the Triune God, that only God is with us. That’s the perfect answer. And these works arise. Without exception, in each important place in the Bible, they appeared. The remnants were the ones who enjoyed this blessing. This pamphlet has all the messages I need to give this week. I even have here, the message for the Tuesday Conference. And also, the Christmas service. And although we haven’t gone that far yet, this is the 1st and 2nd service. So this is completed on Monday. All week long, I pray about it and I look at this. And this is the message that I’m going to be giving when I go to Rev. Chang’s church later this week. The message I’m going to give to the entire Gangbuk region. Why am I showing this to the remnants?
▶If you grab hold of this covenant now, then this will last a lifetime. You need to be able to see that. As you see that, you can see the important things that come with it.
① Joseph Who Saw in Advance- Loneliness (Genesis 37:11, Prayer)→ Looking at this, we saw that Joseph saw in advance. Whether Joseph saw in advance, knowing the things that I spoke about, or not… This is what we need to ask. Because there was no one to tell him this, he saw this by God’s grace. But God left it as a record so that we can now know this. All these things, they saw in advance. This is the message for January as we begin 2021. Looking all this, you need to see what all these people saw in advance. But what’s more important? These remnants were receiving this spiritual blessing, but what timing was that? God revealed this blessing to Joseph, but it was while he was in the midst of great loneliness. The message given at this time was Genesis 37:1-11. What’s more important here? Whoever you may be, you can feel lonely. And there are some people who face spiritual problems because they face loneliness. And there are some people who go crazy because of their loneliness. And there are some people who do strange things because of their loneliness. That’s why, during your remnant years, you need to know what prayer is. If you truly know what prayer is, everything will be different. You can even overcome loneliness. Not only will you overcome it, but this time becomes very important. Everything becomes different. Because you can see in advance, even when you pray, the way you view people will be different. You won’t become discouraged because of other people. Why? Because there is a time schedule. Joseph was receiving this blessing. So remnants, what you must learn, is prayer. Because you need to study with that.
② Moses Who Saw in Advance- No Answer (Exodus 3:18-20, Renewal)→ God took Moses into “no answer”. I’m explaining the situation- the situation you have to. There’s a time when you have no answers. At this time, God called Moses on Mt. Horeb (Exodus 3). What’s the greatest trait here? While Moses was praying, what took place at this time? Renewal. You might think that there’s no answer, but it’s the opportunity for renewal. The tremendous answers were left ahead of Moses. But Moses was thinking, “I’m too old right now. I have no answers”. But the way I see it, I believe that Moses received the most and greatest answers on earth. You can see that everything is within the works that Moses raised. It’s just that God was shifting the direction towards renewal. “What took place?” You can just read about that in the text and have forum with your teacher. But you must do these points.
③ Samuel Who Saw in Advance- Separate/Cut Off (1 Samuel 3:1-3, Experiencing the Word)→ When Israel was facing destruction, we see that God called Samuel and completely separated him. How can this be? He was completely separated and cut off from society, his family, and all things when he was young. God had been giving him special protection. Let’s look at what God does to Samuel at this time. This is everything. God’s Word came upon Samuel and he laid next to the ark of the covenant. It may seem as if Samuel was cut off, but he was laying next to the ark of the covenant. What took place here? He was able to have this tremendous experience of hearing God’s Word. Of course, God’s Word came upon all of them, but it was a very special experience.
④ David Who Saw in Advance- Suffering (1 Samuel 17:35, At a young age first)→ We’re look at the remnants in each age, but how did God use David. God drove David into hardships and suffering. These 5 situations can arise for our remnants. God may drive you into loneliness. Or “no answers”. Or He might completely isolate you and put you by yourself. At times, He may put you in hardships. But this is the Word that God gave to David at this time.
This is what he confessed as he stood before the king. “The Lord rescued me from the lion and the bear. I believe that He will rescue me from the one who is mocking God.” It may seem as if God was driving David into hardships. But no. That’s not it. God allowed David to see, in advance, what even the adults could not see. With that one thing, all the works took place.
⑤ Elisha Who Saw in Advance- Crisis (2 Kings 6:15, Spiritual Background)→ Look at the age/time of Elisha. A great crisis had come. The nation was lost in idolatry and an evil king was forcing idolatry. At this time, God called Elisha. Important words are given in 2 Kings 6:15. This is something that average people don’t know. It’s what Elisha said during this time of crisis. “There is more who is with us, than with Aram.” Now, who can understand these words? Elisha confessed, “Those who are with us are more than those who are with the army of Aram”. What do these words mean? This Elisha knew about the spiritual background ever since he was young.
▶It ends with this. If you find this believable, tremendous answers will come. I surely believe this fact. Why? Because it’s in the Bible. And I’ve experienced this. And we’ve been doing this movement until now. And we’ll continue on. Those who don’t know this, no matter how long they’ve been going to church, are unbelievers. No matter how much work they might have done, it doesn’t matter. Take a look at this. It’s a covenant you must hold on to while you are remnants. And studying comes after this. Studying doesn’t come before this. There are people who failed because they did well in their studies. There are many people who succeeded because of their good grades, but there are many who failed as well. Remnants, you need to look at everything from the beginning to the end and hold on to the covenant.

♠ Week 1: Joseph Who Saw in Advance (Genesis 37:1-11) ♠

▶Then, what happens? Because Joseph learned this, what’s the first thing that immediately came to him?

1.Family Life
▶Hardships came in his family. But rather, it was at this time that he realized his dream and that became an important springboard. Look at Joseph’s life What happened from this point on?

2.Slave Life

3.Prison Life
▶He lived a slave life and a prison life. If he didn’t know the previous things, what would have happened? He would have been in trouble.

4.Palace Life
▶In this way, he becomes the governor and has his life in the palace. These are the answers that follow. But if you don’t know this point, all these things will be confusing.

Answer- But if you do know this, what’s the trait here? You see the answers in advance. This is the answer that you must receive. That’s it. Because this (Genesis 37:1-11) is taking place, in every aspect of Joseph’s life, he sees the answer. It’s a sure thing. Do you know what the most difficult thing for me is? Tremendous answers have come to us this year, in 2020. I was able to find many answers. But many people are worried about this. That’s when I realized, “That’s the great difference”. They’re not people of prayer. So they look at the tremendous blessings as problems. I believe that this year has been the greatest years of all the 30 years of this movement. If you don’t understand these words, you’re not a disciple. The greatest answer has come. Why? Because there are so many more answers left ahead of us, starting next year. Remnants must realize this. Answers come from all the things that happen in your church, your home, and all things. But it’s not just any answer. It’s the answer that’s connected to world evangelization. This is what should happen.

♠ Week 2: Moses Who Saw in Advance (Exodus 3:18-20) ♠

▶You say many times that there are no answers. That’s not it. God wants to give you the real things. From this point on, what happened for Moses? Simply put, you can just read the text and have forum on that, but 3 things took place for him.
These 3 things.

1.Palace (Studies)
2.Midian (Faith)
3.Wilderness (Mission)

▶Why do we need to study? He had his palace life. He studied there. But that’s not everything. He really had to have the restoration of the Word in the Midian. And ultimately, he mission was restored. This is what happens. He studied in the palace. This might seem the most important, but it might not be the most important. He had the restoration of faith in the Midian. He had the restoration of the covenant. Now, he’s traveling through the wilderness. He restored his mission. This is what Moses saw in advance, even though it was later in life. There are only hardships in the path of the wilderness.
▶Persuade/Convince (Tent of Meeting)- But he didn’t shake/waver in the midst of hardships and he went beyond the level of giving the answer. During the remainder of his life, the last 40 years, he spent his days persuading the Israelites. That was the tabernacle, the tent of meeting. This is important. Moses did not persuade them with words. They all bent over, before the door of the tent of meeting. I’m sure there are many remnants who understand. At first, I thought that the remnants were just young, but that’s not it. Our remnants listen to and understand the message very well.

♠ Week 3: Samuel Who Saw in Advance (1 Samuel 3:1-3) ♠

▶You might think, “There’s no one to help me. Things are so hard. I don’t have a father. I don’t have a mother”. You might be in that kind of situation. It may seem as if you’re isolated. It’s during that age that God allowed Samuel to hear His voice.

1.Young Years (Childhood)
▶So what did Samuel do during his childhood? It might have looked like things were difficult during his childhood. He left his home. But he was inside his parents’ prayers.

2.Ark of the Covenant
▶But he was completely next to the ark of the covenant.

▶The most important restoration was brought about through Samuel.

▶Mizpah- He had this experience once when he was young and God restored all things through that. One of the things that took place was the Mizpah Movement. So these kinds of answers were what he saw in advance when he was young. This is what happens to you. “Loneliness. No answers. Why am I so isolated? Why is my home like this?” No, that’s not it. You must hold on to the very good opportunity.

♠ Week 4: David Who Saw in Advance (1 Samuel 17:35) ♠

▶Even though his family situation was alright, suffering continued to come to David. As you know well, you need to remember these 3 scriptures.

1.Psalm 78:70-72
▶You must remember this. When David was young, he had already received the answer of a leader.

2.1 Samuel 17:1-47
▶The work of defeating Goliath, which was made known to the world, arose in connection.

3.1 Chronicles 29:10-14
▶David’s true mission was not Goliath. It was the preparation of the temple. This is how God gave the covenant to David.

▶Temple Preparation- It may seem as if he was driven into hardships, but David really prepared many things. He completed the preparation of the temple. This means that the covenant in the front and back are all connected.

♠ Week 5: Elisha Who Saw in Advance (2 Kings 6:15) ♠

▶In the path of our remnants, there might be crises. Always remember. “Those who are with us are more.” In a sense, when people, who don’t know the covenant, hear this, this might sound like words of a mental patient. But the words of those who don’t know the covenant are the words of the blind. Right now, at this time… Remnants, you’re holding on to the covenant and at this time, God sends His heavenly hosts to fight the spiritual battle. Right now. What are you worried about? Right now, we’re sending this message out from the Yewon Church but God is mobilizing His angels here, to Yewon Church. If you don’t believe that, you’re an unbeliever. You’re at the level of an animal. Then there’s no reason for you to come to church. There’s no need for you to pray. Isn’t that so? This is tremendous. This is what Elisha knew.

1.Heavenly Mandate (1 Kings 19:19-21)

2.Calling (2 Kings 2:9-11)

3.Mission (2 Kings 6:8-24)

▶That’s why 3 things properly came out. We saw this. You must remember this (heavenly mandate, calling, and mission).
▶Background of the Age- Simply put, what is this? He completely changed the background of the age. This is what takes place to/for our remnants. He was able to heal/fix the disease of that age. That was Elisha. Because of the one covenant you’ve grabbed hold of, God is giving you lifelong answers now.

▶Then what kind of conclusion do we come to right now? Largely, 2 things.
1)Spiritual War- Spirituality
▶You must always build up your spiritual power/strength and enjoy that first.
2)Culture- Intellect
▶Then the physical things, your studies will change the culture. Then simply put, you’ve been equipped with 2 things (spirituality and intellect).

▶Right now, we’re examining this and there are 3 thing that the whole world is doing. Our remnants and leaders need to know this.
There’s something that they’re doing in the world right now. What is it? Do you know the reason why the 3 organizations won’t disappear? You must quickly catch up to this. Even though they’re going to face destruction, this is the reason why they don’t disappear/scatter. They have their own spirituality training. It really is ridiculous. Simply speaking, they’re doing the Nephilim Movement. They’re not able to escape from that. They won’t be able to leave even if they perish. They’ll fail/perish. They won’t be able to get out. This is the problem.
▶Then how are each of the churches doing the spirituality training? I request this of our remnants. If you’re thinking, “Looking at Rev. Ryu, this is how we should do spirituality training”, you’ll fail. You need to hold to the Word and you need to experience the spirituality in which God works. When I hear that people are doing the spirituality training, it worries me. At the very least, you need to receive this blessing of knowing the happiness of 24-hr prayer from God. Of course, you do receive grace after listening to the pastor’s sermon, but don’t say, “I need to become like my pastor”. This isn’t it. You need to do it with God’s Word. “We’re thankful that we can receive this historic message for the remnants.” But you shouldn’t be saying, “I need to become like Pastor Ryu”. You can be thankful that Rev. Ryu is relaying the Word to you. But don’t think that you have to be like Rev. Ryu. You need to do it through God’s Word. The world evangelization that takes place through that answer. Undoubtedly. You don’t have to be shaken and it’s okay even if you are. In one sense, you just don’t have to be deceived. More accurately speaking, it’s okay even if you’re deceived. Because God does not change. Because you are in the covenant, you will triumph. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all problems, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the remnants in the nation and the world, be upon the remnants who will enjoy in advance, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)